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SOPHIE w/ Prince Johnny

Main Topic: SOPHIE SOPHIE is a cutting edge Scottish music producer that is making us question our relationships to gender, pop music and Petras. Queer Artist Spotlight We get to know imminent pop star Prince Johnny, and his mission to build community in New York City’s songwriting community. “Gullible” by Prince Johnny “Sex Party” by Prince Johnny I THINK WE ALL SING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkv3CcBFWbI Nurse Dom! (Pop News Emergencies) We call Nurse Dom to save us from:...


A Star is Born w/ Oliver Whitney

Main Topic: A Star is Born The queers welcomed pioneering film critic Oliver Whitney to discuss trans masculine representation in film, drag queens and the movie on the tip of everyone’s tongues - “A Star is Born”. “GROWING UP TRANS WHEN THERE AREN’T ANY TRANS CHARACTERS ON SCREEN” by Oliver Whitney http://screencrush.com/trans-characters-movies-tv-our-hollywood/ Follow Oliver Whitney at twitter.com/cinemabite Catching Up Juju celebrates his birthday, Johnny prepares for his free...


Bonus: Go Vote! w/ Michelle Wente

The queers and Political Correspondent Michelle Wente explore Taylor Swift’s political impact, Dr. Blasey Ford’s legacy, and grappling with close family members that happen to be Trump supporters. Visit votesaveamerica.com to register to vote, check if you are indeed still validly registered and/or get involved with your local community. No matter what bubble we try to create, we have to remember that we are all in this together. Follow Michelle on Instagram @marthabushwick...


Dishonorable Men w/ Savannah DesOrmeaux

Main Topic: Kanye, Kavanaugh and Louis C.K. Sometimes you just can’t talk about pop music, celebrity and queens without getting into the weeds - a.k.a. MEN. So, this week we revisit the topic of problematic artists, and whether it’s okay to consume their content. Catching Up Juju finds solace in the guided breathing “Breathe Deep” mobile app. Philly gets a text from an ex on the same day that his current lover announces his departure. Johnny feels disconnected or uninvited from the world,...


CHER! w/ Lily Mao

Main Topic: We Believe in Cher With special guest Lily Mao, we explore the endlessly evolving legacy of Cher - the outfits, the complicated relationship with her queer son, the songs, all of it! Catching Up Juju continues to debate whether to give into fresh creativity or refocus on marketing the old stuff! Philly has randomly become obsessed with “Parks and Recreation”. Johnny celebrates over 40 days sober! Queer Artist Spotlight “Omaha” by Lily Mao From her upcoming album “Run to...


Cardi vs. Nicki, Mariah, and the Emmy’s / Amanda Hudson

Main Topic: Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj With special guest Amanda Hudson, we explore the long and complicated beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Catching Up Johnny takes time to soak in the creativity of Carseat Headrest. Juju bumps into his rapist at the Cakeboy Magazine and Bubble-T party at the Ace Hotel. Philly returns from a whirlwind work trip to California, is excited about the Captain Marvel trailer, says goodbye to a good friend, and mourns the loss of a friend's mother. Queer...


Ariana Grande: Woke or Dumb? / Scott Kramp

Main Topic: Ariana Grande ‘Sweetener’ With special guest Scott Kramp (Dakota Jones bassist and our official STRAIGHT correspondent), we explore the woke-ness, intellect, sincerity, talent, mental health and music of Ariana Grande. Catching Up Johnny is struggling with the balance of networking and performing live with inward creative work. Philly got that big promotion at work, but he is having second thoughts now. Juju is on a CRACK HIGH of optimism after a performance at BIZARRE...


Beyoncé is Dark Energy / Tristan Carter-Jones

Main Topic: Beyoncé’s With special guest Tristan Carter-Jones (friend of the show and front woman of Dakota Jones), we explore the life and times of Queen Bey (PRONOUNCED BEEEEEE). Queer Artist Spotlight “Press Play” by Dakota Jones instagram.com/dakotajonesband Catching Up Philly reflects on a summer full of beaches and camps, but sweat drop down his balls, so he cannot WAIT for summer. Johnny has discovered open mics, and is now on fire throughout New York City. Juju takes us on...


Nurse Dom! (Season Finale)

Main Topic: Christina Aguilera’s ‘Liberation’ Christina Aguilera, the voice of a generation, attempts to reinvent herself yet again with a “Liberation”, but do her artistic choices leave us in shackles or feeling free? Catching Up Johnny’s new EP “Way with Words” is out! Juju and Philly went to NYC Gay Pride’s Pride Island 2019, a concert with Tove Lo, Lizzo, Big Freedia and Sasha Velour! All 3 queers MARCH in New York together! Stream “Way with Words” by Johnny Darlin: Anywhere you...


Beyoncé’s ‘Everything is Love’ is Love is Love is…

Main Topic: The Carters’ ‘Everything is Love’ Beyonce and some dude release a new joint album, which has Johnny and Juju ecstatic in musical worship, while Phil is less than impressed. Is this simply Beyonce singing on a Jay-Z record? Is it more musically progressive than Lemonade? Is there marriage even a good example, or even truly real? Let’s talk. Catching Up Johnny puts the finishing touches on his pride show, while Philly and Juju has a fabulous weekend full of personal growth and...


2018 Song O' the Summer

Main Topic: What’s Your Song of the Summer? The concept of a “Song of the Summer” is constantly morphing, so we pin down what it means to each of us this year, as well as our personal picks! Hint: Ariana Grande has “No Tears Left to Cry”, when she’s Kacey Musgrave’s enjoying that “Slow Burn” on her “High Horse”, all while Mariah Carey is living her #SkinnyLegend “Fantasy” “Underneath the Stars”. Catching Up Juju is in his feels about Cher and the hypocritical colonialist oversensitivity...


Problematic Artists: Stream or Skip?

Main Topic: How Should We Handle Problematic Artists? R. Kelley, Kanye West, Kim Petras. There has been a recent spat of established and newly rising pop stars, both in and outside the queer community that have presented breathtaking pieces of art alongside astonishingly repulsive behavior. Do we continue to listen or press the skip button? Catching Up Johnny returns from an iconic set of shows performed in Prague. Juju performs in Brooklyn to premiere his new song “Hot Pink Lipgloss”....


Insane Timeless Billboard Predictions

Main Topic: Billboard Music Awards Predictions “I’ve blown so many Christians, my mouth is a cross.” We go on an insane marathon of Billboard Music Awards 2018 predictions and discuss the relative absence of WOMEN as nominees! Catching Up Johnny is anxious to fly out to Prague this week! Juju reassesses the complexity of modern life. Philly is hungover from wondrous pre-wedding celebrations! Queer Artist Spotlight: “Hate” by Cameron Toy camerontoy.bandcamp.com Nurse! (Pop...


Emo Bands, Avicii & Mental Health

Main Topic: Emo Bands: Sensitive Souls or Maniacal Misogynists? After Johnny and Philly got sucked into “Emo Night” at The Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, they KNEW this was the perfect moment to dissect everyone’s favorite genre. We were surprised when some pretty amazing conversations about misogyny, performative suicide and genuine depression sprung up. We hope this helps anyone dealing with depression and anxiety, but even if you’re not, enjoy! Catching Up Philly returns to social...


Janelle Monae, Ada Vox & Blair St. Clair

Main Topic: Face the Music: Janelle Monae’s “Dirty Computer” Janelle Monae has served up a heaping plate of visuals and audios for her new album, but is this set to be her best album ever? This week “Dirty Computer” faces the music! Catching Up Juju officiallly, finally says goodbye to his boyfriend - the end of an era; a 5-year one even! Philly processes the very Trump-era Avengers Infinity War. Johnny rediscovers a darker, more closeted era in his life through old journal...


Beychella with Scott

Main Topic: Face the Music: Beychella Beyoncé gives us 2 weekends of legendary Coachella performances, so to celebrate, we knew we had to bring in a straight cisgendered white man to discuss! Special guest Scott Kramp, bassist of the iconic queer-fronted band Dakota Jones, joins us! Catching Up Philly is reeling from Mercury in Retrograde. Juju says goodbye to his longtime boyfriend. Johnny relives a wild NYC Saturday night on-air. Queer Artist Spotlight: Dakota Jones Songs: “Black...


Is Kiley Minogue “Golden”?

Main Topic: Face the Music: Kiley Minogue’s “Golden” Kylie Minogue has a long and fabled career in the pop dance music sphere, but with her new studio album “Golden”, we’re not so sure she’s getting higher than a bronze medal this go-around. Catching Up Johnny is still sick and pretending that summer is hear. Juju is preparing for his boyfriend’s farewell party. Philly is burn out from a crazy weekend with his gaggle of queers! Queer Artist Spotlight: “Something I’m Not” by Exa...


Kacey Musgraves’s “Golden…” Shower?

Main Topic: Face the Music: Kacey Musgraves’s “Golden Hour” Kacey Musgraves could have been written off as that girl that opened for Katy Perry that one time, but the hit country songwriter has put out another studio album, so she’s clearly in it to win it. Today, it’s time for Kacey Musgraves to FACE THE MUSIC. Catching Up Johnny is sick after a wild weekend at a bar singing along to the Britney Spears film “Crossroads”. Juju has moved into his new apartment and is working on new...


Cardi B’s Royalty Review

Main Topic: Royalty Review: Cardi B Cardi B may be emerging as the new Queen of Rap, but on the eve of her debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy” is her complacency on social issues going to cost her the crown? Catching Up Johnny is going to Prague and Berlin. Juju’s boyfriend has a farewell jazz concert. Philly saw “Love, Simon,” and thinks you need to, too! Queer Artist Spotlight: “Head Over Heels” by Matt Davis instagram.com/mattdavissounds Nurse! (Pop Emergencies) Sean Penn...


March Madness, Beyoncé & Hayley Kiyoko

Main Topic: Face the Music: Hayley Kiyoko Could Hayley Kiyoko break through to the mainstream, as America’s first lesbian and Asian-American pop star? It’s time to face the music! Catching Up Juju celebrates finding a new apartment, which means this is the last show recorded in his current one! Johnny soaks in the glory of his halftime show, for the iconic Brooklyn drag event “BEEFSHOW”. Philly performs stand-up in front of his controversial “Time Out NY” Undateable’s blind date...