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012: Building an Empire Through Education with JFilt

Today on Music Business Dreams, JFilt discusses his background, how he discovered his love for teaching, tips on how to land on Spotify Playlists and much more.


011: Harnessing the Power of Paid Traffic with Jens The Guru

Jens "The Guru" Elmera is an online marketing and advertising expert with over 10 years of experience in the Music Industry. His mastery of Facebook, Google and Instagram's advertising platforms has helped him craft hugely successful campaigns for artists including Haley Smalls and SumYunGhai. He has even been called upon by major labels to help craft marketing campaigns for their artists as well. In today's episode of Music Business Dreams, Jens tells us why every artist should be using...


010: Getting Press For Your Music with Lennon Cihak

Lennon Cihak has written for, Digital Music News, EARMILK, Noiseporn, and Magnetic Magazine. So believe me, he knows a thing or two about getting press for musicians. On this episode, Lennon breaks down all the tips for getting your music featured.


009: Being the Artist's Advocate with Artist Manager Mike Luna

A $1,000 dollar investment got Mike Luna into the Music Business back in 2011, and he hasn't looked back since. As the manager of acts like Xavier Omar, Swade and pat junior, Mike has seen his artists reach Billboard Charts, Spotify Playlists and even Video Game Soundtracks. Listen to his tips for success on today's Music Business Dreams.


008: Consistency is Key: An Interview with Jett I Masstyr

On this episode of Music Business Dreams, Jett I Masstyr talks about how he got started in music, the differences between producing for artists and producing instrumental projects, streaming vs downloads, and how he's building momentum by consistently releasing projects.


007: How to Rock Your Email List with Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Cheryl B. Engelhardt tells us how she got started in music, how she made over $40k from her e-mail list of less than 2,000 members, and tells us about her Rock Your Email List course that helps other musicians find similar success.


006: Don't Be Afraid to Shoot Your Shot - with Brian 'Mix Engineer' Kidd

Brian 'Mix Engineer' Kidd is -- well -- a Mix Engineer. After hearing about Little Brother online, he decided to move from Hampton, VA to the Raleigh, NC area so he could be a part of the action. His dream got even closer to reality when rapper K-Hill took him under his wing and helped him get started as a mix engineer. Since then, Brian has worked with artists like Chase N. Cashe, K-Hill, Jered Sanders and Pat Junior. Check out this interview where Brian and I talk about how to become a mix...


005: How Stlndrms Used Live Streaming to Level Up His Music Career

As a way to share his latest creations with his friends, Stlndrms (pronounced "stolen drums") started a Facebook Live show called BEATS + CHILL. Soon, he was averaging over 50,000 views per month and 185,000 monthly listeners on the streaming platforms. He even got the cover of Spotify's Lofi Hip Hop playlist! Press play to hear how he did it, how he's capitalized on his newfound success, and his plans for the future.


004: From Internet Producer to Universal Records & Beyond with Koncept Beats

Learn how Bryant Waker, aka Koncept Beats, went from making beats in his bedroom to a publishing deal with Universal Records, and the lessons he's learned since.


003: Headlining Shows and Raising Over $10,000 on Kickstarter with NANCE

NANCE is a great example of what it means to really brand yourself as an artist. By being authentic and putting a lot of thought into his social media strategy, NANCE has built quite the grassroots movement to propel his music forward. Last year, he successfully raised over $10,000 via Kickstarter to fund his debut album, No Excuses. Listen to this episode to hear how he's making his Music Business Dreams come true.


002: Building A Brand on YouTube with Sarah, The Illstrumentalist

2 years ago, Sarah The Illstrumentalist started regularly uploading beatmaking videos to YouTube. Since then, she's amassed over 8,000 subscribers and landed partnerships with brands like Melodics, Roland, Teenage Engineering and more! Listen to hear how she got started, tips for building a brand on YouTube, and what's next for Sarah and her No Quantize brand.


001: Be Ready for Anything: A Conversation with Aimee Flint - Director of Operations for The Foreign Exchange

Aimee Flint is a bad-ass. With over 10 years under her belt as the Director of Operations for Grammy-nominated duo The Foreign Exchange, she knows a thing or two about challenging times. Listen her story of strength, perseverance and truly being up for ANY challenge.


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