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Episode 17 – (Nice Dream)

Radiohead is embarking soon on their tour of the Americas so we wanted to figure out what our ideal, dream set lists would be — and oh boy, it’s quite the struggle! Plus, we participate in March Madness by filling out a Radiohead song bracket. To top it off, we have a special guest who regales us with his story of seeing Radiohead in a small club in 1993! There’s plenty in the news pile, too. We talk about the possible end (or nonexistence) of the lawsuit against Lana Del Rey, more of...


Episode 15 – The Trickster

Funny isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind when thinking about Radiohead but in this episode we take a look at the Oxford boys delving into the world of comedy and also what the world of comedy has to say about Radiohead. And don’t worry, we sift through plenty of memes! Plus, we chat about Thom’s voice in a German hexadome, super obvious studies about music, Jonny Greenwood’s potential appearance at the Oscars, yet another Creep cover, and figure skating, naturally. Happy 7th...


Episode 14 – Bones

What do Radiohead’s first album and ‘90s mega-blockbuster Jurassic Park have in common? Besides the fact that they were both released in 1993, they apparently sync up! We decided to see for ourselves with our special guest, Jurassic Park aficionado and fellow Radiohead Head Eryck Tait. We try and figure out if this movie sync really works and if it’s worth listening to Pablo Honey three times in a row while watching dinosaurs terrorize children. We also discuss Jonny’s next movie score,...


Episode 13 – The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

Previously we’ve discussed Radiohead’s various solo projects and other bands covering Radiohead, but now the tables have turned! In this episode we wade through the band’s various collaborations with other artists, including Thom’s duets with PJ and Björk, Jonny and Thom forming a Britpop supergroup, and Colin’s strange foray into the fashion world. Then, we delight in all of the songs Radiohead themselves have covered, from Blondie to Bond themes. Plus, TONS of hot RH goss, like Thom...


Episode 12 – Bloom

It’s the new year so that means we’re starting from the beginning: before Radiohead was Radiohead...or rather, when they were a band of misfits in an elite boys boarding school and called themselves On A Friday. We delve into the history of the Abingdon school, how they all found each other, plus some EXCLUSIVE recordings of a show from 1989 with Thom’s college band Headless Chickens! We also speculate what the members of Radiohead would be doing now if Radiohead never happened and we...


Episode 10 – How Can You Be Sure?

We believe that everyone is a Radiohead fan, they just might not know it yet. So this week we have another special guest: our producer/engineer, Jay Schmidt, who is not a fan of Radiohead...or so he thinks. We try to convince him that Radiohead is indeed the greatest band in the world. Also, we chat about Phil’s night with Ringo and Ed’s guitar from the future!


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