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Weekly podcast of local, regional, and national blues acts.

Weekly podcast of local, regional, and national blues acts.
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Weekly podcast of local, regional, and national blues acts.






IBSC 112 John Paul and the Hell Hounds Live at the Grand Emporium

Another oldie! Tonight we listen to a recording of John Paul and the HellHounds from around 1988-1990 at the Grand Emporium in Kansas City Misssouri. This show was the original Hellhounds led by John Paul Drum on vocal and harmonica, with Tony Anderson on guitar, Tom Gary on piano, Joe Whitfield on bass, and John Hobbs on drums. John Paul was opening for the great blues legend Junior Wells. It was a great night and meeting Junior wells was amazing. We now anwser emails on the podcast. Send...


IBSC 111 John Paul and the HellHounds Xblusion

Tonight we listen to John Paul Drum from 1994 live at the Tuba in Kansas City Missouri with his Hellhounds. This version of the band still had original member Tony Anderson on guitar, with TilneyErhardt on keys, Floyd Gardner on bass, and Woody Davis on drums. Of course John is on the blazing harmonica and vocals. The tape was originaly recorded live at the Tuba on August 25th 1994 by Bentley Ously of Pragmatic Studios in Kansas City Kansas.

IBSC 110 Tom Gary Blue Band live at Zims 1993

Another cool jem of a tape. Tonight we feature a night at Zim’s with the Tom Gary Blues Band. With Tom Gary on piano and vocal, John Woody Wood on drums and vocal, Bob Rosenbeck on bass and vocal, and the legendary Jon East on guitar and vocal!!! Tonights show is dedicated to the memory of Dave Grim, and Larry Cotlar RIP my friends. Please like, subscribe, share, and comment. If on Podbean please follow us!!! THANKS!


IBSC 109 Regional and Local Blue 8

Tonight is the eighth installment of local and regionial blues. We listen to Jono Smith, Patrick Hazel, Rob Lumbard, Erick Hovey, JC Anderson, Hawkeye Herman, Jimmy Pryor, Joe Price, Dan Doran, Gary Smith, Molly Nova, and Taz Grant. Its a great show!!!! Please support our show by subscribing, sharing, liking and commenting!!! if you are on Podbean please follow us!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!


IBSC 108 Tom Gary Blues Band Live pt 2.

Part two of the live show of the Tom Gary Blues Band perfroming at the Gathering Place in Cherokee Iowa on November 7th 2007. The band featured Tom Gary on piano and vocal, Jimmy Davis on guitar and vocal, Don Demers on bass and Vocal, and Paul Sleezer on drums and vocal. Please like, subscribe, and comment. If you are on podbean please follow!!!!! Thanks!!!!!


IBSC 107 Tom Gary Blues Band Live Cherokee Iowa

tonight we listen to the fourth installment of the Tom Gary Blues Band. It was formed during my ten year stay in NW Iowa. It includes Jimmy Davis on guitar, Don Demers on bass, and Paul Sleazer on drums. The recording is from a live show at the Gathering Place in Cherokee Iowa on November 17 2008. Please like, subscribe, and share. If you are on Podbean please follow!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!


IBSC 106 Saylorhill Sliders featuring Jon East, and Jono Smith

Tonight we hear new recordings of Jon East and the Saylorhill Sliders (Jon, Norman Su, Tom Gary, and Jason Kadiwhompus) and Jono Smith! The Saylorhill Sliders were recorded live at Dam to Dam performing at the finish line in Coles Commons. We finish the night with Jono Smith and two of his recordings from his new release Peace & Love& War & Peace. Thanks for listening please subscribe, share, like, and comment. If you are on Podbean please Follow! Thanks!!!!


IBSC 105 Jimmy Pryor at the Hull Ave 1999 Clarence Key Jr. and John Woody Wood

a special Memorial day tribute to WWII veteran Jimmy “The Midnite Cowboy” Pryor. This show was unmarked, but listening to the show was probably Memorial day weekend of 1999. It starred Jimmy Pryor with the Bad Boys of the blues (Tom Gary, Scott Long, Jim Farr, and John Wood) This was the original Sunday Night Blues Showcase at the Hull Ave. Tonight we hear Jimmy play his shuffle, and slow blues standards! Then Clarence Key Jr. joins the fun followed by Woody. The crowd was very lively...


IBSC 104 Regional Local blues 7 Happy Birthday!!!!!

Its the second birthday of the Iowa Blues showcase podcast!!!!!!! Tonight we are playing regional and local blues (plus one international blues performer!!!!) Its a cast of thousands!!!! we feature tonight: Jimmy Pryor, Chicago Rick, Gene Jackson, Jono Smith, John Lee Eagan, Frank Strong, Matt Woods, Kent Burnside, Madam Jules, Jon East, Norman Su, Scott Hartung, Rob Lumbard, Bob Dorr, Molly Nova, Joe Price, Patrick Hazel, Scott Long, and Scott Sutherland! That’s a show!!!!! Please...


IBSC 103 Jimmy Pryor and Clean Slate

tonight is we continue where we left off on episode 99. It is the April 2003 season two Iowa Blues showcase. The show recorded by a nice guy. If you have good ears you might be able to hear his name. I couldn’t pick it out. The show stars Jimmy Pryor and John Lukehart with the band Clean Slate. (Doc Lawson on B3, John Lukehart guitar, Mark Jervis on bass, and Frank McDowelll on drums) The Iowa Blues showcase was produced by Tom Gary. Jono Smith was director of bands, with Gilbert Davis,...


IBSC 102 Rob Lumbard

Tonight we feature Rob Lumbard’s self titled cassette on the Iowa Blues Showcase. It was recorded probably in 1993 according to Rob after he opened for Lyle Lovette in Des Moines. It was produced by Bob Cook in his studio. Also on the recording was Larry Chambers on drums, and Melaine Wright on vocals, with Bob Cook on Harmonica. Please like, subscribe, and comment!!! If on Podbean please follow us!!!! THANKS!!!!


IBSC 101 Curry Harter Natural Blue

Tonight we feature the 2005 recording of Natural Blue by Curry Harter. This CD features artists from the Inland Empire of California. Curry Harter plays Harmonica on all songs. He is joined by Jasson Seccurro drums, Brittney Carvajal Vocals, Kelly McGuire, Engineer producer and Guitar, Sean Johnson Drums, Gordan Mike Taylor Piano, Matt Coleman guitar and vocal, Shirl lead vocals on Rock me Baby, Ken Jones Hammond B3, Chris Beach vocals and guitar, Jeff Wilson Bass, and Clayton Crawford...


IBSC 100 Jono Smith, Tom Gary, Bridget Thompson with the Steve Charlson Trio featuring Julius Brooks, Backstage Boogie Band and Madam Jules

Holy Cow! What a show! Happy 100th Episode!!!!!! Tonight we feature songs from Jono Smiths new album and some recordings from my Presonus, and open source recording app on my phone! We also will hear Bridget Thompson with the Steve Charlson Trio featuring the legendary Julius Brooks, The Backstage Boogie Band, and end the night with the full song of the amazing Madam Jules!!!!! Thanks for following us for 100 episodes! Please keep liking, subscribing, and sharing our show. If you are on...


IBSC 99 Sam Salamone, and Jody Bodley

A treasure in the archive!!! Found a bootleg recording of the April show of season 2 of the Iowa Blues Showcase!!! WOW! This show featured Sam Salamone and Jody Bodley. I don’t remember who recorded the show, I just remember the previous month a person asked to record it for us and we said yes:-) Director of Bands was Jono Smith, with John Lukehart, Tom Gary, Frank Strong, Gil Davis, and Dave Andrews. Show show was later produced for podcast by Tom Gary. Please like, subscribe, and...


IBSC 98 Blue Collar The Album

From 1988 its Blue Collar, a band that I played with in Kansas City. This is our original music ( i was wrong on the intro, when I thought it had cover tunes. I was actualy listening to two tapes at the time:-) It features Rick Jaques on Guitar, bass, drums and vocals, Tom Gary on Keyboard, guitar, key bass, and vocal, and Dave McConnel on Drums and back up vocals. It was recorded by Rick Jaques sometime around 1988. It is a mono mix, but sounds great. Somewhere I have most of these songs...


IBSC 97 Regional and Local 6

WARNING Adult Langauge Yup, its another regional local blues showcase. Tonight we feature the Backstage Boogie Band Plus my ode to Jimmy Pryor, Big Daddy Dennis Kain, Jimmy Pryor, Curry Harter, Lighting Red, Rob Lumbard, Madam Jules, and Johnny Reeferseed. SO, beware, Johnny Reeferseed and Afroman, yup, that Afroman from the end of the movie Clerks perform Jamie Grim’s (Johnny Reeferseed) hit Light em Up. They use a lot of foul language so senstive ears avoid the show:-) I love the song,...


IBSC 95 Part Two Bob Dorr Molly Nova and the Blue Band Dealers Choice

The second part of the first part as Jimmy Pryor use to say. Its part two of the Blue Bands greatest hits. This was originally released in 1988 as a double cassette tape. It features Bob Dorr, Molly Nova, Jeff Peterson, Ron DeWitte, Bryce Loshman, Bobby Thompson, Bunky Marlow, Bill Cannon, E Scot Esbeck, and Phil Maass. Originally recorded at Catamount Records by Tom Tatman. Please like subscribe, and share! Thanks

IBSC 94 Tom Gary Piano Blues

Cassette release recorded in 1992, and released in 1994. It was recorded in Otho Iowa at Juniors Motel. It took about an hour to record pretty much one take. Kurk Kaufmann produced and engineered the session. It is just me and the piano. I never really intended to release it as a product, but a couple years later I put it out as my second cassette. Many of the songs ended up on either Iowa Corn Fed Blues, or Yesterday and Today. Please like, subscribe, and share. If on Podbean please...


IBSC 93 Bad Boys at the Hull with Jimmy Pryor, Blues Inc, Jon East, and Clarence Key Jr.

This show originally was recorded on August 15 1999 at the Hull Ave. It was the Sunday night Blues Showcase. As always it starred Jimmy Pryor with the Bad Boys of the blues. our guest tonight were Blues Inc with Jeff Hart, Jon East, and Clarence Key JR. Special apparences by Big Daddy Dennis Kain, and Ben Williams. The Show was produced and recorded by Tom Gary, with John Lukehart on guitar, Scott Cochrane on Bass, and Rick Mosqueda on drums. Thanks for listening. Please like, subscribe...


IBSC 92 Bob Dorr, Molly Nova and the Blue Band

Tonight we feature the 1988 double cassette release of the Blue Band called Dealer’s Choice. It was their greatest hits to that point. The band in 1988 featured Bob Dorr on harmonica and vocal, Molly Nova on Violin, Bass, and Vocal, Jeff Peterson on guitar and vocal, Ron DeWitte guitar, bass, and vocal, Bobby Thompson on sax, and Bryce, Loshman on drums. Som of these recordings go back to 1981 and include Bill Cannon on sax, Phil Bunky Marlow on sax, E scott Esbeck in guitar and bass, Phil...