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Episode 27 – Twist

We’re ending the year with a bang and plenty of bangers with Thom Yorke’s solo tour! Listen as we recount the glorious show that Thom, Nigel, and Tarik put on in Brooklyn, plus we test fans at the show with some Radiohead trivia. We also uncover a tidbit about the making of A Moon Shaped Pool, chat about our favorite (non-Radiohead) musical moments of the year, and serve up some juicy predictions for the lads in 2019.


Episode 26 – Suspirium Finale

Get ready: we talk some more Suspiria, but no spoilers this time as we focus more on the “double” album and the handful of gleeful interviews that Thom gave. We also review a couple of well-edited Radiohead film analysis videos. Plus, we saw the incredible tribute band There There again and they did not disappoint! Come for the creeping sadness and stay for Thom’s giddy laughter.


Episode 25 – Burn the Witch

It's time for our second annual spooooky Halloween episode, and this time, we've literally just seen Luca Guadagnino's reimagining of Suspiria scored by our favorite frontman Thom Yorke. Spoiler alerts galore as we are joined by returning guests Claire Buckingham and Steve Ward to discuss baby's first film score, as well as the haunting and disturbing imagery within the film and how it matches up with the original. Also: endless praise of Tilda Swinton and yet another classic Onion article...


Episode 24 – There There

We’re back with a super special episode with our guests Sean Atkinson and Colin Mahoney from the NYC Radiohead tribute band, There There! We ask them about their Craigslist origin story, how they became Radiohead Heads, their approach to covering a song, which one was the most difficult to nail, and much more! They also hint at some future shows and ask us which songs WE want to hear. Plus, we chat about Thom’s upcoming bromance tour, the new terrifying Suspiria trailer, and quite possibly...


Episode 23 – Optimistic

Sadly, Radiohead’s tour has come to an end but we wanna keep the good times rolling with our special guest, Jamela Zarha, who has seen Radiohead live more than we have! She even saw them in Peru! We recap the North American tour and come to somewhat of a consensus on the best setlist of the tour. Plus, we chat about the GA experience, how Radiohead has such incredible longevity, meeting members of the band, Jamela’s hilarious misheard lyric, tons of rumors and much much more. This episode is...


Episode 22 – Lucky

We have a very special and VERY fortunate guest for this episode, our friend and MAJOR Radiohead Head, Stephanie Candelaria. She saw Radiohead all four nights at MSG and we wanted to know all about it: which night was the best? How long did she have to wait in line to be on the rail? HOW DID SHE GET TICKETS FOR ALL FOUR NIGHTS??! She also tells us about how one night was almost ruined by some vomit, which member of the band she stared at the most, and her epic journey to see Radiohead for...


Episode 21 – Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong

Radiohead has begun their North American tour and we got to see them in concert here in NYC! With our special guest and Sime’s wife, Claire Buckingham, we discuss our favorite moments of the shows, who was there in attendance, the amazing visuals, Thom’s entertaining stage presence, and plenty more. Plus, we saw the amazing Radiohead tribute band There There and we go over their deep cuts set list. We also chat about Thom as an action movie star, a recording of an unreleased gem from 2006,...


Episode 20 – Desert Island Disk

We’re back with an episode filled with hot takes for a hot hot summer! Our special guest Steve Ward joins us to discuss the ever-present debate amongst all Radiohead Heads: which album is better, Kid A or Amnesiac? We answer all sorts of questions in the process: which album is better live, should it have been a double album, and which album is ultimately more influential? Also, quite possibly our most exciting Song Sommelier yet! Plus, we chat about the Suspiria trailer, Thom and Nigel’s...


Episode 19 – These Are My Twisted Words

Have you ever listened to a Radiohead song and wondered what the lyrics REALLY mean? Or asked yourself what exactly IS Thom singing? Well in this episode, we venture deep into the land of Thom’s sometimes mysterious, often terrifying lyrics --from Pinocchio to ancient board games to ice pick lobotomies. We also look at the most hilariously misheard lyrics in Radiohead’s discography. Plus, there’s plenty in the ol’ newspile: the end of their South American tour, Thom’s haunting music for the...


Episode 18 – Little by Little

Almost every Radiohead song goes through some sort of evolution: some public, some private. We examine those very public song transformations from early acoustic versions with wildly different lyrics, to changing rhythms that audiences still can’t clap to—and one song wins “Most Evolved”. We also sift through the old news pile with Thom’s ever-confusing tweets, more presents from Jonny, and updates on the beginning of their South American tour. Happy Birthdaaaaaay EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDD!!


Episode 17 – (Nice Dream)

Radiohead is embarking soon on their tour of the Americas so we wanted to figure out what our ideal, dream set lists would be — and oh boy, it’s quite the struggle! Plus, we participate in March Madness by filling out a Radiohead song bracket. To top it off, we have a special guest who regales us with his story of seeing Radiohead in a small club in 1993! There’s plenty in the news pile, too. We talk about the possible end (or nonexistence) of the lawsuit against Lana Del Rey, more of Thom’s...


Episode 16 – The Butcher

Nigel Godrich is considered the sixth member of Radiohead. But who is he exactly? We attempt to answer this question by trying to find EVERY interview he’s done (not many) and anything that has been said about him. In the process we find out his nickname, how he rebelled against his parents, his feelings on autotune, and his blockbuster film debut. We also discuss Jonny’s staggering loss at the Oscars, Thom’s cryptic tweets and doodles, and their exciting, upcoming North American tour! Yes,...


Episode 15 – The Trickster

Funny isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind when thinking about Radiohead but in this episode we take a look at the Oxford boys delving into the world of comedy and also what the world of comedy has to say about Radiohead. And don’t worry, we sift through plenty of memes! Plus, we chat about Thom’s voice in a German hexadome, super obvious studies about music, Jonny Greenwood’s potential appearance at the Oscars, yet another Creep cover, and figure skating, naturally. Happy 7th...


Episode 14 – Bones

What do Radiohead’s first album and ‘90s mega-blockbuster Jurassic Park have in common? Besides the fact that they were both released in 1993, they apparently sync up! We decided to see for ourselves with our special guest, Jurassic Park aficionado and fellow Radiohead Head Eryck Tait. We try and figure out if this movie sync really works and if it’s worth listening to Pablo Honey three times in a row while watching dinosaurs terrorize children. We also discuss Jonny’s next movie score, some...


Episode 13 – The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

Previously we’ve discussed Radiohead’s various solo projects and other bands covering Radiohead, but now the tables have turned! In this episode we wade through the band’s various collaborations with other artists, including Thom’s duets with PJ and Björk, Jonny and Thom forming a Britpop supergroup, and Colin’s strange foray into the fashion world. Then, we delight in all of the songs Radiohead themselves have covered, from Blondie to Bond themes. Plus, TONS of hot RH goss, like Thom paling...


Episode 12 – Bloom

It’s the new year so that means we’re starting from the beginning: before Radiohead was Radiohead...or rather, when they were a band of misfits in an elite boys boarding school and called themselves On A Friday. We delve into the history of the Abingdon school, how they all found each other, plus some EXCLUSIVE recordings of a show from 1989 with Thom’s college band Headless Chickens! We also speculate what the members of Radiohead would be doing now if Radiohead never happened and we...


Episode 11 – Dollars & Cents

It’s the holiday season and if you’re wondering what to get the Radiohead Heads in your life, we’ve got you covered! We scour the internet in search of Radiohead crafts and find quite a bounty. From terrifying paintings to devotional candles to absurdly priced vintage Radiohead t-shirts, there truly is something for long as they’re a Radiohead fan. Plus, we delight in Thom and Benedict Cumberbatch’s bromance, Noel Gallagher’s grumpy opinions about Radiohead, and discuss our...


Episode 10 – How Can You Be Sure?

We believe that everyone is a Radiohead fan, they just might not know it yet. So this week we have another special guest: our producer/engineer, Jay Schmidt, who is not a fan of Radiohead...or so he thinks. We try to convince him that Radiohead is indeed the greatest band in the world. Also, we chat about Phil’s night with Ringo and Ed’s guitar from the future!


Episode 9 – The Tourist

Radiohead has played a lot of shows and that means they’ve had a lot of opening acts. This week’s episode is all about the many bands that have gotten us hyped for Radiohead. From singer songwriters to trip hop icons to satirical hip hop duos, we follow the trajectory of the varied span of bands that reflects Radiohead’s evolution as a band. Also, we talk about what’s on our Amazon wish lists and wish Jonny a very happy birthday!


Episode 8 – We Suck Young Blood

In our spoooooky Halloween episode we explore the murky depths of the art and writing of Radiohead’s resident artist, Stanley Donwood. We discuss the origins of each album cover, his aborted album artwork ideas and our favorite Donwood pieces. Also, we (reluctantly) cover the growing feud between Radiohead and Fox News. Plus, the Oxford boys may be heading to Cleveland!