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Horror | Pop Culture podcast with NSFW comedic twists! Find us on The Dorkening Podcast Network

Horror | Pop Culture podcast with NSFW comedic twists! Find us on The Dorkening Podcast Network
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Horror | Pop Culture podcast with NSFW comedic twists! Find us on The Dorkening Podcast Network




That Strange Show - Episode 104 - “The Quiet Before the Howl”

As we try to maneuver through the different levels that lead us towards obtaining the knowledge and conversations from the unknown- we quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be easy. On this episode we are joined by our friend Zeshaan Younus. As he tries to help us forward we find out that not everything can be forgiven.. This is the quiet before the howl - Lets all sing “A Dark Song” - Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Find us: IG/Twitter @thatstrangeshow |...


That Strange Show - Episode 103 - "Pet Semehtary!" AKA “Sometimes On-Demand is Better!"

There are a lot of trends in film nowadays- none more popular than the REMAKE/REBOOT/REIMAGINE or whatever the hell you want to call it fever. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is an unneeded mess that not even top billing actors can save. We've seen icons brought back- Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, The Ludtz family home, Damien, and Pennywise- they’re all remolded and reworked for what either comes across as a tribute to classic horror or a hollywood vomited cash grab. The newest to tread...


That Strange Show - Episode 102 - "A Different Kind of Presence!"

When it comes to the world of horror origin stories- it can either sink or swim an entire franchise. What happens when you're faced with multiple origin stories in one universe? What seems to have turned into the MCU of the paranormal- a world from the spunky demonoligists we know as Ed and Loraine Warren- has developed into a bottomless well of spooky spectres, naughty demons, a never ending supply of jump scares, and ball drop after ball drop in the final act! But, we keep watching because...


That Strange Show - Episode 101 - "Nazi Puppets Fuck Off!"

Sometimes a franchise doesnt know when to end. In the world of horror films we see this more often then we should. yet, sometimes a series shits out a genuinely awesome entry that redeems any old odd plot line laden, space going, family member introducing shenanigans we have seen some of our favorites vomit onto the screen. This is one of those films. This has everything you could ever want from a sequel- if what you want is insane gore, gratuitous sex, fucked up (and very dark) humor, and...


That Strange Show - Episode 100 - "Mr. Sophistication"

Many things can be said to describe the multi-faceted Matt Dillon- Greaser, Pool shark, Architect, Private eye, Serial killer.. Tonight we venture forth into the mind of the terrifying, twisted, violent, and just plain fucked up mind of LARS VON TRIER and learn about the inner workings of an obssesive compulsive, cocky- and completely lucky perfectionist named Jack. As he weaves a tale of mayhem, murder, and metaphors in 2018's THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT! Don't look at the acts, look at the...


That Strange Show - Episode 099 - "East Bound And Haddonfield"

Meet Lori and Mike. Lori is fucked up. She's a paranoid alcoholic recluse- who would rather hide behind steel doors and practice kill shots, instead of supplying a proper home for her family. Mike is a different kind of fucked up- he hasnt spoken in decades and he spends his days alone in silence contemplating the past. Put these two crazy kids together and its fireworks, well, more of a brutal kill laden, baby sitter stalking, weed smoking, sassy black kid scene stealing, unnecessary plot...


That Strange Show - Episode 098 - J. J. Abrams is the Overlord!

J.J. Abrams is a visual master. He's taken us from deserted islands to monster occupied cities- even to a galaxy far, far away. Now he's dropped us into the middle of the french country-side circa World War II with every stereotyped character known to the film world. Its like Saving Private Ryan but the nazis have a new trick up their sleeve! They're serving up cocktails that will knock your head back so far it'll snap your neck! Tonight, we're locked and loaded with My Cousin Vinny- as we...


That Strange Show - Episode 97 - Relax, its a Perfect Kill! AKA Welcome to Kingfisher!

When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf? Welcome to Kingfisher! Tonight we're talking 2018s SLICE - Dead. In 30 minutes or less. Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | The Dorkening Podcast Network | | |


That Strange Show - Episode 96 - All Art is Dangerous! AKA Donnie Artko!

Art is dangerous, and so is the cuthroat world of art dealers, galleries, openings and sexually confused Jake Gyllenhaals. On Tonight's episode we learn why finders keepers isnt always a rule you want to enforce as we see how one man's trash is anothers cgi laden death in 2019's VELVET BUZZSAW. I guess John Malkovich can"t save everything... Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow |...


That Strange Show - Episode 095 - Where'd the Wolf Go?

The mother/daughter relationship is a special one. Its full of laughter, tears, hugs & kisses, mani/pedis, talk of boys, makeup, screaming fuck you at each other at the top of their lungs, and cleaning up mom's empties as she tries to figure out where her random bar hook up ran off to. Sometimes, its better to just pack your shit and head for dads. Tonight we find out yet another reason why you should stick to the main roads in 2016's THE MONSTER. Your mother was wrong… Monsters are real,...


That Strange Show - Episode 094 - Monty Python And The Twisted Skeptic

Britain is known for its share of scares- scary castles, scary teeth, scary food, and scary royal families that will have you killed in an accidental tunnel car wreck! Apparently, its also got its fair share of spooks and spectres. Tonight we’re hopping across the pond to bear witness to three accounts of paranormal activity- that even the most hardened skeptic can’t debunk. So, get the tea, crumpets and your John Travolta spank bank ready- We’re talking 2017's GHOST STORIES Ya cheeky cunts!...


That Strange Show - Episode 93 - How I Met Your Killer

Tonight were going off the grid - 25 miles to be exact! To meet the one guy even less qualified to don a magical mask since Stanley Ipkiss. Stereotypes and homages run wild in the woods of camp Vista Clear and don’t even think about dialing out- cuz this campgrounds owner has a strict no phone policy. So, lets gather around the camp fire for a gory tale of forgetfulness as we dive into 2018's YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER! Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a...


That Strange Show - Episode 92 - They Lit Her On Fire!

Do You Like Gory Violence? How About Revenge Stories? Tonight We Are Dropping Acid And Trippin' Balls As We See How Far One Man Is Willing To Go For Payback In The Film That Should Be Instituted As A Mandatory School Film About Why You Should Never Laugh At A Baby Dick If It Is Attached To A Golden Locked Law And Order Throw Away. Lets Go Hunt Some Scary Biker Monster Jesus Freak Acid Heads- As We Strip Down And Expose Ourselves With 2018'S Psychedelic Action Horror Film “Mandy" Dig what we...


That Strange Show - Episode 91 - Its A Cruel (Cruel) Cruel Summer Of '84

Even serial killers live next door to somebody. Tough pill to swallow, we know, but it's true. If we've learned anything, it's that people hardly ever let you know who they really are. Tonight we will show you why paranoia is total awareness and that you should always pay attention to the creepy neighbor- as we mix the Goonies and Stranger Things into a smooth beverage of 80's nostalgia! Lets dip the rim in some horror for tonight's canadian mystery gem, 2018's SUMMER OF 84! - Dig what we...


That Strange Show - Episode 90 - "Satanic Panic" AKA "Jericho Cane Goes Commando"

To wrap up our holiday block of 2018 we watched 1999’s Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster event of the year “End of Days” We start off on the train of panic talking about end of the world cults, catastrophic predictions and the heat death of the universe - math equations aside, its gonna get hot. You'd be amazed what you'll agree to when you're on fire. Join us as we go down a few rabbit holes.. The thousand years have ended. Stay Strange! - Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the...


That Strange Show - Episode 89 - "Merry Christmas Bailey Downs"

It's getting close- we're counting down to Christmas and this week we’re unwrapping “A Christmas Horror Story” - so put on your onesies and grab your eggnogs - its a good one! - Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | | | Send us your feedback online:...


That Strange Show - Episode 88 - "Punishment Is Good!"

They thought they could do it without being caught. But when we do something naughty, we are always caught. Then, we are punished. Punishment is absolute, punishment is good. This week we’re continuing our holiday horror block of christmas-themed goodness - We’re talking 1984s “Silent Night, Deadly Night” - Punish! - Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | |...


That Strange Show - Episode 87 - "Ya'll Better Watch Out!" AKA "Not Again With The Duct Tape!"

To kick off the christmas season we are stocking up on oxys and shotgun shells as we test the theory that horror can help you score second base! So, get your paint cans and roofies ready- cuz we’re coming at you home alone style! Tonight we’re going to prove just how many uses there actually are for duct tape as we test the limits of affluenza and get away with murder with 2016's BETTER WATCH OUT! Jingle Bells, Motherfucker! ---- On this episode we're joined by our friend Eric B. from...


That Strange Show - Episode 86 - "Lets play hide the soul!" AKA "Batteries Included?!"

Surprise! Did y'all miss us!? We sure missed you. We told you. We were gonna be friends to the end. And now, it's time to play... We've got a new game, sports: It's called "Hide the Soul". And guess what? You're it! Ade due damballa. Give me the power, I beg… What the hell-? Next time: you're alone, you're mine! This week we’re talking Child’s Play and Child’s Play II - Chucky says move your ass. Snap out of it! Hit play. Stay strange! - Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the...


That Strange Show - Episode 85 - "Sorry- But You're Infected!"

For this weeks episode we’re trying to keep it on the tracks - as we barrel on down from city to city we’re talking 2016s South Korean zombie apocalypse action thriller film - Train to Busan! Will someone come to rescue us? Press play after the tunnel to find out! Stay Strange! Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | | |