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Everyone has a story to tell and music is the soundtrack to everyone's story. Every episode is a conversation of how music has impacted their life.

Everyone has a story to tell and music is the soundtrack to everyone's story. Every episode is a conversation of how music has impacted their life.
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Everyone has a story to tell and music is the soundtrack to everyone's story. Every episode is a conversation of how music has impacted their life.




15: Marta Liechty

This episode is the season finale! Marta discusses how she became a fan of 80s music during her teenage years. She also points out how her tastes have continued with 80s music and how it has expanded to modern music! If you are interested in listening to a playlist of the very songs that have impacted Marta's life, check out the Soundtrack playlist on Spotify! Head to our website, click Soundtrack Playlist in the upper right hand corner and it will take you directly to...


14: Tim West

Tim shares how he came to learn how to play the guitar and how it lead to his being in a band. Tim also discusses what it's like to be a producer and current artist! If you want to check out Tim's music, make sure to follow his instagram at @timwestmusic. Tim's soundtrack includes: 1. The Strokes-Reptilia 2. Paul McCartney-Band On The Run 3. Coldplay-Trouble 4. The Killers-Human 5. Glenn Miller-Moonlight Serenade 6. Keith Green-Oh Lord, You're Beautiful 7. Switchfoot-The Edge Of My Seat 8....


13: Tom Fogarty

Tom discusses the early influences of alternative music in his life. He explains how it transitioned to experimental music as an adult! Tom's soundtrack includes: 1. Miles Davis-So What 2. Mutemath-Typical 3. Sufjan Stevens-Chicago 4. Godspeed You! Black Emperor-Blaise Bailey Finnegan III 5. Steve Reich-Music For 18 Musicians 6. Johann Johannsson-Fordlandia 7. Four Tet-Circling 8. Brian Eno-No One Receiving 9. Talking Heads-Born Under Punches 10. Talk Talk-New Grass


12: Ally Harder

Ally shares about her early experiences with music started with her family! She points out how it evolved for her personally and how she enjoys music with her our family today!! Ally's soundtrack includes: 1. Styx-Show Me The Way 2. Taylor Swift-All Too Well 3. Linkin Park-In The End 4. Whitney Houston-Greatest Love Of All 5. Michael Jackson-Man In The Mirror 6. Cole Swindell-You Should Be Here 7. Sara Evans-A Real Fine Place To Start 8. Tim McGraw-One Of Those Nights 9. Bryan...


11: Josh Salamone

Josh talks about how music shaped his early years due to his involvement in band. He also shares how he is currently participating in music today! Josh's soundtrack includes 1. Rage Against The Machine-Killing In The Name 2. Duke Ellington-Portrait Of Louis Armstrong 3. Guns N' Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine 4. Eve 6-Inside Out 5. OutKast-Hey Ya! 6. Kirk Franklin-He Reigns/Awesome God 7. Avenged Sevenfold-Nightmare 8. DragonForce-Through The Fire And Flames 9. Maroon 5-Harder To Breathe 10. John...


10: Megan Knust

Megan shares how music came into her life through her family experiences growing up! She also points out how it changed as she was able to pick her own favorite music as an adult! Megan's soundtrack includes: 1. The Big Bopper-Chantilly Lace 2. The Beach Boys-Kokomo 3. Phil Collins-In The Air Tonight 4. Tommy James & The Shondells-Mony Mony 5. The Proclaimers-I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) 6. The Judds-I Know Where I'm Going 7. Matchbox Twenty-3 AM 8. Dashboard Confessional-Screaming Infidelities...


9: Tim Wysocki

Tim shares his love for country music and how it came about. He also talks about how he uses music in his classroom as an English teacher! Tim's soundtrack includes: 1. Clay Walker-I'd Say That's Right 2. Bachman-Turner Overdrive-Takin' Care Of Business 3. John Michael Montgomery-Life's A Dance 4. Hall & Oates-You Make My Dreams 5. Queen-Radio GaGa 6. Neal McCoy-The Shake 7. Dion-Runaround Sue 8. Elton John-Crocodile Rock 9. Hamilton-Yorktown 10. Chubby Checker-The Twist


8: Courtney Kuhn

Courtney discusses how alternative music during her adolescent years established her taste as an adult. She also points out how music is one example of how she connects to her emotions! Courtney's soundtrack includes: 1. New Order-Ceremony 2. Fleetwood Mac-Rhiannon 3. The Cure-Disintegration 4. Bjork-Hyber-Ballad 5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Y Control 6. The Killers-When You Were Young 7. Joy Division-Disorder 8. New Radicals-You Get What You Give 9. Bjork-Bachelorette 10. U2-With Or Without You


7: Zach Platt

Zach chats about the several family influences he had while growing up. He also points out how his taste has evolved and changed over time! Zach's soundtrack includes: 1. John Mellencamp-Jack & Diane 2. Alan Jackson-Chasin' That Neon Rainbow 3. Chatterbox-Soul Scum 4. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Under The Bridge 5. Dashboard Confessional-So Impossible 6. Extol-Burial 7. For Today-Devaster 8. Mewithoutyou-Gentleman 9. Mogwai-Batcat 10. Tyler, The Creator-New Magic Wand


6: Ruth Boelkins

Ruth shares her story of how she became a fan of U2 and the lasting impact they have made on her life and her family. She also talks about how as a parent she has experienced listening to music with her own children. Ruth's soundtrack includes: 1. U2-Where The Streets Have No Name 2. Johnny Cash-I Walk The Line 3. Michael Jackson-Man In The Mirror 4. Elton John-Your Song 5. Tina Turner-Better Be Good To Me 6. Simon & Garfunkel-The Sound Of Silence 7. U2-Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 8. Lady...


5: Jon O'Connor

Jon talks about how music is the foundation to his life beginning in his early years. He continues to discuss how rock 'n' roll and alternative music has impacted his life as an adult. Jon's dog Rosie, also makes a guest appearance to the show! Jon's soundtrack includes: 1. Nick Drake-Pink Moon 2. Radiohead-High And Dry 3. Talking Heads-This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 4. Bruce Springsteen-The River 5. Modest Mouse-3rd Planet 6. Neil Young-Long May You Run 7. Pearl Jam-Indifference 8....


4: Alexandra Van Sickle

Alexandra shares how family played a huge role in what she listened to as an adolescent. She also points out her love for alternative music from various artists like Sufjan Stevens and St. Vincent. Alexandra's playlist includes: 1. Sonic Youth-Superstar 2. Muse-Time Is Running Out 3. Sufjan Stevens-Rake (Greenpoint version) 4. Louis Armstrong-La Vie En Rose 5. Sigur Ros-Saeglopur 6. MSTRKRFT-Heartbreaker 7. The Beatles-Because 8. Sufjan Stevens-Fourth Of July 9. Sigur Ros-Hoppipolla 10. St....


3: Aaron Wienss

Aaron discusses about how rock music from U2, Coldplay, and others became his favorite genre of music. He also shares what it's like to be in a band and explains the process of creating music. Aaron's band is called Often Home. Check out their instagram at @oftenhomeofficial Aaron's soundtrack includes: 1. Newsboys-Shine 2. U2-Where The Streets Have No Name 3. Huey Lewis & The News-Bad Is Bad 4. Switchfoot-Dare You To Move 5. Sound Remedy-Let's Go Home 6. Zac Brown Band-Colder Weather 7. The...


2: Shelby Liebler

Shelby Liebler shares about how the Beatles and Elvis Presley influenced her early years. She also shares how those artists and others play a role in her students as a teacher. Shelby's soundtrack includes: 1. The Beatles-In My Life 2. Oasis-Don't Look Back In Anger 3. James Horner-Southampton 4. Tina Turner-Proud Mary 5. The Beatles-I'm Looking Through You 6. Eminem-'Till I Collapse 7. John Mayer-In The Blood 8. Katy Perry-It Takes Two 9. Keala Settle-This Is Me 10. Elvis Presley-That's...


1: Josh King

Josh King talks about his early influences of Motown and Gospel from his childhood. As he grows up, his taste in music expands and diverges onto some unique paths. Josh's soundtrack includes: 1. Michael Jackson-Thriller 2. Blink 182-Dammit 3. Green Day-Having A Blast 4. A Tribe Called Qwest-Electric Relaxation 5. Linkin Park-Numb 6. Kendrick Lamar-How Much A Dollar Cost 7. J Cole-Neighbors 8. Mumford & Sons-Awake My Soul 9. Bon Iver-Holocene 10. Kings Kaleidoscope-A Prayer


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