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79 - Harry Quinn at The Courtyard

Today's episode was recorded at Harry Quinn's show at The Courtyard. I loved the performance. I'm in love with the venue. I'm in love with the neighbourhood. And I'm very sleep-deprived and excited, so before I ramble here as much as I ramble on this episode, let me list what you have to look forward to: Today's shout out: Hoxton Fish House on 59 Pitfield Street Today's guests: Paul Quinn: Harry Quinn's dad Dan Caleb: Adam Kay: ukopenmic's Number One...


78 - Loux at Soho Music Monthly

Today's episode was brought to you by Ken. He made me aware of the artist Loux, and it was Loux's performance that brought me to today's event. That event is part of Soho Music Monthly; every Thursday in June there is live music happening outdoors just off Carnaby Street. And today you'll hear me talk to some of the artists that performed (Loux and Effie), some of the people involved in the production (Isaac Charles and Scully), and some of the fans of the music (Delaney, Cee, and Jorge)....


77 - Starcrawler and Brand New Friend at Slacker Night

Last night's gig still has my head spinning. So please forgive me for the very late posting of this episode. Today's shoutouts are: James Woodall: Kelechi Okafor: And in today's episode you'll hear me talk to members of: Brand New Friend: Guesser: Starcrawler: Thank you to everyone I spoke to, Phil...


76 | Open Mic 17 - USA meets UK with Craig, Joey, and Ryan

Tuesday night's open mic brought some formidable talent, and today's guests were very much part of that. All of them were performing for this open mic for the first time, two of them are orignally from the USA (Chicago and New York), and I hope it won't be the last time I see them. Today's guests are: Craig Donovan - Joey Costello - Ryan Barquilla - Thank you very much folks! Today's shout...


75 | Whitney 01 - On The Run II Tour

I am my sister's number one fan. And she is a pretty big fan of Beyoncé. I've been wanting to talk to her for the podcast for the longest time, and getting her review of the Beyoncé and Jay Z show was a perfect opportunity. Many a laugh is shared as we reminisce on our histories with music, both shared and individual, so much so that the beefed up runtime of this episode is more than justified. Thanks Whitney! The shout outs for this episode are: Slacker Night:...


74 - Bukky at Peggy's Big Sunday

Today's episode was one big pleasant surprise. I talk to Bukky who was one of the performers at Peggy's Big Sunday at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. To find out more about the people I speak to (and you really should find out more about the people I speak to), check out the links below: Peggy: Bukky: House Of Miagi: Elvis: Pedro:...


73 | The Big Moon at The 100 Club

Yes, we're back. Today's gig is brought to you by Cal (, who kindly invited me along to this gig as his +1. In today's episode, as well as the usual conversations and some original music at the end, you will also hear: Some audio from the group Woom Some audio from the poet Georgie Jesson: Ian: Nev and Jem Phoebe: Thank you to everyone for your time, The...


72 - Playing Live 4

A short and sweet episode today. On Sunday 10th June I actually dusted off my guitar and brought it with me to The Plough. So today's episode is me playing at the open mic with my own guitar for the first time in ages. It's a song that I have played numeroues times on this podcast, and the one that I want to be the first that I record and release in an official manner, so here is yet another incarnation of it. Thanks for listening. You can find me in the usual places: Twitter:...


71 | Open Mic 16 -Beyond The Vinyl

Today's episode was recorded at the Brass Monkey pub near Victoria station. We have started a new open mic there on Thursdays, and there to grace us with their presence on our inaugural night were none other than Beyond The Vinyl. Together Paul and Lawrence take us through what was, is, and hopefully will be of their band. I'm very grateful to them both for their time, and for dedicating part of their second set to me on the night. 'MON THE VINYL! You can find out more about them here:...


70 | Open Mic 15 - What Could Go Wrong?

This was recorded from our (possibly) last night at Anise Bar. The list of performers was short which reminded me of some of the rougher open mic nights I've had to host. So that lead to me asking last night's performers if they can remember their worst experience of playing live music. The people that I spoke to were: CHYENNYE SMITH: ISSY: | 80: |...


69 | Open Mic 14 - Meet The Family

Recorded after The Reliance open mic night, this episode is a bit of a head-spinner. There were a lot of people still around after the music ended, so this is my attempt to speak to as many of them as I can. And those people are: MARC FELDES - | OWEN HOLMES - VIVI - | JAKE STOKES -...


68 - Magic Wands at Shacklewell Arms brings out "The Regulars"

This episode was recorded at Shacklewell Arms on Monday 4th June. Magic Wands played, supported by Duke and Violet Fields. But the people I spoke to in this episode weren't in the bands, instead they are the avid fans of the small gigs - be they photographers, videographers, interviewers, or people who are happy to be part of it all. I'll fill in more details later, but for now the people I spoke to were Roger Mairlow, John Clay, and James (who was previously in episode 44). Thanks to...


67 - Open Mic 13 with Freddy Macha, Stephanie Rodriguez and Beware The Rebel Cat

Today's episode was recorded after the open mic at The Plough on Sunday 3rd June. The artists that I spoke to had all performed as part of the night, and I took the opportunity to find out a little more about their international backgrounds. You will hear me talk to: Freddy Macha: | Stephanie Rodriguez: | Val: Thank...


66 - Sam at the London Welsh Centre

The London Welsh Centre is one of the venues for the open mic nights I run. Sam has been a most wonderful host everytime I've been there, so on this episode I find out a little more about the man and the venue. Thank you for your time Sam, the pleasure was all mine.


65 - Open Mic 12 at The Reliance

This episode was recorded on Tuesday 29th May at The Reliance pub by Old Street station. The people I speak to are: Steve: Justin: Thanks for listening. You can find me in the usual places: Twitter: Instagram: Email: Patreon: iTunes:...


64 - Black Malt with Mike, Alecks, and Alex

This episode was recorded on Sunday 27th May at The Bottle Shop near Bermondsey station. The people I spoke to, in this particular order, are: Mike - Alecks - Alex - Thanks for listening. You can find me in the usual places: Twitter: Instagram: Email: Patreon:...


63 - All Points East with Ben and Cal

This episode was recorded on Friday 25th May at All Points East festival. The people I spoke to were: Ben: Cal: Thanks for listening. You can find me in the usual places: Twitter: Instagram: Email: Patreon: iTunes:...


62 - Open Mic 11 at Anise Bar

This episode was recorded on Thursday 24th May at Anise Bar near Liverpool Street station. The people I spoke to, in this specific order, are: Rachel Glass Sanjee Anand: Sean: Natasha: Thanks for listening. You can find me in the usual places: Twitter: Instagram: Email:...


61 - Halftime

Part one of the catch-up here, this was recorded on Wednesday 24th May but uploaded Sunday 27th May. In this episode I'm very aware of the fact that I've done this podcast for 60 days (roughly), and in 60 day's time (roughly) I'm turning 29. So with that I'm considering this as something of a halfway point, which feels like a perfect time to look back on what has been achieved, what I have yet to do, and how I can continue to avoid having any more "nothing days". Basically it's me going on...


60 - Thank you.

60 - Thank you. by Roy