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035. Completely Meh

Happy Monday everyone! Here we are again with another new episode! Steve’s back presenting this week and showing off one of his favorite bands, but they weren't always his favorite. Tune in to find out who it is and to see if you enjoy the band. What bands have you listened to and didn't care for at first but do now? Sometimes it's nice to be able to revisit music and appreciate it when you weren't able to before. Yes tastes change and maybe certain situations got in your way before...


033. Glowing Bears & Wolves

Welcome back to another episode of the Music Crush Monday Podcast! The fantastic Kevin generator handpicked number 35 on Steve’s band list this week and it’s quite the doozy! This is a band that is adored in the Schenk household! If you listen in on this episode you will hear a familiar voice chime in on this week’s band. Who is it? It is always fun when you can put on music to just be happy and listen to and not have to dissect each individual instrument or lyric. That is what this week’s...


032. One & Done Super Love

Welcome back to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Kevin is presenting the band this week and used a Random Generator to select the band and it ended up choosing one of his favorite bands that he “Super Loves” This week’s band played a pivotal role in Kevin’s musical journey. Excitement is all around as he gets to first struggle to pick the right music but then to share a band he loves. Kevin has a background more in the metal scene and this band plays a specific style that incorporates metal...


031. The Bridge

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Out of so many different podcasts you could be listening to we’re glad you chose ours! As always we hope you enjoy the music and the conversation! In this latest episode Steve goes back to the early 2000’s and hopes Kevin will hear what he heard back then. It really doesn’t seem like that long ago but 15 years goes by real fast! Do you think Kevin will know the band this week? If past history is anything to go by...the answer is no!...


030. Bridging the Gap Between Love & Hate

Welcome to Episode 30 of the Music Crush Monday Podcast! We can’t believe we’re already to 30 episodes already, can you? We can’t thank all of our listeners enough for listening and sticking with this show! Buckle up on this one because it is a good one! Kevin is presenting the band this week and predicts early on Steve MIGHT know the band. One time, this band was on the Tooth & Nail / Solid State label, and we all know Steve relationship with that label.... Kevin was nervous going into...


029. Band 18 of 81

Welcome back to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Steve has a GIANT list of bands that he created specifically for this podcast and so this list doesn’t even include other bands he likes or would want to play on this show. This particular episode was technically picked by Kevin because he picked a number out of Steve’s list. It wasn’t a random generated band, it was a Kevin generated band. Turns out Steve has been wanting to play this band and fate said this was the time to play it this week....


028. Five Hour Energy Crash

Another Monday, another episode, another band to listen to! Kevin is back to present this week and Steve is getting the itch to unleash if needed! The 5 hour energy drink he had has kicked in and he is amped and ready to go! Steve wants there to be more honesty and transparency on this show, if the band isn’t liked, say it! Does Steve follow through on this one? Steve also doesn’t want his opinion to take away from Kevin loving the band and vise versa. How do you feel about that? Do you...


027. I Want To Do That ft. Shane Told(Lead Singer Syndrome/Silverstein)

This is a VERY special episode with a VERY special guest! Kevin and Steve are joined by the host of the Lead Singer Syndrome Podcast and frontman Silverstein, Shane Told! The excitement level is at an all time high as Shane gets to present the band this week! Kevin and Steve were wondering what it would be like to hear some of their favorite musicians get a chance to talk about THEIR favorite bands. Shane was so gracious enough to do that this week and presented a band that was personally a...


026. A Change of Pace

Welcome back to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! If Steve had to guess…. This week’s band is top 3 on his personal list and MIGHT even slip into the number 1 spot on certain days. Steve also thinks that this band will throw Kevin off and maybe a few listeners. This band has around for quite some time and has great success but will Kevin know who it is? Tune in to find out. What are some of your favorite bands? What is it about them that makes them stick out to you more than others? It seems...


025. How About a Little Fire Scarecrow

Can you believe it?! This is our 25th episode! We couldn’t be more excited to hit this little milestone and look forward to many more. Kevin is going back to a band he discovered by seeing them open up a show. How rare is it for you when the first band of the night captures your attention enough to be a big fan? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to happen too often, but prove us wrong on that theory! Let us hear from what you what bands you have discovered by strictly seeing them open up a...


024. Let's Hope This Stomach Disagrees

Welcome back to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Here we are again with a new week, a new band to check out, more songs to listen to. Steve’s up again and playing another personal favorite. The band has a unique take on this style of music that makes them stand out of the crowd. What do you think about bands that are good at storytelling? Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what a song could be about and sometimes you can fully envision the story being told. It’s fun when a band can mix...


023. Alone At The Top Of The World

Welcome to yet another episode of the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Are you fitting this show into your weekly routine yet? We can't believe that we've hit this many episodes already and we can’t thank you enough for joining us on this journey. We have another good one for you from a very successful band in their own right that Kevin brings to the show. This band has been mentioned in previous episodes but now you get to hear the music! This band has a ton of success and history and it seems...


022. Everyday is Monday For Us

Welcome back to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Hopefully you guys are enjoying this show as much as we enjoy making it. Steve is giving you a peek into the weird this episode so make sure you get ready because it is a fun one. Every so often we need to just relax and enjoy the music and this week’s band does just that. How do you feel about bands having a secret identity? Do you find it more fun to not know who exactly is playing the band or hiding behind a stage name? This band strikes up...


021. Tech Death (w. John Mohrbacher)

We are back with another special episode of Music Crush Monday! A close friend of ours,John Mohrbacher, is taking the show for a spin with a band he chose this week! Listen in to hear a band that may have never made it on the show. The music takes you on a journey and there’s plenty of good conversation around it. What draws you in when listening to music? This week’s band brings a question of do you really dig into the musical side of things? Or do you just want to hear a good song? There...


020. Come On Steve!

Welcome back to another episode of the Music Crush Monday Podcast! We can’t believe we’re already to episode 20, can you? Kevin delivers another one of his favorites, but does Steve know who it is? Find out on this week’s episode! As always, below are the links to the band that is being featured on this episode. If you want to take a ride on this journey with us and want to listen to this music blind, please do not look at the featured band links beforehand if at all possible. Check out our...


019. You Done Broke My Heart Real Bad

Welcome back to another episode of the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Can you believe we are already at episode 19? We have been having so much fun delivering bands to this show that you may or may not know. Don’t forget to reach out to us and start a conversation on what you have heard and what you would like to hear. Please see below for our contact info. Steve is giving us another personal favorite of his that had a shorter career but it was one that Steve certainly latched on to. In this...


018. Wreck My Music (w/ Jordan from Wreck My Podcast)

Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! This time around we have Jordan from Wreck My Podcast visit and share some of music from one of his favorite bands. Do you think Steve will know this one….yet again? Will Kevin? Only one way to find out, download this episode now, and binge it like a Netflix episode! We really hope you enjoy this week! As always, below are the links to the band that is being featured on this episode. If you want to take a ride on this journey with us and want to...


017. Back To The Needle & The Thread

Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Kevin presents a newer band on the show. It’s a band he recently discovered and wanted to bring it to the show before they go to Warped Tour since this is a band on the tour. What will Steve think? What surprises Steve this episode? Kevin throws a curveball and Steve is caught looking at the strike (you like that baseball analogy?) Tune in to find out what happened! This is another band that is really good with lyrics and you can not only hear the...


016. This Is Emotional Music

Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast! Steve is back in the driver seat in this episode to present the band of the week. The guys have a little bit of giddiness to them this week which goes to show how much fun they are having. Steve is a little leary on the band this week and wondering it will be something Kevin enjoys or not. How does Kevin feel about this one? The guys get into another discussion about lyrics and lyrical content. More specifically about how lyrics can emotionally...


015. Heffers & Half Steppers

Hello and welcome back to the Music Crush Monday Podcast. In this episode Kevin is presenting the band and asked Steve to simply open his mind going into this one. This is a band Kevin saw as an opening act and was drawn into it. They take the elements of Hip Hop and the elements of Hardcore and just smashes them together. Going into this week Kevin felt this wouldn’t be in Steve’s wheelhouse but hoping the box is opened enough for him to enjoy it. How do you feel about language being in...