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EP92 - The Atomic Number of Uranium

Moose and Dews have a lot of laughs this week discussing Limahl, the Engineer Mark inaction figure, and one of the worst things you could say on a date. There's a whole bunch of other stuff to talk about as well, from the AGM announcement, the birthday beers, cancelled trains, and Dewsbury's continued failure to give use Instagram properly. The guys also look forward to A Very Primordial Halloween, and bring news of the next Primordial Pub Quiz.


EP91 - Oh, You Tease!

In this episode Moose and Dews start off by discussing Moose's theory of life (which involves waaaaay more fecal matter than you'd imagine) before getting on to discussing why salmon with beards would likely be an evolutionary dead end. Riveting stuff. They also completely forget to hook and tease the ACTUAL tease (which possibly concerns the 2019 AGM) which is at the end of the podcast. Eventually they get on to business matters, with possibly the most crucial membership update in...


EP90 - It's In Your Hands

It's crunch-time yet again for Primordial Radio, as we're coming up on a year since launch, when the vast majority of our investors took their free year of membership. The number of people who choose to remain as members of Primordial Radio will decide what happens next. Before they get to that though, Moose and Dews reflect on the Big Bang 2, and look forward to our Birthday Beers in Brum on Oct 6th, and A Very Primordial Halloween in Newcastle on Nov 3rd. We also discover exactly how...


EP89 - *BONUS EPISODE* - The Big Bang 2 Special

In this special bonus episode of the podcast, Moose, Pete and Shorty attempt to record some quality content, while Dewsbury does his finest village idiot impression. There have been calls to release the unedited audio of this recording, but trust me, it's better this way. The rest of it was just a drunk Yorkshireman rambling on. And on. And on. Let's face it, recording a podcast live, in front of an audience, after a day spent at the bar at one of our events is only ever going to go one...


EP88 - Two Fat Ladies

This week finds our heroes at a bit of a loss. Having had a few busy weeks with plenty to talk about in the podcast, this week there's still a bunch of stuff ticking over in the background, but sales leads and direct debit payment systems are a fairly dry subject. Undaunted, our heroes dive head first into the latest membership update, and reveal a brilliant/awful/embarrasing* idea for the upcoming Big Bang 2! They also get talking about the latest Bloodstock announcement, which leads on to...


Binge Thinking EP21 - Gogglebox / Civilian Zen (Ralf Woerdenweber & Keith Hill)

Welcome to episode 21 of the Binge Thinking Podcast. In this episode, Pete has a chat with Ralf Woerdenweber of Gogglebox and his bandmate in Civilian Zen; Keith Hil about how he came to be on Gogglebox, the influences behind Civilian Zen and how they both like to use the band / Gogglebox profile to help charities as much as possible. If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @...


EP87 - The Journey

This episode of the podcast finds our heroes in good spirits, despite one of them being in need of a good weeks' worth of sleep. Moose and Dews have plenty to go at, so waste no time in talking about dogs being banned from a certain pub chain. Seriously, you'd think after 86 previous episodes they'd just get on with it by now... Once they actually get down to business, there's the latest membership update, and a discussion about the membership journey, from first hearing about Primordial...


Binge Thinking EP20 - Halestorm & James Scarlett (2000 Trees & ArcTanGent Festival)

Welcome to episode 20 of the Binge Thinking Podcast. In this episode, Pete has a chat with Halestorm about their new album Vicious, whether or not winning a Grammy has made a difference to their career and how women are reshaping the landscape of the rock and metal community. There's also a chat with James Scarlett who is the organiser of the 2000 Trees and Arctangent Festival. If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock...


EP86 - The Power of One

No seriously. Bec is drying her hair in the background. You can't get the staff these days... There's BIG NEWS in the podcast this week. Remember that thing that they couldn't talk about a few weeks back? Now they can, although in true radio style they leave it until the end. Before that, there's talk of friends, pipe dreams and news, as well as the latest membership update and the details behind the new merch store. Dews also compares Primordial Radio to a Japanese Spider Crab. It's...


Sweensbury Rules 18 - Sweeney the Bush Kangaroo

It's been a while, but they were always going to get back together to record at some point. How often are you supposed to do podcasts anyway? In this episode the guys catch up with everything that's gone on since they last met, Sweens demonstrates his knowledge of 'street' lingo (being down with the kids and all) and reveals how much he spent on VIP tickets to the Rolling Stones (SPOILER: Sh*tloads). They also discuss comedy injuries and words that should probably be rude but...


EP85.2 - 50p In The Meter

Following on from part 1 of this podcast, the guys have put 50p in the metaphorical podcast-o-meter, so they can now get down to business. This time round Moose and Dews discuss the upcoming Big Bang 2, and the effect that ticket sales could have on next years' AGM in April. They also talk about marketing and the latest membership figures, before getting onto the issue of mentoring. In addition there's a guest appearance from Betsy the dog, and a wholly unwelcome appearance from Max the...


EP85.1 - 50p In The Meter

So here's the thing, with Bloodstock and a whole bunch of specials, we're running out of storage space for the month with our podcast hosting company. It'll renew on Sept 1st, but that meant this week's podcast had to be under 30 mins. Knowing Moose and Dews that just wouldn't happen, so if you're after the latest on the business side of Primordial Radio, we'll be publishing the second part of this podcast on Saturday (Sept 1st). In the meanwhile this podcast sees Moose and Dews getting...


Cavalcade of Whimsy - EP02

It's the unwelcome and unwarranted return of Moose & JRock's Cavalcade of Whimsy... Episode 02! If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @ 🤘


EP84 - Our USP

In this episode of the podcast Moose tells us about his recent holiday. DO. NOT. LISTEN. IF. YOU. ARE. EMOTIONALLY. DELICATE. Seriously. This is your last warning. Following on from the harrowing tale of Moose's holiday, he and Pete get talking about some of the basics of Primordial Radio, including our approach to adverts/ad-breaks (and the fundamental difference between the two) and "The Rules". Sadly, this conversation includes the phrase "laser-focus that goal". We're sorry about...


Binge Thinking EP19 - Alien Weaponry & Graveyard

Welcome to episode 19 of the Binge Thinking Podcast. In this episode, Pete has a chat with Alien Weaponry about their new album Tū, how the Maori influence became a part of the bands sound and how being successful at a very young age isn't always quite what it's cracked up to be. There's also a chat with Graveyard just before they played this year's Desert Fest in London. If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal...


EP83 - Drowning in the Seven Seas of Content

Moose is still away in Canadia so while we look forward to the Flight of Dickarus next week, Pete & Dews hold the fort with a surprisingly posivibes attitude, considering this is the eighth (EIGHTH!) podcast they've published this week. They take a little look back at Bloodstock 2018, but then get down to business with talk of what this means for Primordial Radio and the effect it has had on the number of subscribers/free triallers. *SPOILER 1* It's pretty good news. They also have news of...


*BONUS EPISODE* Bloodstock Festival 2018 Special

Welcome to this special bonus podcast of Primordial Radio at Bloodstock Festival 2018. There's chats with members of the PRfam, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Alien Weaponry, Alestorm, Fozzy, Venom Inc, Feed The Rhino, Wednesday 13, Doro, Voyager, Act Of Defiance, Demonic Resurrection, The Negative Thought Process and just general tomfoolery from the campsite featuring a very, VERY hungover Pete Failey... If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join...


*BONUS EPISODE* Massive Wagons Special

The new album from Lancaster's own MASSIVE WAGONS is out now! Dews recently caught up with the guys to talk through every track on FULL NELSON. Order the new album here You can check out the full special, including all the music via If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @ 🤘


EP82 - Navigating the Seven Seas of Content

Moose is away this week, so Pete Bailey and Dews are left to fend for themselves. It's like two kids being left alone without a responsible adult. There's a look forward to the upcoming Bloodstock festival, together with the plans for the #PRFam group photos and the plans for broadcasting from the festival. There's also a look forward to the Big Bang 2 which is coming up in September, together with what seems like an advert for Cotswold Airport. Did you even know there was an airfield in...


The Sea Word with The Blowfish - EP04 (Polar Bears)

The worlds only heavy metal marine biologist The Blowfish is back with another episode of The Sea Word Podcast and this time it's all about whales and dolphins 🐳 If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @ 🤘