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What’s Going On

¨What’s Going On¨ As we get back into the feeling that winter is now long behind us and spring and summer is definitely here and on the way Our body is ready to take in those sun rays of light and vital vitamins that will refill our inner batteries and keep us on the move. While the sun is doing its job we at IPR have been doing ours. Take a listen suck up the musical vibes and do please Enjoy! Photo:IPR press Music licence cover STIM Sweden


Florence + the Machine

¨Florence + the Machine¨ Florence Walsh can you say is the ultimate artist she is a women on a mission, and is ready to lead and lift the barriers for other women to follow. Her erotic and primal performance on a live stage will lift your hearts and set your sights on the greater woman. Her music is so powerful she can take you aside slap you in the face and come back with another masterpiece for you to cry over. This is a female artist who represents the soundtrack of a modern era. She is...


Trailer - Florence + the Machine

Yes she’s back! The amazing Florence Welsh from Florence + the Machine. With two super singles out already ”King” and ”My Love” from their new album ”Dance Fever” to be released on the 13th May. With a warm up to the album release date why not take a listen to IPR radio’s special podcast on the 13th April, dedicated to the most talented Florence Welsh, and the best of Florence + the Machine.


Don’t Be Fooled

¨Don’t Be Fooled¨ We are mainly sticking to the UK this week, but we do diverse a little near the end with a trip to Denmark and then ending up in France. But to start us off we have a band who I think are are one of the best indie bands around. With the great voice of Hannah Reid, London Grammar is a band going places. With a Lot in-between there’s Still Corners, The xx and Amber Run singing I Found. To end the lovely Eloiz Adelaide Letisje takes us out. Enjoy! Photo:IPR press Music...


Fleetwood Mac - The Later Years pt.2

¨Fleetwood Mac. The Later Years pt.2¨ So much has been documented about the personal lives of the band members of Fleetwood Mac and for some reason it still continues to this day people are fascinated by their story. As the band transitioned from the leadership of the Peter Green era in the early 1970’s, the challenge to find those crucial members to continue into the future was a long one. New members joined such as Bob Weston and Bob Walsh, while old members departed such as Jeremy...


Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac. pt.1

¨Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac pt.1¨ Known professionally as Peter Green, he was classed as one of the best blues guitarists in the world together with the likes of Eric Clapton. In 1967 he formed a new band with drummer Mick Fleetwood and called the band Fleetwood Mac. It was a band that would eventually take the world by storm, selling over 120 million albums along the way.. But people forget that Fleetwood Mac started out as a classic blues band which remained prominent in the band's...


IPR Radio Xtra - Ukraine with Songs with Voice

IPR Radio Xtra - Ukraine with Songs with Voice. Normally I would try and find something philosophical to put down in words. But not this time words are just not enough to what we’ve all witnessed with the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. You fight for your country, for your history and your culture. The only way I can express our deepest sorrow is in the best way I can through music, your music, Ukraine artists with your songs and our reflections. Please support Ukraine the best way...


The Indie Grip

The Indie Grip. In these very strange times we all need a space to escape and maybe to recharge our batteries in one way or another. How to find that escape can take a long time to work out. But music is one way, playing it or listening the right music at the right time can whisk you off to a world were nobody can touch you, a world were everybody loves you and a world were you decided who’s the boss! Well at least for a few minutes or so… One important thing though, please don’t forget to...


Still Going Strong

¨Still Going Strong¨ Well we’ve got as far as March so we may as well keep going. As the seasons change so does the music, and with that, the feeling of brighter and warmer days lay ahead. Music has an astounding effect on how we feel and how we think. To say little about its effects our physical being. That music is not proscribed as a health benefit by medical professionals together with meditation and qigong is still very much a mystery. It's a very simple and fulfilling way of finding...


Lindisfarne documentary

¨Lindisfarne¨. They were one of the hottest folk/rock bands of the 1970’s and was even proclaimed as one of the most important groups of the decade. They had a down to earth sound and they were poised for international success. Throughout the decade they had several album and singles charting high on the British music charts. Alan Hull the lead writer for the band was a very talented lyricist and was even referred too as the most important new songwriter since Bob Dylan. But fame come fast...


Trailer - Lindisfarne

Tomorrow wednesday 8/2 is the release of IPR radio’s documentary about the 1970’s supergroup Lindisfarne. Take a listen to the trailer!


Don’t Look Back

¨Don’t Look Back¨. When people say things like ¨Don’t Look Back¨ I alway's wish I could be just like them. They must be worry free and as happy as Larry! However life isn’t like that. Somehow we all seem to have a talent to carry a lot of extra baggage with us throughout life. But, the older one gets I find the lighter that baggage seems to be, and then I wonder when was it I started to pack those bags? So the only advice or conciliation I can give is this. The kinder and honest your are...


Changing Times

¨Changing Times¨. Hopefully we’ve all been there and experienced it, or possibly your on the way into it. Yes I’m talking about love and affection, relationships and partnerships. There’s nothing like it, there’s up’s and there’s downs and this weeks music reflects all those up's and the downs. But there’s no getting away from it, if we want to make this world of ours a better place, we need to give a lot more of that love and respect to each other. Remember what we give, we will always get...


Looking For Fun

¨Looking For Fun¨. Yes we're all looking for fun, together with happiness. So lets hope this weeks program which is silky smooth can I say, bring you some of that fun and some of that happiness over the next thirty minutes. A lot of Ozzies in todays show strutting their stuff and selling their wares. Together with a little Irish, a touch of American and a dazzle of Shropshire in the UK. Be happy and enjoy! Photo. IPRradio Music licence cover by STIM Sweden


A New Journey

¨A New Journey¨. That was said to me by a dear friend at the start of this new year. But a new journey can mean a lot of things to different people and in different situations. Many have had it difficult over the past few years and still have it so, and many have their mountain still to climb. For others a new journey may mean a new goal or a new thing to find your happiness. Whatever it may mean to you, let's not forget those who still have that mountain to climb and let's not forget to...


Never Give Up

This week its called ¨Never Give Up¨ We’ve had another year of restrictions and heartache and in many cases isolation. Isolation comes in many forms if it be forced upon you, or self inflicted. This is the time of the year were people need people. The closeness of a friend or stranger who can just say ¨hello and how are you doing,¨can mean so much to someone who feels alone, down and pretty much helpless. That little gesture of saying ¨hello¨ can give that spark of light to keep them...


IPR radio Dec21

Welcome to December 21 yes we are here already. Several great new releases on this weeks program with some fantastic artists from Poland, Germany, the United States and Switzerland. Thats what you can call music from around the world, or maybe parts of it. Enjoy!


The Covers 2

Cover songs over the years have always been a challenge for artists, mainly just to get them right, to perform them well, it's a challenge to reach that peak of perfection and to give respect to the original work. In this weeks show we have a handful of talented artist that have definitely picked up the gauntlet, and are ready to give their version of some of the great songs Welcome to ¨The Covers 2¨on IPR radio. Press photo: Montage


When America came to Liverpool

This week¨When America came to Liverpool¨ I would put in the class of a bio documentary. It’s been a 50 year journey, not only for the band America, but for me personally. Today is the anniversary of when America performed at the Liverpool Boxing Stadium on November 11th 1971, and I and some school friends had tickets. America’s success was enormous at the time and their future as singer songwriters was looking good. Life for those three young American boys from London couldn’t be better… If...



We all have a bit of a rebel in us I hope, if it be music or just arguing with your mum and dad while living at home, it's something we need to be or go through to become the person you want to become. The main thing is that when you become that person never forget to be nice to people, especially your mum and dad. In this weeks show Rebel I'm sure that all the artists are nice to their mum and dads. Enjoy the music! Photo: Rebecca Lou. press music cover STIM...