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Podcast by Marc-Andre Seguin

Podcast by Marc-Andre Seguin




Podcast by Marc-Andre Seguin




Podcast #44 - Chord Synonyms

https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-44-chord-synonyms A powerful tool that doesn't get mentioned enough is chord synonyms - chords with enough similar notes that they can be used interchangeably. It can be overwhelming to learn all your inversions for every chord type in every key, etc. Using synonyms is a quick way to expand your chord arsenal without having to learn any new voicings! In this podcast we'll discuss 3 chord synonyms that you can use right away for comping on...


Podcast #43 - Turnarounds, I-VI-II-V and Tadd Dameron Chords

https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-43-turnarounds Turnarounds! No, this isn't your GPS speaking - it's real jazz lingo 😉They're the chord progressions you can use to get from the end of the tune all the way back to the top. In this podcast, I'll be discussing the most common turnaround (I-VI-II-V), and how you can make it more hip using tritone substitution and shifting chord qualities (à la Tadd Dameron).


Podcast #42 - How To Practice Jazz Guitar Licks

For a jazz guitarist, learning licks is the equivalent to learning phrases in a language. However, it can often feel quite forced to use new licks in a solo - after all, aren't you supposed to be improvising?! This podcast will help clarify things by giving you a method to practice jazz guitar licks, the right way. Marc takes a classic lick and runs it through his patented Jazz Guitar Assimilation Machine... you'll be amazed by what comes out! Reference materials: 1....


Podcast #41 - Creative Metronome Exercises

Developing a strong sense of internal time is an essential part of learning jazz guitar! No more chasing the beat - this skill will make your solos and comping sound steady as a rock at jam sessions and gigs. In this podcast I'll cover some metronome "games" (ranging from beginner to advanced) that will strengthen your time feel! You'll learn how to set your metronome up for 4/4 and 3/4, playing double time, and a neat trick for playing fast tempos.


Podcast #40 - Quartal Harmony and Fourths Voicings for Jazz Guitar

In this episode we decipher the whole mysticism behind "voicings in fourths", also called quartal harmony. The first few voicings on Miles Davis' "So What" immediately come to mind when think about quartal chords. In the first part of the podcast, we'll discuss voicings built in fourths "under" all the notes of the C major scale, as their top notes ... and learn how to create so-called "quartal inversions" of those. In the second part of the podcast, we'll discuss real world applications for...


Podcast #39 - Blues Substitutions

As a jazz guitar player, you'll be asked to and will likely want to play the blues. It's a ubiquitous form and there are so many heads out there. Likewise, there have surely been times where you've heard someone play the blues and thought that it sounds way cooler than how it does when you play off of a lead sheet. It's probably because they were using all sorts of jazz blues substitutions. In this podcast, I cover different blues substitutions and where and how to use them to make your...


Podcast #38 - Coltrane Changes

As a new jazz player, it can be tempting to want to jump into Giant Steps, a pillar of jazz music, and expect to be just fine! However, Coltrane changes are challenging if don't know how to approach them. In this podcast, I give you a crash course on Coltrane changes including the context behind them and how to practice them! This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-38-coltrane-changes


Podcast #37 - Numbering Chords in a Tune to Transpose with Ease

It can be tough when you're out at a gig or jam session and you've gotta transpose for a singer. You've never played that song in that key... Here's the podcast to explain how you can number chords in a tune to transpose on the fly, with All the Things You Are as an example. This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-37-numbering-chords-in-a-tune-to-transpose-with-ease


Podcast #36 - Intros + Endings

If you've ever run into the situation where you struggled to set-up a tune with a nice introduction or create a nice, smooth ending, this podcast episode is for you. Here, I'm discussing a few simple and effective approaches to do just that! This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-36-intros-endings


Podcast #35 - Using Big Scales to Unlock the Fretboard

In this podcast, we'll look into an exercise that is relatively simple in concept, but that can go very deep (as far as helping you become a better improviser). The "big scales" exercise, so-called, deals with the entire range of the instrument. Start low, cover all the notes, climb all the way up. Then come back down! I challenge you to apply some big scales to your own favorite standard progression. See if you can keep playing the "right" scale (and change scales at the appropriate time)...


Podcast #34 - Jazz is Cerebral

Jazz is intellectual, right? Or is it? Find out by listen to the latest podcast on this website! This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-34-jazz-cerebral


Podcast #33 - Written Studies (versus bits and pieces)

As jazzers, we're often culprit of only learning "bits and pieces" of the stuff we learn. A scale, an arpeggio, a few licks (etc.), and off we go improvising. In this podcast, we discuss the relevance of learning actual "pieces" of music (or studies). Enjoy! This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-33-studies-versus-bits-pieces


Podcast #32 - Playing Free (for improving)

Playing *completely* free (without constraints of time, chords, scales, or other) is a great learning tool. See if you can incorporate the tips from this podcast in your daily practice. It's liberating to play free, and there are ways to do it that can encourage your musical growth. Enjoy! :-) This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-32-playing-free-improving


Podcast #31 - Modes of C melodic and C harmonic minor

In this podcast, we cover the basic chords found in both C melodic minor and C harmonic minor scales. This is generally a huge gap amongst students, so grab your guitar now, and learn those chords once and for all! Enjoy. :-) This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-31-modes-c-melodic-c-harmonic-minor


Podcast #30 - Live Shows (Micro Podcast)

Pop this quick micro podcast where we discuss the relevance of attending live jazz performances. This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-30-live-shows-micro-podcast


Podcast #29 - 7 Reasons to Go to Jam Sessions

Are you a regular at you local jam session(s)? Or perhaps, you're a little afraid of them. Whatever the case may be, here's the podcast on the best reasons to attend your local jazz jam sessions. They're mostly always interesting learning experiences. Jam sessions can help you grow, since you'll be meeting other people interested in the same things (jazz!) as you are. Enjoy! :-) This podcast originally appeared on the blog here:...


Podcast #28 - Why Teaching Makes You a Better Jazz Guitarist

The act of teaching (or bluntly "showing stuff to others") is one of the most overlooked tools for learning jazz guitar. And, for that matter, teaching is of utmost importance when attempting to learn virtually anything in life. Enjoy this micro-podcast (under 5 minutes!) This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-28-why-teaching-makes-you-a-better-jazz-guitarist


Podcast #27 - Perspective

Often all we need to get ourselves out of a rut is a little perspective. In this podcast, I'll share three straightforward (and immediately applicable) tips to gain a broader perspective in your music and your life. Enjoy! This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-27-perspective


Podcast #26 - Lee Konitz 10 Gradients for Improvisation

In this podcast, we discuss the 10 gradients of improvisations, as explained by legendary saxophonist Lee Konitz. There have been questions about the different exercises and processes, and the podcast is a great place to clarify the musical materials. Enjoy! This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-26-lee-konitz-10-gradients-for-improvisation


Podcast #25 - How to Approach Standards

In line with the recent "Dummies' Guide to Jazz Standards", here's a podcast on how to learn, memorize and play better on standard songs. We discuss the "4-chorus exercise" (an invaluable learning tool for jazzers) that was an important teaching passed on by Michael Berard. This podcast originally appeared on the blog here: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/podcast-25-how-to-approach-standards