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EP89 - Growing Up w/ Cousin Ryan - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Sean sits down for a long overdue podcast with his cousin Ryan to discuss their family, growing up, Ninja Turtle birthday parties, balling on a budget, the best wings in Louisville, Fubu jerseys, waterbeds, being horrified at the movies, backyard wrestling, which member of New Kids on the Block showed the most promise, the best Taco Bell menu item, Taz tattoos, adventures in the Impala, and why all the Little Debbies disappeared at night. The two dedicate this podcast in memory...


EP88 - Foxbat With A Vengeance - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

The Foxbat is back and this time Sean is joining Clay and Jeromy in the Foxbat Cave to discuss their brand new album "Rotgut". The gang chat about the recording process, their latest music videos, their upcoming album release show at Headliner's Music Hall, their favorite fair foods, heavy music, the emotional investment of printing merch, dressing like Bud from Bio-Dome, and where you can catch Foxbat this summer. Later in the show we're premiering the song "Kancer Klan" from their new...


EP87 - Mad Man Pondo - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week on the Sean Vs Wild Podcast, Sean sits down with renowned deathmatch wrestler and author Mad Man Pondo to discuss his new autobiography "Memoirs of a Mad Man". The two chat about their wrestling loving grandparents, territory wrestling, how Pondo got into the business, tape trading, his passion for deathmatch wrestling, his love of horror movies, IWA Mid South, working for Insane Clown Posse, and how to get the most out of your MoviePass. Pick up his new book today at...


EP86 - Midnight Channels - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Midnight Channels invades the Smithsonian this week to chat with Sean about the true meaning behind their band name, anime, spending time in Japan, their most triumphant return to music, being Southern Indiana boys, reading the Twilight books, the pros and cons of Jimmy John's, why we don't swim in lakes, and their upcoming show at MagBar on July 24th! Later in the show, we check out their tasty jam "Ocean Lens" and discuss those crazy outlaws in Iron Falcon. You don't want to miss this...


EP85 - Moonwalker Returns - Rob Crews - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Moonwalker's back with their brand new single "Level Up" and to celebrate, Rob Crews is partying with Sean in the Virtual Smithsonian. The two sit down to discuss what Moonwalker has been up to since they last spoke, the songwriting/production process, getting roasted by your favorite comedian, the last summer of Van's Warped Tour, the art of grilling, being Jurassic Park'd out, fireworks in the entire month of July, Philly Cheesesteaks, and Rob's dad going to high school with...


EP84 - Iron Falcon Rides Again - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Alright Wildlings, just in time for 4th of July, Sean is back in the Smithsonian with Indiana's favorite Southern boys: Iron Falcon. Sean, Chris, and Chris kick back a few IBC Root Beers to discuss America's birthday, the thrill of dangerous fireworks, the happenings of Iron Falcon since they last spoke, how to survive a tornado, Monster Trucks, their new EP "Neighbor of the Beast" releasing 7/27/18, making their own music videos, trashing instruments, arts and crafts, the first time Sean...


EP83 - Sean Thriller Smith - Part II Turbo - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Greetings Wildlings! Zack and Sean are back for the "THRILLING" sequel to last week's in depth conversation. This week, the dynamic duo focus on Sean's podcast career - what inspired him to start his brand, to which podcasts he is listening, how a single compliment changed his career path, growing up fat, receiving advice from Craig Owens of Chiodos, inside tips on getting guests, Jennifer Lawrence being Sean's dream guest, and phonies smoking cigarettes. Later in the show, Zack finds out...


EP82 - Sean Thriller Smith - Part 1 - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

You want it, you got it. By popular demand, Sean is turning hosting duties over to friend and entrepreneur Zack Pennington for this special two-part podcast. This week, Sean opens up about his humble beginnings, his musical career, the greatest rollercoasters, playing in the school band, the grind of touring, investment regrets, the Indiana music scene, and the revolving door of musicians that he has worked with over the years. Later in the show, we give a listen to Sean's favorite UHBY...


EP81 - June Divided - Melissa Menago - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week Sean is joined in the "Virtual Smithsonian" by Melissa "Mel" Menago - singer, guitarist, and frontwoman of Philadelphia's JUNE DIVIDED. The two sit down to discuss what's hot and what's not on Netflix, how the band formed out of a college project, winning at Warped Tour, writing through a snowstorm, their new album "BODY WARS" out 8/24, how they got hooked up with Revival Recordings, how movies inspired their musical endeavors, Mel's career as a teacher and her voice-over...


EP80 - Meadow Ryann - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Greetings, Wildlings! This week singer/songwriter and future MISS INDIANA, Meadow Ryann, joins Sean in the Smithsonian. The two chat about how she got into singing and playing guitar, her early musical influences, being a go-getter, her life in pageants, competing in the Miss Indiana competition, what to order at McDonalds, which candy bar and Little Debbie is best, her annual charity event Hope For The Homeless, and how she has accomplished all of this by the age of 18. Later in the show,...


EP79 - Nick Dittmeier - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Sean is joined in the Smithsonian by Nick Dittmeier. The two sit down over a few frosty low carb brews to discuss Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters, frozen milk not equaling a milkshake, their favorite segments of VH1's Behind The Music, Nick's musical background, compensation in Texas, their shared love for 80's rock biopics, questionable fast food, transitioning from heavy music to country and Americana, the recording process for The Sawdusters' upcoming album, Metallica's "Some...


EP78 - Charlie Walker - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week Sean is joined in the Smithsonian by comedian Charlie Walker. The two sit down to talk about the art of stand up comedy, the constant grind that goes into crafting material, his mentor Cleveland Jackson, writing musical comedy, Steve Martin's banjo skills, joke thievery, watching 80's music videos with no sound, the best RPGS, sharing the same birthday, filming hot music videos, and the Tim Northern Comedy Festival. Later in the show we check out Charlie's new single "KEEP YOUR...


EP77 - Concealer - Alex Reyes - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

On this week's episode of Sean Vs. Wild, Sean sits down with Alex Reyes, mastermind behind CONCEALER. The two chat about Alex's early life in California, his love for MTV, musical influences, moving to Louisville on a whim, starting his first musical projects, relocating to Tampa, recording his new album "Desperate Hands" with Jordan Haynes, his record label Fair Shot Records, and the trials and tribulations that come along with being in a band. Later in the show we premier the brand new...


EP76 - Bobbie Jean Brown - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week on the podcast, Sean is joined by author, model, reality television star, and MTV video vixen Bobbie Jean Brown. The two sit down to discuss her book "Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip", growing up in Louisiana and moving to LA, manifesting success, marrying Jani Lane of Warrant, being engaged to Tommy Lee, the highs and lows of shooting the "Cherry Pie" music video, her acting work on Married: With Children, working with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanilla Ice...


EP75 - The Stars Revolt - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week Sean is joined in the Smithsonian by Richie, Will, Skylar, and Brett of Southern Indiana's The Stars Revolt. The gang sit down to discuss the formation of the band, Richie's time as "RICHIE ACTION", the early-2000's emo sound, their new self-titled album, special effects on the set of their new music video, the genius of The Room, running the New Albany Production House, the time Skylar and Brett filmed a music video in Dairy Queen during business hours, keeping a well stocked...


EP74 - It Lives, It Breathes - Kevin Lacerda - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week Sean is joined in the Virtual Smithsonian by Kevin Lacerda, frontman for Providence, RI rock/metalcore band It Lives, It Breathes. Kevin takes a break from recording in the studio to sit down with Sean to discuss his band, what they've been up to in the studio, how a trip to a karaoke bar gave him the confidence to front a band, how the got connected with Stay Sick (owned by Fronz of Atilla), releasing music independently, his love of professional wrestling, how wrestling has...


EP73 - MARVIN- Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week on the Sean Vs. Wild podcast, Sean is sitting down with MARVIN to discuss his musical roots, what inspired him to play, how he got his name, the time Sean and Marvin rode the same school bus, their love of Garth Brooks and Motown, working the cover band circuit, moving around the country to chase the dream, and where you can catch Marvin next! Later in the show we check out a sweet mashup/cover of Gnarls Barkley and Hall & Oates and Marvin spills the details on recording his...


EP72 - Oxymorrons - Matty Mayz - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Greetings, Wildlings! Sean is back in the Virtual Smithsonian this week and he's talking to Matty Mayz, drummer of NYC-based hip hop band OXYMORRONS. The two sit down to discuss challenging cultural perceptions with his band, combining hip hop and rock, the music that inspired him to play drums, pizza and sandwiches, which cereal is best, not fitting into social norms, Rap being the new Rock, economical partying in North Dakota, Pokemon cards, and building a breakfast empire. Later we...


EP71 - NXT Takeover : New Orleans w/ Jake from Never Nervous - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Oh yeah! The NWO (Nervous/Wild Organization) is back for Part 2 of this week's action-packed wrestling podcasts. Sean and Jake sit down today to discuss Saturday's NXT Takeover: New Orleans. Tune in to hear Sean's unfavorable opinions on Johnny Gargano, Jake's wish for a Bourbon Street Bawl, exotic beverages as weapons, the genius of Adam Cole's entrance, high praise for Pete Dunne, the time Zelina Vega liked Sean's tweets, and why they love NXT. Later in the show, the two get confused on...


EP70 - Wrestlemania Celebration w/ Jake from Never Nervous - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast!

Let me tell you something, Wildlings! This week, the Seanster is joining forces with Jake Hellman from to rap about one of their favorite subjects: Professional Wrestling. Join them for the first of two episodes, this one focusing on WWE Wrestlemania. Hear all about their favorite wrestling memories, the best blonde hair/brown beard combination in the business, the matches they're most looking forward to, a breakdown of the wrestlers they love, the wrestlers they love to...