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Focusing on the Goosebump Moments in Music

Focusing on the Goosebump Moments in Music


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Focusing on the Goosebump Moments in Music






Ep 312: Waylon Reavis (Mushroomhead fame)discusses A Killer's Confession on The Don's Hit List

Waylon Reavis (Frontman from Mushroomhead fame) joined The Don and Grizz to discuss his band A Killer's Confession music. There are many goosebump moments in the AKC arsenal and we deep dive into them. We also discuss the relationship he had with his dad and the special moment they had when his dad was about to leave this mortal coil.


Ep 311: Jonathon Ford of Unwed Sailor on The Don's Hit List

Jonathan Ford joined The Don and Grizz to talk about the goosebump moments from the album "The Faithful Anchor" which is 20 years old! There is a new remastered version coming out in November. We also talked about their shows with LAPÊCHE. The instrumental post-rock ambience of Unwed Sailor has been guided by the vision of Johnathon Ford. Born in Oklahoma, Ford had been a member of Roadside Monument and Pedro the Lion. He formed Unwed Sailor in Seattle in 1998 and has since been based in...


Ep 310: Allie Colleen goes in depth on her title track "Stones"

Allie Colleen returns to discuss her song "Stones" in depth with The Don and Grizz. This song was written by Allie along with Sara Brice, De’Leah Shane, and Tony McVaney. Allie talks about the meme on Facebook that led to the inspiration for the song "Stones" which ultimately became the title track. Imagine making a throne of the stones that are thrown at you? This is the vision that Allie worked with when she went into her writing session. We also talk about Sara and how she met her husband...


Ep 309: Dave Wilbert on his new song "It's Gettin' There" on The Don's Hit List

Dave Wilbert returns to discuss his brand new song "It's Gettin' There". From Grizz: " Love the inflections in his voice, highs and lows. So reminiscent of the 90’s. Very John Michael Mongtgomery! Production quality is really good too."


Ep 308: Dallas Remington on the success of her hit song "Princess" on The Don's Hit List

Dallas Remington returns to The Don's Hit List to talk to Don and Grizz about the success of her hit song "Princess" and how she deals with trolls on social media.


Ep 307: Sergio Of The Iconic Hard Rock Band PUYA on The Don's Hit List

Sergio Curbelo is the long time frontman of the iconic hard rock band PUYA from Puerto Rico. We started the interview with some incredibly kind words from Elias Soriano of Nonpoint to which left a normally outspoken Sergio speechless. Then Sergio tells some amazing stories of growing up in Puerto Rico with next to nothing and not having live music readily available. Incredible stories involving Philip Anselmo of Pantera fame and Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden. Also play with the Red Hot...


Ep 306: Multi band rock musician Skylar Sarkis returns to The Don's Hit List

Skylar Sarkis returns to The Don's Hit List to discuss the multiple bands he is a part of and all of the goosebump moments that occur within each band's music.


Ep 305: Doug Clifford (Drummer/Founding Member of Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Doug Clifford (founding member and drummer for the hall of fame band Creedence Clearwater Revival joined The Don and Grizz to discuss the goosebump moments in his career as well as the special project he did with the late great Steve Wright of The Greg Kihn Band. We discussed how CCR got together and what led to the future collaboration with Steven Wright of The Greg Kihn Band. This project of Clifford/Wright includes Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band), Jimmy Lyon (Eddie Money) and Joe...


Ep 304: Corinne Cook (Country) on The Don's Hit List

Corinne joined the show and we started with her latest single "Blah, Blah, Blah." A song about when your significant other gets distracted when their friend walks into the room and now you become the proverbial third wheel. We also get into her song "Yes I Can" which is a song of encouragement and strength for women. Corinne and Don also talk about possibly doing karaoke together one day. Corinne also talk about the 'hairbrush song' she would song when she was a kid performing into the...


Ep 303: Kent Blazy (Multi #1 hit songwriter with Garth Brooks) Discusses "Me and My Guitar"

Kent Blazy, multi number 1 hit songwriter for Garth Brooks, Chris Young, Patty Loveless and many others joined The Don's Hit List to discuss the goosebump moments in his new album "Me and My Guitar". We get into great discussions about iconic songwriters like Dan Fogelberg and Dan Seals. We also talk about a song that Don believes is a #1 song and pitches that Kenny Chesney MUST record this song. Listen to find out which one.


Ep 302: Ten Minutes with Taylon for August 2021

Taylon Hope returns to debut her new segment each month: Ten Minutes with Taylon. Taylon Hope joins and we talk about anything for ten minutes.


Ep 301: Music legend H. Jack Williams Returns for "Halfway To Hell" on The Don's Hit List

H. Jack Williams returns to The Don’s Hit List to discuss his album “Halfway To Hell” which contains multiple goosebump moments. We start the show with “One More Day” where it reminded us of The Traveling Wilburys meets The Wallflowers. This is a song written by H. Jack Williams and he tells an amazing story about how Kevin Costner heard this song and it stopped him in his tracks. Kevin provided ideas for tweaking the song to the point where Kevin wanted to do this song himself. Producer Jim...


Ep 300: Allie Colleen Returns for "Wildflower" and "Love Like I Drink" on The Don's Hit List

We have reached Episode 300! So that would mean a special guest would have to be on the show. The incredible Allie Colleen has been joining us once a month to share a new song with everyone and this one is extra special. There are TWO news songs we talk about: "Wildflower" and "Love Like I Drink". The song "Wildflower" is a special one for Allie and it left The Don and Grizz emotional. Her momma offering encouragement in the lyrics "You were never meant to fit in with the roses, the...


Ep 299: Kimberly Ward on The Don's Hit List

Introducing Kimberly Ward, an established artist who grew up loving music! She started taking piano lessons at a young age, always enjoyed music, sang in choirs throughout high school and college, performed in Performance Arts choir competitions in Charlotte, NC, and participated in piano recitals for 8 years. She received a music scholarship with First Baptist Church of Wilson, NC in 2011 for music performances in their choir and holding special music, including piano solos. She finished...


Ep 298: Emily Daniels (Country) on The Don's Hit List

Rising country starlet Emily Daniels joined The Don, Grizz, and AJ Jansen to go over the goosebump moments in her EP "Welcome To A Heartache". This is a concept EP of sorts as it deals the with the rise and fall of a relationship. We have some good laughs with Emily as well including how she is not a chocolate fan, how she met her fiance, running into her ex at a beach which led to a song, and many more great stories. We talk about her go to heartbreak song by Rascal Flatts and how Shania...


Ep 297: Alannah McCready (Country) on The Don's Hit List

Alannah McCready joined us and we talked about the goosebump moments in her music. Legendary producer Kevin Bowe who worked on her record stated "Don't bore us, get to the chrous." This is a quote that Alannah lives by when writing songs. We also talked about sunburn experiences, college guys that would challenge her into drinking her under the table and how she would outlast them. We talk about her latest single ""Something Like That" produced by Sterling “David” Gittens Jr. and written by...


Ep 296: Chaser (Punk Rock) on The Don's Hit List

Mike LeDonne (singer) joined The Don's Hit List and we went through the goosebump moments in their music. We talk about the great harmonies that occur in their music. We talk about how DIY shows were some of the best. The influence of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords on their music. We also talk about the influence of the So-Cal scene on punk music.


Ep 295: Dave Herrera (Country Rock Artist) on The Don's Hit List

Dave Herrera joined us and we talked about his track "Visit Nashville" and stories about the first time in Nashville. We talked about classic car restoration which is related to his latest single "My first '69". We also talked about his song "Hollywood Sign". Then a major goosebump moment in the song “Boys Were Back In town”. Then we get into goosebumps moments from artists Guns N Roses, Van Halen, and Motley Crue.


Ep 294: Matt Easton of The Jenny Thing on The Don's Hit List

With the All Music Guide describing their sound as “Layers of dreamy, atmospheric guitars, and songs crackling with energy,” The Jenny Thing has always remained true to their new wave roots. Formed in 1991 with vocalist Matt Easton, guitarist Shyam Rao, bassist Ehren Becker, and drummer Mike Phillips still in their teens, the band made their first record at Live Oak Studio in Berkeley, California. Clocking in at less than 25 minutes, The Jenny Thing’s short and sweet Me became the...


Ep 293: MJ Songstress (Dance Pop Singer Songwriter) on The Don's Hit List

MJ Songstress joined The Don's Hit List to discuss the goosebump moments in her music. We also talk about how her dad is a musician and played guitar on home his tracks. Then we discuss how her parents met and The Don created the scene with theater of the mind. We also talked about Michael Jackson's influence on music. Fort Lee, New Jersey dance-pop singer-songwriter MJ Songstress recently released the music video for her new single "Carousel”. The first thing you're likely to notice about...