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Nurse Dom! (Season Finale)

Main Topic: Christina Aguilera’s ‘Liberation’ Christina Aguilera, the voice of a generation, attempts to reinvent herself yet again with a “Liberation”, but do her artistic choices leave us in shackles or feeling free? Catching Up Johnny’s new EP “Way with Words” is out! Juju and Philly went to NYC Gay Pride’s Pride Island 2019, a concert with Tove Lo, Lizzo, Big Freedia and Sasha Velour! All 3 queers MARCH in New York together! Stream “Way with Words” by Johnny Darlin: Anywhere...


Nurse Dom! (Season Finale)

Main Topic: Christina Aguilera’s ‘Liberation’ Christina Aguilera, the voice of a generation, attempts to reinvent herself yet again with a “Liberation”, but do her artistic choices leave us in shackles or feeling free? Catching Up Johnny’s new EP “Way with Words” is out! Juju and Philly went to NYC Gay Pride’s Pride Island 2019, a concert with Tove Lo, Lizzo, Big Freedia and Sasha Velour! All 3 queers MARCH in New York together! Stream “Way with Words” by Johnny Darlin: Anywhere...


Beyoncé’s ‘Everything is Love’ is Love is Love is…

Main Topic: The Carters’ ‘Everything is Love’ Beyonce and some dude release a new joint album, which has Johnny and Juju ecstatic in musical worship, while Phil is less than impressed. Is this simply Beyonce singing on a Jay-Z record? Is it more musically progressive than Lemonade? Is there marriage even a good example, or even truly real? Let’s talk. Catching Up Johnny puts the finishing touches on his pride show, while Philly and Juju has a fabulous weekend full of personal growth...


American Idol & Beyoncé

Main Topic: Face the Music: American Idol It’s time for American Idol to “Face the Music”. The show returns on a TV network with a much more friendly anti-bullying brand, but bullying was the entire reason the show became a hit when it was on Fox. Did it create communities of music fans throughout the country or simply serve up false dreams? Catching Up Johnny relishes in his iconic comeback show at El Cortez in Bushwhack, Brooklyn, NY. Juju is struggling with major life transitions....


Charli XCX, Shakira & Meghan Trainor

Main Topic: Royalty Review: Charli XCX Charli XCX is up for her Royalty Review! She is a genius songwriter and a badass, inclusive pop star, but is she problematic? Catching Up Johnny has made a decision on whether or not he is staying in New York City. Juju is fresh off a Mexico City vacation! Philly is preparing for his upcoming stand-up show. Watch Philly perform live: “Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd Queer Artist Spotlight: “XO, Skeleton” by Hailey...


The Oscars & Mary J. Blige

Main Topic: Face the Music! (The Oscars) Because of the Alamo Drafthouse we’ve seen almost everything nominated so let’s talk about what deserves to win. Brought to you by the Alamo Drafthouse. Catching Up Johnny continues focusing on the music, Juju is apartment-hunting and Philly discovers the strangeness that is heater’s having fun. We also pay tribute to the young queens standing up as revolutionary victims at Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School. Watch Philly perform...


Whitney Houston & Transwomen

Main Topic: Royalty Review (Whitney Houston) 6 years ago we lost a gift to the world - the voice, the star, Ms. Whitney Houston. Her career was epic but cut way too short, so with the gifts we were left with, will she pass her ROYALTY REVIEW? Let’s see, honey… Catching Up Johnny experiences a musical rebirth filled with anxiety and hope. Philly begins a new phase in stand-up comedy career, in which he is being reached out to! Juju is a gay man, but his identity and the nature of...


Love Songs & Kidnappings

Back Rolls! (Main Topic: Love Songs) In honor of Valentine’s Day, We discuss our favorite love songs, from “Run Away with Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen to “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce. Catching Up Johnny celebrates iconic Austin television news reporter Raven Ambers’s birthday today, instead of that other holiday everyone is celebrating. Juju reflects on a recent epiphany he had regarding his soon-to-end romantic relationship of 5 years. Philly’s Grandma Annie passed away this weekend; we...


Super Bowls & Alleged Rapists

Back Rolls! (Main Topic) Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show was so horrible that on today’s episode, we roll you back to the best and the worst of Super Bowl Halftime shows - from Michael Jackson to Beyonce to Gaga. Catching Up Juju’s first trip to trendy Brooklyn gay bar The Rosemont brings him face-to-face with his rapist, making him reconsider talk therapy. Phil has been living in full embrace of “less trash, more cash”. Johnny marches up towards a musical reinvention where his...


The Grammy’s Was a Total Drag... Race

Face the Music! (Main Topic) On today’s episode, The Grammy’s faces the music! The good, the bad and the racist. Catching Up Phil has a date with one of our listener’s! Juju and his boyfriend have been basking in the glory of MoviePass - a filmic renaissance, darling! Following up from his performance with iconic drag House of Velour, Johnny anticipates his Queer Artist Spotlight: Sizzy Rocket’s “Hot Summer” soundcloud.com/sizzyrocket Nurse! (Pop Emergencies) Johnny needs...


Season 2 Finale :(

SEE US LIVE: A Very GRITS Christmas Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2mRpRz5 Intro: “I Just Wanna Lounge” by Juju Garcia Outro: “Missin’ My Baby” by Juju Garcia jujugarcia.com Our Queer-Ass Lives: High School Music, Johnny & Juju Perform Philly anticipates his birthday and a major work trip, Johnny gets invited back to Prague Fringe Festiva, and Juju celebrates the debut of his Christmas EP “Christmas in a Tutu” - available anywhere you STREAM AND DOWNLOAD music. Queers on...


Meet Us in Brooklyn! // ¡Oh My God, It’s P!nk!

YOU ARE INVITED! Johnny Darlin is having a Release Party for his upcoming EP “Push” in Brooklyn, Monday, October 23rd. We definitely want to meet you all there, so CLICK HERE FOR EVENT DETAILS. Main Topic: Not Yellow, Not Blue, It’s True, It’s P!nk The artist also known as Pink comes out today! So, we celebrate her low-key iconic career. Tweet us your favorite song! Queers on Queens: Twitter Facebook Our Queer-Ass Lives: Performing Live, Too Femme for Tokyo, and the Comic Book...


Fall Pop Preview

Our Queer-Ass Lives: Japanese Chubby-Chasers, Mulan, and Clinging to Your Art Juju gets ready to return to Tokyo, Japan, anticipating the debu-sen (デブ専, chubby-chaser) community. Philly gets reinvigorated by Mulan - animated feminist hero! Johnny opens up candidly about recent artistic and career insecurities. IT GETS EMOTIONAL GURL! Queers on Queens: Twitter Facebook Pop News: Sam Smith, Carly Rae Jepsen and OUR FANS! Juju, once unable to listen to Sam Smith’s voice, praises his...


Fergie is “The Dutchess”

Main Topic: Fergie’s “The Dutchess” We anticipate Fergie’s highly-anticipated 2nd solo album, by celebrating her first solo album “The Dutchess” and it’s place in pop music history. S HE SLAYS. SHE IS MESSY. SHE IS US. Let us know your favorite Fergie song! Queers on Queens: Twitter Facebook Our Queer-Ass Lives: Los Angeles, Texas, New York Fashion Week While dying, Johnny Darlin flies to L.A. with 2 amazing queer friends and rewatches the iconic Cher & Christina Aguilera film...


Gaga’s Joanne Tour & Johnny’s Dead!

Main Topic: Lady Gaga's Joanne Tour We told all of you to rate, review and subscribe, and you HOES didn’t come through, so Johnny is still dead!… or is he? It’s up to you bitches to tweet at usssss. The Queers discuss their time at Lady Gaga’s “Joanne World Tour”. ***We recorded this before a recent spat of health issues have come to public knowledge. We wish our queen health and will record a follow-up episode to be released within the next week.*** Queers on...


Blocked by a Swiftie #SNAKE

Main Topic: “Look What You Made Me Do” We discuss queen snake’s new single and music video… We spill T, burn white feminism to the ground and disrespect the lack of the craft coming out from the world’s resident self-identified victim. Queers on Queens: Twitter Facebook Our Queer-Ass Lives: Sick, Italy, Mariah Johnny is SICK; you fuckers better tweet us or he won’t survive! Philly gives us a vocal journey through his gorgeous trip to Italy. Juju traveled to Madison Square to see the...


VMAs 2017

QUEER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Intro Song: “Anna Wintour on the Floor” by Juju Garcia instagram.com/jujugarcianyc Main Topic: VMA Predictions!! The biggest pop music award show is this Sunday, and we give our hopes to Alessia Cara and other young and rising pop queens, while remaining of the recent reincarnations of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Then, we give you those hot takes on all our picks for all the important noms. TWEET ALONG WITH US SUNDAY NIGHT! @queersonqueens Our Queer-Ass...


Pop Music & Mental Health

QUEER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Intro Song: “City Glow” by SuperKnova superknova.bandcamp.com Outro: “I Hear Them Calling” by Rae Spoon raespoon.com Main Topic: Sinead O’Connor and the Importance of Mental Health This is a very difficult time for everyone in the country, so the iconic Sinead O’Connor having a very public mental health breakdown begged for conversation. We are frivolous and glittery, but at the end of the day, mental health is a REAL issue within the queer experience, as well...


Selena Gomez vs. Demi Lovato

QUEER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Intro Song: “Libido’s Hum” by CristalC Soundcloud: bit.ly/2unq4xd Produced by sky the dog: soundcloud.com/skythedog Outro: “All is Well” by Pansy Boys iTunes: apple.co/2unWU0L Main Topic: Selena vs. Demi More than ever, their careers are becoming fun-house mirrors of each other. We go into how Selena figured out the perfect way to utilize her voice and is garnering major cultural cache with her perfectly edgy choices, while Demi has always had the pipes and...


Lust for Lana

QUEER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Intro Song: “The Palace” by Sweeping Exits https://sweepingexits.bandcamp.com/ Outro: “Restless Mind“ by Merce Lemon https://mercelemon.bandcamp.com/ Main Topic: Lana Del Rey’s “Lust for Life” We talk about her unique place in music as an icon of nostalgia, a voice from the devil’s corneas, and her continued progression into a simultaneously pioneering and nostalgic soundscape. Johnny Darlin confirms one NEEDS green assistance in order to really form the...