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2018 Year-End Pop Showdown

In 25 minutes, we race through the ultimate and first Queers on Queens Year-End Pop Showdown, facing off our favorite songs, albums and artists. We keep it brief, professional but ridiculously messy. CupcaKke vs. Betty Who, Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” vs. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s (The Carters) “ApeShit”, Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” vs. Nicki Minaj’s “Queen”, Robyn’s “Honey” vs. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Party for One”, Kylie Minogue’s “Golden” vs. Christina Aguilera’s “Liberation”, Maggies...


Queer Holiday Cheer w/ Shadena Sivad

Main Topic: White baby Jesus-es on apartment doors in the Bronx, “little people”, haunting Christian music, and “I Just Wanna Lounge” by Juju Garcia - available anywhere you stream music. We discuss our favorite parts of the holiday season, including, of course, our holiday season must-listen-to pop songs. Catching Up Juju enjoys New York City on the cheap with his sister Valerie and Aunt Yvonne, Philly grows in his beard, and Johnny cozies up to Netflix’s “Dumplin”. Queer Artist...


The Grammys?.. I Don't Know Her w/ M the Myth

Main Topic: Are the Grammy's Queer? With a slew of female and queer nominees, we reflect on the purpose of the Grammy's in modern pop music, with stellar assistance from pop music artist M the Myth. Catching Up Johnny bejewels his keytar Keely, Juju enjoys a week of family visits, and Philly reflects on an amazing birthday week. Queer Artist Spotlight “Holy Stoner” by M the Myth instagram.com/mthemyth Be Our Guest! We talk about gender identity, building a music career in New York...


Happy Birthday, Britney! w/ Dana Sumner-Pritchard

Main Topic: Britney Spears's Birthday The forever-reigning Queen O' Pop Britney Jean Spears blesses us with another year of existence. The queers enlist actor Dana Sumner-Pritchard to help us rejoice in her legacy and predict the future of her career. Catching Up It's Philly's birthday! Go wish him a happy a birthday on Instagram! Johnny is preparing for a return to Arkansas and planning his Way with Words music video shoot. Juju gets excited for his sister Vanessa's first trip to New...


Caution! Mariah’s Snatchin’ Weaves! w/ Jonathan Qualtere

Main Topic: Mariah Carey’s “Caution” Mariah Carey’s acclaimed album “Caution” comes for all of our wigs. The queers weigh in on her continued legacy with Jonathan Qualtere. Catching Up After wonderful Thanksgivings, Johnny prepares for another performance at Bowery Poetry, Juju gets some great Instagram fodder at Sony Square’s The Mariah Experience, and Phil reconnects with loved ones across the globe! Queer Artist Spotlight “Like You Betta” by Juju Garcia Be Our Guest! We talk about...


Spice Up Your Life! w/ Bitch

Main Topic: Spice Girls (Royalty Review) The Spice Girls are reuniting for a Summer 2019 Stadium Tour, forcing us back into a nostalgic haze to explore when we first fell in love with pop music. Join us for a time warp! Catching Up Juju gets excited for the New York City arrival of Jollibee and his family, Philly returns to Delaware for Thanksgiving and Wawa’s, and Johnny’s fantasy of playing with a band comes down to earth. Queer Artist Spotlight Poem Reading: “Narcissism” by...


Ariana’s Doing the Most w/ Brianne Taylor

Main Topic In mere weeks, Ariana Grande has ended a very public engagement to Pete Davidson, released her first #1 single ever, announced her soon-to-be-released 2nd album of 2018, and been accused of blackface. Brianne Taylor weighs in with us on this very specific touchstone in Ari’s life. Join us! Catching Up Johnny’s epically amazing performance with MajorStage reminds him how much he hated the New York City Marathon, Philly enjoys a quiet weekend to himself and Juju grips onto the...


Lizzo w/ Julia Pugachevsky

Main Topic Lizzo is out here making hot music while standing up for body positivity, queer rights and all-around female badassery. We couldn’t STAN harder with anyone else but Cosmopolitan’s Sex and Relationships Editor Julia Pugachevsky. This episode’s “Good as Hell”! Catching Up Philly continues to recover, after a sudden separation from his amore. Johnny is sore from the New York City Marathon. Juju finds out he is a hometown hero! Book Recommendation “The Velvet Rage” by Alan...


Lizzo w/ Julia Pugachevsky

Main Topic Lizzo is out here making hot music while standing up for body positivity, queer rights and all-around female badassery. We couldn’t STAN harder with anyone else but Cosmopolitan’s Sex and Relationships Editor Julia Pugachevsky. This episode’s “Good as Hell”! Catching Up Philly continues to recover, after a sudden separation from his amore. Johnny is sore from the New York City Marathon. Juju finds out he is a hometown hero! Book Recommendation “The Velvet Rage” by Alan...


Robyn is Our “Honey”

Main Topic Robyn’s new album “Honey” calls us to re-visit her Max Martin beginnings, her comforting voice and her unique place as a queer icon. Catching Up Juju is tricked into a night of fake romance by a closet case at a Halloween party, Philly deals with the temporary braking of a burgeoning love, and Johnny prepares for the New York City Marathon while debating how to approach an uncertain live performance he has coming up. See Johnny Darlin Live! The Delancey Wed. Nov. 7th @...


CupcakKe! w/ Angela Petriello

Main Topic We explore rapper Cupcakke’s sexually charged songs, staunch feminism, queer ally-ship and lyrical genius. Catching Up Juju is getting used to transformations at his day job, Phil is still sick while contemplating self-destructive voices in his head, and Johnny is training for a marathon while eating way too much candy. Queer Artist Spotlight: “Glow” by Bitch instagram.com/bbbitch666__ Guest: Angela Petriello Juju takes our Resident Friend Angela Petriello through a...


Bonus: Imani Scott is Throwing Glitter

On this special episode of Queers on Queens, Juju has an intimate conversation with rising pop star Imani Scott. Imani is a Houston native with a big heart and a big future ahead of her. She stays slaying in the pop-funk realm, creating a pop-star-level experience for fans filled with music, videos and live performance. “Throwing Glitter” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AntenaMTkDU


SOPHIE w/ Prince Johnny

Main Topic: SOPHIE SOPHIE is a cutting edge Scottish music producer that is making us question our relationships to gender, pop music and Petras. Queer Artist Spotlight We get to know imminent pop star Prince Johnny, and his mission to build community in New York City’s songwriting community. “Gullible” by Prince Johnny “Sex Party” by Prince Johnny I THINK WE ALL SING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkv3CcBFWbI Nurse Dom! (Pop News Emergencies) We call Nurse Dom to save us from:...


A Star is Born w/ Oliver Whitney

Main Topic: A Star is Born The queers welcomed pioneering film critic Oliver Whitney to discuss trans masculine representation in film, drag queens and the movie on the tip of everyone’s tongues - “A Star is Born”. “GROWING UP TRANS WHEN THERE AREN’T ANY TRANS CHARACTERS ON SCREEN” by Oliver Whitney http://screencrush.com/trans-characters-movies-tv-our-hollywood/ Follow Oliver Whitney at twitter.com/cinemabite Catching Up Juju celebrates his birthday, Johnny prepares for his free...


Bonus: Go Vote! w/ Michelle Wente

The queers and Political Correspondent Michelle Wente explore Taylor Swift’s political impact, Dr. Blasey Ford’s legacy, and grappling with close family members that happen to be Trump supporters. Visit votesaveamerica.com to register to vote, check if you are indeed still validly registered and/or get involved with your local community. No matter what bubble we try to create, we have to remember that we are all in this together. Follow Michelle on Instagram @marthabushwick...


Dishonorable Men w/ Savannah DesOrmeaux

Main Topic: Kanye, Kavanaugh and Louis C.K. Sometimes you just can’t talk about pop music, celebrity and queens without getting into the weeds - a.k.a. MEN. So, this week we revisit the topic of problematic artists, and whether it’s okay to consume their content. Catching Up Juju finds solace in the guided breathing “Breathe Deep” mobile app. Philly gets a text from an ex on the same day that his current lover announces his departure. Johnny feels disconnected or uninvited from the world,...


CHER! w/ Lily Mao

Main Topic: We Believe in Cher With special guest Lily Mao, we explore the endlessly evolving legacy of Cher - the outfits, the complicated relationship with her queer son, the songs, all of it! Catching Up Juju continues to debate whether to give into fresh creativity or refocus on marketing the old stuff! Philly has randomly become obsessed with “Parks and Recreation”. Johnny celebrates over 40 days sober! Queer Artist Spotlight “Omaha” by Lily Mao From her upcoming album “Run to...


Cardi vs. Nicki, Mariah, and the Emmy’s / Amanda Hudson

Main Topic: Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj With special guest Amanda Hudson, we explore the long and complicated beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Catching Up Johnny takes time to soak in the creativity of Carseat Headrest. Juju bumps into his rapist at the Cakeboy Magazine and Bubble-T party at the Ace Hotel. Philly returns from a whirlwind work trip to California, is excited about the Captain Marvel trailer, says goodbye to a good friend, and mourns the loss of a friend's mother. Queer...


Ariana Grande: Woke or Dumb? / Scott Kramp

Main Topic: Ariana Grande ‘Sweetener’ With special guest Scott Kramp (Dakota Jones bassist and our official STRAIGHT correspondent), we explore the woke-ness, intellect, sincerity, talent, mental health and music of Ariana Grande. Catching Up Johnny is struggling with the balance of networking and performing live with inward creative work. Philly got that big promotion at work, but he is having second thoughts now. Juju is on a CRACK HIGH of optimism after a performance at BIZARRE...


Beyoncé is Dark Energy / Tristan Carter-Jones

Main Topic: Beyoncé’s With special guest Tristan Carter-Jones (friend of the show and front woman of Dakota Jones), we explore the life and times of Queen Bey (PRONOUNCED BEEEEEE). Queer Artist Spotlight “Press Play” by Dakota Jones instagram.com/dakotajonesband Catching Up Philly reflects on a summer full of beaches and camps, but sweat drop down his balls, so he cannot WAIT for summer. Johnny has discovered open mics, and is now on fire throughout New York City. Juju takes us on...