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Join us as we explore and discuss great music of all eras from various perspectives and music backgrounds!




Episode 22: The Pixies, “Doolittle”

Episode 22: Dave, Eric, and Sarah turn the Reselect machine back to the very tail end of the '80s in this episode to discuss the Pixies and their remarkable 1989 album, Doolittle. This may very well be the definitive Pixies album, so by extension it may very well be one of the most influential albums in rock, given the huge impact the Pixies had, both directly and indirectly, on the music of the '90s and beyond. Give a listen and see what the gang has to say about it. Please let us know...


Episode 21: The Faces, "A Nod is as Good as a Wink..."

Episode 21: The "Reselectors" (Dave, Eric, and Sarah) turn their laser sights (watch out!) in this episode toward the Faces' classic 1971 rocker, A Nod is as Good as a a Blind Horse. (You'll have to excuse us for not including the full title in the episode title.) While all appreciated the musical force that was Rod Stewart and the Faces, the gang found that one particular aspect of the album hasn't aged quite as well. Tune in to find out what that might be! [A small correction to...


Episode 20: The Beach Boys, "Pet Sounds"

Episode 20: Sarah, Eric, and Dave take a look in this episode at the Beach Boys' classic 1966 album, Pet Sounds. For some people, the Beach Boys bring to mind fun, light-hearted songs about surfing, girls, and driving around in cars, but with Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson proved they were so much more than that, influencing the direction of popular music in very significant ways both directly and via those that the album influenced. But we also learn in this discussion that its greatness doesn't...


Episode 19: The New Pornographers, "Twin Cinema"

Episode 19: Eric, Dave, and Sarah return to take a dive into the New Pornographers and their 2005 album, Twin Cinema. Carl Newman's always-catchy songs and clever but sometimes obscure turns of phrase combine seamlessly with Neko Case's incredible voice to create what at least one of our podcasters believe is a classic album, while one is left unconvinced. Tune in to see who feels which way -- who do you agree with more? Please let us know your thoughts about the New Pornographers and Twin...


Episode 18: Tom Waits, "Raindogs"

Episode 18: After a fairly long break, Eric, Dave, and Sarah are back for a fun discussion of the always entertaining Tom Waits and his classic 1985 album, Raindogs. Considered by many to be his best album (in a very competitive field!), Raindogs absolutely barks with Waits' sometimes growling and sometimes gruffly crooning vocal instrument, as well as an array of wheezing calliopes, oomping tubas, and myriad other uniquely Waits-ian found sounds. But above all else is the songwriting -- few...


Episode 17: Ryan Adams, "1989"

Episode 17: A prolific and talented songwriter and musician, Ryan Adams has nonetheless been a very polarizing figure in music, and through his real-life actions poses a problem when it comes to appreciating him. In this episode, Dave, Eric, and Sarah discuss these issues, as well as take a look at the music on his full-album cover of Taylor Swift's "1989" album. Please let us know your own thoughts on the subject by leaving your comments at Featuring: Dave Gershman Eric...


Episode 16: The Cars

Episode 16: Sadly, the music world lost the Cars' songwriting mastermind, Ric Ocasek, in September 2019, at the age of 75. In this episode, Dave, Sarah, and Eric go for a ride with the Cars, starting the journey at their self-titled debut album in 1978 and not stopping until they hit Heartbeat City, released in 1984. Hop in and join us! Please let us know your thoughts about this episode or the album by leaving your comments at NOTE: As with the past few episodes posted,...


Episode 15: Amy Winehouse, "Back to Black"

Episode 15: Amy Winehouse was a remarkable talent who battled demons throughout her years of success. In this episode, Sarah, Dave, and Eric take on her second and final album, Back to Black. Join us as we discuss the album that made her and ultimately—indirectly though it may have been—broke her. Please let us know your thoughts about this episode or the album by leaving your comments at NOTE: As with the past few episodes posted, this one was recorded several months...


Episode 14: Big Star, "#1 Record"

Episode 14: Lacking commercial success but packing a big punch in terms of influence, Big Star is one of rock's most legendary cult bands. You may not hear them on the radio much, but you most certainly hear their impact on later bands and much of indie rock. This episode finds us embroiled in the midst of an empassioned debate over their music — specifically, their first album, #1 Record. Join us and see where you stand in all of this — and please let us know your thoughts by leaving your...


Episode 13: The Sex Pistols, "Never Mind the Bollocks..."

Episode 13: With this episode of Reselect, Dave, Eric, and Sarah begin their foray into album-centric episodes, moving away from the longer artist-centric episodes. (Although there will be one more of those coming not too far down the road.) The first album we tackle is Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, the album that really deserves a lot of credit for launching the culture of punk, if not the music itself (the Ramones got there first). But the Sex Pistols took punk to a new...


Episode 12: Neko Case

Episode 12: Neko Case is the singer everybody loves to love. For over 20 years she has delighted listeners with her alt-country-ish-but-oh-so-much-more repertoire, both solo and with indie darlings The New Pornographers. In this episode of Reselect, Dave, Eric, and Sarah fawn all over Ms. Case, specifically for her solo work, and make the case (pun intended) for her as one of the best songwriters going (you thought that was going to say "singers" -- well yes, that too). Albums covered...


Episode 11: The Beths, "Future Me Hates Me" (Live and on Album)

Episode 11: The Beths are a great indie pop band hailing from New Zealand, and last August they made a tour stop in Seattle. This coincided with a visit from Dave's friends Judy and Margaret, flying over from the East Coast to take part in "Beat the Blerch," an annual race/walk featuring donuts and cake and couches that is put on by Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal (the online comic strip). In this Very Special Episode of Reselect, Dave chats with Judy and Margaret about The Beths' show...


Episode 10: The Kinks, 1964-1971

Episode 10: The Kinks Kreated more Koncept albums per Kapita over the Kourse of their Kareer than any other band in history. Thankfully, we aren't dealing with most of those. Instead, this episode finds Dave, Eric, and Sarah chatting strictly about the Kinks' Sixties and turn-of-the-Seventies music, including the albums spanning from 1967's Something Else by the Kinks to 1971's Muswell Hillbillies, with a few of their earlier singles thrown in for good measure. Let's get Kink-y! Featuring:...


Episode 9: Talking Heads, 1977-1985

Episode 9: In which Dave, Eric, and newcomer Sarah discuss the music of the fantastic Talking Heads, from their 1977 debut, Talking Heads: 77, up through their 1985 album, Little Creatures. And if you like the addition of Sarah to the mix, you're in luck: she's sticking around for more episodes to come! Featuring: Dave Gershman Eric Greene Sarah Wassell (so now does the "Wassellgreenes" reference on the Reselect logo make sense?) LINKS! Talking Heads on Amazon: Talking Heads: 77, 1977:...


Episode 8: Elton John, 1970-1975

Episode 8: In the early 1970s, there was no bigger star in pop music than Elton John, who was at the height of his powers during that era. Dave and Eric spend this episode discussing their takes on Elton's albums, covering the albums listed in the links below, beginning with his self-titled 1970 debut album and finishing with his 1975 album, Rock of the Westies. Featuring: Dave Gershman Eric Greene LINKS! Elton John on Amazon: Elton John, 1970:...


Episode 7: Joni Mitchell, 1968-1976

Episode 7: In which Dave and Eric continue their artist-based episodes with a discussion of the music of Joni Mitchell! We cover the albums listed in the links below, beginning with Joni's self-titled 1968 debut album and finishing with her 1976 album, Hejira. [One side note: This episode was actually recorded in early 2019, so our reference to "Snowmageddon" in the Pacific Northwest refers to the snowfall then. In case you were confused.] Featuring: Dave Gershman Eric Greene LINKS! Joni...


Episode 6: Sly and the Family Stone

Episode 6: In which Dave and Eric embark on their artist-based episodes with a discussion of the music of Sly and the Family Stone! We cover the albums listed in the links below, spanning the '60s and '70s career of Sly and the band. Featuring: Dave Gershman Eric Greene LINKS! Sly and the Family Stone on Amazon: A Whole New Thing: Dance to the Music: Life:...


Episode 5: Dave and Eric Discuss The New Format for Reselect

Episode 5: In which Dave and Eric discuss the new direction they've decided to take the podcast in. No more lyric analyses or reaction podcasts. It's all about the music now, as it should be! Featuring: Dave Gershman Eric Greene LINKS! READ: The Reselect Blog: VISIT: The Reselect Podcast site:


Episode 4: Dave and Eric Make a Reaction Video (with a song by Drake)

Episode 4: In which Dave and Eric think it might be fun to try making a reaction video, like the ones that are so popular on YouTube, and choose a current (at the time this was recorded) hit song that they had never heard before -- "God's Plan," by Drake. As it turns out, they decide to stop doing reaction videos. And yes, this is just the audio of the episode; the video never got posted. LINKS! BUY: "God's Plan" by Drake: READ: The...


Episode 3: The Lyrics of "Song 2" by Blur

Episode 3 features Dave and Eric taking a look at the lyrics of Blur's "Song 2," from their 1997 self-titled album. Things continue to be silly. Woo-hoo! Featuring: Dave Gershman Eric Greene LINKS The blog site: ( The podcast site: (