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Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/ humour to life observations and song analysis.

Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/ humour to life observations and song analysis.


Mount Eliza, VIC


Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/ humour to life observations and song analysis.






This Is How It Goes

Episode#119: This Is How It Goes (Song starts at 4:28) The evening I recorded this episode, I went outside because I heard a strange song. A chorus of hundreds of frogs could be heard on the wind. Talk about nature’s tune. These frogs were really making a racket. As it turned out, this fitted in nicely with the song featured on this week's episode. ‘This Is How It Goes’ talks about getting in touch with nature’s tune. Also, following on from the essence of last week's podcast: as we are all...


The Patient Hum

Episode #118: The Patient Hum (Song starts at 4:58 & 24:38) Song #436, The Patient Hum was written in 1998. Back then, there was a sense of peace about what I was up to (and I'm happy to say there's a sense of peace about what I'm up to today). So the song came from a peaceful place. The lyrics talk about how everything is in a state of constant change - including us, as people. The arts offer a place of reflection where we can see ourselves for who we truly are. It's also a 'safe place'...


No Crime To Stay

Episode #117: No Crime To Stay (Song starts at 10:00) This week's song (#263) was written in 1993, when I was living in a very beautiful & peaceful spot in New Zealand: Kuratau, on the shores of lake Taupo. The meditative pastime of fly fishing for trout really relaxes me. I find that once I've been out in nature, all my worries have drifted away and I'm ready to create. As a songwriter, I really think it's important to get away from it and do some other activity that takes your mind...


Still Crazy Here

Episode #116: Still Crazy Here (Song starts at 3:43) Hi there, For this episode, I dug up a box of old diaries and found the year/week where I wrote this song. I read through some passages. It turns out I'd left my stage piano at the gig. So I wasn’t able to write songs… and I wrote: 'If I'm not being creative, I feel terrible!’. I was flat. Didn't see the point in watching TV, I was disgruntled to to say the least. Then something happened. I tidied up my desk, found 15 lots of lyrics, went...


Winter’s Song

Episode #115: Winter’s Song (Song starts at 4:57) It was a cold day, back in 1999. I looked around the flat, saw and heard the rain in the trees outside the window. We had a heater like a back handed compliment: it blew air out, not nearly as warm as what was required.. So I started by writing: ‘Raining in the trees, winters song….' Song #454 presented itself this week when I opened one of my song books. 'Winters Song'. I haven't thought of this one for years. But I like a bit of fun and...


In your Mind

Episode #114: In Your Mind (Song starts at 4:19) Hi there, In this episode, we are going back to 1987! We are looking at song #24 from my song books… As I walked into my studio to record this episode, a little voice suggested this song. I haven't thought of ‘In Your Mind’ for years. I wasn't sure about it. But when my fingers opened the song book straight to the correct page, I knew this was the one - and I thought: it’s all good fun, so why not? One of things that come through time and time...



Episode #113: Tenderness (Strongest Memories) (Song starts at 5:17 ) This song came along when I was sitting at the piano, letting my hands wander on the keys. Some nice chords came through. I opened my eyes, looked up and saw the seascape painting hanging above the piano. On this episode, I read an excerpt from an old diary. I thought for a change I'd try it. The very page I opened to happened to be the week I recorded my first podcast episode. Bizarre. And it includes my statement where I...


Made It Through

Episode #112: Made It Through (Song starts at 7:31) This song caught my eye to feature in this week’s episode. Each week when it comes time to record another episode, I enjoy just going with the flow. I leap in there and see what happens. The threads appear as I go along and we just sort of see where chatting about the song takes us each week. It's always a fun and there are always pleasant surprises. Sometimes my songs are based on reality, sometimes they're sort of ‘made up’. The lyrics of...


With You

Episode #111: With You (song starts at 2:45) This episode features a song I wrote in 1993. Song #309 jumped out of my song book this week. I haven't played this - or thought about it for that matter - for years, for some reason. Perhaps this is a 'universal' love song for someone....for someone (if that makes sense). It also talks about a higher love that I think can be found (rediscovered - a bit like me rediscovering this song) during our time on earth. I had to make sure I could still...


Lonely Path

Episode #110: Lonely Path (Song starts at 7:03) I enjoyed singing and playing Lonely Path live for today's episode. I do this sometimes. Other times I'll select an old demo or maybe an album track. It adds variety along the way. It's all a work in progress. I played a gig today - and yesterday - at the village green. It's a small village. A very nice community farmers market was on today. I'd shut my eyes as I started off singing and opened them after a couple of songs. I found myself pretty...


You Can Hurt Them Worse (by leaving things unsaid)

Episode #109: You Can Hurt Them Worse (by leaving things unsaid) (song starts at 6:37) There are so many different places to start writing a song. Number one would be feeling, I would say. You can find it in a space within in yourself where you can be completely honest. That doesn't mean you have to wear your heart on your sleeve or hit prospective listeners over the head with the wet bus ticket of your therapy... But I find that if I write from a place of honesty..the result is: the lyrics...


St Kilda

Episode #108: St Kilda (Song starts at 7:42) The Autumn weather has turned a little wintery here in Melbourne. I played 6 gigs in 7 days last week, which was pretty major after no gigs in 2 years, with the Covid lockdowns going on. The last 2 gigs I played were over the weekend and that was when the wintery breeze got up. These were outdoor gigs, so it was a bit nippy in the outdoor seated area. It reminded me of the time I was in St Kilda years ago, sitting in a bar after doing an acting...


Yesterdays Race

Episode #107: Yesterday’s Race (Song starts 2:48) Hi there. This is the podcast where you can sit back, be entertained and informed and - learn a little about the art of songwriting. I make a point of saying I'm not here to tell you how to write a song- but I am going to share how I write a song. I think it's important to keep an eye on your surroundings. Relaxing, subdued lighting, maybe ‘shining up’ your creative space is a good idea. I have a collection of all sorts of knick- knacks in my...


Fingers In The Trees

Episode #106: Fingers In The Trees (Song starts at 5:52 & 26:00) Autumn is a great time of year. It's a season which really resonates with me for some reason. I was camping in Bright, Victoria recently, camping by a stream (which you'll get to listen to in this episode). The trees were all losing their leaves, the birds singing. The bare fingered trees are the image I had in mind when I wrote the song 'Fingers In The Trees'. The sort of fingers that reach out against the twilight sky, the...


What’s True To You

Episode #105: What's True To You (Song starts at 7:00 ) This is the podcast where you're going to get to hear how it feels to be a songwriter, where the featured song of the week came from, some funny stories, etc. The idea being: to entertain and inform - and along the way hopefully shed some light on what is a very interesting creative process. Mistakes are a necessary part of learning. That's what came to me, as I was listening back to the this song, reading through the lyrics. In this...


As Far As I Can Tell

Episode #104: As Far As I Can Tell (Song starts at 4:50) Welcome. I love writing songs. There's a 100-odd songs on this podcast, 13 albums on bandcamp, a selection on all the streaming platforms and YouTube channel, etc. One of the reasons I'm these producing these episodes is to help people. I teach, as it turns out. I'm also an artist. The blank canvas can be so confronting...I tell people to just throw some paint on that canvas. Just make a start. That's what I do with songwriting. I...


Life’s A Show

Episode #103: Life’s A Show (song starts at 2:48) On this podcast, I talk a lot about where a song comes from - the beginning. What about the end..where do you draw the line? When is something creative done? When is it finished? Which brings us nicely to the crux of the meaning of 'Life's A Show'. There's a line in the song that says "There's no end" Well, obviously, there comes the day when our number comes up and we check out. That's part of life. Whereas, the great thing about creating...


Lead The Way

Episode #102: Lead The Way (Song starts at 3:40) This week’s featured song, Lead The Way, is song #693. There wasn’t a day where I decided I was going to write so many songs. I just committed to composing because I love it. There’s a line in the song that sort of sums it up: 'Like a story that's been written by an artists loving hand’. While the song comes through me, it comes from somewhere else - and this ‘somewhere else’ has energy and intention. That’s the way it feels. I just get the...


Thin Air

Episode #101: Thin Air (Song starts at 4.18) Welcome to a bit of chat and some music. As usual I'm sitting at the piano, hands on the keys, at the ready to accompany myself as I talk about whatever comes to mind. I imagine it's a bit like playing piano along to a silent movie like they used to... or perhaps like adding music to a movie. It's really good fun. Fun seems to be a big key to unlocking the creative process. I think it does us all good to listen to new music or maybe go to a...



Episode #100: Stop (Song stars at 7:19) Hi there and ...( cue fanfare) welcome to episode #100! Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. If it's your first time here, you can just leap straight in - the episodes are not sequential. Although if you were to listen back, you'd see that there's been a series of changes as I've gone along. It's all happened naturally. In I think they are the best kind of changes to make. I think it's necessary to stop and reflect in order to make the...