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Episode 53 - Impeach The President Because Six Kids Is Alot

This episode of LSOTL has a lot to talk about. Y’all are really passionate about chicken sandwiches, what is Jay-Z doing with the NFL, why the hell is the rain forest on fire and please comeback Tom Holland to name a few topics. We were joined by our special guest Sekret in studio who has been summarily banned from future recordings for her out of line comments. We apologize to all our black listeners, we forgot to talk about Power. We will do that next episode.


Episode 52 - Really Mos Def?

This is a top 5 episode. That’s right, we said what we said. We got Vonna Sage in the building and refuse to stay on topic. We talk about The Boys on Amazon, Father Daughter relationships, Trash Dates, ballin on a budget and share our Top 15 Rappers of All Time. It’s a wild ride from start to finish but trust us, it’s worth it.


Episode 51 - Sharing Is Caring

It’s Danny, Mayhem and Juice this episode along with a special guest. We talk about everything from the big announcements coming out of Comic Con, to Nicole Murphy’s definition of friendship, New York sitcoms, Serena Williams and why we want to square up with Con Edison.


Episode 50 - AAAHHH, YOU MAD!

We are back for Episode 50. We’re half way to a hundred! This week we talk about Essence Fest, the World Cup, what’s new in the world of Blerds, wonder why Mermaids can’t be black, take sides in City Boys vs. City Girls and ponder how many people have never been to a Hibachi? When you’re done, check out Juice Cannon’s new album with Dice Cannon:


Episode 49 - The Drag-On Freestyle

What’s good LSOTL listeners? It has been a minute. Thank you for still rocking with us. A lot has been happening behind the scenes but we’re happy to be delivering a new episode this week! Chris from Highbridge, Mayhem Mike and Danny Ocion team up to talk about everything they’ve missed from the NBA, Women’s World Cup, what’s poppin on Netflix and the latest crazy thing that happened in the world. For you non sports fans, skip ahead to about the 30 minute mark to avoid our great convo about...


Episode 48 - Winterfell Isn't Hosting Essence Fest

We’re back this week to discuss ALOT! Join Mayhem and Danny as we get into Game of Thrones, Beyonce Homecoming, Guava Island, the Mueller Report and why little kids stay flaming people at the worst moments. To our listeners of LSOTL, thanks for sticking with us. When we blowuptuate we'll leave a spot open for you on the Vegas Strip.


Episode 47 - RIP Nipsey Hussle

On this week’s episode we discuss Omari & Beyonce, Cardi B, the movie Us, Apple+ and Brexit. While recording this episode last Sunday we learned of the passing of Nipsey Hussle at the very end of the recording as you will hear. RIP Nipsey. We hope people out there follow his lead. Continue to pursue your dreams and uplift your families, friends and communities. At the end of the day, we’re all we got.


Episode 46 - Reginald Hargreeves Was Trash (Allegedly)

After Chris’ brief hiatus to join the Terror Squad Reunion Tour, the LSOTL crew is back together. This week Danny, Chris and Mayhem discuss Paul Manfort’s sentence, Issa Rae’s engagement, Umbrella Academy, science myths, Joe Budden’s thoughts about Caribbean culture and much more. Without Vonna Sage present to represent for the ladies we also let you know what many men think of Solange.


Episode 45 - Mixtapes Remembered In Time

This week we’re back to the OG podcast with Danny Ocion and Mayhem Mike kicking it in the studio. We talk about everything from the Grammys, to Venezuela, to why Funk Flex is still around and about classic mixtapes.


Episode 44 - M Night Shyamalan Presents Implications

What’s good everybody? Sorry for the late episode this week. This week we have ALOT of Blerd things to get to movie wise with the Oscar noms dropping and trailers being released right and left. We talk about 45’s hoe ass, have a 90s kids flashback, Danny decides to explain the big deal about BrExit, give our delayed reaction to R Kelly and Vonna Sage visits with us from Wakanda to discuss it all. A few notes: 1. This was recorded last weekend before they struck a deal to end the government...


Episode 43 - Big D in the Building

This is our final podcast of 2018 where we review the year in music, mind our own black business, wonder WTF is happening with the gov't and get blessed with the live in studio presence of Vonna Sage. It's a long but fun ride that can help you add some fire to your playlist.


Episode 42 - Attack of the Twitter Fingers

Boy do we have a lot to get to this episode with Kanye, Drake, Cardi, Offset, Avengers etc. We have a special guest joining us live from Wakanda with Vonna Sage calling into the show. Note: Vonna's phone audio is a little lower than the rest of the show. Depending on where you are listening you shouldn't have an issue hearing her but if you do, don't turn up to much.


Episode 41 - When Lawyers Need Lawyers

Show Description: This week Chris from Highbridge left us to go kick it with Vonna Sage in Wakanda so it’s the OG podcast with Danny Ocion and Mayhem Mike. In the news this week is everyone’ favorite racist 45, 6ix9ine, Meek Mill’s new album and Disney trying to steal the thunder from Netflix. As always, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at LastStopOnTheL


Episode 40 - Don't Drop That Elec-shun Shun Shun, Don't Drop That Elec-shun Shun Shun

This week on Last Stop On The L we cover the big election news, wonder if Souljah Boy and Tyga are getting the respect they deserve and wonder why women dry hump the men they love. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @LastStopOnTheL


Episode 39 - Braid My Hair

In this week’s episode Mayhem, Danny and Chris go in depth about black hair, discuss why Amazon is the devil, explain the dangers of minding your own black business and get into a debate about what it really means to commit to a relationship. Comment on iTunes. Follow/Like us @LastStopOnTheL on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


Episode 38 - What's A Clamedian? (No Music, Straight Arguments)

We have a surprise for our loyal listeners...Vonna Sage is making a cameo this episode just for the fans. She stops by on a visit from her new home to argue with us about Insecure, the nature of relationships and what exactly defines a **** boy or girl. We also talk about the Cosby trial and Katt Williams losing his mind. We had talked about some additional topics but unfortunately that audio was lost due to a technical glitch so its a shorter but still entertaining show for you this week....


Episode 37 - She Did Say She Had Bloody Shoes

To everyone that sticks with us on these long gaps between episodes, we appreciate you. We're back with a new one. Vonna Sage is with us in spirit as we discuss the crazy amount of news that's happened lately. Cardi vs Nicki at NY Fashion Week, Eminem vs the world, Insecure #LawrenceHive, Politics, our childhood etc It's a long one folks. Hope you enjoy! RIP Mac Miller.


Episode 36 - Money Moves

What's good LSOTL listeners? We have a big announcement this episode in addition to us taking a musical journey down memory lane, celebrating LeBron, flaming 45 as usual and wondering why racists don't know 911 records calls.


Episode 35 - There Is No Goat Curry At The Winery

After taking a summer break to live our best lives and pay bills we are back with a new episode. We have a lot to cover as the news has been crazy in our absence. As a result, today’s episode is long since we had so much to talk about but I’ll give you timestamps in case you want to skip around. 5:20 Black Nerd Update We get SUPER nerdy in this one when Vonna and Chris get into their Pottermore bag. We also discuss Comicon developments and new trailers. 53:40 Celebrity News We cover...


Episode 34 - What Happens In Space Stays In Space

In this episode I think we finally did it folks…we broke Vonna Sage. Sad. Oh well, more air time for us as we cover 45's border shenanigans, the new season of Luke Cage, America’s obsession with being racist using food metaphors, Vonna Sage’s book club and Permit Patty. A lot of energy and laughs in this one.