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Formerly known as “KEXP’s Live Performances,” Live on KEXP brings you the very best of KEXP’s world-renowned live in-studio and remote performances. Each week, we’ll bring you a new live session, from emerging artists to well-established acts, spanning styles, genres and cultures. Full video of all Live on KEXP performances available at

Formerly known as “KEXP’s Live Performances,” Live on KEXP brings you the very best of KEXP’s world-renowned live in-studio and remote performances. Each week, we’ll bring you a new live session, from emerging artists to well-established acts, spanning styles, genres and cultures. Full video of all Live on KEXP performances available at


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Formerly known as “KEXP’s Live Performances,” Live on KEXP brings you the very best of KEXP’s world-renowned live in-studio and remote performances. Each week, we’ll bring you a new live session, from emerging artists to well-established acts, spanning styles, genres and cultures. Full video of all Live on KEXP performances available at






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The Shivas

Hailing from Portland, The Shivas make surfy psychedelic that takes a massive amount of inspiration from the 1960s. For this episode of Live on KEXP, Troy Nelson draws parallels from artists of that era like the Beatles, Little Richard, and The Kingsmen to the explosive shake-n-shimmy of The Shivas. For the past 14 years, the quartet has charmed audiences with their bombastic live performances and this one is no different. Performing the first four songs off their latest record, Dark...


The Growlers

For their sixth studio album, 'Natural Affair,' The Growlers continue their streak of distinctly California-cool rock that effortlessly marries the feelings of both sunny beaches and late-night dance parties. As DJ Troy Nelson puts it, the band is “California as f*ck.” After years of throwing one of the hippest festivals on the West Coast, Beach Goth Party, the band is expanding the brand into a label called (what else?) Beach Goth Records and Tapes, with 'Natural Affair' as their first...


Penelope Isles

Formed by brother/sister duo Jack and Lily Wolter on a small island called Isle of Man, Penelope Isles channels salty seas and flowing currents for their eclectic and lustrous style of fuzzy dream pop. Now Brighton-based, the band is rounded out by Brighton locals Becky Redford on bass and Jack Sowton on drums. For this Live On KEXP session, Troy Nelson gives some background on the Isle of Man, which Jack Wolter calls a “special” and “safe” place where “80,000 alcoholics are clinging to a...


Calexico and Iron & Wine

Fourteen years ago, Latin-infused Americana band Calexico teamed up with folk singer-songwriter Sam Beam, better known as Iron & Wine, for an EP called In the Reins. After much delay, the old friends reunited in 2018 to work on their debut full-length, Years to Burn, which was unveiled last year. The chemistry between the good chums is unmistakable during this KEXP performance, recorded at 2019’s inaugural Thing Fest at Fort Worden. DJ Troy Nelson takes us through the history of the band and...


Hiss Golden Messenger

For his third KEXP in-studio performance as Hiss Golden Messenger, folk-rocker M.C. Taylor brought a whole gang of talented musicians to join him. Flanked by Phil Cook, Chris Boerner, Erin Rae, Alex Bingham, and Al Smith, the sextet played a stunning set of songs off Hiss Golden Messenger’s latest record, 'Terms of Surrender.’ Recorded 10/11/2019. I Need A Teacher Down At The Uptown Bright Direction (You’re a Dark Star Now) Terms Of Surrender Watch the full Live on KEXP session on YouTube...


Marina Satti

Greek-Sudanese musician Marina Satti and her ever-present all-female polyhphonic vocal group Fonέs wowed the audience at the La Chapelle by le Studio in Rennes, France during Trans Musicales this past December with their modern take on Greek, Balkan, Arabic, and Middle-Eastern sounds. After having gone viral in 2017 with her single-shot video for “Mantissa,” Satti has become a beloved figure and inspiration to young people across Greece. Recorded 12/04/2019. Koupes (Cups) Chichovite Konye...


Travis Thompson

Burien’s biggest musical export Travis Thompson has been building buzz since signing a record deal with major label Epic last year to release his latest album Reckless Endangerment. Filling the KEXP stage with a full band, the young rapper spits his flows gracefully and effortlessly like a seasoned pro. Thompson and Audioasis host Eva Walker chat about their common history of starting out in local arts program Youth Speaks, the joy of making music videos, and working with Macklemore....


Updates to Live on KEXP

Are you wondering about changes you've noticed to the KEXP podcasts lately? In addition to the name change (from "Live Performances" to simply "Live on KEXP") and the new graphic that nods to KEXP's iconic Live Room lights, we've got some more exciting updates in store... Sit back and let your new host, KEXP's own DJ Troy Nelson, tell you all about the changes that will go into effect starting Tuesday, April 28th. Here's a summary: The publishing schedule will move to once per week New...


Kikagaku Moyo

The Bandcamp page housing Kikagaku Moyo’s discography simply describes the band as “feeling good music.” It’s succinct and perhaps reductive to the intricate tapestry of sounds the Japanese band weaves but nonetheless completely accurate. In November, they made a crowd of VIP donors at The Triple Door feel very good while basking in the haze of Kikagaku Moyo’s free flowing psychedelic folk for KEXP’s VIP Club Concert series. Recorded 11/29/2019. Old Snow, White Sun Cardigan Song Green Sugar...



This past fall, beloved KEXP show Street Sounds went live with a performance in the Gathering Space from notable hip hop and R&B artists. The first to take the stage was electro-soul duo Soultanz. A collaboration between producer Jared Rubens and singer/producer Shayhan Mashayekh, the two mix samples of samba, bossa nova, soul, classical, and classic rock with Mashayekh’s smooth vocals to make slick, funky, and original grooves. Hosted by DJ Stas THEE Boss. Recorded 10/11/2019. Give Patience...


Los Bitchos

It’s only been two years since Los Bitchos uploaded their first bedroom recordings onto Bandcamp but they’ve quickly won hearts with their flavorful take on psychedelic cumbia. Currently London-based, the five talented musicians hail from Uruguay, Sweden, Australia, and England. For this breakout performance at Trans Musicales 2019, the band brings their sun-soaked rhythms indoors to La Chapelle by le Studio in Rennes, France for a blistering set of heavy grooves. Recorded 12/6/2019. The...



Icelandic group Hatari are an experience unlike any other. Almost more performance art than anything else, their music lies somewhere between techno and metal with a sprinkling of pop while their stage show is an artfully curated futuristic BDSM anti-capitalist daydream. After a big year, where the band sparked controversy with their comments about Palestine before and during their performance in the Eurovision Song Contest, the band returns to Kex Hostel for a one-of-a-kind performance at...



Seattle-based Terror/Cactus bring their distinctive take on psychedelic electro cumbia to the KEXP live stage for this unique performance. As always, the band is donned in masks while showcasing instrumental songs from their 2018 sophomore full-length Impulsos as well as 2019’s Corriente EP. The band takes DJ Chilly through the decade-long history and formation of the band, which started as Buenos Aires-born musician Martín Selasco’s solo bedroom project and expanded in just the past few...


Angel Olsen

Last fall, indie chanteuse Angel Olsen unveiled her fourth studio album, All Mirrors. An exercise in grandeur, Olsen is backed by a cinematic orchestra that takes her skilled vocals and introspective lyrics to new heights. While many artists could get lost behind a screen of smoke and satin, Olsen is simply strengthened by her transformation into an old-Hollywood protagonist starring in a movie of her own making. Olsen brings the string-filled spectacle of All Mirrors to KEXP for this...


Say Sue Me

Busan, South Korea’s favorite band Say Sue Me capped off 2019, a year of high highs and the lowest of lows for the good friends, by stopping by the KEXP studios to perform four songs that span their six-year career of making sincere surf-tinged indie rock. Amidst the music, the band chats with Kevin Cole about their 2019 Korean Music Award experience, in which they were nominated in five categories and won two, and how the passing of their drummer Semin Kang has inspired them to “make music...



On their anticipated sophomore record, 'Forever Turned Around,' beloved Chicago duo Whitney continue their distinct interpretation of ‘70s AM soft rock that made them a hit on the festival circuit after their 2016 debut Light Upon the Lake. Focusing on themes of relationships, loneliness, and the beauty of friendship, the record is a nostalgic slow-burner that basks in the warm glow of a summer evening. Joined by five other musicians for their in-studio, Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich tell...


Death Valley Girls

Los Angeles quartet Death Valley Girls combines the volume and fury of proto-punk, desert mysticism, with a dash of spacey psych and freewheeling garage-rock fun. The band joins Troy Nelson for a set heavy with tunes from their 2018 release, 'Darkness Rains,' with the sounds being accompanied by some live visuals courtesy of Mad Alchemy. Recorded 11/15/2019. Abre Camino Street Justice More Dead Disaster (Is What We're After) Watch the full Live on KEXP session on YouTube Support the show.


San Salvador

One of the standouts from KEXP’s 2019 Trans Musicales broadcast, San Salvador is a six-piece vocal and percussion ensemble that sings in the Occitan language of rural Southern France. Although very few can understand the literal meaning of their words, the cascading vocal harmonies and rhythms convey a poetic message that is boundary-less. The hypnotic performance was recorded at La Chapelle in Rennes, France. Recorded 12/08/2019. Efans de la campagna La Grande Folie Watch the full Live on...


Great Grandpa

On their second LP, titled ‘Four of Arrows’ after an inspiring Tarot card pull, Seattle-bred Great Grandpa takes a step back from the playful grunge of their debut record in favor of a more open, introspective sound. Each song is crafted thoughtfully, leaving space for lead singer Alex Menne’s voice to fully resonate, and with perfectly placed instrumental builds that deepen the impact. Stevie Zoom hosts this session in the KEXP Live Room. Recorded 01/06/2020. Digger Mono no Aware Dark Green...



At just 21-years-old, Paris Alexa Williams has made waves in the Seattle music scene with her R&B songwriting sensibilities, unforgettable hooks and smooth-as-honey vocals. It’s easy to imagine any of her songs becoming international hits. This session, including unreleased tracks, was recorded in the KEXP Gathering Space as part of the first-ever Street Sounds live broadcast with DJ Stas THEE Boss. Recorded 10/11/2019. Resist Leaves and Seasons Gardens Keep Away Deadhead Water Me Affected...