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Fresh electronic music curated by @isaacelejalde.

Fresh electronic music curated by @isaacelejalde.




Fresh electronic music curated by @isaacelejalde.




Intaresu Podcast 139 - Andi

Andi was born in 1999 in Roman, Romania, and lived there. Since childhood, He has been drawn to the intensity provided by Drum & Bass Deep dub to other genres such as UK garage, funk/groove, and hip-hop. Since that time, the path to the music business has been growing toward the rominimal/minimal genre, which was introduced at the beginning of 2015. Andi was inspired by the masters of this insane minimal idea such as Raresh, Herodot, Sepp, SIT, Rhadoo, but also from around the world: Ricardo...


Intaresu Podcast 138 - Dablo

Dale Jenkins aka Dablo hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, and has been immersed in music since childhood. His style is largely influenced by the deconstructed club music scene, with its distorted & shredded percussive components, and has been developed via years of sweaty fanboying on many a dance floor around the UK & Europe. He's started producing his mixes since he didn't receive his weekly dose of live events last year. Since then, he has produced mixes for a variety of collectives, labels,...


Intaresu Podcast 137 - Jacques Le Flamand

Jacques Le Flamand is a home DJ from Ninove, Belgium. He began playing techno on vinyl in the mid-1990s and now primarily plays digital. He's never played a live show, yet he still enjoys the underground culture and creates magic with his jams. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Jacques Le Flamand: Mixcloud : Housemixes : Soundcloud : Listen to more...


Intaresu Podcast 136 - Toral

Tolga Oral, often known as Toral began his career in 2012, after being born in Istanbul, Turkey. Has collaborated with a variety of musicians from across the world and has been honing his skill in the Berlin scene for over two years. Toral has developed his sound, ranging from Minimal to Microhouse, Breakbeat to Dub Techno, with warm and deep tones. Intaresu, Blackout, Fake Society Records, and Trommel are just a few of the collectives and labels he's been a member of. Toral's collection...


Intaresu Podcast 135 - M - Phunk

M-Phunk is a talented Romanian DJ who contributes to the underground House and Techno music scene. His interest in electronic music started in 2000, and since then, he has wanted to be a part of it rather than merely listen to it. He takes up residency at a local underground club in 2009 and seeks to make his imprint on the Romanian scene by performing at a variety of events in other towns, as well as overseas. Raresh, John Dimas, Chris Simmonds, Tato, Brothers' Vibe, Robert Dietz, and a...


Intaresu Podcast 134 - Iankoo

Iankoo, whose actual name is Marius Iancu, is a young and skilled Romanian DJ presently residing in the United Kingdom. His primary inspiration is Barac. He shared the stage alongside Sepp, Tulbure, Suciu, Sublee, Arapu, and Dubphone as a DJ. Iankoo has produced podcasts for, Afterhours, Soundroom Bucharest, Citaci Recordings, The Void, Miromu, and several other labels. In 2009, he began to become much more involved in acquiring the necessary knowledge to pursue a dj career, and as...


Intaresu Podcast 133 - BART

Ilya is a 23 years old DJ best known as BART based in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. He is a new DJ in the music industry making his way through new tracks and gigs at art venues deep dub tech. He's a firefighter by profession and makes music for pleasure and love, but his incredible technique and passion made every beat a new moment in music. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on BART:


Intaresu Podcast 132 - Alexander

Alexander Maldonado, better known by his stage name Alexander, is a 27-year-old Paraguayan DJ and Producer. He is the promoter and creator of the Asuncion, Paraguay-based radio station "Black Room Podcast," as well as the "Black Room Sessions" party series, which focuses on genres such as Minimal, Microhouse, Deep Tech, House, and Deep House. And in the "Marcha" Afterhours series, his performances are jam-packed with rhythm, from experimental textures to spiky basses, giving each session a...


Intaresu Podcast 131 - Petit Batou

Baptiste Saint-James aka Petit Batou Dj-Producer from Paris began his interest in electronic music since he started learning the violin in 2011, he has been surrounded by jazz and classical music. Stamp Records was established in 2015 by his fascination for musical innovation and the development of new talent from around the world. His skill on the decks captivates audiences and brings people together. Batau can switch between different emotional states using his mixing technique. He...


Intaresu Podcast 130 - Kozaꓘ

Kozak inspires us with his incredible sounds in our new podcast.


Intaresu Podcast 129 - Senoo

Intaresu Podcast 129 - Senoo by Intaresu


Intaresu Podcast 128 - Daniel Escalante

Intaresu Podcast 128 - Daniel Escalante by Intaresu


Intaresu Podcast 127 - Gospodin

Gospodin is Romanian artist based in Transylvania. Allow the music to do the talking. Gospodin presents us a fresh formula of his sounds to immerse us in this adventure. His music and unique sounds for the world of music are trendy. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Gospodin:


Intaresu Podcast 126 - Adam Rahman

Adam Rahman has become the main driver for dance music throughout the Middle East, India, and eventually the entire globe for years as a DJ, producer, label co-owner, and festival planner. And, though techno may be the current dance music sound of choice, he's been moving techno and electronica ahead since the late 1990s. This regional success has led to worldwide appearances, including concerts in Europe and Asia, and he has established himself as a major act in his own India. The qualified...


Intaresu Podcast 125 - Simo

Simo's creations and mixes are influenced by jazz, blues, and classical music, and he strives to recreate this aural harmony. He settles his attention on a rhythm that outlines his success, drowning his audience in a sea of rousing music, combining edgy rythms and minimalistic sonorities. Simo also had the opportunity to play alongside big names like Herodot, Cap, Petre Inspirescu, Arapu, Lowris, and Chris Carrier on the boards. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Simo:...


Intaresu Podcast 124 - Alex Baciu

Alex Baciu fell in love with electronic music in the late 90s, when music became more than just a hobby for him, and he began playing and producing. Alex is an artist who builds himself alongside the history of the moments from parties he lived, his sets are packed with grand soundscapes and unusual songs, taking the hypnotic groove of minimal and incorporating the swing of classic techno. His latest releases can be found on C.A.B.S. Records, PianoForest Records, Any1, Re.Face, Habla Music,...


Intaresu Podcast 123 - Katsuba

Tanya Katsuba more known as KATSUBA is a musical project from Moscow, Russia. KATSUBA has made a name for herself on the Bodyparts label. She used to promote her events under the name Echowave, and now she's working for Engineer Records. Katsuba is planning to release a solo album soon with unique sounds and tracks. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Katsuba.


Intaresu Podcast 122 - Florin

Florin is a DJ and musician from Moldova. His musical journey began in elementary school with piano and pan-flute. Beats were still next to his core. During good times, He played at after-parties. As he waits for better days, he continues to play instruments and listen to minimal and house beats. Hit play, and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Florin.


Intaresu Podcast 121 - Chirilic

Chirilic on its real name Chirila Florin is a Romanian DJ/producer established in Bucharest, Romania he currently plays in the underground music scene. In 2019, he begins his career as a DJ as a member of the Universal Poetry agency. During this time, he co-founded InSound Minimal and collaborated with the label Urban MIDI Records. Chirilic with his passion for minimalistic music organizes a few parties with his agency under the name "Chemical Sounds", in which he participated with...


Intaresu Podcast 120 - Ivvan

Ivvan aka Ivan Fernandez is a talented Argentinean DJ and music producer based in Ibiza. His eclectic sound is inspired by all kinds of music, you can listen to his sessions a variety that goes from Breaks and Minimal House to Ambient and Techno. He had shared decks with great artists such as Alexis Cabrera, Dani Casarano, Xandru, Varhat, Martínez, and Jorge Savoretti among others. At the moment, he is producing tracks for Labels such as Dub Culture, Tangible, and We Records from Argentina....