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Organized Grind: The Podcast w/ Orikal Uno - A podcast centered around hip-hop culture, self-improvement and motivation. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Organized Grind: The Podcast w/ Orikal Uno - A podcast centered around hip-hop culture, self-improvement and motivation. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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Organized Grind: The Podcast w/ Orikal Uno - A podcast centered around hip-hop culture, self-improvement and motivation. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.






EPISODE 24 - "Big Zach (New MC)"

ORGANIZED GRIND: THE PODCAST is in full effect once again. This time, Big Zach (New MC) stops by to share his stories and experiences. He has a book out entitled "Headspin, Headshots and History: Moving through Minnesota Hip-Hop" (link: that is filled with photos and moments in history reflecting the Minneapolis graffiti and hip-hop scene from the late 80s and beyond. The episode kicks off with New MC vs. Iron Solomon (Scribble Jam Victory) (0:00) - First Hip-Hop experiences...


EPISODE 23 - "Ken-C"

Organized Grind: The Podcast is back with Episode 23 featuring artist and producer Ken-C! He talks growing up in Chicago and Milwaukee (0:00) - First Hip-Hop experiences (3:34) - The first album Ken-C purchased (9:59) - First creating original music and learning how to make it all work (12:05) - First time experience getting into a professional studio at a young age (15:20) - Developing a Hip-Hop scene in Brainerd MN (21:10) - Influences within Hip-Hop (36:22) - How a series of misleading...



EPISODE 22 sees UnicusHarry of Kanser / More Than Lights / Throw The House stop by Organized Grind: The Podcast to discuss the Minneapolis Massive documentary (0:00) - Travelling from Haiti, to Brooklyn, NY, to Connecticut and getting into Hip-Hop in the mid-eighties (5:45) Moving to Minneapolis in the Summer of '92 (15:15) - Connecting to the Hip-Hop scene in South High School as the new kid (17:30) - Finding a poster on a bulletin board at a record store and meeting producer Ant for the...


EPISODE 21 - "Optimystic" (Lifted Mindz / Goop City Music)

Optimystic stops by Organized Grind: The Podcast with Orikal Uno for Episode 21! We kick the episode off by catching up with what Optimystic is up to (0:00) - The journey from Russia to Minnesota (2:00) - First experience with Hip-Hop (5:00) - High School experience and meeting Wolphe of Lifted Mindz (6:24) - Getting introduced to Twin Cities Hip-Hop (12:18) - First live performance in front of a crowd (15:57) - McNally Smith alumni connect (20:25) - The first Lifted Mindz house in Midway,...


EPISODE 20 - "Jay Escobar"

Episode 20 is LIVE and in FULL EFFECT! This time, we have Jay Escobar stop by the Graff Roots Studios to talk Freshwater Deejays (0:00) - First hip-hop life experience (2:17) - Growing up in Lancaster, PA (5:21) - Getting into creating music (8:30) - Meeting Casey Golden and moving to Minnesota (11:45) - S.U.S.P.E.C.T.S. and Sols of Life crew (14:20) - The influence he got from Salsa that his father would play (18:43) - How to pronounce "Lancaster" and making the move from PA to MN (21:20) -...


EPISODE 19 - "Tla Shawn"

EPISODE 19 is LIVE is in FULL EFFECT! Organized Grind: The Podcast is honored to have TLA SHAWN stop by the Graff Roots studio and share his history and contributions to Twin Cities Hip-Hop. Tla kicks it off by talking about growing up over Southside Minneapolis (0:00) - Tla talks about first getting into hip-hop via older cousins, breakdancing, and fashion (5:35) - His first album he ever purchased on his own (9:25) - Getting into skateboarding and some history of skateboarding in the Twin...


EPISODE 18 - "Dennis Coronel (Iconic Music Agency)"

Episode 18 is live and in full effect with a very special guest by the name of Dennis Coronel. He is Director / Creative / Client Services at Iconic Music Agency in Los Angeles, CA. We jump right into who Dennis is and his journey from being born in Hawaii to moving to Los Angeles (0:00) - His first experience with hip-hop music and culture (3:35) - What school was like growing up in the suburbs of LA (5:37) - Finding local hip-hop shows to go in Los Angeles (6:43) - How he got into...


EPISODE 17 - "Skydro"

Episode 17 of Organized Grind: The Podcast is live and in full effect with special guest Skydro of B&E Music - we kick the podcast off talking about the West Side of St. Paul (0:00) - Skydro's first experiences with hip-hop via family parties (2:45) - The first hip-hop record he owned (4:57) - His introduction to Twin Cities hip-hop (6:10) - How and when he got serious about being an emcee (8:55) - How he met emcee NL Emnt at Humboldt High School in St. Paul(10:23) - How he first started...


EPISODE 16 - "Remembering Sun Chi Som"

Episode 16 has us remembering the life and legacy of Twin Cities poet, artist, and producer Sun Chi Som - the episode kicks off with Sun Chi Som performing "Rock Me Into Dreamland" (0:00) - Orikal Uno introduces the episode and describes the setting of Sun Chi Som's memorial celebration in Lowertown, St. Paul Minnesota (2:50) - T-La Shawn remembers Sun Chi Som (7:13) - Sun&La - "The Night Speaks" f/ I Self Devine and Manny Phesto (15:20) - DisputeOne remembers Sun Chi Som (20:41) - Sun&La -...


EPISODE 15 - "Astral Travel"

EPISODE 15 of Organized Grind: The Podcast is in full effect, and sadly Orikal Uno starts the podcast off by remembering Sun Chi Som (0:00) - Orikal shares his experiences with Astral Travelling earlier this week (10:19) - Astral travelling and the perspectives of different cultures on the subject (24:48) - Sun & La - "Shades On" (32:48)


EPISODE 14 - "Half Pint Kyle"

Half Pint Kyle of SotaSound Radio / Unpopular Media stops by Organized Grind: The Podcast to talk about the recent Game of Thrones season and why you should give the show a chance (0:00) - How he got into hip-hop music and the first record he purchased on his own (4:30) - Growing up in North Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center (5:57) - Aspiring to be a writer as a kid (8:28) - Getting through High School (9:25) - Going to college for Computer Networking and Graphic Design and breaking down...



Episode 13 is LIVE once again, and Orikal Uno updates us on day number 13 of sobriety for his April cleanse (0:00) - Shout out to Can Can Wonderland / Deejay St. Joel / Jay Escobar / Freshwater DJs - mad props to DJ BigDaddy FlapJaks for holding down the first set with Orikal (2:03) - Shout out to Casey Golden of Goodlook Studios (6:45) - Lessons of life via Scrabble (13:08) - Word Wars Scrabble Documentary / Netflix (14:18) - The news has been messed up lately / kid thrown from 3rd floor of...


EPISODE 12 - "Andre Mariette"

Super-Producer and Audio Engineer Andre Mariette stops by Organized Grind: The Podcast! We kick the show off by congratulating MUJA MESSIAH and MARIA ISA on their baby on the way! We also chat about the first-ever photographed Black Hole (0:00) - Andre shares his experiences with building his new studio from the ground up (1:31) - Andre's first experience with hip-hop (7:25) - Moving from England to the United States (7:50) - Being exposed to hip-hop group ATMOSPHERE for the first time...


EPISODE 11 - "Aaron Price"

Aaron Price stops by Organized Grind: The Podcast to discuss how he got into Hip-Hop (0:00) - Kicking off his creative endeavors through writing (3:27) - How he got into rhyming (4:30) - How he got into making beats (5:22) - How he got into film-making and being behind the camera (7:09) - Developing the TV Show "Candy Fresh" (9:50) - Advice to aspiring film-makers and directors (20:41) - What he's been up to musically over the past year (22:57) - Favorite collaborations (25:50) - What's he's...


EPISODE 10 - "Cheddar Biscuits"

Orikal Uno is back on his own for Episode 10 of Organized Grind: The Podcast - he kicks it off by wishing his Mom a Happy Birthday! (0:00) - Pre-order the first Organized Grind: The Podcast T-shirt for $20 at (2:00) - We're coming to iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher!! (2:57) - Rogue Citizen's Skateboard Art Exhibition at Modist Brewery (3:22) - Poacher gets killed by an elephant and eaten by lions in South Africa (4:22) - We're rocking CanCan Wonderland Friday April 12th!...


EPISODE 09 - "BigDaddy FlapJaks"

DJ BigDaddy FlapJaks is in the house (well, the apartment) to talk about how he got into hip-hop via Bone Thugs N Harmony (0:00) - The first hip-hop record he ever purchased (3:40) - Where he got the name "BigDaddy FlapJaks" (4:55) - How he got into DJing (7:02) - The first party he ever rocked as a DJ (9:08) - Playing The Nomad World Pub and the Red Sea in Minneapolis (11:42) - Favorite DJs and finding influence from the forefathers of the craft (13:31) - meeting his cousin Just Wulf for...


EPISODE 08 - "O-Mega"

O-Mega stops by Organized Grind: The Podcast to discuss how he was introduced to hip-hop (0:00) - hometown hero T.Remmedy (4:00) - Influence of DMX (6:20) - Growing up in Holyoke MA (7:28) - A message to kids in the struggle (10:22) - The journey from MA to MN / Job Corp. (11:09) - How he got into rhyming / winning his first freestyle battle (13:24) - Minnesota culture shock (17:08) - Meeting his wife-to-be in MN (20:30) - The come-up from Jimmy Johns (24:18) - Meeting Last Call / getting...


EPISODE 07 - "Truth Maze"

Truth Maze joins Organized Grind: The Podcast to discuss how he first got into music via record collections and 8-track tapes in the mid-to-late 70s (0:00) - North and South Minneapolis in the 70s (2:15) - getting into hip-hop via Dancing / Locking (9:45) - The first hip-hop record he purchased (10:50) - Transitioning from dancing to beatboxing (15:54) - The first foray into rapping / IRM crew / 1987 (23:13) - Recording the first released hip-hop 12" with the IRM crew (29:10) - The genesis...


EPISODE 06 - "DisputeOne"

DisputeOne (1/2 of OnePlusOne, formerly known as Extreme) stops by Organized Grind: The Podcast for a discussion about how he got into hip-hop and starting rapping (0:00) - Working with Rhymesayers Entertainment / Headshots / Working with legendary producer Roger Lear and first getting into recording music (11:00) - Rocking hip-hop shows in the 90's (19:32) - Transition to Interlock crew (21:04) - Performing at the very first Soundset at 3:40am (24:09) - More Interlock talk (27:00) -- Bon...


EPISODE 05 - "Rest In Power: Nipsey Hussle"

REST IN POWER NIPSEY HUSSLE. In this episode, Orikal remembers Nipsey Hussle (0:00) - There is no right or wrong way to grieve (15:20) - Rants and Ratings: Clout Chasing | Los Angeles | Funerals (22:46) - A beat I made for Nipsey (32:15)