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Call Me Ace '19

Bay area emcee Call Me Ace was back in Portland for the 3 year anniversary of Mic Check. He passed through for a conversation on the podcast speaking on his latest release "Airplane Mode" and how the loss of a loved one influenced this work. He also flipped the script on me and I spoke on the changes coming to a Portland staple. Peep the latest edition of Klyph Notes.


Forward Frequencies

Sembla and Luvjonez are back on the podcast talking about celebrating 2 years of A Beat Happening and the creation of the Forward Frequencies Festival featuring producers and beat makers from around the city. They also talk more about the creation and curation of their label and I make a pretty big announcement on this latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast.


OnlyOne - 1000 Bars

Though we've been connected for years as he's a frequent guest on the Welcome to the Neighborhood radio show, this was the first time we chopped it up on the podcast. We talked about him being a member of Sandpeople, traveling the country with Illmaculate and doing cyphers in parking lots and the planned 1000 bars he'll be spitting soon...he gave my radio listeners a 7 minute preview you can check out visuals for on YouTube. Check out the latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast featuring...


Samurai Guru

On a trip to Portland to perform at the monthly event Thirsty City, Los Angles producer Samurai Guru stopped by to talk about the project "Recalibrate" released on Alpa Pup Records and how it's a part of trilogy of releases that speak to his life experiences. He also talks about the power of the platforms we have and the significance of his name. Peep the latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast.


Mark Rainey of Cascade Record Pressing

Mark Rainey went from running TKO records to running a vinyl pressing plant. But not just any plant but [at the time of this recording] "...the 1st large production automated record pressing plant in the Pacific Northwest." We talk about the impact of the changes in the music industry, plants that press bootleg vinyl and new options available and the story of their 7 inch press and it's connection to Coxsone Dodd. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Mark Rainey.



An artist from the I.E. that calls Portland home, JxJury spent some time sharing the beginnings of his career from fronting a hip hop band playing shows from Cali to Detroit, winning the Yahoo sponsored battle of the bands to currently performing and producing as a solo artist. We talked about his latest release "Bloom" and what we can expect in the coming months. Peep the latest episode of the Klyph Notes featuring JxJury


Asa Spade

P-Town media has been consistently working to highlight the local Portland scene through radio, television and blogs. P-Town Media is a spot you can check in to know the best food carts, local events and shops. The media mogul Asa Spade passed through and gave us the background, purpose and plans for the network. A conversation on life in Portland as a man of color, a man of faith and the challenges and success of it all. Check out the latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast.


Brookfield Duece - America's Orphan

Oakland based rapper Brookfield Duece is back and talks about his new project America's Orphans. He speaks on the time he took to create this latest work, what he's learned about creating support from fans, how this multilayered work my be controversial but will spark conversations and so much more on this latest episode of Klyph Notes


Marco Pavé

Pull up for an in depth conversation with the Memphis based MC/activist speaking on race relations and how it impacts art, creating a hip hop opera in part based on his full length album Welcome to Grc Lnd, and the moves he's planning to make next on the latest episode of Klyph Notes feat. Marco Pavé


Mac Smiff

When I began looking to build with the Portland hip hop scene years ago, this man's name was one that came up as someone I should connect with. Something that hasn't changed is he continues to be a vital part of what's happening in the city. From The Thesis, the monthly hip hop event at Kelly's Olympian, to We Out Here Magazine, the online resource for the NW scene. Peep the latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast feat. Mac Smiff.


Carlos Chavez of Morpheus Youth Project

Having the opportunity to talk with individuals making a positive impact on the communities when live in help make these platforms feel of value, and this episode fits in that category. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes featuring Carlos Chavez of Morpheus Youth Project, recorded just prior to their final event of the year. He speaks on the beginnings of the program, integrating participants into leadership roles and plans for the new year.


Samuel The 1st

The Portland based emcee has been steadily touching stages in the city. We talk about his process & mentorship as he's grown as an artist, opening for Freddie Gibbs, seeing the value of support and rocking with the local scene & being a part of Rare Vibe. His new record is done and he speaks on his growth as an MC and how he hopes to impact people in these hard times. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes feat. Samuel The 1st.


Andre Middleton

He's one of the individuals behind the movement to create safe performance space for youth in Portland. A situation that's grown into workshops and educational opportunities for youth to have a greater understanding of and exposure to the business side and backline of performance and entertainment. We talk about the new tours set up starting in 2019 where Friends of Noise will do regular shows in different areas of the city, the advocacy and networking organization Music Portland and gaining...


Jansport J

A sought after producer and beat maker, to have the chance to sit with this individual was truly a blessing. Between sets during his first trip to Portland, we had a chance to talk about his new release, "Low" as well as the impact the previous release "P h a r a o h" has had on his career the far. He drops gems on artists he'd like to work with, a peek at the live show and if we'll get to hear him rhyme. We also speak on production gear and DJ sets. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes...


Zebulon Dak

For almost 2 decades he's engineered for most all of you favorite Portland rappers. He told stories of the beginnings of Momentum Studios, becoming a member of Oldominion, why the new generation may be better rappers than those of the past and his rap battle with a Portland legend. Peep the latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast with Zebulon Dak.


Cool Nutz is back! 2018

A man who has been making music based out of Portland for decades yet still has a hunger to be a better artist. Back home after being on the road with E40 and the Trap Kitchen culminating with a sold out show at the Roseland Theater, he's back on the podcast talking about his upcoming release "Pig Ears and Chitlins", who motivates him in the scene, always being ready when opportunities present themselves and longevity. So many jewels dropped on this latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast...


Jonny Cool

The Portland native has been busy releasing material this year including the Fall into Winter, Spring into Summer beat tape series. He's back in the northwest for a minute taking time away from the work he's currently doing in New York. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Jonny Cool.


Rev Shines

This is another conversation that was on my bucket list. A conversation with a great storyteller, an individual who's connected with so many great artists. A member of the Portland hip-hop scene for a number of years, a great DJ and a person I call a walking encyclopedia of hip-hop history. On this episode he tells stories of interning with Kenny Dope, the time Questlove picked him up from work at Clackamas Town Center and releasing music with DJ House Shoes label Street Corner Music. We...


Neill Von Tally & Trox for Red Bull Music presents: Portland

Portland based producers have been consistently making noise in the city for a number of years and people are taking notice. Red Bull Music is back and hosting a crew that represents a spectrum of the scene, and two of the performers stopped by to talk about the event and what they've been working on. It's a return to the podcast for Neill Von Tally [EYRST] as he's been busy producing, engineering and running the label. My guy Trox [Small Hands Big Slaps] is back as well and you know that's...


Luvjonez & Sembla of A Beat Happening

The local producer showcase "A Beat Happening" just celebrated their 1 year anniversary and co-show runners Luvjonez & Sembla jumped on the podcast to share stories of the beginnings of the event, things they've learned along the way and what they've got planned for year two. Check out the latest episode of Klyph Notes featuring A Beat Happening