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Interview podcast with successful musicians, who share their best tips for success and their experiences in the world of music

Interview podcast with successful musicians, who share their best tips for success and their experiences in the world of music


Maastricht, Netherlands


Interview podcast with successful musicians, who share their best tips for success and their experiences in the world of music






Best Of – Part 2

Welcome to Master in Music the musical podcast where I Petronella Torin tries to resolve the magic behind really great music. I like to invite you to a little backstage tour in some of my episodes. We will meet five quite different musicians and hear some of their experience with creating fantastic music. we start the tour with a famous Ulf Wandenbrandt, then we dive into the life of solo Cellist Niels Ullner followed by the singing professor Gun-britt Gustavsson and ending up with three...


Episode 16 – The Hebbe Sisters

This year’s Christmas gift in Master in Music offers a three-in-one interview with the fantastic swinging sisters Emelie, Josefine and Maria, The Hebbe Sisters. Three Sisters that are Sweden's answer to the Andrews Sisters, extending their three voices to new musical possibilities. .bmc-button img{width: 35px !important;margin-bottom: 1px !important;box-shadow: none !important;border: none !important;vertical-align: middle !important;}.bmc-button{padding: 7px 10px 7px 10px...


Episode 15 – Gun-Britt Gustafsson

In a distant place in the Swedish forest lies a village called the “tune” village there in the sunny meadow lies a red cottage built in the old manners of a Dalsland house. Red coulure, with white decor. A surrounding garden is a magical place with nooks and crannies just about big engulf for a house-elf or two. In the little pound you can on a sunny day spot the salamanders playing with the weather fairies. The enchanted creatures of the meadow is not the only thing living here, because...


Rutesheim Special Part 6: Attila Pasztor

Welcome to Master in Music - the Podcast. I hope that you are doing well and are as excited as me to hear this amazing meeting with Attila Pasztor who is a multi-talented musician who plays the cello like a powerful ancient god, composes music and he is also working together with violinmakers to develop the instruments, and at the same time, he is a product manager at Thomastik Strings. .bmc-button img{width: 35px !important;margin-bottom: 1px !important;box-shadow: none !important;border:...


Episode 14 – Niels Ullner

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourself. I am keeping up my grand need of teaching cello on my youtube channel Petronella Torin. I am also planning the next season of Master in Music and would love to hear your ideas for exiting guest to invite to the podcast. Write to me om Instagram @swedishcellist_petronellatorin or Facebook or on my website; your opinion matters! .bmc-button img{width: 35px !important;margin-bottom: 1px !important;box-shadow: none...


Episode 13 – Michelle Powell

Do you want to be your own CBO of your life and teaching studio? Or maybe reach your wildest dreams?! How about being a fantastic teacher?! even during a Corona crisis this can be possible. Ladies and gentlemen if this has caught your attention wait until you hear the episode with Michelle Powell the power pianist! A colourful Canadian Pianist based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. She is an Artistic Director of a fantastic concert series called the Opus 16 concerts. Michelle invites...


Episode 12 – Alban Faust

During three decades Alban Faust has performed on prominent folk music scenes throughout Europe, both as a soloist and with different bands. He has also built instruments and developed their design to a new level and brought back old traditional instrument from the dead. The instruments he makes are Swedish bagpipes and he has created his own design on the Nyckel harp called Alban Fast that is made in Vienna. His musical programs are varied and are adapted to every musical occasion. Alban's...


Rutesheim Special Part 5: Jens Peter Maintz

Jens Peter Maintz the cellist Paganini. A Star in the cello sky. Jens Peter Maintz has an outstanding reputation as a versatile soloist, popular chamber musician, and committed cello teacher. Originally from Hamburg, he studied with David Geringas and took part in masterclasses with other great cellists such as Heinrich Schiff, Boris Pergamenschikow, Frans Helmerson and Siegfried Palm. He was further influenced by his intensive chamber music study with Uwe-Martin Haiberg and Walter Levin.In...


Episode 11 – Ulf Wadenbrandt

From local drum teacher to international rock conductor for The Band ARIA to becoming the Principal guest conductor for the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. His face has been printed on t-shirts, keyrings, colanders and the crush barrier and guards have kept him safe around the big masses of fans that surround him during tours all over the world with great symphony orchestras, artist and bands. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Ulf Wadenbrandt conductor, drum teacher Director and a natural...


Best Of – Part 1

Corona times and we are all locked up in our houses, concerts are cancelled and we are asking what should we do now? I have made a smaller episode where I share some of our podcast's eminent and brilliant guest's advice. Susanne Schimack talks about rejection and a singer's daily challenges in practising, Fenna Ograjensik talks about how music affects your brain and body. We get the best advice from Peter Powell and his strategies to make and get concerts, Eric Diteren talks about how to...


Episode 10 – Vykintas Baltakas

Welcome to Master in Music and Episode nr 10! Before I start the introduction, I like to remind the listeners that Master in music is free to listen to but not to make so every little contribution to making the podcast exist is most welcome you can contribute by go to and by me a coffee. .bmc-button img{width: 35px !important;margin-bottom: 1px !important;box-shadow: none !important;border: none !important;vertical-align: middle !important;}.bmc-button{padding: 7px 10px...


Episode 9 – Morten Ryelund

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Master in Music listeners! I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for listening to the podcast and liking, sharing and giving me feedback on the pod. We are growing and have listeners from all corners of the world. Thank you so much for being here, it means the world to me to have your support. I make this podcast for free and for every episode there is about one week of full time work for me and my boyfriend who helps with all the editing. So...


Episode 8 – Anton Somers

Today's episode is inviting us to the little village of Mersele in Belgium. Next to Antwerpen, the city of diamonds, lies the atelier of Anton Somers. It is a magical place where wood transforms to a singing work of art. Anton Somers, born in 1986, is a young violinmaker with an enormous passion for wood. He studied to become a furniture maker but then one day his family led him into the fine work of instrument making and Anton studied violin making in Antwerpen and now he is a violin maker...


Rutesheim Special Part 4: Stephan Braun

Stephan Braun the cellist, composer and jazz artist I am proud to present our first Jazz man in Master in Music - the Podcast. It is Master in Music's one year birthday and this episode with Stephan Braun is the greatest gift. He is a one man orchestra, who can create music that sounds like a whole jazz band on his single cello. It is just fantastic. He has also won first prize at the international jazz competition with his trio in Bucharest and he has travelled the world playing in the most...


Episode 7 – Peter Powell

A musician by training and entrepreneur by accident! Ladies and gentlemen buckle up I give you Peter Powell or Peter Power as I like to call him. Peter is the man that can make your dreams as a musician come true in the sense that he has the knowledge that makes a musician get concerts. Going from studying music to working as one takes more than just musical knowledge. In this episode we talk about how to get concerts from the practice room to the stage and having an audience that listens to...


Rutesheim Special Part 3: Jakob Spahn

Jakob Spahn: the young Solo cellist of the Bavarian State Opera, the Zlatan of the cello. He has won awards and travelled the world sharing his music and now he is a welcome guest in Master in Music. Jakob is smart, charming and creative. With his new CD recording of Gulda cello concerto, he brings classical music to the next technical level with a innovative 3D recording. He tells us how an app is on the way where you can zoom in and listen closer to the different instruments in the...


Episode 6 – Petronella Torin

In this episode of Master in Music we reveal the women behind the microphone, Petronella Torin. It is an interview where our own Podcaster get to answer questions instead of asking them. We talk about why she is making this podcast, how to start a company and how to get on the first page in the news papers and sell nineteen concerts in less than ten days. She is a Musician, Podcaster and Teacher and here are some of her tips on living a musicians life. Who is interviewing, you wonder, since...


Rutesheim Special – Part 2: Claudio Bohórquez

I hope you are doing well and I’d like to say thank you all for listening. It is a pleasure to see that the Master in Music podcast is reaching ears all over the world. Thank you for listening and please, if you want to share something or give me some tips on which guests to interview or feedback don’t hesitate to write me on my website or Facebook, A Swedish Cellist Petronella Torin. Today I present for you the second amazing episode from Rutesheim special. Rutesheim is a village in Germany...


Episode 5 – Eric Dieteren

Spring has come to the Netherlands! It is tulips everywhere and I just came home from a rainy Paris where I had the pleasure to play in the centre Wallonia Brussels. I hope where ever you are listening to this podcast, that the winds of spring have reached you as well. In today's episode, my guest is a man who really loves to work. He started out as a Psychologist and then one day he and his brother, who is a violin player, started an orchestra and bought a church to practise in. He has...


Rutesheim Special – Part 1: Matthias Trück

This is an extra episode that I like to add in a special edition: the Rutesheim cello academy edition. I had the pleasure of attending for the second year in a row the "Akademie Rutesheim Cello Festival" in Germany and naturally I took my podcast equipment with me when I had some of the world's best cellists within my reach. Today's guest in the Pod is no one else than Matthias Trück, a cellist and the festival leader and founder himself. He is an extraordinary person who has steered this...