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#98: How to Push Through Writers Block and Finish More Music with Apashe

Show Notes: Get a free month of samples from Splice Sounds by visiting and using the promo code “EDMPROD”. In this episode, I sit down with APASHE, a phenomenal bass music producer based out of Montreal. We chat about his background in music, studying electro-acoustics, his creative workflow, how he pushes through that last 10% of a track, studying classical music, and much more. Connect:


#97: A Framework For Becoming a Better Producer with Hyperbits

Show Notes: Get a free month of samples from Splice Sounds by visiting and using the promo code “EDMPROD”. In this episode, I sit down for the third time with Hyperbits. If you haven't listened to the previous two episodes, be sure to check them out first(episodes 15 and 27). We chat about the similarities between being an artist and being an entrepreneur, how to best carve your learning path, what people should look for in an online school, and how to go...


#96: How to Let Emotion Drive Your Music with JNTHN STEIN

Show Notes: Get a free month of samples from Splice Sounds by visiting and using the promo code “EDMPROD”. In this episode, I sit down with JNTHN STEIN. He's a fantastic producer who you may know from his Ableton Push 2 videos. We chat about his background, crowdfunding a recording studio with half of the the Grammy award winning duo Brasstracks, linking up with Team Supreme, as well being featuring in the Ableton Push 2 launch. We also chat about...


#95: How to Crush It as an Independent Artist with Anden

Show Notes: Get a free month of samples from Splice Sounds by visiting and using the promo code “EDMPROD”. In this episode, I sit down brothers Pete and Tom of Anden. They've released on labels such as Zerothree and Colorize, receiving support from the biggest names in the industry (names like Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren). In this episode, we talk about how they got into music, how to properly grow yourself as an independent artist, working...


#94: How to Grow Your Brand and Produce Full-Time with Daniel Grimmett

Show Notes: Get a free month of samples from Splice Sounds by visiting and using the promo code “EDMPROD”. In this episode, I sit down with Daniel Grimmett. He is a full-time business consultant who helps music producers get more clients. He also runs a production company called the Songwriting Team. We talk about the first steps he takes to help grow a client's business, the difference between pros and amateurs, as well as how to build authority and...


#54: Force Yourself to do Creative Work (Lessons from Mr. Bill)

Mr. Bill is a multi-genre producer from Australia (now based in Colorado). He's well known for his tutorials and membership platform, which offers video content, samples, project files, and more. In this episode, I'm joined by Bill as he talks about his background, what his schedule looks like, and his thoughts on creative block. Read full show notes + my takeaways here:


#53: Jesse Brede on Success Habits, Creative Structure, and Networking

Jesse Brede is the founder of Gravitas Recordings, Gravitas Create, Pivotal Talent Agency, and Lion's Share Digital. In this episode, I'm joined by Jesse as he shares what it takes for artists to "make it" in today's industry: a long-term strategy, daily habits, and a rock-solid mindset. Read full show notes + my takeaways here:


#52: Finding Your Niche & Maintaining Positivity With Ryos

Today's guest on The EDM Prodcast has stormed onto the progressive house scene under his alias Ryos. We discuss a variety of topics such as his rapid success, the ups and downs he's faced along the way, and how he's sculpted his unique sound. We also talk about: - The importance of learning music theory - Mistakes newer artists might make - Developing a strong work ethic - Maintaining positivity and motivation as an artist Cool stuff mentioned in the show: - Ryos In The Studio: The Making Of...


#51: What It Takes To Make It In Music with Conro

Many talk about sacrifice, but how many producers can you think of have moved to a farm just to have a studio to pursue their dream? Today's guest on The EDM Prodcast, Conro, has truly gone all-in to successfully achieve his dream. We talk about his journey, what it's taken to get where he is today including the ups and downs, his daily schedule and much more in this insightful interview. We also talk about: - Transitioning into new genres of music - Focusing on originality in the creative...


#50: Ten Takeaways From 50 Episodes

Link to show notes/text version: Well, we've reached episode 50. I thought it would be nice to look back over the past 50 episodes and share my key takeaways. Things I've learned that you, as an artist, can benefit from. I share 10 key takeaways, then 4 bonus takeaways, and end the episode with some of my favorite excerpts. A huge thanks to all listeners. Appreciate you telling others about the Prodcast, supporting the guests, and just being awesome people....


#49: Making Unique Pop Music & Producing Full Time with Fabian Mazur

Denmark's platinum-credited Fabian Mazur is a household name in trap music, continually pushing the boundaries of his sound. In today's episode of The EDM Prodcast, we look at the routine Mazur has created to sustain his artistry, his creative processes in making unique music, and the importance of experimentation. We also talk about: - Creating a daily structure to make the best music possible - Critical advice for aspiring DJs - The pressure of being a full time artist - Maximizing...


#48: Prioritizing Quality Music & Taking Initiative with Hellberg

One of the most prolific producers under the always impressive Monstercat imprint is today's EDM Prodcast guest, Hellberg. As a full time musician, Hellberg has blown us away with an impressive discography of originals and remixes supported by the industry's largest taste-makers. In this episode, we cover everything from building a proper musical foundation as a producer, to marketing, to workflow and much in between. We also talk about: - Why the quality of your musical 'product' is most...


#47: Building Doors & Mastering Marketing with Louie La Vella

Episode 47 of The EDM Prodcast is an interview turned impromptu master class with music marketing mastermind Louie La Vella. La Vella's incredible background in marketing and nightlife industries shines while he shares impressive insights on entrepreneurship, building relationships, outside the box marketing tactics, and where artists should focus their efforts on the business side of their journey. Simply a must-listen episode. We also talk about: - How labels need to adapt to remain...


#46: How to Systematically Learn Music Production with John Lavido

LINK TO FULL CASE STUDY: John Lavido on the Web: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: YouTube:


#45: Lucas James — Genuine Relationships, Transparent Communication & Reaching Major Outlets

In this first Prodcast episode of 2017, I am joined by Lucas James: the label manager at Seeking Blue - the imprint associated with the massive promotional network, Mr. SuicideSheep. Much like their network counterpart, Seeking Blue has proven to be one of the most forward thinking electronic music imprints and another impressively successful venture by this group. Lucas details much of what has fueled that success for the label, what makes their imprint so distinct, and offers invaluable...


#44: Sebastien Lintz — The Changing Face of Technology, Getting Demos Signed & Social Media Advice

In this interview (one of my favorite to date) I sit down with Sebastien Lintz, artist manager & digital strategist at Sorted Management and label manager at Revealed Recordings (yep - he works two jobs). If there's one way to sum up Lintz, it would be "ahead of the curve." And we talk about exactly that in this interview—how to stay ahead of the curve. We also talk about: - How labels will need to adapt to the changing industry in order to survive and thrive - Where music consumption is...


#43: Dave Winnel — Keeping Simplicity In Music Production

Dave Winnel has had a meteoric rise to success in the electronic music world, and for good reason. Having remixed giants like David Guetta, Adam Lambert, Axwell & Ingrosso, and recently collaborating with Armin van Buuren, Winnel is seemingly unstoppable. Having given back to the music production community via his ‘For The Win Samples’ with Splice, Winnel was the perfect guest for this episode of The EDM Prodcast giving a concise interview packed with value....


#42: Austin Kramer — Getting The Most Out Of Spotify

Austin Kramer, Spotify's dance music curator, is a notably influential figure in electronic music. Formerly programming for SiriusXM's BPM, Electric Area, and Tiesto's Club Life, he is a seasoned radio curator now at the forefront of the streaming advent. He provides our listeners with a look into what it takes to maximize your Spotify experience, how labels may have to adapt to the changing industry, and advice for any individuals looking for a start in the electronic music scene -...


#41: Audiofreq — Becoming A Disciplined Music Producer

The EDM Prodcast has prided itself on having a diverse selection of artists, yet oddly enough episode 41’s guest is the first from the Hardstyle end of the electronic music spectrum. Sam Matla sits down with the prolific Sam Gonzalez, better known to the world as Audiofreq. Considering his impressive discography, as well as his own series of invaluable tutorials and in the studio videos, it is no surprise that this episode is packed full of useful tips and incredible insight into...


#40: Sean Tyas — Mastering The Art Of Sound Design

Continuing the trend of legendary guests from the trance realm on the EDM Prodcast, this episode we are joined by Sean Tyas. Recently releasing his multi-genre album, Degeneration, Sean has become an icon in the trance community as one of the strongest sound designers. It is no surprise that this interview covers a heap of technical knowledge, from masterfully crafting kick drums to the inner workings of his sound design for his trance productions and beyond. This episode is certainly for...