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066: Highlights & Hits

"Highlights & Hits" featured on episode #066: 03:41-18:10 - Tom and Christian discuss the current "diss track" feud, and marketing implications between rappers MGK and Eminem... 20:20-23:26 - This episode closes with Tom's signature Sound Matter Moment titled "Time Waits for No One"... Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: | | Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu) Instagram:...


065: Drama Queen from Rockford

On Sound Matters episode #065, Tom hosts the return of Matt Vogt and Rob Pace from Rockford's Drama Queen talking about their big CD release party and debut gig, plus much more... Connect with Drama Queen: Website: Facebook: ReverbNation: Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: | | Official Facebook Page: Twitter:...


064: Chip Z'Nuff from Enuff Z'Nuff

Sound Matters episode #064 features Tom's great conversation with Chicago's Enuff Z'Nuff founder, bassist, and now lead singer, Chip Z'Nuff. Chip talks candidly about the music business today, the influences he wears loud and proud, and the great new Enuff Z'Nuff album "Diamond Boy" featuring him on lead vocals, and his transition fronting the band for the first time with absence of Donnie Vie. Chip also shares what touring and lifestyle choices in 2018 and beyond look like, as well his...


063: Highlights & Hits

"Highlights & Hits" featured on episode #063: 06:34-11:59 - Tom and Christian discuss the headline news regarding pop star's Demi Lovato's recent addiction relapse and hospitalization... 13:42-18:21 - Christian Leu leads a discussion about hip hop superstar Drake's new release, "Scorpion," and the "In My Feelings" video challenge craze, along with conversation about music marketing past and present... 18:52-22:31 - Tom talks about Metallica's second album, "Ride the Lightning," which was...


062: Scott Flynn-Author

Scott Flynn is the author of the memoir "My Life... Don't Try This At Home" - a collection of 55 funny short stories. Scott is a husband, stepdad, mentor, entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropist. Scott is also the founder and CEO of two international companies, Best Corporate Events LLC and the tech company SmartHunts LLC. In this long form interview, Tom and Scott get in-depth about his hilarious book, his businesses past and present, comedy, music, as well as his next writing projects,...


061: Highlights & Hits

"Highlights & Hits" episode #061 features the debut of the show's engineer, producer, and co-host, Christian Leu's new weekly segment... this one about the particulars of the popular World Cup series. Tom talks to professional speaker, Jeanne Robertson again about her comedy competition. And returning to Sound Matters is Suite Oblivion frontman, Mitch Brechon debating with Tom about "Bands You Hate, but Everyone Else Loves..." lots 'o fun. Segments & Guests: 06:05-20:42 - Christian Leu with...


060: Richie Kotzen from The Winery Dogs

Sound Matters episode #060 features Tom's conversation with singer/songwriter, guitarist, and producer, Richie Kotzen from The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, and Poison. In addition to his high profile bands, Richie is a prolific solo artist with over 20 albums to his credit going back to the late 1980's. Richie's music crosses genres blending elements of rock, pop, blues, soul, and even funk at times into an infectious sound that leaves you wondering why he's not a household name. In this interview,...


059: Wolf Hoffman from Accept

Sound Matters episode #059 features Tom's conversation with Wolf Hoffman from the great German heavy metal band Accept. Wolf and Tom cover a lot of ground from Accept's latest live and new studio albums, Wolf's perspectives on the music business today, being a professional photographer, leaving a legacy, and much more... Inside the Interview: 00:27 - On Accept's latest live release "Restless & Live" and live albums in general... 02:21 - On touring and travelling worldwide... 04:17 - The...


058: Ronni LeTekro from TNT

Sound Matters episode #058 features Tom's conversation with perhaps one of the most underrated guitarists in rock music over the past 30+ years. Ronni LeTekro is a founding member of Norway's multi-platinum band, TNT, as well as a prolific solo artist. Ronni is as funny and honest, as he is direct and surprising. Ronni was an absolute pleasure to speak with, and he was sure to throw a few curve balls into this interview for good measure... Enjoy! Inside the Interview: 01:03 - Still excited...


057: Jeanne Robertson-Professional Speaker & Humorist

Sound Matters episode #057 features Jeanne Robertson... a professional speaker and humorist for over five decades. With no signs of slowing down, Jeanne fills venues around the country telling hilarious stories from her storied life as a teenage contestant in the Ms. America pageant, to a mother, a wife, and a successful business person throughout it all. Jeanne wraps her humor around universal and inspiring messages that speak to people of all ages, from all walks of life. On this episode,...


056: Theron Moore-Author

Being from the Midwest, northern IL/southern WI, specifically, and playing in rock bands myself for over 30 years, I know quite a bit about the local and regional music scene from that area, and from the era of the '80's and '90's that I came up in. Author Theron Moore knows much "more"... Theron has written a terrific trilogy of books called "All My Friends Are Rock Stars" about the local and regional music scene from a few key Midwest cities, and has compiled his intimate artist interviews...


055: Highlights & Hits

"Highlights & Hits" episode #055 features a triple-header of guests with Tom returning live in the WROK studios in Rockford, IL. First up is Tom's interview with Rob and Matt from the band Drama Queen. Next is Tom's conversation with both Kevin McCarthy from Rockford's Local Music Scene, and longtime Rockford musician, and multi-RAMI winner, Pat Doherty celebrating the one year anniversary of the RLMS segment on the Sound Matters show. Finally, Tom's concluding interview with Chuck and Ringo...


054: Joel Moutray from The empower_good Podcast

I came across Joel Moutray from The empower_good Podcast via the great expanse known as the internet, and was really taken by his passion and enthusiasm for putting and positivity out into the world (which also happens to be a foundational purpose of this show...). Joel joins me on Sound Matters to talk about the genesis of the podcast, the good reasons why he's producing it, being a lifelong learner, contribution and selflessness, and much more... Inside the Interview: 01:00 - The mission...


053: Phillip Ryan Block-Entrepreneur from Independent Ear #2

Tom's 2nd conversation with serial entrepreneur Phillip Ryan Block from Independent Ear Productions, Block Media Group, and additionally now... The Open Heart Collective. Inside the Interview: 01:35 - About Ryan & Tom's first Sound Matters interview... 02:20 - Big news about Independent Ear Productions... 05:15 - The philosophy behind Block Media... 07:37 - What is "documenting" and why does Ryan do it? 10:34 - What is the "The Open Heart Collective"? 12:12 - What topics and dynamics are hit...


052: Michael Sweet from Stryper #4

Tom's 4th in-depth conversation with Michael Sweet from Stryper about the band's latest release, "God Damn Evil," the inevitable controversy the band has always endured, social media's pros and cons today, Michael's perspectives on continually putting out new material three decades into his career, upcoming projects, dealing with haters and critics, and much more... Inside the Interview: 01:53 – On being busy, consistently creative, & getting diagnosed with ADHD... 05:56 – About the latest...


051: Highlights & Hits

"Highlights & Hits" episode #051 features a double-header of guests. First up is Tom's interview with the Phantom Regiment's Kyle Jacobson talking about the acclaimed drum and bugle corps' past, present, and future. Tom also talks classic rock band line-up changes and substitutions, touring, and reunions with Mitch Brechon from Rockford's Suite Oblivion. Show #051 concludes with Tom's signature Sound Matter Moment... Guests: 01:01-13:10 - Kyle Jacobson from the Phantom Regiment Phantom...


050: Tom Leu with Riley O'Neil

Episode #050 features Tom's commentary about the milestone 50the episode of the Sound Matters show. Tom reflects back on the show's evolution since its debut in January of 2017, and expansion moving into 2018 and beyond. Tom is joined by good friend and longtime radio host, Riley O'Neil for an insightful conversation about the show's unique format that blends the best of music, communication, and motivation topics and content. Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: |...


049: Jim Florentine-Comedian & "That Metal Show" Host

Episode #049 features Tom's interview with comedian, actor, author, radio and television personality, Jim Florentine. Jim is best known for co-hosting "That Metal Show" on VH1 Classic, as well as voicing several characters on the popular show "Crank Yankers." Jim hosts a popular podcast called "Comedy Metal Midgets" since 2011, and has a radio show on Ozzy's Boneyard channel on Sirius/XM. The conversation hit on many topics including the writing of Jim's first book, his observations and...


048: Highlights & Hits

"Highlights & Hits" episode #048 features Tom's commentary and insights about the 25th anniversary of the Beavis & Butthead MTV show, and excerpts from This Week In Music History. Show #048 concludes with Tom's signature Sound Matter Moment... Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: | | Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu) Instagram: (@tomleu) YouTube:...


047: Highlights & Hits

"Highlights & Hits" episode #047 features Tom's commentary and insights about musicians, celebrities, and entertainers weighing-in on politics, music spotlights of The Doobie Brothers and Alice In Chains, and more. Show #047 concludes with Tom's signature Sound Matter Moment... Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: | | Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu) Instagram: