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Episode 33 - In Vegas With My Shirt Off

After a short hiatus we had ALOT to talk about this episode. The NFL, NBA Finals, Obama's, Kim Kardashian, Netflix, Vonna's reading list, relationships, 45 is still screwing up, Anthony Bourdain and one thugged out Alligator in Florida. #FreeTheHomie It's worth the listen.


Episode 32 - Run Aaron Run

Vonna Sage isn't with us this week but Chris The Highbridge Representer steps in to hold it down with Mayhem and Danny. We talk about everything from Aaron Scholssberg, BBQ'ing in Oakland, the Royal Wedding and celebrate Malcolm X's birthday. It's a fun epsiode. I'm sure Sage will feel some sort of ways about. Also, checkout Queen by Juice Cannon where ever you get your music from.


Episode 31 - Did You Listen To Solange Whole Album?

It’s time for some pure raw uncut greatness so we’re back with our longest episode yet. This week is a lot to talk about. Everything from Donald Glover, Janelle Monae, LeBron James, DJ Khaled and of course Kanye falling into the sunken place. Like/Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @LastStopOnTheL


Episode 30 - Dances With Weave

With Vonna Sage back in the studio the full crew is reunited for this episode and boy do we have a lot to talk about. We discuss everything from Beyonce killing Coachella, Kanye slowing turning into Ben Carson, Triston Thompson becoming the first black man ever to cheat and a whole lot of racism in the news. This one is a doozy. We have your commute to and from work covered so sit back and enjoy. 00:04:20 (The Culture) Beychella Kendrick Pulitzer J Cole new album Nicki's vs. Cardi Hip...


Episode 29 - Are Those Pradas Or Filas?

This week we are without Vonna Sage so Mayhem and Danny take a trip down fashion memory lane. We also examine Killer Mike’s new found ability to find Ls in places they didn’t previously exist and celebrate all things Cardi B. BX all day…(only for today) BROOKLYN!


Episode 28 - Can You Steal A Free Book?

In this week’s episode the squad in the studio square up over road trips, Mayhem incriminates his younger self, Vonna talks about when the opps caught her lacking in a canoe and Danny shoots his shot at Cassie. #HesDelussional Black Nerd Update Opens the Show 21:39 Jessica Jones Spoilers Start 32:15 Jessica Jones Spolers End 34:10 Dats News To Me 1:28:08 Debates: Mac N Cheese vs. Macaroni Pie 1:41:38 Relationships: How Couples Bond? 1:53:15 Whose Man's Is This?


Episode 27 - Mona Scott for President?

Welcome back LSTOL listeners. As usual we have ALOT to discuss this week and we all had ALOT to say about it. Feel free to jump to your favorite segments below. Black Nerd Update 1:48 - The Obamas Secure the Netflix Bag Dats News To Me 55:14 - What's going on in South Africa? Good or Nah 1:27:26 - Is Love & Hip Hop quality TV now? Whose Man’s Is This? 1:39:23 - Bruh.... The Big Convo 1:48:45 - Is Bruno Mars a Culture Vulture? Moment of Joy 1:58:24


Episode 26 - Was Killmonger Right?

This episode is a doozy. We had ALOT to talk about. We talk about Black Panther this week but be warned....SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!! If you don't want to hear spoilers or skip the movie discussion jump ahead starting at 4:53 to 55:36. Once the BP talk is out of the way (Wakanda Forever) we get into the Black Nerd Update, News and ask the eternal question...WHOSE MAN'S IS THIS as we discuss some dumbassery that has occurred while we were away. Don't forgot to Follow us on Twitter...


Episode 25 - The Pin Drop

We're back from Winter Break with more heat. This episode we roast the Superbowl, fawn over black panther and try to revive Tevin Campbell's career. Like us on or Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @LastStopOnTheL


'Tis The Season

Tis the Season to throw shade, take numerous naps but stay woke. From the epic movement that is #Metoo, the exploitation of Keaton James, NY's latest Terrorist attack, Net Neutrality and more.... Let's just say this episode is one you need going into 2018! Did we mention we pay homage to AIM and our digital teen years? All this and more on our latest episode 'Tis The Seaon!


Cut The Check Ocion!

Tune in as Vonna Sage successfully finds a way not to choke fellow Memanist MayhemMike and HighBrigh Representer. In this episode, We tackle some of the big questions of December such as "Who is Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and why was her victory so important?", "Why was Diddy the highest paid muscian of 2017?", and "Why people are still hating Kaepernick even more after he received the Muammad Ali Legacy award?" All this with some shade on the side! Don't forget to hit @dannyoicion up on...


Episode 21 - Lies, Cake Soap & Protests

What do your permanent record, John Kelly’s press conference and Terrence’s ability to sign off on you wearing a dashiki have in common? They’re all lies! On this episode we have a ton of black nerd aka blerd updates, talk about teens fighting for their rights and discuss if women who carry condoms should be judged. Like and or Comment on this episode in iTunes. Follow us on Twitter @LastStopOnTheL @YFRMayhem @DannyOcion @VonnaSage Like us on Like us on...


Episode 20: U N I T Y

Excuse the delay folks but we assure you it was worth it! Join the conversation as Danny breaks down the evils of bullying and lack of preparedness to deal with it. Vonna goes off on 45 and everything else, and Mayhem brings up his personal gripe with parents kissing children on the lips. Another focus group update, and we even coin the phrase UEY here... All this and more on the Last Stop On The L's Episode 20: Unity!


Episode 19 - Don't Use The Butter Knife In The Margarine

Episode 19 baby! Welcome back Last Stop commuters. Today we’re letting Vonna Sage let it all out on a prediction she made that came through (unfortunately), give a Black Nerd update, talk about our favorite restaurants around NYC and of course weigh in on the controversy surrounding your President and Black Athletes.


Episode 18 - The Lost Episode

What’s good LSOTL listeners? The feud between Donna Sage and Mayhem Mike finally spilled into the streets. Many people lost their lives…to these flames. While they try to beat the cases they caught while beefing we have a special treat for you this week. THE LOST EPISODE. We recorded this some week’s ago but were dropping so much fire at the time we held onto it for a second. Now the time has come to unleash it on the masses. Join us in a Podcast Time hop as talk about some issues that...


Episode 17 - Dracarys On These Fools

Boi!!!!!!! Do we have ALOT to say this week. Things get heated on the topic of Insecure's Issa and Lawrence (who need to get their life together), we once again fall down the Game of Thrones wormhole and finally we hit all the people who would never get a cookout invite with the flames they so richly deserve while still managing to fight each other. In other words, it's another episode of the hottest podcast out of Canarsie Brooklyn.


Episode 16 - No More Khakis & Tiki Torches at the Black Cookout

We’re Back! Did you miss us? Summer in NYC had us all lost in the sauce but we return this week to tackle the big stories of the week: 1. Are we replacing Danny Ocion with Michelle Williams? 2. The race riot 45’s entourage staged in Charlottesville Virginia. 3. Game of Thrones Y’all 4. Why men fear commitment? Can Chris keep the peace between Vonna and Mayhem with Ocion’s absence? Listen in to find out. Follow us at Follow us on Twitter @DannyOcion @YFRMayhem...


Episode 15 - Timbs In The Sand Part 2

On this episode we answer the essential questions... 1. What's up with black guys and the butts obsession? 2. Review 4:44 3. Reflect on some legacies in pop culture. Like us at Follow Us on Twitter @LastStopOnTheL @VonnaSage @YFRMayhem @DannyOcion


Episode 15 - Timbs In The Sand (New York Summers)

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Podcast. I know we’ve been gone a while but even podcasters need a vacation. On this episode we reflect on what New York Summers were like for us growing up and do a HUGE black nerd update on all things black nerd related. As always when we leave we comeback bearing gifts and this is part one of a two part episode. Part 2 dropping next week. Spoiler Alert Warning: Mild Game Of Thrones and Spiderman Homecoming spoilers in this episode. If you downloaded this...


Episode 14 - Shoot Your Shot!

The following is a list of things that get flamed on this episode... 1. Mayhem Mike 2. Vonna Sage 3. Bill Cosby 4. The DC Cinematic Universe 5. Bill Maher (Again) 6. The UK Government 7. People from Staten Island Join your favorite podcast hosts @VonnaSage @DannyOcion @MayhemMike on the hottest podcast out of Canarsie by way of L.E.S. @LastStopOnTheL Like us at