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RBP Rossaround with Joe Haramut, Episode 33 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More Here's a great story from a young guy that has made himself a success story in the competitive job market of the music industry. Joe Haramut gave up a college university scholarship to opt for a life in the music business. He quickly found out that this business doesn't always go in the direction that you have imagined for yourself. Thinking he would graduate from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and go on to work in a recording studio, he...


RBP Rossaround with Tim Aller, Episode 32 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More Tim Aller has had many jobs in the music and touring business, he is a real pro. Tim is the Tour Manager for the Robert Cray band and is also the Manager for Robert under the Fitzgerald Hartley Management company. I apologize for the background noise on this interview, but his office was the only place available at the time and it is a big open office. Tim's story is very interesting journey from his early days as a drummer, then a studio recording engineer...


RBP Rossaround with Kenny Dale Johnson, Episode 31 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More I started working with Kenny Dale Johnson last October. He has an unusual drumming style that fits perfectly with Chris Isaak's music. He also sings harmonies a lot with Chris and they have a very tight blend. Born in the small Texas town of Borger, he moved to Austin and eventually to San Francisco where he met up with Chris Isaak. He believed in Chris in the early years before Chris was a big star. He hung in there when their touring life was not so...


RBP Rossaround with Roly Salley, Episode 30 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More Roly Salley has been the bass player in the Silvertone Band (Chris Isaak) for over 33 years. He has had an exciting career working with many artists and living the musican life with all of the complicated twists and turns in that come with that lifestyle. I have featured Roly's original music in this podcast episode. Roly is a talented singer and songwriter. I have been working with Roly since last October 2017. It has been a real pleasure getting to know him...


RBP Rossaround with Michael Mason Episode 29 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More I met Michael at the beginning of his career with Jame Newton Howard. He became a very important cog in the complicated film scoring machine. I was recording and mixing for them during James's first dozen or so movie's. Michael was such a hard worker and he learned so much about scoring movies during that time that he became a very important part of getting these huge projects done. Over the years, Michael went on to work with other great composers and worked...


RBP Rossaround with Scott Plunkett Episode 28 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More Scott Plunkett has had an amazing career and has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business including some of my very favorite artists such as Michael McDonald, Don Henley, Box Scaggs, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak. Scott has also been responsible to creating thousands of sounds, patches and samples for Yamaha and many other keyboard manufacturers. I had the pleasure of meeting Scott many years ago when I was working for Michael...


RBP Rossaround with Dave Pallett, Episode 27 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More I am so very fortunate to work with so many talented people in my career. Not all are celebrities as I have been showcasing in my podcast episodes. I have been working with Dave Pallett since October 2017 when I came aboard the Chris Isaak tour. Dave is our Monitor Engineer and is a really good one. He keeps the band happy with the sound on the stage. Dave lives in Edmonton Canada, born in the UK. He has worked for many great artists such as Sarah McLachlan,...


RBP Rossaround with Jan Mengeling, Episode 26 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More Jan Mengeling is the current Production Manager for Chris Isaak. I did this interview last December but didn't get around to it until today. Last week I published my interview with Bobby Herr who was sitting in for Jan and he is now working with Fleetwood Mac. Back when I conducted his interview he was PM and Guitar Tech. He has come back to the Chris Isaak tour as PM and is no longer the Guitar Tech. Jan is a great guitar player and has been in several...


RBP Rossaround with Bobby Herr, Episode 25 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More I had the pleasure of working with Bobby Herr this last month. He filled in as Production Manager for the Chris Isaak tour. He is a true Professional. He makes this work look so easy with his relaxed attitude. Bobby's credit list is long and impressive. He is leaving us to start this years Fleetwood Mac Tour that may last up to two years. He has been with Fleetwood Mac for 15 years. He got his start working for Jan & Dean and went up from there working for...


RBP Rossaround with Scott Taylor, Episode 24 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More "Young Gun" Scott Taylor knows where he is going and he knows how he’s going to get there. I met Scott when I got hired to mix FOH for Chris Isaak. Scott was the Sound Image Rep taking care of audio set-ups for the tour. Shortly after I was hired, Scott became the Stage Manager as well as handling the audio duties and he has been doing a spectacular job. Scott wants to do many things in this business. He wants to mix FOH, be a Production Manager on big tours...


RBP Rossaround with Ken Stacey of Ambrosia, Episode 23 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More I just started working with Ken Stacey this year when Ambrosia started calling me to mix their shows. I have been very impressed with Ken's vocals. He's a real pro. You don't have to take my word for it. He is in high demand for his vocal talent. Ken has toured with Bobby Caldwell, Elton John and Ambrosia. He was all set to be on the giant but ill fated Michael Jackson tour, but after rehearsing for months with the MJ band, the world came tumbling down on all...


RBP Rossaround with Bob Whyley, Episode 22 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More I met Bob Whyley a long time ago when Michael McDonald performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1993. I was Michael's FOH Mixer, so my job was to be in the control room and make suggestions to the Tonight Show mixer. I was not allowed to touch anything but to act more like a music producer. Bob and I hit it off from the start and I came back to the show several times with other artists in the same role. Sometimes I came down just to sit and watch him...


RBP Rossaround with Brian Kilgore, Episode 21 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More You have heard him play many times. He is all over the movies and television shows that you watch on a regular basis. Brian Kilgore is an extremely talented percussionist who I have known and worked with for many years. He has a massive collection of ethnic percussion instruments as well as all the usual orchestral and hand percussion instruments in his collection. Brian started out as a drummer when his parents surprised him with his first drum kit that his...


RBP Rossaround with Jamey Tate, Episode 20 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More Jamey Tate is an amazingly talented musician. I met Jamey when working with David Benoit. Not only can he play the drums and read music cold, he can also write music, work as a Musical Director, arrange music and much more. Besides being a major talent, he is a genuine good guy. Always respectful of his touring partners while having great sense of humor. Jamey hired me several years ago to mix the Spotlight Awards show while Jamey was the Musical Director and...


RBP, Rossaround with John Tesh, Episode 19 - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More This is a very special interview for me. I worked for John Tesh for about 12 years, recording and mixing well over thirty projects. In the beginning, we made several records that were really inventive and exploring music styles like ELP, Yes, Pink Floyd etc. When the radio station, "The WAVE" became popular and Yanni was big, Johns music style became more "New Age" or "World Music". John was very popular and his records were successful to the point where we...


RBP Rossaround with Martin Thomas, Episode 18, Part-2, Lighting Designer Extraordinaire - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

We continue now with Martin's story. If you enjoyed last weeks Part-1, your going to love Part-2. Martin goes in depth with his stories about working with great artists and tells how he almost lost his eyesight permanently, ending his career forever. Fortunately, with great doctors and the benefit of today's technology, Martin is still out on the road dazzling the audiences with his stellar work. We will both be back out on the road in June with Alan Parsons. Come out and see the show!...


RBP Rossaround with Martin Thomas, Episode 18, Part-1, Lighting Designer Extraordinaire - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

More I have been working with Martin Thomas on the Alan Parsons Live shows since 2012. He never ceases to amaze me with his beautiful lighting designs an impeccable timing. We have had some great times on the road both as friends and as the FOH team. Martin has worked with many great artists including Todd Rundgren, Jill Scott, Maxwell, D'Angelo, Foreigner, Diana Ross, and Erykah Badu. Originally from New York, he transplanted to Arizona chasing the dream of...


RBP Rossaround with JT Mollner, Film Director: Outlaws & Angels - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

JT Mollner is an up and coming American film maker. Born in Las Vegas, he had big plans as a young boy be a novelist. He was influenced by Stephen King and other writers of that genre. As he grew up he discovered acting and realized that acting was just brick in the road toward becoming a director of feature films. He has studied all the great film makers and studied all the films he could possibly watch. After making several Short Films and getting awards and accolades for his work, he...


RBP Episode 16, Rossaround with Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

Burleigh Drummond is one of the founding members of the 5 time Grammy Nominated band, Ambrosia. Along with David Pack, Joe Puerta and Chris North they formed the band in 1970. They had a string of hit sons; How Much I Feel, Biggest Part of Me, You're the Only Woman, Holdin' On to Yesterday, I Just Can't Let Go, and other great songs very popular in the Prog Rock world. They have been through some changes over the years but they are still touring and making great music together. I was lucky...


RBP Episode 15, Rossaround with Tyson “TROPO” Leonard - Rossaround Backstage Podcast

Tyson Leonard AKA TROPO is a very talented Violinist, Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer, Stage Manager etc. I met Tyson on a Jeff Bridges tour we did together several years ago. Recognizing Tysons many talents, I hired him to work with me on the Alan Parsons Live shows. Tyson has worked on the AP tours as Stage Manager, Monitor Engineer and this last year, Tyson has been featured playing violin on stage with Alan. Tyson produces his own records performing as TROPO as well as...