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John Thomas Smith - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

On August 27th, 2019 - his 88th birthday - my best friend and grandfather, John Thomas Smith, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. On Friday November 15th, 2019, Pappaw passed from this world and was reunited with my grandmother. Before he left, he sat down with me to tell me about his life. We discussed his humble beginnings in Jasper, Indiana, his mother's tragic death, moving to Louisville with an abusive father, growing up and getting into trouble, leaving home and traveling the...


EP107 - Sean and Leslie Save Christmas AGAIN - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Join Sean and his sister Leslie for the last Sean Vs. Wild episode of 2018! The two pick up where they left off last year, discussing all things Christmas, Sean talks about his abundance of Christmas parties, Froggy Fresh's Christmas song, their year in review, New Year's resolutions, Sean winning 100 bucks, who partied at Leslie's, Corgis under the Christmas tree, the art of re-gifting, more memorable Christmas presents, and much more! We wish you a Wild Christmas on this week's episode...


EP106 - Louisville Supercon - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week, Sean and Joe are back to discuss their wild time at Louisville Supercon. Join them as they chat about tailgating comic events, their favorite superheroes, Joe's art accomplishments, Alice Cooper and Elvis, meeting the Karate Kid, what's behind the mysterious curtain, cosplaying Mortal Kombat, Big Acid, sweet bracelets, autograph deals, and Geek Goddesses. Get your spandex and foam swords ready, it's the new episode of the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! LINKS: Site -...


EP105 - Guitars and Yachts w/ Joe Brock - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week Sean and his partner in crime Joe sit down to discuss guitars and Cyber Monday deals on yachts. Later in the show, Joe discusses his new year's resolutions for 2019, what Foxbat has been up to, what's on his Christmas list this year, his favorite guitarists, being fooled by the Hoosier Dome, and an awesome charity for which he is raising awareness. Tis the season to give and get wild here on the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! Join Foxbat in Support of Iliad here: ...


EP104 - Sean's Thanksgiving Message - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Happy Thanksgiving, Wildlings! Tune in this week for a heartfelt message on the goings on of the podcast, as well as find out exactly who and what Sean is thankful for so far in 2018. Give thanks and get wild... it's the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! Sean's Links: Site - Itunes - Spotify - Android -...


EP103 - Takeover: Wargames and WWE Survivor Series w/ Jake Hellman - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

The Nasty Boys are back in town for this week's podcast as Jake from and Sean sit down to talk about NXT TAKEOVER: WARGAMES and WWE SURVIVOR SERIES. Listen as they make their predictions on who will be victorious, who will get the shmaz, which wrestlers they'd like to see return, and what we will all be in store for in this hallowed weekend of professional wrestling. Also, we talk about Hulk Hogan's return, WWE Crown Jewel, Evolution, and more! Get ready to lay the smack...


EP102 - Verses - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

We're up to our old tricks again this week, as Sean sits down with Trey Landrum and Robbie Logsdon of Louisville's VERSES. The trio chat about gas station coffee, 90's television commercials, how they got into music, the family history behind The Tiger Room and paying homage to famed Louisville venue The Toy Tiger, how Trey became a singer, face tattoos, Kart Kountry, hidden easter eggs that link their music videos together, and their brand new album "STASIS" which drops Friday, November...


EP101 - Sean and Leslie's Halloween Spooktacular - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week on the show, Sean's sister/holiday correspondent, Leslie, is back in the studio just in time for All Hallows Eve. The siblings sit down to discuss Halloweens past, memorable costumes, what terrorized them as kids, growing up in a potentially haunted house, the best movies for the Halloween season, irrational adult fears, which songs are making their Halloween party playlist, Leslie's affinity for prank phone calls, Sean's hatred for Ethan Hawke, only liking Swedish films,...


EP100 - Sean and Joe's 100th Episode Celebration - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Happy 100, Wildlings! This week, Sean and Joe are partying in the Smithsonian and you're invited! Join the two as they look back on the last one hundred episodes of the show, tell you how they celebrated and the hilarity that ensued, dying at Walgreens, which project they plan to bring to the silver screen in the years to come, how Sean made a PS4 controller disappear, the time Joe almost got into a fight at Great Clips, and the two sit down to answer YOUR questions! Tune in and get your...


EP99 - Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters - Round 2 - Sean Vs. Wild

This week, Nick Dittmeier returns to the Smithsonian to talk about his latest release "ALL DAMN DAY" available October 26th on Eastwood Records. The two sit down do rant about Andre The Giant's drinking stories, Hulk Hogan auditioning for Metallica and The Rolling Stones (true story), the connection between La Croix and Faygo, which albums DJ Lethal would have scratched in Limp Bizkit, the lamest member of Slipknot, tour stories from the United States and Europe, Nick's special deliveries,...


EP98 - Prayer Line - Never Nervous - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, the podcast hits you with some Halloween as Sean sits down with Phil, Austin, Jake, and Jake of Prayer Line to discuss their new horror-themed punk band, their ongoing Louisville music/arts publication, writing songs based on serial killers and The Wicker Man, their ongoing feud with VADERBOMB, their upcoming shows at the Odeon and Kaiju, the recipe for a perfect Tecate Sunrise, the best bar in Hikes Point, and questionable scenes from Ghostbusters. Later in...


EP97 - GRLwood - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

You asked for it, and you got it! This week, Sean parties with Rej and Karen of GRLwood. The three sit down to discuss the formation of the band, playing on a suitcase, the genius behind The Matrix movies, their new album "DADDY" available on sonaBLAST! Records, keeping a relentless tour schedule, why major labels are irrelevant, their upcoming Halloween spectacular "SpOoKyFest", their dream to play The Gathering of the Juggalos, and the challenge of eating an 11 lb. pizza! Also in the...


EP96 - Ryan Davis - State Champion - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week Sean catches up with Ryan Davis - mastermind behind Cropped Out Festival, Sophomore Lounge Records, and alternative-country band State Champion. The two sit down to discuss the eighth annual Cropped Out Fest taking place October 5th and 6th, labeling breakfast food, assembling records, State Champion's new album "SEND FLOWERS" available November 9th, Two For Flinching, epic basement shows, their love of Garmin products, what happens at Spencer's Gifts, and where the name...


EP95 - Moonwalker - Part III - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Moonwalker is back again, this time taking a break from tour to stop by the Smithsonian for a fun, open conversation. Rob, Mark, and Sean sit down to discuss their brand new album "Moonwalker Vol. 1" available now on Standby Records, tour life, running on no sleep, rockin' the Dodge Durango, being mistaken for EDM, the predictability of Jurassic Park sequels, food shows, social media pet peeves, Mark not seeing The Matrix, recreational sports injuries, and shopping for CDs in public. Later...


EP94 - Annapurna - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week Sean sits down in the Smithsonian with ANNAPURNA to discuss their new album "The Greater Good", Lil Yachty and Donnie Osmond collaborating on a Chef Boyardee commercial, the formation of the band, their love of metal, the recording process, how they got into music, the best and worst Christmas songs, what's hot on Netflix, how they pulled of their new music video with the help of Louisville Visual Arts, Sean's love of Shaquille O'Neal's soda, and where you can catch Annapurna in...


EP93 - Amber Bananafish - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Sean sits down with entrepreneur and artist Amber Bananafish to discuss how she overcame adversity to find success in the world of tattooing. The two chat about her upbringing, what inspired her to begin tattooing, her love of Tim Curry, the best snacks at Harvest Homecoming, her brand new shop opening September 5th, traveling the convention circuit, having her own beer, what fuels her to succeed, who helped her along the way, and where you can catch Amber in a city near you! Get...


EP92 - AVOID - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Sean sits down in the Virtual Smithsonian with Benny Scholl, frontman of Seattle band AVOID. The two sit down to discuss their new album "ALONE" available August 31st on Revival Recordings, playing Knotfest, wanting to attend the Gathering of the Juggalos, Larry Enticer, making the transition from drums to vocals, their favorite Nu Metal bands, word porn, how to enjoy Dave Matthews Band, and Benny attempts to redeem the city of Seattle for Sean. Later in the show we check out the...


EP91 - Alteras - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Sean is joined in the "Virtual Smithsonian" by Jake Clasen and Zack Orr of Alteras. The gang sit down to discuss their new album "MYSELF ON FIRE" available now on Revival Recordings, quantum leaping in Youngstown, the importance of a killer stage presence, the first albums they ever bought, charting on Billboard, the formation of the band, getting shut down by the fuzz in New Jersey, the song "My Humps", playing the Van's Warped Tour, keeping a busy tour schedule, and music going...


EP90 - Sean & Jake Talk Summerslam - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

The Mega Powers have assembled once again for a jam-packed, bone-crunching, body-slamming new episode of the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast. Joined by Jake Hellman of, Sean sits down to discuss all the hottest wrestling related events going down this summer including: All In, Summerslam, and NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4. The two also give their thoughts on who will be victorious, which matches will be mat classics, which matches will be snoozefests, their dream bookings, and who the...


EP89 - Growing Up w/ Cousin Ryan - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Sean sits down for a long overdue podcast with his cousin Ryan to discuss their family, growing up, Ninja Turtle birthday parties, balling on a budget, the best wings in Louisville, Fubu jerseys, waterbeds, being horrified at the movies, backyard wrestling, which member of New Kids on the Block showed the most promise, the best Taco Bell menu item, Taz tattoos, adventures in the Impala, and why all the Little Debbies disappeared at night. The two dedicate this podcast in memory of...