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Episode 134: Lost Phish Tapes — Found!

This week our guest is Jeff Goldberg, a professional audio technician, archivist, and engineer who recently remastered two Phish shows that were previously unreleased and unavailable to the community (4/8/90 and 4/8/92).


Episode 133: Island Tour 20 Years Later

Well, here we are, 20 years later. Still upside down, from the Island Tour. We had to celebrate this awesome run, so we talk about a notable jam from each night. We had some laughs, discussed the legacy of the run and how it looks from 20 years out, and then we played some Phish. We hope you enjoy. After all, our intent is all for your delight.


Episode 132: Rediscovering Phish

Talking with Tom Wassell about rediscovering Phish and listening to set 2 of 11.26.97


Episode 131: Phish in Japan '99 & '00

Revisiting Phish's runs in Japan in 1999 & 2000!


Episode 130: Trey Solo Acoustic Tour Recap

Recapping the recent Trey solo acoustic tour


Episode 128: Revisiting 1999 Pt. 2

Revisiting the great, wild year of 1999 (part 2)


Episode 127: Revisiting 1999 Pt. 1

Revisiting 1999


Episode 126: New Year's Run 2017 Recap

We review the 2017 NYE run. Includes our Live event from American Beauty on 12/27 with music from Polyvamp


Episode 125: Interview w/CashorTrade

This week, we're happy to have Brando from CashorTrade on the podcast. We talk a lot about his Phish journey and about the great platform their team has built. We also play some music, tapping into the New Year's spirit. Set info is below (but the entire show is amazing to revisit, especially at this time of year). We're doing a live podcast on December 29! Come see us at American Beauty at 3pm. We'll be doing a live podcast, opening up for the great band Polyvamp. You can RSVP to our...


Episode 124: Spectrum 1997

We couldn't let the 20th anniversary of the Fall '97 tour pass us by without spending a bit of time reflecting on the shows. This week, we revisit the Philly shows from that historic tour, from 12/2 and 12/3. Tracks we highlight are below. Listen to the episode here! Going to MSG on 12/29? Come to American Beauty beforehand to hang out with us and stay to hear the band Polyvamp! More information here and here. We'll bring stickers. Also, if you haven't yet, please take a moment to review...


Episode 123: Turning points in Phish history w/Wally Holland (part 2)

On this episode, we finish our conversation with Wally Holland on turning point jams in Phish's career. We also talk Sci-Fi novels, confined spaces, and whether Lawn Boy even matters. Here is the full list of jams we discussed with Wally: 8/13/93 - Bathtub Gin 5/7/94 - Tweezer 11/2/94 - Tweezer 12/29/94 - David Bowie 6/14/95 - Tweezer 11/2/96 - Crosseyed and Painless 8/17/97 - Art Jam 11/14/97 - Twist 12/31/99 - 2001 2/28/03 - Tweezer 11/28/09 - Seven Below > Ghost 7/3/11 - Storage Jam...


Episode 122: Turning points in Phish history w/Wally Holland (part 1)

This week we are joined by a return guest, Wally Holland, who helps us run through what we're calling "turning points" in Phish history. This is a two-part episode, because obviously, there are lots of turning points in the history of the band. The idea for this episode started with a Twitter conversation, sparked by yet again another listen to the Baker's Dozen Lawn Boy. We talk about many turning points—let us know what you think, we're eager to hear what you would have included. And...


Episode 120: Josh Thamm talks Phish and yoga

This episode we are joined by Josh, who talks with us about Phish and yoga. He's a yoga instructor, and a big Phish fan. He worked with us on a playlist of Phish jams that makes up a pretty great 60-minute vinyasa flow class. The tracks below are aligned with different elements of a vinyasa flow. Even if you don't practice yoga or you're not into it, you'll like this playlist. Take our word for it. Tracks below. If you're in Nashville, Memphis, or Oxford, Mississippi, you can check out the...


Episode 119: Trey's Guitar Rig w/Ryan Chiachiere

This week, we're excited to talk with Ryan Chiachiere, who is known for his awesome work on Trey's Guitar Rig. We talk with Ryan about, well, guitar stuff, complete with a deep dive on Trey's equipment and setup, and complimented by lots of snippets. We also talk about how those effects and sounds have changed over time, and tap into Ryan's deep Phish and music knowledge. If you can, please support HF Pod Plus, where we do a couple extra podcasts every month. And if you haven't yet, review...


Episode 118: Interview w/Adam Lioz & Shaunea Robinson

This week we're back with two guests, Adam Lioz and Shaunea Robinson. They came to us through a post Adam wrote on, called “Phish Scene So White: Let’s Talk." We talk about Adam and Shaunea's Phish journeys, the post Adam wrote, the feedback from the piece, and hear about Shaunea's experience at Phish shows. And then we play some music that they both chose (tracks below). You can listen to this episode directly here. If you can, please support HF Pod Plus, where we do a...


Episode 117: Katy Tur

This week, we're back with a very special interview with Katy Tur. As most of you know, she's known for her Phish banter on air, and probably better known as the host of MSNBC Live, which airs every weekday afternoon at 2pm ET. She also occasionally fills in on MTP Daily and other NBC news programs. We had a great conversation with Katy, that ranged from her favorite Phish tunes to a history of a fandom, and to her book, which comes out today, September 12, Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat...


Episode 116: Dick's Recap

This is a hybrid episode, as we talk about night 3 of Dick's, while also recapping the whole run. Brad and RJ do an intro discussion, and then play interviews about the run with Zac as well as Luke. We include some music as well (tracks below), with some fresh audience recordings. We hope you enjoy. We now have HF Pod t-shirts! Check out the men's and women's versions, and buy one! We'll be back next week with a very special episode, an interview with MSNBC's Katy Tur. We're really excited...


Quick Hit: Phish @ Dick's, 9-2-17

For today's Quick Hit we are glad to be joined by Brian Brinkman, the co-founder and co-host of the Beyond the Pond podcast. You all should listen to it if you haven't yet. Brian shares his thoughts on night 2 of Dick's, and we play a little music of course.Enjoy, and see you again tomorrow! If you haven't yet, review us on iTunes and spread the word about the podcast. Photo courtesy of Stephport Photography Intro/Outro Music: Sublime, Doin' Time


Quick Hit: Phish @ Dick's, 9.1.17

For today's Quick Hit we are joined by Mike Lowe, who gives us his thoughts on the first night of Dick's. We share some of the No Men from last night as well. Enjoy, and see you again tomorrow! If you haven't yet, review us on iTunes! Intro/Outro Music: Sublime, Doin' Time Photo courtesy of Stephport Photography


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