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EP83 - Drowning in the Seven Seas of Content

Moose is still away in Canadia so while we look forward to the Flight of Dickarus next week, Pete & Dews hold the fort with a surprisingly posivibes attitude, considering this is the eighth (EIGHTH!) podcast they've published this week. They take a little look back at Bloodstock 2018, but then get down to business with talk of what this means for Primordial Radio and the effect it has had on the number of subscribers/free triallers. *SPOILER 1* It's pretty good news. They also have news of...


*BONUS EPISODE* Bloodstock Festival 2018 Special

Welcome to this special bonus podcast of Primordial Radio at Bloodstock Festival 2018. There's chats with members of the PRfam, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Alien Weaponry, Alestorm, Fozzy, Venom Inc, Feed The Rhino, Wednesday 13, Doro, Voyager, Act Of Defiance, Demonic Resurrection, The Negative Thought Process and just general tomfoolery from the campsite featuring a very, VERY hungover Pete Failey... If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join...


*BONUS EPISODE* Massive Wagons Special

The new album from Lancaster's own MASSIVE WAGONS is out now! Dews recently caught up with the guys to talk through every track on FULL NELSON. Order the new album here You can check out the full special, including all the music via If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @ 🤘


EP82 - Navigating the Seven Seas of Content

Moose is away this week, so Pete Bailey and Dews are left to fend for themselves. It's like two kids being left alone without a responsible adult. There's a look forward to the upcoming Bloodstock festival, together with the plans for the #PRFam group photos and the plans for broadcasting from the festival. There's also a look forward to the Big Bang 2 which is coming up in September, together with what seems like an advert for Cotswold Airport. Did you even know there was an airfield in...


The Sea Word with The Blowfish - EP04 (Polar Bears)

The worlds only heavy metal marine biologist The Blowfish is back with another episode of The Sea Word Podcast and this time it's all about whales and dolphins 🐳 If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @ 🤘


EP81 - The Birth of a Salesman

After escorting the cat to the vet last week, Dews is back with Moose for one week only, as the big Canadian is heading back to his homeland for a couple of weeks very soon. Wasting no time, the guys get into this latest podcast by talking about the common thread of organisation - or the lack thereof - that seems to follow them around. There's also a serious discussion on how beards can negatively effect the audio recording process. There's also the latest on the merch situation and the...


EP80 - Accentuate the Positive

Ok, it might not be Moose's love eggs you can hear in the background. It could just possibly be one of his neighbours doing some work in the garden. Maybe. You'll think it's love eggs any time you hear it now though, right? This week Moose is joined by Positive Pete Bailey to discuss the future, and some of the ace things it has in store for Primordial, like the #PRFam meet-up in Crewe, our impromptu birthday beers and our Halloween event. There's even mention of the initial plans for The...


EP79 - Pinning The Dickometer

This week the podcast had no title. Well, that's to say it had four possible titles, but no clear winner. So the guys go through them one-by-one and in the process deliver the latest podcast, as well as murdering a classic GnR song. There's the latest merch update, as well as a membership update, and why the upcoming Bloodstock festival is so important to us. There's also quite a discussion on our own behaviour, and why it's crucial that we - moreso than anyone else - stick to the...


EP78 - Rule No. 3

Hello and welcome to episode 78 of the Primordial Radio Podcast. Dewsbury is away on his jollies, swashbuckling his way around the United Kingdom so this week Moose and Pete have a catch up on all things social media, the development of studio 5 and a quick update on membership numbers. If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @ 🤘


EP77 - Hosepipe Ban

The latest episode once again finds Moose and Dews philosophising without a licence. Not to worry, Dews had the good sense to cut most of it. Seriously, they went on for ages. There's the latest membership update, and Moose has an ethical quandary. There's also listener questions. Shedloads of them, on everything from studios and beer through to shares and the app.


EP76 - The Only Constant

This week in the podcast, Moose is pulling out of a mental funk; a strange blue mood that seemed to settle over the last couple of weeks. This leads to cod-philosophy between he and Dews, which is about as useful as you'd imagine. There's also the latest membership update, including plans to grow Primordial, a discussion on swearing and the difference between regular censorship and self-censorship, and the guys discuss a suggestion for some kind of 'love songs' feature in which they both...


EP75 - We Disagree

This week the podcast starts with an apology for not actually finishing last weeks' podcast. Sorry about that. We'd promise that it won't happen again but... y'know. It will. Moose & Dews team up once again to bring you the latest developments in the exciting worlds of data compliance! Membership updates! And merch updates! Plus there's a genuinely serious conversation on house rules, as well as an actual plan for the financial side of the business. To balance the seriousness, Betsy...


EP74 - Lessons Learned

So Download festival 2018 has been and gone, and the guys were there in full force. This week they look back, not so much at the festival itself, but at the coverage they got and what they actually did there, to see what can be improved for next time. There's already plans afoot for Bloodstock... They also throw some merch ideas around. Turns out some designs are more successful then others, so in true Primordial fashion, they'd rather do more of what works, and less of what doesn't!...


*BONUS EPISODE* Download Festival 2018 Special

Welcome to this special bonus podcast of Primordial Radio at Download Festival 2018. There's chats with members of the PRfam, Parkway Drive, Massive Wagons, Avatar, TesseracT, Lawnmower Deth, Shvpes and the guys reflect on everything that's happened in the last two years and where we need to go from here. If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE for 30 days @ 🤘


EP73 - Brevity Is... Wit

This week Moose and Dews actually achieve their longstanding aim to record a relatively short podcast. With Download festival looming on the horizon there's pre-recording to do and packing that isn't going to do itself. That's not to say that they're going to click the "AUTO" button on the station as they leave for Donington, far from it. This week there's the latest on how exactly they plan to cover the festival, and how exactly YOU can help! There's also the latest membership update,...


EP72 - The Doughnut Hole

This week Moose and Dews ponder upon the meaning of life, the bleakness of absurdity, and what it would take to become the OFFICIAL ground cumin of the British Olympic Team. They also talk about the Primordial Radio flags and how they didn't order enough of them, the latest membership update, and have some GREAT news about the Primordial Android app! The main bulk of the conversation this week is about the upcoming Download festival, and the pointlessness of doing the same thing they've...


Binge Thinking EP14 - Massive Wagons and Amorphis

Welcome to episode 14 of the Binge Thinking Podcast. In this episode, Pete has a chat with Baz from Massive Wagons all about their new album "Full Nelson", how they got signed to Earache and future plans. There's also a chat with Esa and Tomi of Amorphis who talk about their new album Queen of Time and how they've managed to achieve longevity as a band. If like us you're sick of PPI ads and the same songs on repeat OVER & OVER then come join the evolution of rock & metal radio for FREE...


EP71 - *insert title here*

This week on the podcast Moose and Dews find themselves in an EPIC BATTLE AGAINST THE CLOCK! Seriously, Moose had a conference call so they needed to get this recorded. There was an interesting question posed on Facebook recently about the possibility of genre-based shows on Primordial Radio. The guys give this question a fairly thorough answering, as well as a membership update, Everybody Gets One, the latest on the Android app, and the upcoming merch bundle.


Binge Thinking EP13 - The Virginmarys & Bad Wolves

Welcome to episode 13 of the Binge Thinking Podcast with Pete Bailey. In this episode, Pete chats with Ally Dickaty of The Virginmarys in the lead-up to the AGM which took place in April, how they've had to rebuild back up as a band over the past couple of years, dealing with depression and anxiety and future plans. There's also a chat with Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves, who talks about the bittersweet success of their cover The Cranberries - Zombie with Dolores O'Riordan originally scheduled...


EP70 - When There's Doubt, There's No Doubt

This week Moose and Pete talk shop, with details of the latest merch update (including patches and flags), a look back at the latest Primordial pub quiz and what the future may hold for that idea, as well as talking about a major change to the 'Everybody Gets One' campaign. They also embark upon a tech-related experiment, with mixed results. Also at the end of this episode, there's Dewsbury's full chat that he had with the inspirational Sylvia Lancaster for the pub quiz about the amazing...