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Two tunes hounds who know ENTIRELY too much about music discussing forgotten albums everyone should know.

Two tunes hounds who know ENTIRELY too much about music discussing forgotten albums everyone should know.


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Two tunes hounds who know ENTIRELY too much about music discussing forgotten albums everyone should know.




The Killers – Hot Fuss (2004)

For a Las Vegas band, it would be difficult to get noticed with the audacious spectacle of Sin City. The Killers, however, had their sights focused on superstardom and they achieved it on their debut album. We discuss an era-defining album that defined pop rock music for an entire generation.


XTC – Skylarking (1986)

Episode 13: XTC - Skylarking XTC - Skylarking (1986) As a final effort to save a fledgling 80’s new wave pop band, a 70’s powerpop icon was enlisted to produce their record and keep them under budget while balancing attitudes and a power struggle. The result: album is considered one of the greatest albums of 80’s and saved XTC from breaking up.But now, they hate each other. Listen choose your favorite podcast platform XTC – Skylarking (1986) May 17, 2021 Our Favorite Albums Episodes, Music...


The Turnpike Troubadours (2015)

Ep 12 - The Turnpike Troubadours The Turnpike Troubadours (2015) We will readily admit that country music is not our favorite genre of music. So, when one of our friends said he could not only find a country album we would like, but specifically a red dirt country album that would change our minds, we took him up on the challenge. Recorded in front of a live audience at Pratt's Books in Graham, Texas (PrattsBooks.com), we go head-to-head with our buddy, Dan, to discuss The Turnpike...


King’s X – Dogman (1994)

Ep 11 - King's X - Dogman (1994) King's X - Dogman (1994) Four albums in, the members of King’s X felt like their career wasn’t going like it should, and they were looking for their identity. They had a legion of loyal fans, but never really found success in the mainstream. They were at a crossroads, both collectively and individually. So, they enlisted a burgeoning supernova producer to help them create a new sound on their albums that was more representative of their live act, literally...


Bonus Episode – Top 12 Albums of 2020

Our 12 Favorite Albums of 2020 2020 may have sucked, but at least the tunes were good. We run down our 12 favorite albums from our least favorite year. Listen choose your favorite podcast platform Bonus Episode – Top 12 Albums of 2020 January 1, 2021 Our Favorite Albums Album Reviews, Episodes, Music 00:57:36 0 Comments Read More Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | Amazon Music | Podchaser | RSS | More Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon...


Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (1982)

In 1981, The Boss asked one of his roadies to find a tape player that he could mess around with some songs in his house. He ended up making what I consider to be his finest album that went to #3 on the charts for that year, is considered one of the greatest albums in the entire decade, and frankly the album could be credited with creating a whole new genre of songwriting. And he didn’t even have COVID to thank for it. In this episode of Our Favorite Albums, we invited one of our buddies into...


Who The F#!@k Is Eddie Van Halen?

Eddie Van Halen died on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65. Born in Amsterdam and raised in Los Angeles, Eddie and his brother Alex were the heart and soul of a breed of music that dominated the world for over a decade, and will continue to inspire musicians around the world as long as the guitar is played. In this special episode of Our Favorite Albums, we answer the question: “Just who the F#!@CK is Eddie Van Halen?”


The Black Crowes – amorica. (1994)

On this episode of Our Favorite Albums, we listen to the controversial 1994 album amorica. by The Black Crowes. Listen On Your Favorite Podcast Platform Listen To The Album The Black Crowes - amorica. Listen on Spotify Buy The Black Crowes - amorica. Show Notes & Meta Chris Robinson gets candid about The Black Crowes’ reunion, his mended relationship with brother Rich and the early Atlanta days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7cv7GJCG60 Capitol Records Building - Los Angeles, CA High Times...


Midnight Oil – Diesel And Dust (1987)

Ep 12 - The Turnpike Troubadours Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust (1987) In the mid 80’s, the US became infatuated with a continent a half a world away on the exact opposite side of the globe. At the dawning of the MTV generation, we were introduced to Olivia Newton John getting physical, and to Mad Max fighting a roving band of post-apocalyptic biker savages battling over a hot dry desert. Australia was a euro society, but one that seemed almost archaic yet cosmic, almost like another planet...


SoulHat – Good To Be Gone (1994)

Episode 06 SoulHat - Good To Be Gone (1994) Funky Groovy Blues in the Live Music Capital Of The World In 1991, the city of Austin, Texas, officially adopted the moniker “The Live Music Capital of the World”, and for good reason. A city like no other on the planet, Austin combines Texas hill country nostalgia with the beating pulse of a bass drum that never seems to fully go to sleep despite the fact that on any given night, you could find close to 100 live music venues with some of the most...


ZZ Top’s First Album (1971)

Ep5: ZZ Top's First Album (1971) The Birth Of Texas Blues Rock The roots of rock and roll run deep into the fabric of southern blues. Early power guitar pioneers such as Bo Diddley, Lightning Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, and of course, BB King, paved the way for the 60’s rock gods like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix. Ironically, it was the British rockers emulating American blues that inspired a totally new generation of power guitar shredders in the next...


The Hold Steady – Boys And Girls In America (2006)

The art of storytelling in American lore tends to follow a character who starts at the bottom and ends up making it all the way to the top. That’s the story of the America Dream! Our society loves that fairy tale so much and was so prevalent throughout the early part of our history. However, during the 50s and 60s, the storytelling in America went thru a radical evolution and suddenly highlighted the tragic and the sad ending. What happens when the characters in the story find themselves...


Our 10 Favorite Songs Pt. 2 Side B

The conclusion of our top 10 songs with two songs by the same artist and we both get the bends in our bones.


Our 10 Favorite Songs Pt. 2 Side A

Follow along with us as we continue running thru our ten favorite songs of all time. We include a power trio from Texas, a jazz giant, and even an entry from the catalog of yacht rock.


Our 10 Favorite Songs Pt. 1

We kick off Our Favorite Albums by running down our top 10 personal favorite songs of all time. Hear the songs that influenced us the most as we discuss songs #10-6 in explicit (almost painful) detail. Listen Now! Listen On Your Favorite Podcast Provider icon-itunes Apple Podcasts .s{fill:none;stroke:#181413;stroke-linecap:round;} Spotify .pill{fill:none;stroke-width:4;stroke-linecap:round;} Google .st0{fill:#14D8CC;} TuneIn Stitcher iHeartRadio logo IHeartRadio Android Episode 01 Playlist...


Bonus Episode: Live – I Alone (1994)

Take a jaunt with us into one of the songs that barely missed the cut for one of our final favorite 10 songs list. While you are here, get a little bit of Dallas, Texas, radio history along the way. Grunge! 90s! Mayhem! Prozac! Listen In Your Browser Listen On Your Favorite Podcast Provider icon-itunes Apple Podcasts .s{fill:none;stroke:#181413;stroke-linecap:round;} Spotify .pill{fill:none;stroke-width:4;stroke-linecap:round;} Google .st0{fill:#14D8CC;} TuneIn Stitcher iHeartRadio logo...


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