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EP73 - MARVIN- Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week on the Sean Vs. Wild podcast, Sean is sitting down with MARVIN to discuss his musical roots, what inspired him to play, how he got his name, the time Sean and Marvin rode the same school bus, their love of Garth Brooks and Motown, working the cover band circuit, moving around the country to chase the dream, and where you can catch Marvin next! Later in the show we check out a sweet mashup/cover of Gnarls Barkley and Hall & Oates and Marvin spills the details on recording his debut...


EP72 - Oxymorrons - Matty Mayz - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Greetings, Wildlings! Sean is back in the Virtual Smithsonian this week and he's talking to Matty Mayz, drummer of NYC-based hip hop band OXYMORRONS. The two sit down to discuss challenging cultural perceptions with his band, combining hip hop and rock, the music that inspired him to play drums, pizza and sandwiches, which cereal is best, not fitting into social norms, Rap being the new Rock, economical partying in North Dakota, Pokemon cards, and building a breakfast empire. Later we...


EP71 - NXT Takeover : New Orleans w/ Jake from Never Nervous - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Oh yeah! The NWO (Nervous/Wild Organization) is back for Part 2 of this week's action-packed wrestling podcasts. Sean and Jake sit down today to discuss Saturday's NXT Takeover: New Orleans. Tune in to hear Sean's unfavorable opinions on Johnny Gargano, Jake's wish for a Bourbon Street Bawl, exotic beverages as weapons, the genius of Adam Cole's entrance, high praise for Pete Dunne, the time Zelina Vega liked Sean's tweets, and why they love NXT. Later in the show, the two get confused on...


EP70 - Wrestlemania Celebration w/ Jake from Never Nervous - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast!

Let me tell you something, Wildlings! This week, the Seanster is joining forces with Jake Hellman from to rap about one of their favorite subjects: Professional Wrestling. Join them for the first of two episodes, this one focusing on WWE Wrestlemania. Hear all about their favorite wrestling memories, the best blonde hair/brown beard combination in the business, the matches they're most looking forward to, a breakdown of the wrestlers they love, the wrestlers they love to...


EP69 - Caleb Hanks - The Clerk / The Nova Echo - Part 2 - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week, Caleb Hanks is back for Round 2 of conversation on the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! In this episode, we're have some laid back conversation about audiobooks, tour stories, Star Wars, Blade Runner, the works of Philip K. Dick, Caleb's bluegrass band Copernicus, the state of technology, the art of the "Aye Doad", the time Sean mispronounced "Moog", Caleb's favorite comic books, playing celebrity weddings, and high praise from Robert Rodriguez. Also in the show, we check out the song...


EP68 - Caleb Hanks - The Clerk / The Nova Echo - Part 1 - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week on the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast, Sean is sitting down in the Virtual Smithsonian 2.0 for a two-part conversation with Asheville, NC artist and musician Caleb Hanks. The dynamic duo sit down to talk about Caleb's new graphic novel "The Clerk", his new album "Xander Vi1", how he spent the last six years, overcoming depression and alcoholism, becoming a graphic designer for Tom DeLonge of Blink 182, aliens, Star Wars, Blade Runner, dating in the 21st century, cartoon boobs, bluegrass...


EP67 - Artica - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Greetings Wildlings! This week, Sean is partying with Lexington-based band Artica. The crew sit down to chat about time traveling, which Nicktoon is best, trailer fires, D&D, recording with their favorite producer, board games, their new EP "Color Restored", Steve Harvey's Family Feud, what albums they've been bumping lately, and what they definitely don't want to find floating in their soup. Later in the show we check out their brand new single "Cloak and Claw" and talk all about their...


EP66 - Street Sense - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week, Sean chills hard in the Smithsonian with Isaiah, David, Jake, and Hunter of Louisville band Street Sense. The gang sit down over some cold brews to discuss the band, their new musical direction, recording their new album with Jordan Haynes, which McDonald's dipping sauce is king, the drive-thru window at Subway, water sponsorships, practicing in the elements, and the performance art of Poppy. Later in the show, we're checking out their brand new single "WHITE LODGE" featuring...


EP65 - Greyhaven - Sean Vs Wild

Alright Wildlings, this week Sean is joined in the Smithsonian by Brent, Nick, and Ethan of Greyhaven. We're going to be talking all about their new album "EMPTY BLACK", what they've been up to in recent years, the writing and recording process, "HYPERFOCUS", Stone Cold Steve Austin, signing with Graphic Nature/Equal Vision Records, Nirvana's MTV Unplugged Special, their favorite Louisville bands of past and present, and which band they think will be the next big breakout stars. Later in...


EP64 - Marissa Lawrence aka Marissa_Sux - Sean Vs Wild

This week in the Smithsonian, Sean is talking video games w/ Twitch Affiliate Marissa Lawrence aka Marissa_Sux. The two sit down over some chilled La Croix to discuss her Twitch channel, being a female gamer, reactions to her videos, the gaming community, how she got into video games, getting Satanic, the Sam Elliott Voice Changer, which games they're playing currently, Kink Wednesdays, Sean's love of Veronica Mars, Quentin Tarantino themed costume parties, going to comic conventions,...


EP63 - Sean's 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Extravaganza - Sean Vs. Wild

Hello lovers, dreamers, and Wildlings! Valentine's Day is upon us, and to celebrate Sean is joined in the Smithsonian by his holiday correspondents - Alyssa Mason and his sister, Leslie. The trio sit down over a questionably named wine to discuss The Office, Justin Timberlake, what's hot and what's not for Valentine's Day 2K18, the best V-Day candy, and to give the listening audience the gift that keeps on giving - their Top 5 List of Must See Romantic Comedies. Tune in for the hilarious...


EP62 - Sim Williams - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

From the U.K. to L.A. and into your headphones, Sim Williams joins Sean in the Virtual Smithsonian this week for a chat! Sean and Sim sit down to discuss their time together on Warped Tour, Sim's move from England to California, his run-ins with Harry Styles, his time playing guitar in The Exposed, his self-titled solo project, his new album "Broken Bones", and where you can catch Sim in a city near you! Later in the show, we check out the first single "Casanova Blues" and Sean and Sim...


EP61 - Danni Bouchard - Oh Honey / Luxtides - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Greetings, Wildlings! This week on the podcast, Sean is chatting with Danni Bouchard - frontwoman of Oh Honey (Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic), Luxtides, and an O.G. member of the Little Heart Records family. Danni sits down to discuss how she became affiliated with Little Heart, getting the gig w/ Oh Honey, touring with The Fray, her love of Harry Potter, the cycles of the moon, having her music featured on GLEE, singing with cast members of Orange Is The New Black, and her guest appearance on...


EP60 - RIVALS- Sean Vs Wild Podcast

Greetings, Wildlings! This week, Sean is joined in the "Virtual Smithsonian" by Kalie, Micket, Josh, and Sebastian of LA-based band RIVALS. The gang sit down to chat with Sean about touring together, van trouble, gas station Zingers, alien activity at Lake Shasta, conspiracy theories, signing with SmartPunk, building a coffin, and their brand new album "DAMNED SOUL". Later in the show, we check out their brand new single "OVER IT" and they give you the deetz on where you can catch RIVALS...


EP59 - Kevin Lyman - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week, Sean is talking to Kevin Lyman, mastermind behind the Van's Warped Tour. The two sit down to chat about starting out in the music business, Kevin's previous gig with Lollapalooza, the first years of Warped Tour, trials and tribulations on the road, his hobbies outside of work, his charitable causes, and the future of Warped Tour after 2018. Along the way, Kevin shares his insight and advice for anyone out there wanting to live their dream. Tune in, get warped, and wild on this...


EP58 - His Dream Of Lions - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

On today's show, Sean sits down in the Smithsonian to chat with Virginia-based band His Dream Of Lions. It's a packed house as Sean and the gang crack open a few cold brews to talk about life on the road, touring with SVW alumni Assuming We Survive and Moonwalker, their Warped Tour experience, the perks of orange Neuro, the strange nature of ASMR, the story behind their new music video, our too late predictions for The Last Jedi, how to successfully even out a tan line, and the flexibility...


EP57 - Sean's One Year Anniversary Special w/ Joe Brock - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

Happy New Year, Wildlings! Not only are we diving headfirst into 2018, Sean is also celebrating the show's one year anniversary! Listen in as Sean is joined by that dirty dial booper himself, Joe Brock, to talk about the podcast, how the show has grown over the past year, their favorite episodes and guests, the triumphs and tragedies they faced over the course of 2017, what they have planned for 2018, and find out whether or not Joe Brock stuck to his New Year's Resolution! All this, plus...


EP56 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week Team Thrillmot is joined by "The Banana Man" Hughe Blaske to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Fanboys beware, there are spoilers aplenty. Listen in to find out who loved it, who hated it, and who was indifferent, as well as their favorite and least favorite parts of this latest and more polarizing installment of the Star Wars franchise. Happy New Year and May The Force Be With You, it's the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! P.S. Sean hated the blue milk. GET MOVIEPASS AND JOIN IN ON...


EP55 - Sean and Leslie Save Christmas - The Sean Vs Wild Christmas Special

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Wildlings! This week, Sean sits down with his sister Leslie over a glass of eggnog to relive all their best and most embarrassing stories, as well as share tales of the glories, of Christmases long, long ago! Get in the spirit as they discuss their favorite Christmas gifts, the best Christmas album, their favorite and least favorite Christmas songs, the ultimate Christmas movie, and their favorite Christmas memories. Also in the show their talking about...


EP54 - Sean & John Review Justice League - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

SPOILER ALERT: It's Friday, and this week Team Thrillmot/Team WillSmith hit you with their hot takes on the latest and most polarizing film in the DCU, Justice League. Was it good? Was it trash? Should you see it? Should you pass? These questions and more will be answered today on Sean's latest MoviePass podcast! Also, the dynamic duo will be talking about their early impressions of Black Panther, Tomb Raider, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and more. GET MOVIEPASS AND JOIN IN ON THE CONVO HERE:...


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