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In Sight Out, is a collaborative series between Pitchfork and the MCA that explores new perspectives on music, art, and culture.

In Sight Out, is a collaborative series between Pitchfork and the MCA that explores new perspectives on music, art, and culture.
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In Sight Out, is a collaborative series between Pitchfork and the MCA that explores new perspectives on music, art, and culture.




Chance the Rapper

Since the release of Chance's first mixtape, 10 Day, in 2012, through his breakthrough Acid Rap in 2013 and landmark Coloring Book in 2016, Chance has upended popular music industry norms by refusing to sign to a record label, and always giving his music away for free. But even as he has become more and more successful, Chance has remained strongly grounded in his hometown of Chicago. He donated a million dollars and raised even more for the Chicago Public School system through his...


Vince Staples

Vince Staples is always outspoken. In this episode of In Sight Out, a podcast series exploring new perspectives on art, music and culture, he talked at length about the NBA, style, white people, and, sometimes, himself. At Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art he sat down with Pitchfork managing editor Matthew Schnipper who asked the rapper about his personal history, to learn a bit about how he got to be the sharp, witty artist he is today. He answered—sometimes—but goofed around too. Is...



During the course of a career spanning a remarkable four decades, Bjork has risen to prominence as one of the most singular and thrilling voices we have – her work as a songwriter, singer, and producer is endlessly provocative and fiercely artistic, mixing the elemental with the synthesized, the personal with the political. Her songs often feel as if they were born from some other landscape – that she is simply reporting back from places the rest of us can’t access.Bjork famously released...


Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore is a founding member of Sonic Youth and an icon of counterculture. Formed in 1981, and currently on hiatus, Sonic Youth were quintessential "downtown New Yorkers," drawing on noise, no wave, and hardcore punk to shape ideas of alternative, indie, and art rock in the underground and beyond. Their influence remains immeasurable. Moore has released many solo albums, most recently this year’s excellent Rock N Roll Consciousness. His wide-ranging collaborations include Yoko Ono,...


Tori Amos

Tori Amos is one of the most outspoken and distinctive musicians of her generation. Her mere name brings to mind a very specific kind of music, often spellbinding in its contradictions: raw yet highly technical in its piano playing, theatrical but extremely intimate in its vocals, playful but also dead serious in its performance—all with a lyrical message placed front and center. This combination has kept her fans extremely loyal: Without ever pandering to pop radio, Amos has become one of...



Mitski Miyawaki is one of the sharpest young voices in indie rock, her raw and evocative lyricism meeting meticulous and sprawling musical ambition.She studied studio composition at Suny Purchase Conservatory of Music, where she recorded her first two albums, 2012’s Lush and 2013’s Sad, New Career in Business as student projects. With graduation came a move to Brooklyn, where her 2014 breakthrough, the blistering and relatable Bury Me at Makeout Creek, established her as a favorite of the...


Stephen Merritt

Stephin Merritt is no typical memoirist. In April, the Magnetic Fields singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist sat down with Pitchfork Senior Staff Writer Marc Hogan for a conversation in front of an audience at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Though the Magnetic Fields’ new album, 50 Song Memoir, consists of a song for each of the first 50 years of his life, Merritt isn’t a tell-all artist; in interviews, he has long been known for his acerbic reticence, often marked by...