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Interviews, performances, and special programming from Jazz88. Hear us live at 88.5 FM in the Twin Cities!

Interviews, performances, and special programming from Jazz88. Hear us live at 88.5 FM in the Twin Cities!


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Interviews, performances, and special programming from Jazz88. Hear us live at 88.5 FM in the Twin Cities!






Davina and the Vagabonds Performs Two Shows This Saturday at the Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis

Davina of Davina and the Vagabonds is known for her singing and her songwriting. But sometimes the band performs so frequently that she finds it difficult to write new songs. In a conversation with Phil Nusbaum, Davina first addressed those times when words and melodies just don’t come.


Jesse Whitney, Electronic Composer

Jesse Whitney creates music on an electronic device known as a synthesizer. In a conversation with Phil Nusbaum, Jesse told of his music creation and style, and also about the modular synthesizer.


Luigi Romolo: Are Temps cooler than usual?

Luigi explains why temps seem cooler than normal and how they go about figuring out new trends.


Maud Hixson Presents the Doris Day Songbook Live at Crooners the Saturday and Sunday

Maud Hixson’s Doris Day show was such a hit at Crooner’s that she’s doing it again Mother’s Day weekend, May 8 at 5PM and May 9 at 4. It turns out that Doris Day influenced the singing style of Maud Hixson. In Maud’s conversation with Phil Nusbaum, first Maud first wanted to listen to a little Doris Day.


Patty Peterson Presents Jazz Women All-Stars Streamed from the Dakota in Minneapolis Twice on Mother’s Day

Patty Peterson streams Jazz Women All-Stars on Mother’s Day, May 9. The show is available by streaming at 3PM and 7PM this Sunday. Patty gets her jazz inspiration from her mother, Jeannie, who was a jazz singer and vocalist. Patty says that some of her mother’s words motivate her.


Annie Humphrey Reaches Audiences through Activist Songwriting and Visuals

Annie Humphrey is an Ojibway songwriter from Leech Lake who balances social activism with entertainment. When Annie talked with Phil Nusbaum about the combination, she said she doesn’t really think about it.


Singer-Songwriter Sarah Morris New EP Presents Crafted Duets

Songwriter Sarah Morris’ new EP is called “Between here and There.” Always planned as a group of collaborations, it was scaled back to duets because of Covid. Sarah talked about the collaborations that led to Between Here and There” with Phil Nusbaum.


Two Girls and a Boyd Delivers Vocal Harmony Driven Acoustic Music to Crooners in Minneapolis This Friday Night at 5:30

Two Girls and a Boyd is a vocal harmony-driven Group that the three Singers dreamed of for years. And when Richard Kriehn joined the band, his mandolin seemed to complete the package. Phil Nusbaum talked to Mary Jane and Boyd Lee of the group which plays at Crooner’s this Friday at 5:30.


Kat Perkins Sings from Life Experiences at Crooners, Thursday through Saturday, April 15-17

Kat Perkins writes songs, leads a music camp for kids and delivers motivational talks. All those things play into her singing, and she’s been singing her whole life, as she told Phil Nusbaum.


Tearra Oso Mines Traditional Puerto Rican Bomba to Create New Heritage Music with Healing Messages

Tearra Oso Adapts Traditional Puerto Rican Bomba to modern situations, and to cultural and personal healing. In a conversation with Phil Nusbaum, Tearra talked about how she came to Bomba tradition.


Andrew Walesch Sings Sinatra Next Friday and Saturday at Crooners in Minneapolis

Frank Sinatra’ song catalog is one of great staying power, and so are Andrew Walesch’s treatments of Sinatra songs. Andrew sings Sinatra in front of a Big Band Friday and Saturday April 9 and 10 at 7PM at Crooners. Andrew talked to Phil Nusbaum about Sinatra and the show.


Sommelier Jill Mott talks about Clay Vessels

Jill Mott, sommelier from Henry & Son, talks about fermenting, storing and drinking wines in clay vessels.


State Climatologist Luigi Romolo

State Climatologist Luigi Romolo talks about rain helping drought conditions, wind bringing cold, and numerous volunteer opportunities for weather observers.


MCAD's PitchFest

Stephen Rueff from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design talks about PitchFest, the annual arts entrepreneurship competition. PitchFest is an opportunity for MCAD undergraduates to stretch their creative thinking, consider how they can impact the world, and win some fantastic award money.


Nachito Herrera Tribute to Chick Corea at the Dakota

Pianist Nachito Herrera pays tribute to the late Chick Corea in a live performance at the Dakota on Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2021.


LSS Daily Living: Applying Financial Lessons from the Pandemic

This is an interesting time to think about how we managed our finances a year ago when the pandemic first got underway and where we are now, as the end of the pandemic is in sight! Joanne Lundberg in LSS Financial Counseling, shares trends she is seeing through her work with others around personal finance and offer recommendations for planning our personal finances in the months ahead.


Trylon Cinema: Wong Kar Wai series

Film publicist Peter Schilling talks about a series of films by Wong Kar Wai showing at the Trylon in south Minneapolis, and a series of short films showing at the Walker Art Center.


MPS College and Career Readiness Week

Derek Francis and Jim Bierma are counselors with Minneapolis Public Schools. They talk about the upcoming College and Career Readiness Week starting Monday, March 29, 2021.


Davina and the Vagabonds at the Dakota

Davina and the Vagabonds have a show coming up at the Dakota Friday, March 26, 2021. Davina Lozier talks about the upcoming show and her process for writing songs.


Cuban Film Festival from MSP Film Society

Craig Rice from the MSP Film Society talks about what's new on the Virtual Cinema and the upcoming Cuban Film Festival.