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WSHU Public Radio’s Kate Remington combines her love of music and video games in this series of informal conversations with composers and performers of game soundtracks. Plus, there’s lots of music in the interviews, so you can hear it for yourself!

WSHU Public Radio’s Kate Remington combines her love of music and video games in this series of informal conversations with composers and performers of game soundtracks. Plus, there’s lots of music in the interviews, so you can hear it for yourself!
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WSHU Public Radio’s Kate Remington combines her love of music and video games in this series of informal conversations with composers and performers of game soundtracks. Plus, there’s lots of music in the interviews, so you can hear it for yourself!








Inon's Zur's 'Into the Storm' Is A Gift For His Fans

As a newly-signed artist to Sony Masterworks, Inon Zur's first project is Into the Storm , an album of songs inspired by the fantasy world of his music for Dragon Age . As he told me, the album is dedicated to his fans, and they'll find the music on the album both welcoming and familiar. The album features some of the amazing artists Inon has worked with over the years as a game composer, including Aeralie Brighton, Mimi Page, Aubrey Ashburn, Arielle, Viodance and Michelle Packman, May...


Laurence Chapman's Unique Music For An Unusual Journey In 'Heaven's Vault'

Solving the mystery of a missing scholar and decrypting an ancient language are just two threads of the complex, open-world game, Heaven's Vault, created by Inkle Studios. Laurence Chapman composed a gorgeous chamber music soundtrack for the game, in which archeologist Aliya and her robot companion, Six, travel to the distant moons in Aliya's home nebula in search of her missing colleague. Aliya is chosen for the mission because she's been studying an ancient language, and decoding the...


Elitsa Alexandrova Creates A Perfect Mix Of Music And Sound For Assassin's Creed

As the in-house composer and sound designer at Ubisoft Sofia, Elitsa Alexandrova had a dual challenge of getting the sound design and music exactly right for two recent Assassin's Creed games: Origins: Curse of the Pharaohs and Rogue. I caught up with her after her session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, in which she explained how her music gives a sense of time and place to the settings of both games: ancient Egypt and 18th century France. Elitsa says music of the...


Penka Kouneva: Getting To That 'Perfect' Soundtrack

Penka Kouneva's diverse portfolio of composing credits include Prince of Persia and Forgotten Sands, as well as numerous film and TV soundtracks, and passion projects like The Woman Astronaut. I talked with Penka at the Game Developers Conference ahead of her session on how composers can balance their drive for perfection with the time constraints and demands of media clients. Penka says learning as much as possible about the client's preferences and their musical goals can save a composer...


Finishing Move's Unique Sound For 'Crackdown 3'

After a long wait, Crackdown 3 was released in February of this year. Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White of Finishing Move were brought in when the game was in its early stages of development, and they say having that much time with the game allowed them to craft a truly unique sound for their music, and go way beyond the original amount of music that was planned. Crackdown 3 is set in a world where there's just one area that has power, which has been taken over by an evil organization, Terra...


Painting The City With Sam Marshall's Music In 'Concrete Genie'

In the soon-to-be-released Concrete Genie from studio Pixel Opus, and publisher Sony, Sam Marshall's music gives you the power to create a unique soundtrack with a multitude of sounds as you cover the walls of a rundown city with a magic paintbrush. At this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, I caught up with Sam after his session about creating a truly interactive soundtrack for this gorgeous game. Ash, the main character in Concrete Genie , is a sensitive boy who's bullied...


Casey Edwards Wrote His Music For 'Devil May Cry 5' Like A Fan

After 11 years, fans of the Dante's Inferno -inspired Devil May Cry series by Capcom finally have a new chapter with Devil May Cry 5 ! Casey Edwards was thrilled to write some of the music for Devil May Cry 5 because it gave him a chance to rediscover the "angst-y teen" he says he was was when he played the original games. He told me he used his own love of the games' fusion of Gothic and heavy metal to craft just the right sound. Casey contributed cues for some of the epic battles in-game,...


John Swihart's Music Is As Vivid As 'Far Cry New Dawn's' Post-Apocalyptic World

Seventeen years have passed since the nuclear explosion that ends Far Cry 5 , and in that time Nature has reclaimed the landscape. So have some really nasty Highwaymen who aim to bring all the survivors under their control! John Swihart and co-composer Tyler Bates created a soundtrack for Far Cry New Dawn that plays off the ideas of instruments made from scavenged parts, and the vibrancy of the Super Bloom. John says the concept art and ideas that the dev team at Ubisoft gave him and Tyler...


Laurence Manning Puts Her Passion For Piano Into Classic Game Themes

Laurence Manning started playing the piano at the age of three, and she began playing games almost at the same time. Listening to familiar themes from Kirby , The Legend of Zelda and Golden Sun inspired her to create classical-inspired arrangements for the piano and launch a Kickstarter campaign to record an album of beloved melodies! In addition to creating arrangements of her favorite game themes, Laurence has also composed some game-inspired music, including a Medieval Fantasy. She hopes...


Marty O'Donnell's Earliest Ideas For 'Music Of The Spheres'

Every composer approaches writing music differently, and few are willing to share their earliest sketches, but that's exactly what Marty O'Donnell has done in a series of fascinating videos in which we get to hear his earliest thoughts for the suite, Music of the Spheres, which he wrote as a prequel for Destiny, created by Bungie. I had a deep dive with Marty into his composing process as we listened to these fascinating sketches and to the finished recordings performed by an orchestra....


Brian D'Oliveira Follows Lara Into The Jungle In 'Shadow Of The Tomb Raider'

Composer Brian D'Oliveira has channleled his passion for pre-Hispanic music from Latin and South America into becoming an acknowledged expert, which made him the obvious choice for Shadow of the Tomb Raider . Lara Croft's latest adventure takes her to the jungles and ruins of Mexico and Peru. As he told me, Brian had his own adventures in Mexico sourcing authentic instruments to create an authentic sound for the game. Brian estimates he brought back about 900 different instruments, many of...


Calum Bowen's Funny, Lighthearted Soundtrack For 'Pikuniku'

Pikuniku is a clever, kind of trippy platform puzzle game, but it's the game's humor that's got everyone's attention. In our conversation, composer Calum Bowen told me that he wanted his music to have the same light touch. The world of Pikuniku actually has a dark secret, which gave Calum a lot of latitude to create music that fits with all the different environments and the surprising conclusion of the story. Calum grew up playing now-classic games including Final Fantasy VII and Wind Waker...


Cris Velasco Goes Bigger And Bolder For 'Darksiders 3'

Cris Velasco loved composing the music for the original Darksiders, but he had limited time to finish the score. As he told me, he was really excited to be called back for the soundtrack for the much more ambitious Darksiders 3 , which gave him more time to open the throttle creatively and write for a huge orchestra and chorus. As the story of Darksiders 3 opens, the Seven Deadly Sins are wrecking the earth, and of all the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse, Fury is chosen to shut them down one...


Catching Up With Wilbert Roget II At MAGFest

The Music and Gaming Festival, or MAGFest, is a four-day explosion of video game music! There are panels with composers and musicians, and LOTS of music making. I caught up with composer Wilbert Roget II to chat about the music he contributed to Destiny 2 Forsaken , and what makes MAGFest such a fun and meaningful experience. One of the things Will loves about MAGFest is the chance to connect with other musicians. At last year's festival, he met up with fellow wind players, alto saxophonist...


Thomas Parisch: 'Iris Fall' Is Another Step On An Unconventional Journey

Thomas Parisch's composing career has taken him in some unusual directions. Trained as a classical oboist in Stuttgart, Germany, Thomas began to question where that career would take him, and decided to concentrate on composing, eventually settling in Los Angeles writing for TV, films and games. His most recent project was co-composing the soundtrack for Iris Fall with Edwin Wendler. As he told me, it was a really interesting change of pace. The instrumentation for Iris Fall is as unusual as...


Olivier Deriviere's Music Respects The Sacrifices Of World War I in '11-11 Memories Retold'

11-11 Memories Retold tells the stories of two World War I participants: Harry, a Canadian photographer, and Kurt, a German engineer. Each of them has a unique reason for traveling to Belgium to be part of the battle: Harry to impress a girl back home, and Kurt to find his missing son. The game is created by Aardman Animation , in conjunction with DigixArt, and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe. Its art style is similar to an Impressionist painting, and in our conversation,...


Wintery Fun With The Game Brass

The Game Brass got together two years ago, but they just finished their most ambitious project: a complete album of brass arrangements of beloved wintery music from Mega Man, Banjo-Kazooie, World of Warcraft and many others. The ensemble is John Robert Matz and Robby Duguay, trumpets; Danny Flam, french horn; Daniel Romberger, trombone; and Alex Hill, tuba. Even if you're in a warm climate, you'll be reaching for a sweater as you enjoy Thomas Kresge's brilliant arrangements featuring chimes...


In Concert With The Videri String Quartet

There have been some big changes recently in the Videri String Quartet . Just over a year ago, they found themselves looking for two new violinists! A happy set of referrals added Chris Ferrara and Matheus Garcia Souza to the original ensemble that includes violist Rosie Samter and cellist Jeremiah Barcus. Now the Videri is ready to debut their new program, Bits and Bytes, which features movements from string quartets by Antonin Dvorak, Benjamin Britten and Joseph Haydn, alongside their...


The Tomb Raider Suite: Nathan McCree Builds An Orchestra For Lara Croft

After more than 20 years, composer Nathan McCree is finally realizing his dream to create a fully orchestral version of the music he wrote for the first three Tomb Raider games starring Lara Croft. The Tomb Raider Suite project was launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Tomb Raider game, with a live orchestral performance in London. Now, after a very successful Kickstarter campaign, a recording of the suite is available! Nathan told me he was a bit nervous about revisiting...


The Flight's Music Brings Ancient Greece Alive In 'Assassin's Creed Odyssey'

Joe Henson and Alexis Smith, collectively known as The Flight , say composing the soundtrack for Assassin's Creed Odyssey was a dream project. They were able to spend 18 months immersing themselves in discovering and recreating the sound of ancient Greek music and instruments and adapting it to fit the massive story and landscape of Assassin's Creed Odyssey . As they told me, their first step was to go shopping for authentic instruments – one of their favorite pastimes. Joe and Alexis...