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WSHU Public Radio’s Kate Remington combines her love of music and video games in this series of informal conversations with composers and performers of game soundtracks. Plus, there’s lots of music in the interviews, so you can hear it for yourself!

WSHU Public Radio’s Kate Remington combines her love of music and video games in this series of informal conversations with composers and performers of game soundtracks. Plus, there’s lots of music in the interviews, so you can hear it for yourself!


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WSHU Public Radio’s Kate Remington combines her love of music and video games in this series of informal conversations with composers and performers of game soundtracks. Plus, there’s lots of music in the interviews, so you can hear it for yourself!








Steve Kirk's Soundtrack For 'Bartlow's Dread Machine' Revisits 1907

What if the very first "video game" was actually invented in 1907? That's the premise of Bartlow's Dread Machine , created by Beep Games and Tribetoy. Teddy Roosevelt has been kidnapped, and it's the player's mission to rescue him. Composer Steve Kirk says his inspiration for the rollicking soundtrack was a suprising combination of Ravel, Schubert and John Philip Sousa! The studio behind the game even keeps their website true to the time, with "authentic" reviews from 1907 newspapers. Steve...


Jon Everist Scores A Battle For Humanity In 'Disintegration'

Disintegration, created by V1 Interactive and Private Division, is set 150 years into the future when much of humanity has been persuaded to upload their personalities and what makes them unique to cloud storage to reduce the stress on Earth's resources. An evil entity, the Rayonne, has taken control of the cloud, but a small band of rebels aims to take the Rayonne down and reboot humanity. Jon Everist told me he had an amazingly fun experience incorporating big themes of technology,...


The Videri String Quartet's Unique Contest For Our Pandemic Time

Many musicians have said that life as they knew it ended when the COVID-19 quaratines began. The Videri String Quartet has come up with a unique way to relfect these times. They're welcoming arrangements for string quartet of music from video games that relate in some way to a plague, post-apocalyptic times, or a disruption of everyday life in some way, with a competition they've titled Quarantets . There's a generous prize for the winning arrangement, and royalties from the recording sales...


Edward Patrick White Balances 'Gears' Legacy Music And Creates Something New For 'Tactics'

Gears Tactics is set twelve years before the original and now iconic Gears of War . Cities on the planet Sera are begininning to fall prey to a terrible threat emerging from underground, and it falls to reluctant hero Gabe Diaz to command his squad to defeat the Locust Hoarde. Tactics composer Edward Patrick White says his memories of playing the first Gears game, in a nearly-empty flat save for his Xbox and a kitten, infused his soundtrack. Edward says the consistent style that every Gears...


Michael Gordon Shapiro's Fantasy-Inspired Soundtrack For 'Down The Rabbit Hole'

Down the Rabbit Hole , a new virtual reality game by Coretopia Studios, takes to Wonderland before Alice ever visited, and it's just as strange! Composer Michael Gordon Shapiro says creating a musical signature for the game as well as the beloved characters was a really satisfying challenge.


Ian Chen's Fantastic Soundtrack For 'Fantastic Creatures'

Composer Ian Chen says writing the soundtrack for the Chinese mythology-inspired Fantastic Creatures by Blue Callisto Studios was a dream project because he combined his love of traditional Chinese instruments with the myths he listened to as a child and his love of real-time strategy games. He enjoyed the challenge of combining traditional Chinese instruments with Western ones to bring out the best qualities of both. Fantastic Creatures uses Chinese myths of creation and destruction to give...


David Housden's Soundtrack For 'Lost Words: Beyond The Page' Is An Emotional Journey

In Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Izzy deals with her grandmother's illness by writing her thoughts in her journal. As the game progresses and it's clear that her gran's illness is quite serious, Izzy's journal becomes an escape as she creates the fantasy world of Estoria. David Housden created a soundtrack that partners perfectly with this emotional story. David says he looked to films by Pixar, Dream Works and Studio Ghibli for inspiration for the emotionally difficult experience young Izzy...


Peter McConnell's 1928 Banjo Gives 'Plants Vs. Zombies' A 'Down Home' Vibe

Award-winning composer Peter McConnell is no stranger to the world of Plants vs. Zombies . Battle for Neighborville is his third soundtrack for the series. He's also no stranger to the banjo! He's been playing since he was 13, but when he spied a gorgeous 1928 Gibson five-string in a music store he regularly haunts, he knew it would be perfect for the Cheese Mines levels in the game. Peter gave the whole soundtrack a real roots feel, also using a slide guitar. He even wrote his own, in his...


Kenny Wood And Igor Nemirovsky's Music Goes Large In 'Amoeba Battle'

Amoeba Battle, a real time strategy game, gives teams of players a chance to save the world, defeating one virus at a time. Composers Kenny Wood and Igor Nemirovsky were encouraged by developer Grab Games to create music that gives an epic scale to the microscopic world the amoebas inhabit. Players in Amoeba Battle can explore different worlds, and adapt their army of amoebas to the different enemies they encounter. Kenny and Igor say the developers at Grab Games provided lots of inspiration...


Winifred Phillips' Score Adds '60s Cool To 'Spyder'

The spy-thriller, Spyder , from studio Sumo Digital, is an homage to a classic genre that had its golden age in the 1960s. The Apple Arcade game features an adorable mechanical spider, Agent 8, created like one of James Bond's gadgets, that players control during missions that are increasingly dangerous. Composer Winifred Phillips created the perfect '60s and early '70s inspired soundtrack, featuring elements of jazz, orchestral, and even early synth rock sounds. She says doing the research...


Oda Tilset Sees Computer-Generated Music As A Tool, Not A Threat

At this year's (now postponed) Game Developers Conference, composer and sound designer Oda Tilset planned to present a session about how incorporating music created by a computer's Artificial Intelligence can be a useful tool. Oda tells me that AI-generated music is really helpful to generate ideas that a composer might not have thought of. For musicians and composers who are just getting their feet wet with computer-generated music software, Oda reccommends Noknok Audio , which is very...


Gareth Coker Scores Ori's Next Adventure In 'Will Of The Wisps'

Ori and the Will of the Wisps by Moon Studios continues the adventure begun with the beloved Ori and the Blind Forest. Will of the Wisps takes Ori on an emotional journey as he searches for his new friend, Ku. Gareth Coker, who also scored Blind Forest , told me that writing the score for Will of the Wisps gave him plenty of fresh ideas because of all of the new characters in the game. Gareth was part of development of Will of the Wisps since the game's beginning, which gave him plenty of...


Paul Ruskay's Ambient 'Lumote' Sound And Music Is Inspired By Nature Films

Lumote is a dreamy puzzle platforming game created by the tiny team of Luminawesome. Composer and sound designer Paul Ruskay describes it as "a science fair project" because they designed a completely new way of generating the graphics with a program that's normally used to place the music at the appropriate moment in a game. The art style is flowy, and as the little blobby Lumote moves through the world interacting with the various flowers and little "dumb-bats," or batteries, the whole...


Helge Borgarts' Music Is The Perfect Sound For 'The Surge 2'

The sparsely-populated world created as the result of a plague in The Surge 2 needed a suitably dystopian sound for the music. I talked with composer Helge Borgarts of BowsToHymns who, with his colleague Thomas Stanger, crafted their music for the soundtrack that's inspired by the striking visuals and unique sound design by developers Deck 13. Helge and BowsToHymns also worked on the soundtrack for The Kraken , an expansion for The Surge 2 set during the 1980s on an aircraft carrier that's...


Chilling Out With Alessandro Coronas And His Laidback 'Mutazione' Soundtrack

Mutazione , a quirky game created by the studio Die Gute Fabrik, has one of the most laidback soundtracks ever. From his very relaxed studio on Sardinia, Alessandro Coronas created a wonderful mix of low-fi, accoustic and synth sounds to accompany young Kai on her voyage to save her grandfather on a very unusual island. Mutazione has been in development for ten years! Alessandro says the initial concepts remained from the beginning. They included the magical seeds the player can select for...


Revealing The Heart Of 'Hollow Knight's' Music With Solo Piano

Christopher Larkin's score for Hollow Knight is one of the most beloved soundtracks in recent games. I talked with arranger David Peacock and pianist Augustine Mayuga Gonzales about their project to adapt Chris' haunting music for solo piano. David says he appreciates Christopher's involvement in developing the arrangements. He says Chris advised him to use the lore of the game as inpiration for his arrangements. Augustine says he loved playing David's arrangements because they were...


Swingin' With The 8-Bit Big Band

Led by arranger and founder Charlie Rosen, the 8-Bit Big Band has rekindled a love of swing with fans of game music. Following a sold-out show in New York City, the band has invited high-energy sax virtuoso Grace Kelly to join them for two concerts in Boston on March 1 . As Charlie told me, he has so much admiration for classic themes from Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy that he thinks of them as The Great Game Songbook. Charlie says his love of Broadway provides...


Rob Kovacs Rediscovers Buried Treasure In Long-Lost Game Music

For every classic NES video game that we all remember, like Castlevania, Zelda and Super Mario, there are literally hundreds that have fallen into obscurity. Pianist, composer and arranger Rob Kovacs is on a mission to bring these long-lost treasures to a new audience with his note-for-note piano transcriptions of themes from obscure games like T he Adventures of Lolo , Arkista's Ring and Marble Madness . As he told me, he's become a sort of musical archeologist, and it's been exciting to...


Grant Kirkhope Stretches His Wings As A Film Composer

Writing the score for the award-winning animated short film The Wrong Rock gave BAFTA-nominated composer Grant Kirkhope a chance to spread his wings and offer an enjoyable change of pace from a busy year composing game soundtracks. As Grant told me, getting the perfect theme for Martin, the courageous mushroom who didn't fit in on his home rock, was the key that unlocked the music. Grant says he enjoyed the different challenges writing a film score presented, including having the music...


John Paul Hayward's Symphonic Tribute To 'Chrono Cross'

Composer John Paul Hayward has such great memories of playing Square Enix's classic Chrono Cross that he created an orchestral tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda's soundtrack, imagining what it would sound like if John Williams had arranged it. John's album, Cross Symphonic , was released in November 2019, on the exact date Cross was released in 1999. John told me it was an incredibly ambitious project. Chrono Cross has a complicated story, involving visits by the main characters to parallel...