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Heavy metal fans located in San Diego, California. We discuss local metal shows, news, reviews, and keep you up to Metal Swap Meet news. Join hosts Brian, Israel, and Nocturnal Overlord as they discuss what's going on in heavy metal.


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Heavy metal fans located in San Diego, California. We discuss local metal shows, news, reviews, and keep you up to Metal Swap Meet news. Join hosts Brian, Israel, and Nocturnal Overlord as they discuss what's going on in heavy metal.




Justin Bartlett, You Will Be Missed

Our short tribute to an amazing person. Justin Bartlett was not only an artist who made art for many metal bands like Hooded Menace, Trap Them, and John Carpenter's The Thing. His art has been seen worldwide in the metal world. I was fortunate enough to know Justin personally. We often ran into each other at metal shows, and eventually, we hung out at our local watering hole, and he was often attending the yearly Metal Swap Meet. If you can, support his funeral expenses....


Metal and beer talk with BeerAlien

Brian, Israel and Vince chat with Raymond and Terry of about beers in San Diego, Las Vegas, as well as heavy metal beers.


Metal Swap Meet 2022 review

We finally get to reflect on the Metal Swap Meet from October 2022. We discuss how things went, the bands, the vendors, and the amazing crowd. Thank you for an amazing year!


Metal Swap Meet Top Albums Of 2022

Brian, Israel, and Vince discuss their top metal albums of 2022.


Metal Swap Meet update, live trivia, Iron Maiden tailgate, giveaways

We talk about the upcoming metal trivia, Iron Maiden tailgate in San Diego, Psycho Las Vegas, and giveaways.


Ticket sales, VIP Options, Mythraeum, sponsors

VIP and general admission ticket options are now out. Go to to find them. We chat about Mythraeum winning the Wacken Metal Battle, and some sponsor updates.


Setting Sun Sake - We talk with Josh and Kim

We have had our event at Setting Sun Sake for over 3 years, and now they need our help. We talk with Josh and Kim about the past, present, and future of Setting Sun Sake and the Metal Swap Meet in San Diego.


Metal Swap Meet - News April 2022

We talk about the bands playing Metal Swap Meet, including Evildead, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, The Gene Hoglan Experience, Stygian Crown, and Nightshadow. We also talk about the Wacken Metal Battle in San Diego at Brick by Brick. Help for Setting Sun Sake, and officially announce DJ Katon and Derek Riggs will be at Metal Swap Meet 2022.


Metal S**T Coming Out

Brian and Israel get a new video light (yay!), go over new metal albums and releases expected in Q1 2022, and have news about Metal Swap Meet 2022. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel to stay up to date on Metal Swap Meet and other metal ramblings.


Top Metal Albums Of The Year 2021

Brian, Israel and Vince are joined by our friend Eric to talk about our top metal albums of the year. Did you check out albums by Carcass, Hypocrisy, Helloween and Iron Maiden? We go over our best pecks of the year. We would love to hear about what we missed, and what you think were the best metal albums of 2021.


Helloween Album Review and Metal Swap Meet news

We review the new self-titled Helloween album. We also give an update at the Metal Swap Meet, which will be held on October 16, 2021 from 11am to 5pm, at Setting Sun Sake.


Metal Swap Meet Interview With Align Brewing San Diego

We visit with Guillermo Nasser, owner and brewer at Align Brewing in the Miralani Makers District in the Miramar area of San Diego. We talk about favorite beer styles, hazy IPAs, and the Metal Swap Meet. Be sure to save the date for October 16, 2021 for the next Metal Swap Meet! Check out Align Brewing Connect with Metal Swap Meet


Witherfall interview at Charlie & Echo, Tempest Wine Release

Brian and Israel interview progressive metal band Witherfall at Charlie & Echo Natural Craft Wine. We talk wine, touring, 70,000 Tons of Metal, We try their red blend wine called Tempest, which is only available from Charlie & Echo. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more metal stuff. Buy the 2020 vintage Tempest Red Check out Witherfall Charlie & Echo Natural Craft Wine


Malison 2021 Interview - Metal Swap Meet

Brian and Israel from Metal Swap Meet chat with San Diego metal band MALISON at Align Brewing. MALISON are a traditional/thrash metal band 4 piece currently signed to Metal Assault Records. We talk San Diego craft beer, touring, and Combat Records. Malison is: Mario Lovio - Lead guitar Steven C. Rondina - Vocals/bass Nick Mafi - Drums Eddie Spade - Lead guitar Check out Metal Swap Meet. We are a unique metal event in San Diego annually.


BEEKEEPER Interview - San Diego Thrash Metal Band

Israel and Brian interview Beekeeper members Ally, Wally, and Dylan. We discuss what it's like to have a 3-piece thrash band, hobbies, and memories of the San Diego Metal Swap Meet.


Metal Swap Meet song "All of Us" by L.Imperator

Check out the music video on our YouTube channel! L.Imperator from death metal band DEFIXION created this amazing Metal Swap Meet theme song with a very power metal feel. For those metalheads who have attended the Metal Swap Meet in San Diego over the past 10 years, we hope the lyrics are meaningful. Thank you Katon W. De Pena from the thrash metal band HIRAX for always being a friend, and playing much of the music during the Metal Swap Meet. Thank you to all who have attended the Metal Swap...


"All of Us" reaction and about the song

We got together and Vince and Israel got to hear the song, and watch the video for "All of Us" for the first time. It was also the first time songwriter and musician L.Imperator from DEFIXION got to see the video for the song he created. Please visit our YouTube channel for Metal Swap Meet to see the video. Thank you metalheads of San Diego and beyond for the support!


What's new with metal in San Diego?

Brian, Israel, and Nocturnal Overlord bring in Steve Pearce from Cave Bastard to talk about what is new with heavy metal in San Diego. You will hear about updates from Cattle Decapitation, Temblad, Gravespell, Nightshadow, Theosis, Beekeeper, Metal Assault Records, Conjureth, Convent, Monarch, Thanatology, Necrochamber, and Unidad Trauma.


Steve from San Diego death metal band Cave Bastard

We talk with Steve Pearce from San Diego death metal band Cave Bastard. He talks about the upcoming new album, recording with Dave Otero, a little San Diego metal history, and the Metal Swap Meet. Check out Cave Bastard


Metal Swap Talk Burning Beard Brewing Interview

At the Psychotic Waltz listening party, we interview Jeff Wiederkehr from Burning Beard Brewing Company, in El Cajon, California. We talk beer, music, old school San Diego metal, and Die Antwoord