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Carmela interviews artists, bands and musicians from Australia and beyond.




Carmela interviews artists, bands and musicians from Australia and beyond.





Grant and Wayne joined me on Mismatch to discuss their cover band Heatwave. Gary and Jarred make this a foursome (tongue in cheek, lol) They are a cover band and love to have lots of fun and jocularity with their audience. Interacting with the crowd to gain engagement and hell, more fun. Listen to this podcast to discover their cheeky side without their instruments...lol


SSMP _ 2024

Danny and Sime came in live to the studio for their 7th check-up on the program Mismatch. They have made their stamp on Hip Hop, and their sound, and style are unique... They have had many collaborations over their 14-plus years in this genre and are comfortable in their skins. So, no more from me listen on...


Sean Craig Murphy

What can I say, what a wonderful chat with my mentor Sean Craig Murphy. Currently at SAfm in Adelaide, he has been a huge part of radio and students at Australian Radio School. I wanted to chat, having not touched base for several years to hear his thoughts on community radio, its place with recruits from his training company, and a whole lot more. He has an amazing voice, he may not think so but it's hit a chord with many listeners, my friends included, who just love him. Please listen you'll learn a lot :) In the end, I am not sure who was interviewing who, lol.


Stone Cold

Stone Cold is an Adelaide local rock band. They love what they do and are so supportive of up-and-coming local bands. They love the music and they support awareness of domestic violence. They are now 5. 4 brothers from other mothers and the new member is a sister from another mother. We chat to Brad and Ben.


Shotgun Mistress

Glenn Patrick is the frontman for Shotgun Mistress. Consisting of a 4 piece rock band including Matt Wilcock on Guitars, 'Diamond' Dave Lee on Drums, and Ben Curnow on bass. They have an up-and-coming album in June "Kings of the Revolution" and currently released their single Jude Judas Glenn talks of past endeavours, the excitement in his current project in the new band, and more... The new single is amazing. Listen in, check it out, and enjoy https://youtu.be/D9eSIgfEfYI - A taste of what's to come... Due for release on Australia Day - January 26th



Subtlety is a singer, and songwriter based in Adelaide. Her aim is to produce music that encourages people to feel, be positive, and chase their dreams. Performing in Adelaide and interstate in a variety of bands for the last 30 years


Mark Tempany & Alison Hams - Out of the Blue

Mark and Alison of Stormfront Productions are located in Whyalla South Australia. They have been able to now find the time to release their album "Out of the Blue" both engaging and have given a true reflection of their time over the last 20 years


Broken Loose

These 4 young guys are amazing, forming a great tight-knit metal band. Locally from Gawler just goes to show that talent is plentiful in South Australia. They have three singles out now, and an EP is on the way, they chat with Carmela about how their history and hopes for the future. We have a surprise guest as well :D


Mark Tempany & Alison Hams - Out of The Blue

Mark and Alison are engaging and informative about their history including Stormfront Productions, located in Whyalla in South Australia. They have been able to release this album "Out of The Blue". Their love of music and education has been a part of their lives together, releasing 'Lullaby' as their first single from this album.


Ben Gel

Ben talks about the new release of his album, "My Circus! My Shitshow!" He talks with Carmela and Phil, about all things Ben Gel, how he started to how he got to where he is now. Including his collaboration with other bands.


Danny and Sime of SSMP (2023)

Danny and Sime are two musicians from the group SSMP. In their interview with Carmela, they share their journey since their last interview, discussing their growth and evolution as artists. They also introduce their new music, which they describe as a reflection of their personal experiences and the world around them. As they speak with Carmela, they reveal their passion for creating music and their commitment to using their platform to inspire and uplift their fans.


Kozmik Landing’s Wanderer

We speak with Robert and Vena from the rock music band Kozmik Landing about their latest album "Wanderer". They share their inspiration behind the album, the creative process, and some of their personal favorite tracks from the record. If you're a fan of rock music with elements of blues, you won't want to miss this insightful discussion about the making of "Wanderer".


Danny and Sime of SSMP (2022)

Danny and Sime of SSMP return to Mismatch for their annual interview with Carmela. They share their new music and other antics.


Allen Tiller investigates the paranormal

Carmela interviews Paranormal Investigator, Allen Tiller.


Nick Vulture of The Molting Vultures

After years of playing in surf garage punk band The Molting Vultures (and he still is), Nick Vulture takes a huge shift into acoustic territory with songs that are much more personal and reflective.


Danny, Sime and Mikey of SSMP (2021)

Carmela sits down with Danny, Sime and Mikey of Adelaide based hip hop group SSMP to discuss new music and their respective solo projects as DarksideDbgz, SimeStarkiller and Cuchester.


Todd Hunter of Dragon

Todd Hunter is a New Zealand musician and composer known for his involvement in the band Dragon. Best known for the songs 'April Sun in Cuba', 'Are You Old Enough?', 'Still in Love With You', and 'Rain'. Hunter also composed John Farnham's hit song 'Age of Reason' with Johanna Pigott and music for the film 'Daydream Believer' (1991) and TV series 'Heartbreak High' (1994–1999). On 1 July 2008, the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) recognised Dragon's iconic status by inducting them into their Hall of Fame.


Coco and the Cockatoos

Interview with Jane Walker from kids group Coco and the Cockatoos. Talking about the new album ‘Wild Life’, which has ten unique songs about animals from all over the world. All songs are written by ten-year old Sydney schoolgirl Coco Espie and singer/songwriter Jane Walker. Coco has cerebral palsy, so album sales contribute to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, which helps so many sick kids. The songs celebrate different animals, so sales also contribute to Taronga Conservation Society Australia, supporting wildlife conservation around the world. And we are all impacted by the plight of our oceans, so sales support Ocean Recovery Alliance.


Lawson Doyle of Sunflower

Sunflower are the perfect storm of soul, pop and rock rebirthing a classic sound with an added touch of high energy modern flair. Lawson Doyle of Sunflower chats with Carmela.



Max-A-Million was an American musical group that consisted of A'Lisa B., Duran Estevez, and Tommye, active from 1994 to 1998. They released one album which contained four singles, three of which charted on the US Billboard Hot 100, including a cover of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. This interview originally aired late-2016.