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Exploring the world through the eyes of entertainers, musicians, sidemen, roadies, recording engineers and people who make a living on stage and behind the scenes.

Exploring the world through the eyes of entertainers, musicians, sidemen, roadies, recording engineers and people who make a living on stage and behind the scenes.
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Exploring the world through the eyes of entertainers, musicians, sidemen, roadies, recording engineers and people who make a living on stage and behind the scenes.






Earl Okin

I spoke with Earl Okin for about two hours and eventually edited our conversation down to one hour. We spoke of many things, and some topics touched on politics, race and religion, which I did not include. I try to keep focused on the music as much as possible. Perhaps , at some point in the future, I’ll curate the outtakes into a separate archive, but for all intents and purposes, these are tales of the road. In this case, all over the UK, US and Europe. Mr. Okin has done a lot of traveling...


Peter Tork Tribute

This is not just a recap of Peter Tork’s career with the Monkees. Or a history of Peter’s life. You can find a lot of great articles, interviews and music videos of his all over the internet. But Peter was the sum of many parts before, during and after his association with the iconic band that propelled him to stardom. This is my little piece of the Peter Tork story, and I feel honored and fortunate that I entered his orbit, however briefly. I also encountered several people within that...



Hi this Hal Aaron Cohen and I want to welcome you to Tales of the Road Warriors. Today’s episode is going to be relatively short because I was hoping to be dropping a Tribute to Peter Tork today. However, I got a little behind due to the time it took me to get a few people I wanted to participate in remembering Peter, and I didn’t want to rush to merely get out a couple of sound bytes about someone who deserves more than that. So, for that reason, this week, you get two episodes. This...


Rick Denzien

Live from bäh-fo Studio in Ambler, PA. a great little burb outside of Philly home to great music food and artsy little boutiques and street fairs and festivals. Today, Rick Denzien talks to me about his parents, who were amateur race car drivers. That’s right, he’s the son of a real hard drinkin’ and smokin’ Nascar Mama. Formula E events regular formula racing, all electric cars that go 200 miles an hour. I asked about the lack of that smell of fuel and cars exploding. Then we talked a...


Dan May

DAN MAY SHOW NOTES I spoke with Dan May in December, shortly after he had celebrated his 60th birthday! In this fascinating episode, Dan talks about the early days in Sandusky Ohio, working summers with the family at the local amusement park. First garage band and girls. Early influences, studying opera in Philadelphia and being a professional opera singer for 12 years (until vocal cord surgery put him on a different course). HE also talks about 3 years as dancer in a Russian touring...



Liz Miller Today, Liz and I talked about – driving, listening to podcasts vs. terrestrial radio, sleep, being a nurse and a songwriter, growing up in a musical family which allows Liz to drop a few serious names: Bobby Scott (writer of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” and “A Taste of Honey”), Andy Williams, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, mom on the Steve Allen Show. Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee. Dad was a Mad Man and music lessons with the meanest teacher in New Jersey. WHERE DO SONGS COME...


Chad Watson

Chad Watson is a world class bass player, songwriter, sideman and sidekick (just ask his lovely wife, Pam Loe). Artists he’s tour and /or records with include John York, Ronnie Milsap and Charlie Rich, Freebo and Bonnie Raitt, Ja mes Lee Stanley, Chris Hillman, The Burrito Brothers, Janis Ian, Ezra Mohawk and others. Some of the things I talk about with Chad include: Playing at one of my favorite venues, Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood with Freebo who used to be Bonnie Raitt’s bass...


Gary Michael Mazzola

Gary Michael Mazzola From, the bio on his website… “Gary Michael Mazzola is a talented Tehachapi songwriter with an exceptional voice and a gift for writing lyrical, approachable songs about life and love. He’s has played with many talented musicians during his long musical journey and honed his craft in numerous band incarnations since his father gave Gary his first real guitar when he was just 13 years old." Mazzola has been writing songs all his life and for the past few years since...


Laura Cheadle

Today I’m talking to funkadelic singer/songwriter and Jersey Girl, Laura Cheadle, who has been kicking off the new year with several performances. As a matter of fact, tomorrow, Friday, January 18th she’ll be appearing at the Union Firehouse in Mount Laurel, NJ. For more information and to get the skinny on all of her upcoming gigs, go to lauracheadle.com and click on DATES in the MENU.


Ep 1 - Introduction to Tales of the Road Warriors

This is a pilot episode. This is where I introduce myself, Hal Aaron Cohen as host of the weekly podcast, Tales of the Road Warriors, exploring the world through the eyes of entertainers, musicians, singer/songwriters, recording engineers, managers, venue owners and people who make a living on stage and behind the scenes. There are no guests in this episode. Just a brief story behind the creation of the show followed by a short promo featuring audio clips from a few upcoming guests. My...