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The Newport Folk Podcast explores the inner-workings of one of America's most iconic music festivals.

The Newport Folk Podcast explores the inner-workings of one of America's most iconic music festivals.


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The Newport Folk Podcast explores the inner-workings of one of America's most iconic music festivals.




S6:E4 Shakey Graves // Buffy Sainte Marie

Shakey Graves stumbled upon the music of Buffy Sainte Marie in the most Shakey Graves way possible: scouring the dollar bins at Amoeba Records. Seconds into his first hash-influenced listen, he knew he’d found something special. He joined us this episode to share his admiration for Buffy and cover her songs “Little Wheel Spin and Spin” and “Cod'ine.


S6:E3 Bonny Light Horseman // Tim Buckley

Bonny Light Horseman (Eric D. Johnson, Anais Mitchell and Josh Kauffman) cover Tim Buckley and perform a track from their own record.


S6:E2 Liz Cooper // Twain

Each episode we ask a Folk Family Artist to take a look at every other artist that has ever played Newport Folk and cover a song by them. This episode, our friend, Liz Cooper chose to cover Twain.


S6:E1 Mandolin Orange // Leonard Cohen

This season we’re introducing a new format: Each episode we’ll ask a Folk Family Artist to take a look at every other artist that has ever played Newport Folk and cover a song by them. For this first episode, we were fortunate enough to have Mandolin Orange chose to cover Leonard Cohen.


S5:E3 Lineup Preview with Sara Watkins & Friends

Sara Watkins calls Anais Mitchell, Benmont Tench, Billy Strings, and Madison Cunningham to ask which artists they’ll be making time to see at the Fort this weekend.


S5:E2 My Mama Was Powerful

Legendary Folk Festival Matriarch Mavis Staples chats with Phil Cook about harmony, family and friendship.


S5:E1 Why Do I Keep Coming Back?

After a 20 hour trek from the Netherlands to Newport Folk, Stephen from Spirit Family Reunion was asked a simple question: “Why do you keep coming back to Newport?”. Unable to articulate a coherent response, he set out on this podcast quest of sorts to find his answer, the same question to NFF fans, staff and artists (JP Harris, Zach The Lone Bellow, Ian O’Neil from Deer Tick, and Kam Franklin).


S4:E6 Ask Us Anything

Well, this is it - the last episode before the festival. And what better way to send things off than with our annual 'Ask Us Anything' show? You guys asked our staff questions about the festival, and we answered em'. Enjoy the episode, and we'll see you in just a few days!


S4:E5 Christopher Paul Stelling & Ben Harper Talk the Blues

In this special edition of the Newport Folk Podcast, Christopher Paul Stelling takes over as host to talk with Ben Harper. Chris & Ben discuss definitions of the blues, Ben's upcoming set at Newport Folk with Charlie Musselwhite, and much more. This episode contains explicit content.


S4:E4 It Takes A Village

We talk a lot on this podcast about the folks that make this festival possible - the artists, the staff, the fans...but we don't hear enough from a group that plays a huge role: our partners. Sponsors, nonprofits and organizations help make this festival what it is. This episode we'll hear from three partners, their stories and how they make Newport a better festival.


S4:E3 Matt Vasquez Podcast Takeover!

Matthew Logan Vasquez takes over the podcast and puts Jay Sweet in the hot seat. Matt scoured social media to find questions and comments made about this year's lineup ("might be time to consider changing the name of the festival") and asked Jay to respond. Thanks & enjoy the episode!


S4:E2 How We Made A Record

This Saturday, April 21st (Record Store Day), we'll be releasing a vinyl record of the Speak Out set from last year's festival. This episode, we'll take a look at how and why we made that record. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the show!


S4:E1 How We Find New Music

Music discovery has been a part of Newport Folk's DNA since the beginning. In this first episode of Season Four, we pull back the curtain to see how the Newport Folk team is finding new artists and how music discovery has or hasn't changed over the years (hint: it's still all about the mixtape). As always, thank you for listening, and enjoy the episode!


S3:E10 Ask Us Anything

Before you pack your bags and load up the car (or bike, or boat) give our latest "Ask Us Anything" episode a listen. We asked if you had any last minute questions about this year's festival for our team. Of course, the folk delivered with a mixture of hilarious, practical, and thought provoking questions. The Folk Team met up in our offices to do our best to answer. Thank you for listening this season, and we'll see you at the fort!


S3:E9 The Little Folk!

This episode of the podcast we heard from our favorite members of the folk community: the kids! We asked a few little folk to explain why they like the festival, their favorite memories and more. Parents, stay tuned for the end of the episode for some tips and advice from other families on how to prepare for Newport Folk.


S3:E8 Speaking Truth to Power

Since its inception, Newport Folk has been a place for artists to speak truth to power. In this podcast episode, we spoke with Colin Meloy, Rhiannon Giddens, Alynda Segarra and more to answer two questions: What is it about Newport Folk that has kept it connected to protest movements? And with today's political climate, are we on the verge of another protest music era?


S3:E7 Inside the Museum

Ask any long time Newport Folk goer if he or she has a tip for the festival and chances are you’ll hear something along the lines of "make sure you check out the Museum". In this podcast episode we interviewed the folks behind this year’s Museum Stage programs (Joe Pug, The Ballroom Thieves, Chris Funk, Jalopy Theatre & Rick Massimo) to help us preview what’s to come. As always thanks for listening and we’ll see you soon!


S3:E6 Final Lineup Preview w/ Jay Sweet

Somehow, we've made it to the final lineup preview episode of the season. So we thought we'd talk with someone who claims to know a thing or two about the lineup...our Executive Producer, Jay Sweet. Podcast host, Dan sat down with Jay to discuss what goes into booking someone like Jim James, meeting Suzanne Vega and why he booked Jalen N'Gonda for the final slot.


S3:E5 Lineup Preview with Hilary & Garland - Shovels & Rope, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, & More

For this special NYC edition podcast, we packed up our mics and ventured down the East Coast to chat with Hilary Hughes (Pitchfork, Esquire) and Garland Harwood (Grass Clippings) about the most recent artists to join this year's lineup. We also couldn't resist pulling a little prank on Hilary... Stay tuned for the end of the episode, we've got a clue for the next artist we'll be announcing on the lineup.


S3:E4 Lineup Preview With Rita Houston - The Avett Brothers, Benjamin Gibbard, & More

There's a good chance Rita Houston is the reason you know about a few of your favorite bands. As the Program Director of WFUV, she's one of New York City’s most influential voices in shaping the landscape of folk, rock, and indie music. In this podcast episode, we were lucky enough to sit down with Rita to discuss her favorite artists on the 2017 lineup and play some music.