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We talk to artists about their discographies. We look at their recorded output and the path they took between those records.

We talk to artists about their discographies. We look at their recorded output and the path they took between those records.


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We talk to artists about their discographies. We look at their recorded output and the path they took between those records.






S01E08 - Tiny Moving Parts

“There were literally nine people there. It was us and the local band and the local band’s girlfriends.” With their new record ‘Swell’ out earlier this year, We talk to Dylan Mattheisen from Tiny Moving Parts about their steady growth from DIY touring to Triple Crown Records. Music in this episode: Feel Alive (Swell) Dakota (This is Couch is Long and Full of Friendship) Sundress (Pleasant Living) Good Enough (Caution) Applause (Swell) Caution (Swell)


S01E07 - The Futureheads

“Putting that record out in to the world was the last time I felt invincible.” Since defining the sound of indie dance floors in the early 2000’s, The Futureheads have remained inventive throughout their career. Having been inactive for a few years, we caught up with Ross Millard to talk through the bands back catalogue. Music in this episode: Hounds of Love (The Futureheads) Decent Days and Nights (The Futureheads) Skip to the End (News and Tributes) The Beginning of the Twist (This...


S01E06 - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

“You can’t think about what other people think because then you’re getting in to the level of self analysis where you’re like ‘Why do people like me?’ and I think that it’s not good to be that fundamentally insecure in the creative process.” Over the last 15 years Sam Duckworth has been making music under his own name, as Recreations and as Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., touching on a multitude of genres while retaining a clear common thread. Last year he announced the return of the Gat Cape...


S01E05 - Rolo Tomassi

“There are a lot of things we did early on that hurt us for years. I know it’s not a particularly glamorous thing to talk about but it’s actually the truth” We talk to James Spence from Brighton (via Nottingham and Sheffield) band Rolo Tomassi about a career that has seen the band release five records before most of the band turn thirty. From early shows while he and vocalist Eva Spence were still at high school, to their new record ‘Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It’ which has seen the...


S01E04 - Real Friends

“At the end of the day, no-one really cares about your band as much as the people in it." In this episode we talk to Kyle Fasel, bassist in Chicago pop-punk band Real Friends. The band are unusual in that they have retained many of the elements of the 'business' side of a band that would normally be farmed out to outside companies - such as packing and shipping their own merchandise - while reaching a huge worldwide audience. We talk about that, mental health and touring and the bands...


S01E03: Johnny Foreigner

“You can’t just be like ‘yeah it’s a massive fucking gamble you big idiot. It’s between you and friendly fires - I wonder which one I’m going to give the big gigs to?’” We talk to Alexei Berrow from Birmingham band Johnny Foreigner about the band's career following a seemingly reverse trajectory, from immediate international success to DIY band - always headed towards the way of operating which seems to most suit the band - and his newer projects Yr Poetry and itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Music...


S01E02: Grace Petrie

"I reached a point of feeling like I know who I am, and I know what I'm trying to do and I know what I'm trying to make and I am okay if people don't like it because I found the people that do like and that do need it and it means something to them, and those are the people I'm making it for." We talk to folk singer songwriter Grace Petrie about her career from early records recorded in a day, through to her sixth studio album Queer as Folk which smashed every expectation for it's crowd...


S01E01: And So I Watch You From Afar

We talk to Rory Friers from Northern Irish instrumental band And So I Watch You From Afar about the bands career from early collaborative EPs with other bands from Belfast’s fertile music scene, through their self titled debut, Gangs, All Hail Bright Futures, Heirs and most recent offering The Endless Shimmering. It will become apparent during the course of the episode that Rory and I toured together a great deal back at the start of our two bands careers. They’re some of my fondest...


S01E00: Introduction

Hey, I’m John and this is an Introduction to Permanent Records – a podcast that discusses an artists recorded output and the route they’ve taken through those records. Over the course of the next ten weeks I’ll be bringing you the first series of Permanent Records talking to ten musicians about their discographies, their memories of the context those records were released in and really anything else that comes up during the course of that conversation. In this first episode, episode zero...