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Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast airs weekly to bring any and all Taylor Swift fans the latest news, updates, and opinions on everything Taylor!

Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast airs weekly to bring any and all Taylor Swift fans the latest news, updates, and opinions on everything Taylor!
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Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast airs weekly to bring any and all Taylor Swift fans the latest news, updates, and opinions on everything Taylor!






243 - News and Rumors! - Swiftcast: the #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

We have a short update episode for you this week with all the latest news and some of Taylor's recent Tumblr likes! She's been posting a bit more on social media, including that tour rehearsals have started. Do we have a strong hint at who the opener might be? Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe to us on iTunes and it will download our latest episode for you automatically. Also, be sure to leave us a review and a 5 star rating to help other people find our...


242 - All About the Grammys! - Swiftcast: the #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

The 60th annual Grammy Awards were held on January 28th in New York City! Prior to the show, we polled YOU on who you thought should win. We compare your votes with the actual winners and talk about our favorite performances on this week's episode! There's also a TON of Taylor news to catch up on, most importantly the fact that rehearsals for the Reputation Stadium Tour are officially underway!!! Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe to us on iTunes and it will...


241 - End Game Music Video and Song Discussion! - Swiftcast: the #1 Taylor Swift

Happy 2018 aka year of the Reputation tour! On our first episode of the year we're taking you from Miami to London to Tokyo with an in depth look at the End Game music video! We also dive into some of our favorite lyrics from the song, and give our predictions on what singles and music videos we think Taylor might have in store for us next. We also have an exciting giveaway announcement! We've partnered with FYE to bring one of our lucky listeners an exclusive, limited edition Orange...


240 - Looking Back at Taylor's 2017 - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

Here we are! It's December and we are at the end of yet another successful year for Taylor. As our last episode of 2017, we glance back at Taylor's amazing feats and share all of her best moments, from Super Saturday Night all the way through the release of Reputation! As we break for the holidays, we will be back for Episode 241 on January 10th, 2018. As you wait, we will re-release some of our favorite episodes you may have missed from the past year so be on the lookout! Thank you to our...


239 - TIME Person of the Year 2017 - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

Today, December 13th, marks the day we celebrate Taylor's 28th birthday! Happy Birthday Taylor! It only seems fitting that we celebrate this occasion by showcasing Taylor's recent feature as one of TIME Magazine's "Silence Breakers" to comprise their picks for 2017 Person of the Year! Apart from her empowering interview with TIME, we also dive into Taylor's recent Vogue appearance as well as provide all the best and latest information on how to secure your very own Reputation World Tour...


237 - Reputation Rundown: '...Ready For It?' - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Po

Listeners... are you Ready For It? Since our show's beginning, we've loved analyzing and breaking down close to every song that Taylor has released over the years. Now that Reputation is in full swing, we are excited to finally kick off the first episode of our Reputation Rundown miniseries with an in-depth look at '...Ready For It?'! As Taylor's latest single, ...Ready For It? has been dominating the pop radio airwaves nationwide. We break down everything; from the lyrics and production...


236 - The Making of a Song: CIWYW/Delicate - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podc

With nearly a week of the Reputation era under our belt, we continue to be bombarded with news and events surrounding the release of the album! We discuss the Reputation World Tour, first week album sales, Taylor's appearances on SNL and Jimmy Fallon, and we even bring back the ever popular trivia segment! As if all of these things weren't enough, Taylor released two more 'The Making of a Song' videos on the DIRECTV Taylor Swift NOW channel for both 'Call It What You Want' and 'Delicate'....


235 - Listeners Reppin' Reputation - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

After playing Reputation non-stop since its release, a number of our devoted and ruthless listeners took a short break from their jam sessions to hang out with us on our live call-in on Sunday! We talked about everything with Reputation and Release Week in NYC, including album impressions, Taylor's SNL performance, the Pop-Up store, and more! We even had Rhode Island sessioners share stories from their sessions as well as a fan who was joined by Taylor on his Instagram live! As always, it...


232- Call It What You Want Reactions - Swiftcast: the #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

Call it what you want but we're calling 'Call It What You Want' the best Reputation song released so far! We give our initial reactions to the song, as well as some final predictions before the album drops this Friday! Have you entered our giveaway yet? We're giving away 5 copies of the Reputation magazine from Target, and 5 physical copies of Reputation! Check out our Twitter at @Swiftcast13 for all the details! Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe to us on...


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Reputation Album Giveaway! - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swif

We are giving away 5 copies of the Target exclusive Reputation magazine and 5 physical Reputation copies! Listen to find out how you can win!


230 - ...Ready For It? Music Video Revealed - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift P

The ...Ready For It? Music Video is finally out and has left people combing the video for more Reputation clues! Between good Taylor, evil Taylor, hidden messages, and cyborgs, who knew that this video would have so much symbolism? On this week's episode, we unpack all of the scenes and secrets of Taylor's latest and greatest video as well as discuss the exciting possibility of Reputation being a visual album! With Reputation launch only two weeks away, we might just find out sooner than...


229 - Gorgeous - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

We are just over two weeks out from the release of Reputation, and Taylor certainly isn't holding back. In only the past week, Taylor hosted the now infamous Secret Sessions at her homes in London, Rhode Island, and Los Angeles (with more anticipated to come), as well as released a third song titled Gorgeous off of Reputation AND a teaser trailer for a Ready For It music video! For Episode 229, we catch you up to date on all the latest Taylor news and rumors, as well as give our initial...


228- Inside the London Reputation Secret Session- Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift

On Friday, October 13th, Taylor shocked the world by hosting the very first Secret Session of the Reputation era at her home in London! Taylor invited fans from all over Europe and played for them the entire unreleased album in her living room! We are lucky enough to be joined by Juliette, a French Swiftie, who flew to London to attend this very special event! Juliette recounts her amazing story of getting picked, about Taylor's home and family, speaking to Taylor herself, and just how...


227- Concert Announcements & Listener Calls! -Swiftcast the #1 Taylor Swift Pod

Back on October 1st, we hosted a listener call in night to talk to YOU about all things Reputation! On this week's episode, feature those calls along with catching you up on Taylor's recent concert announcements, social media stalking and much more!


226- James Blunt on Ed Sheeran's Divide Tour! -Swiftcast the #1 Taylor Swift

Last week, Taylor posted a Spotify playlist of all her recent favorite songs! One song featured on it was "Love Me Better" by James Blunt, the British singer-songwriter best known for his 2005 hit, "You're Beautiful." We were lucky enough to sit down with him in Nashville, where he was opening for the legendary Ed Sheeran on the North American leg of his Divide Tour. Tune in for our chat with James where we cover everything from writing songs with Ryan Tedder, to highlights of touring with...


225- On the Record: Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield -Swiftcast the #1 Taylor Swift

Back on episode 217, we had a great episode with Rolling Stone reporter Brittany Spanos, where she mentioned that the biggest Swiftie on the Rolling Stone staff is by far Rob Sheffield. We're very excited to have the man himself join us on this week's episode! You've probably heard of Rob, because he recently published a list titled, "All 115 of Taylor Swift's Songs, Ranked." We discuss the making of this list, his thoughts on the Reputation era so far, his exclusive listen to 1989 from...


224 - LWYMMD/TS NOW: Behind the Scenes - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

As anticipated, Taylor has released bonus content for fans wanting a Behind the Scenes look at the making of 'Look What You Made Me Do'! To boot, her fans are treated with a hilarious Taylor Swift NOW ad spot and even more Behind the Scenes footage on the making of the commercial! Needless to say, we discuss all the content of the videos and bring you not only our thoughts but a also few hidden easter eggs in the videos that you may have missed. If you haven't seen the Behind the Scenes...


223 - LWYMMD with Switched on Pop! - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

On episode 203, we were honored to be joined by Charlie and Nate of the Switched on Pop podcast, for a riveting look at the musical production techniques of I Knew You Were Trouble. On this week's episode, we're thrilled to have them join us again for an in-depth analysis of Look What You Made Me Do! Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe to us on iTunes and it will download our latest episode for you automatically. Also, be sure to leave us a review and a 5...


222 - Brian Mansfield Talks Reputation! - Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

We are pleased to announce that Brian Mansfield has joined us for a second time on Swiftcast! Brian is not only a well-known figure in the music industry but he is also well-known amongst Taylor's fans for being an avid supporter of her and her music since Taylor's early career. He was one of Nashville's most well-known music journalists, and currently is Content Director for Shore Fire Media. Brian was even the very first person Taylor followed on Twitter! This week, he chats with us...


221 - ...Ready For It? - Swiftcast: the #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

On September 2nd, without any warning, Taylor released the first track on Reputation titled '...Ready For It?'! Our hosts share their initial reactions to the booming bass masterpiece as we dare to answer the impossible question of which new Reputation song is our favorite! To boot, we catch you up on alllllll of the latest Reputation news. Taylor has already broken a ridiculous number of records, released brand new merch, attended Abigail's wedding, and shattered all of our expectations!...


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