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Meara McLaughlin of Music Portland

There is a movement to provide community for the Portland music scene that began a couple of years ago. The idea of bringing together the different aspect of the industry that exist in the city. From artists to manufacturing, venues and city government. Connecting genre and culture to build strength in the arts for this rapidly growing city and provide a voice for those impacted most. "Independent Together". Peep the latest episode and answer the call to action. Klyph Notes featuring Music...


The Mic Check Announcement!

On this special episode, I'm joined by Portland based producer Trox and we get caught on his recent travels to the east coast to do work with Beat Society. Also on this episode DJ O.G. One joins the conversation to show love. We share some major announcements regarding the June episode of Mic Check which is our 2 year anniversary and details on the future of the monthly hip-hop showcase. Though working through technical challenges, we were still able to bring you a great episode of Klyph...


Kung Foo Grip

The Seattle emcees made the trip down to Portland to jump on and talk about the new project 2.K.F.G. Such a great look into the make up of the crew, the ideas behind the vinyl release their focus on the present and the future, battle rap and more. Two emcees who enjoy life, music and more, peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Kung Foo Grip.


Call Me Ace

The Bay Area MC passed through the Klyph Notes podcast while in town to perform at Mic Check and appear on Welcome to the Neighborhood. We talked about his motivation and work ethic, what it takes to collaborate on projects, his thoughts on [his first trip] to Portland and more. Peep the latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast featuring Call Me Ace



He's a Portland based producer, a curator and a true supporter of the scene. With numerous releases having worked with some of your favorite emcees and producers he still plays the background and is one of the most humble individuals you'll meet. We talk about his beginnings, how he's moved through his career so far, his latest release "Legends" and building an all ages event in the city. Take a listen to the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Luvjonez.



Chicago emcee, actor, writer, activist... This man uses his gifts on many platforms to educate and entertain. An open conversation on how he's moved through his career, we talk about the growth of the genre, the responsibility of having a platform and creating balance...and Portlandia. With new music coming in 2018, this is the perfect place to get updated on the movement. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes featuring Precise.



The Portland emcee returns and gets us caught up on the anticipated release of his new material. This episode goes much deeper than that as we have a great conversation on mental health and it's impact on all of us, how he address the topic in his new material, and how he's grown as an artist and a man. Get ready for this very special 50th episode of the Klyph Notes podcast featuring Epp.


DJ Zone

He's a fixture of the Portland hip hop scene. A member of too many crews to list here (seriously). One of the most technically skilled DJs, but also a producer and engineer. He's toured with Sleep of Oldominion, The Chicharrones, Aesop Rock, XP, Macklemore and Homeboy Sandman. He shares so much of Portland hip hop history on this episode of Klyph Notes with DJ Zone!


Jumbo aka Dr.ama pt.2

So much great content from producer/emcee Jumbo that we had to give you a second serving. Dr.ama gets into the business side of the art form sharing gifting pearls of wisdom on building a solid performance, the creative process and turning these into a sustainable process. Turn up your speakers for Klyph Notes feat. Jumbo part 2.


Jumbo aka Dr.ama pt.1

One of the elder statesmen from the Portland hip-hop scene who gifted me with a generous amount of time sharing an in depth look at some of the history of PDX hip-hop and so much more. A wealth of knowledge, he paints a picture through words taking you on a journey through the elements and once again reminding us of the foundation of what we celebrate as the current Portland movement. Check out part 1 of Klyph Notes feat. Jumbo.


Portia Sabin

She's the president of the independent record label Kill Rock Stars, the host of The Future of What and a leader in the music scene. An educator in a real way, she was gracious enough to pass through and share her history, give insight on her success and a sneak peek at what coming form KRS in 2018. This one was a lot of fun! Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes featuring Portia Sabin.


Theory Hazit

The Portland based producer/MC/videographer is consistently in conversation when folk speak on cats that can do it all. Soft spoken and someone who plays the background, it's easy to forget how nice he his on the microphone as evidenced by the recently released Team Backpack PDX Cypher visuals, and in the lab as evidenced by his latest beat project The Soul Chops, released on Kiasu Records. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Theory Hazit talking about his creative process, working...


Andre Waymond

The artist formally known as Dre C is a Portland MC that reps for the North. Demonstrating a balance of skills on the mic and and drive outside of the booth you can see the living example of Real Lasts Forever in action. On this episode of the podcast he talks about the name change, the upcoming project "Express Yourself", writing with Ty Farris and more. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Andre Waymond.


Trox & Ty Farris

Portland producer to Detroit emcee. They came together and created the project Room 39. Before they touched the stage together for The Thesis 3 year anniversary in Portland they stopped by XRAY and chopped it up on the podcast telling stories of beat battles in Chicago, touring with D12, playing beats at Aftermath studios and listening to tracks with Royce da 5'9". Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Trox and Ty Farris.



A lot has changed in the 2 years since I had a chance to sit and build with this man. The first time he was on goes down as one of my favorite episodes of the podcast. This time we cover the name change, the Germany trip and plant based diets. Plus an EXCLUSIVE announcement! Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Sxlxmxn


Señor Kaos

On occasion I miss on amazing artists right here in my community. A celebrated emcee in his hometown Atlanta, Señor Kaos is currently living in Portland Oregon and he took a minute to pass through to speak on a number of topics including his extensive catalog of music and collaborations, marketing and the impact of fitness on performance. I think you'll dig this opportunity to get to know the man before seeing him on stage at the November edition of Mic Check PDX. Enjoy the latest episode...



This episode is one that I'd hoped to be able to record since I started doing the podcast years ago. A true veteran of the Portland hip hop scene, a skilled lyricist, and a wise man. A founding member of the Misfit Massive Crew and 1/3 of the crew Lifesavas. Peep the conversation with Vursatyl on Klyph Notes


DJ Sneakers

I've known of him longer than I've known him, first hearing his name associated with a local radio station years ago. Over time, I've gotten to know him personally and he's been a steady supporter of projects I'm involved with. It's always great to sit with folk who've been involved in the scene for a while and he qualifies for sure from DJing for Boom Bap Projects and Luck-One to now running Kiasu Records - check out the latest episode of Klyph Notes with DJ Sneakers.


Cool Nutz

His name has been associated with Portland Hip Hop for many years. As an artist, promoter, manager, radio personality and record label owner, he's represented his city across the globe. He stopped by on his way to an appearance on XRAY FM's Welcome to the Neighborhood for a conversation that only touched the surface of the knowledge this man has. Check out the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Cool Nutz


Myke Bogan

In late August, Myke Bogan jumped on the Klyph Notes podcast before heading the The Know for a show with Foreign Talks and label mate Blossom. We covered a range of topics from his days as a division 1 football player (yeah, I had no idea), being a Portland based artist and the stable of artists on his label and of course his latest release Pool Party on EYRST. Check out this candid, somewhat personal conversation with Myke Bogan on this latest episode of Klyph Notes. Support from Klyph...