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10: Marie Lang / "Enough"

We've hit double digits! Episode 10: This week I sit down with Marie Lang. We talk about growing up in Austria with a traditional musical background and her creative blossoming at Berklee College of Music, looking for love in the big city during the age of Tinder, and a detailed and emotional breakdown of “Enough”, the album’s ballad :)


09: Amy Douglas / "Partyline"

This episode I sit down with Amy Douglas! We talk about recording yourself, aspiring to be Carole King, cocaine, and what Donald Fagan of Steely Dan might think about our song “Partyline”. I also let her give me ample props and she delivers an extremely profound and thoughtful answer to “what does someday mean to you”.


08: Dent May / "How Many Kisses?"

This episode I speak with songwriter and recording artists Dent May! We talk about growing up in Mississippi, exploring beyond its borders via the internet, being in a Creed cover band, DIY music culture, our shared approach of mashing up different music from different decades and coming up with your own style even if it’s hard for people to explain it. And of course, we break down “How Many Kisses?” the song we wrote together.


07: Steven Klavier / "Genesis"

We’re back from vacation! Episode #7 features my conversation with Brooklyn singer, songwriter and nightlife impresario Steven Klavier. We get into his childhood in the church, rebelling against strict music teachers, and the near 5 year journey from start to finish of our song “Genesis.” In other news...the podcast is now available on Spotify!


06: Antony & Cleopatra / "Slow Down"

Antony & Cleopatra are a fantastic London dance duo who make club music with ancient origin and a healthy dash of pathos. Alex and Anita are prolific songwriters as a team and as individuals, and we first met nearly 6 years ago while working on some of the early A&C records. “Slow Down” is a culmination of that relationship, and we connected over internet video transmission to share stories about the Queen’s Empire, timing, control, Bono & Tiesto, the first songs they wrote as kids, and of...


05: Brillstein aka (thee) Mike B / "The Plaza"

SOMEDAY is out! Go and listen to the album! And then afterwards, check out this pod with my guest Brillstein aka Thee Mike B. Mike is an encyclopedia of electronic knowledge, one of the best DJs I know and a really good friend. He’s the only guest on the album who attended my wedding. He’s also the only guest who isn’t a singer. We dive really deep into meeting in the Myspace era, the first time I played in LA, bonding over tacos at the Alameda Swap Meet, having the same birthday, our collab...


04: Kimberly Nichole / "21"

I first saw Kimberly Nichole one crazy night at The Box, the legendary L.E.S. hot spot. Pretty much the moment she opened her mouth and began swearing a blue streak I was smiling ear to ear and hoped that someday we’d work together. That chance meeting turned into “21” and in this episode we discuss how it all went down, and how she learned to talk so much sh*t. This one is a hoot, but not for sensitive ears!


03: Bosco & LaDonnis / "Gitcha Gitcha"

I speak with Atlanta bred singers Bosco and LaDonnis about our song “Gitcha Gitcha” as well as other fun & random stuff. I learn that Savannah, GA is a beach town, that LaDonnis opened for Chingy in Japan, and how to return to where you started with a new perspective. These are two separate conversations, so that makes this episode a double feature! (don’t worry, it’s still not too long). "Someday" is coming soon! Out June 15th on Fool's Gold


02: Raycee Jones / "The Edge (Under Love)"

Episode 2! I sit down with Brooklyn based singer Raycee Jones to talk about the power of the ocean, low pass filtering, movies, being in bands and sonic emotional spaces. At the end of the episode, we’ll premiere the song we wrote together “The Edge (Under Love)” publicly available for the first time right on this podcast!


01: Kaleena Zanders / "Cherry Soda"

Welcome to the first episode of Talking About Someday! I chat with LA singer Kaleena Zanders and we discuss her background as well as the making of our song “Cherry Soda.” Hear about overcoming performance anxiety with grape candy, the 2 hr session that birthed most of our song and how to make a repetitive dance track not feel boring.