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“This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. Remember why we're here: No magic. Just music.”

“This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. Remember why we're here: No magic. Just music.”


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“This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. Remember why we're here: No magic. Just music.”







This week's episode features the new Hannah Peel record Fir Wave, and sends the whole show into a meditative, brooding, trance in and around the natural world and our surroundings. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist Friendly FiresBlue StatesTrinity TapesMemphis IndustriesLifeline (feat. Spek & Rahel Debebe-Dessanlegne)Nitin SawhneyImmigrantsPositivLocketAlex SomersSiblings 2KrunkSomnumHælosSomnum EPÆEcovocativeHannah PeelFir WaveMy Own PleasureArpeggiKelly...



One whole year of “broadcasting in place”. An mostly-bitter anniversary, if we're being honest. The discombobulated sensation of being in exactly the same place, and yet all around and underneath your there have been monumental changes and damage that you still haven't really come to terms with. This week's show as going to be on that theme and wallow in music about loneliness and solitude, but then the wonder new record from William Doyle dropped — Great Spans of Muddy Time is a record I...


March On

It's March, still, again. Bit of a lazy show tonight as we don't feature an album of the week, but, no matter, a full set of great music awaits you, old and new. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist Al SurThe NotwistAl SurMorrBe SweetJapanese BreakfastBe SweetDead OceansLoan Your LonelinessGruff Rhys Seeking New GodsRough TradeFirst single from Gruff's forthcoming seventh solo record. With, Beside, Against (Hania Rani Remix)Portico QuartetPortico...


In The Darkness Bind Them

It was inevitable, given the enthusiasm which which their comeback single was celebrated on this show, but this week's record of week is of course Arab Strap's As Days Get Dark. It rather sent me down a playlist rabbit hole of other references to the dark along with other sleazy detours. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist Man Alone (Can't Stop The Fadin')TindersticksDistractionsCity SlangLet It BeMatt BerningerLet It BeConcordThe Turning of Our BonesArab...



This week we're going to be playing some tracks from the new Maxïmo Park album, Nature Always Wins. It's a pleasing outing for the band, now reduced to three members, as they show themselves still in touch with their sound and making compelling tunes. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist Price Of BlueFlock Of DimesHead Of RosesSub PopVersions of YouMaxïmo ParkNature Always WinsProlificaThere Must Be More Than BloodCar Seat HeadrestMaking A Door Less...


If I Don't Go Crazy I Lose My Mind

Welcome back to No Magic, where this week we're featuring Death in Vegas sophomore The Contino Sessions. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist CaterpillarHamish HawkCaterpillarSelf ReleasedMichelangeloCassandra JenkinsAn Overview on Phenomenal NatureBadabingThe Art of LosingThe AnchoressThe Art of LosingSelf ReleasedSoul Auctioneer (feat. Bobby Gillespie)Death in VegasThe Contino SessionsSonyKeep Your DreamsPrimal ScreamXTRMNTRAstralwerksLonely Soul (feat....


Our Annual Abaration

Once more around the sun. Maybe a year ago I thought to myself that the pandemic might be over. Or… that it would be different at least. We're rolling up on a full year of this now, so besides a little maudlin indulgence, I'm also taking the opportunity to celebrate some very satisfying indie rock from my youth — Feeder's aptly named Yesterday Went Too Soon. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist BirthdayBlurLeisureParlophoneThe Width of a CircleDavid BowieThe...


East For Aging

This week's show features the gripping and brilliant new record from Anna B Savage. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist The Rise and Fall of The PlagueRats on RaftsExcerpts from Chapter 3: The Mind Runs a Net of Rabbit PathsFireFollowerSteven WilsonThe Future BitesArts & CraftsSpiralSubsonic EyeNature Of ThingsMiddle Class CigarsDon't Ever Pray In The Church On My StreetThe Reds, Pinks & PurplesUncommon WeatherSlumberlandCorncrakesAnna B SavageA Common...


Biden Our Time

It's the final day of the Trump presidency. That's a relief to write. It wasn't really supposed to be the theme of the show, but it's distracting so here we are. No featured record this week, instead we play a lot of brand new 2021 releases, including two stand out bits of electronic dance from Blanck Mass and Hannah Peel. Enjoy! Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist Little FailureMoby30 Days, 30 SongsLittle IdiotSuch a ManYungOngoing...


Ominous Rumbling

The calendar ticked over and we're here in 2021. A new dawn, birds are singing, our averted coup count has reset to… oh, wait, time is a continuum after all. Anyway, we're back. There's a vague intent on my part to retool the show a bit for the new year, bring some new features, try and add a little variety, maybe redo the logo. But for now, we'll rumble along. Given events on air and off, probably best to expect things to be a little sporadic around these parts for a bit. Enjoying the...


Locate the Area That You Wish to Observe

It's the end of the year as we know it, and if we feel anything at all at this point, it's barely “fine”. And yet. “And yet” being perhaps a more passive call to defiance than we might once have hoped for, were we not so tired. And yet, here we are. It's an end. While we are all walking wounded out of this year, I've felt somewhat compelled to try and still reflect on it positively: What we do here is music, and the beat goes on. Musicians have had 2020 especially hard, with live music...


Of Winter

The nights are dark, the chill is closing in around us, and it makes me look for familiar music that some how captures the feeling of cosy warmth against the cold backdrop. Mogwai's Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (phenonemal title) and its close-companion EP Earth Division both came out in 2011 and really encapsulate a lot of that sound for me. Those are our features tonight, along with selections from many an electronic composer and other, spine-tingling sounds. There's also a new...


Fuck it, we're doing Kid A

Radiohead's Kid A is a seminal record, one of great import and influence over me, and has always felt a bit “obvious” as a feature choice. I guess not as obvious as OK Computer, but… still. Less to teach about it, perhaps. Although, maybe that's presumptive in itself, since it's a record whose revolutionary impact in Radiohead's career is through its remarkably broad influences from across many genres. Plus all things considered, we live in Bad Times and I am comforted by familiar, powerful...


All of a Sudden

In this week's episode of “Global Pandemic” I got sad. Real sad. You're not my therapist, so we needn't go into details, but point is, I'm trying to be honest about my feelings and this is where I'm at, and where I'm at is deflective humour and multi-tasking on art projects. While working on the show prep I joked (with myself, obviously) about playing something from Explosions in the Sky's All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone, because… yeah, that. And then I had a little listen to that album and...


Through This All

This week features The Cooper Temple Clause' debut See This Through and Leave, because it's an energetic, brash, expulsion of angst and energy at a choice moment in my musical adolencense. A little extra in places? Sure. But the record pulls influences from all over the rock and electronic spectrum in a way that's really exhilerating. We'll indulge in all of that. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist JustRadioheadThe BendsXLRebel RebelCheap TrickBMGWho Needs...


Adrenaline, it pulls us near

Welcome back, we're live tonight with a new show featuring a bit of Patti Smith's seminal Horses, which is 45 years old today — and really the only good reason to think about the number 45 at all at this particular juncture. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist I'm So TiredThe BeatlesThe Beatles (White Album)Universal2 + 2 = 5RadioheadHail to the ThiefXLOh for the simpler days of George W Bush's election in 2000… That spine-tingling guitar at 1'20",...


Voted Early

Good evening! This week's No Magic is recorded in advance, because it's Election Day here in the USA and though I can't vote, the show goes out right around the time that things start getting very, very tense. Therefore, this mix was prepared in advanced. It's most electronic, mostly ambient, and if you're in need of a way to not look directly into the fireball that is election coverage, we're here for you. Tonight's album of the week is Kiasmos self-titled debut, becasue that's exactly the...


Pennine Evocation

This week week feature Loma's new record Don't Shy Away. Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation. Playlist The Lady is a GhostFlashy PythonSkin and BonesSelf ReleasedOne of two new solo releases from Clap Your Hands Say Year's Alec Ounsworth. Chrome DynastyGone From My SightTwenty TwentyPeople Don't Buy RecordsBaby, SleepMaxïmo ParkProlificaHalf SilencesLomaDon't Shy AwaySub PopQuiet AmericansShearwaterJet Plane and OxbowSub PopLeaving New YorkR.E.M.Around the...


Darkest Comedy

My introduction to Open Mike Eagle was his A Special Episode Of EP back in 2015. We played it on Eclectic Kettle, and opening track Dark Comedy, Late Show's astonishing agility between deadpan, wry humour and razor sharp skewering of our societal malaise boggled my mind so much that I proceeded to stutter over his name (“Open Eagle… Mike?”) but, regardless, I was an immediate fan. In the years since, he's put out three more albums, plus the excellent What Happens When I Try To Relax EP. Atop...


Salt Flats

This week's show features the excellent new record Under the Spell of Joy, from LA's Death Valley Girls. A remarkably tight set of psych, rock, stompy crunch riffs, saxophone of Roxy Music-evoking class… all packaged together with remarkable aplomb. Otherwise, I took last week off so there's a goodie bag of other new tunes to play, and there's a momentary concern as the local emergency services gathered outside my window, but not, it turned out, to shut down the show. Enjoying the show?...