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#86: Touring, Persistance, and Self-Awareness with Travis Terrell

Show notes: In this episode, I sit down with Travis Terrell. He's a musician and one of the CEO's of Soundstripe, which is an online platform for filmmakers to access royalty free music. Learn more:


#85: How to Turn Your Passion into a Career with KRANE

Show Notes: In this episode, I sit down with the very talented producer KRANE. We chat about how he got into music, when he decided to quit his 9-5 to pursue music full time, what his collaboration process looks like, his number 1 advice for beginners, and much more. He's extremely well spoken, offering heaps of valuable insights and advice. Connect with Krane: SC: @KRANE Website:


#84 Workflow, UKF, & Rebranding with Oliverse

Show Notes: In this episode, I sit down with UK producer Oliverse. He's a phenomenal dubstep producer who's been making moves as a late. In this interview, we talk about his background, his workflow, production tips, networking remotely, and much more. Connect: @oliverseuk


#83: James Ruehlmann - Teaching at ICON, Sync Licensing, and Advice for Beginners

Show Notes: In this episode, I sit down with producer/teacher/guitarist James Ruehlmann. He produces under the name Mutrix, and originally got his start in the music as a touring guitarist for the band At The Throne of Judgement. In this episode, we chat about starting a music career from scratch, why sync licensing is one of the best (and easiest) ways to make money, and what he's learned teaching at Icon Collective. This interview is filled with invaluable advice you won't...


#82: Arrangement, Songwriting, and Motivation with $aturn

Show notes: In this episode, I sit down with the talented producer and vocalist $aturn. He makes incredible music, which is even more impressive when you learn he's just 19. We talk about how he developed so quickly, his motivation for making music, the best way to learn proper arrangement, and much more. I had a blast recording this episode, and I hope you'll enjoy it too. Connect: @officialsaturn @itslanirose


#77: Discipline, Motivation, and Self-Actualization with Auvic

In this interview, I sit down with the talented producer Auvic. This episodes dives deep, as we discuss knowing yourself, knowing your strengths/weakness, and knowing how you learn as an artist. We also discuss his thoughts on formal education, and why Berklee wasn't the right fit for him. He's extremely insightful, offering up practical advice on inspiration, motivation, and much more. Connect with Auvic: @auvicmusic


#75: Q&A with Sam Matla & Joey Suki (and How to Build Your Career)

Show Notes: This episode marks a historic moment for the podcast, as it's our first ever in-person interview. This interview is with return guest Joey Suki, former world touring artist and current artist coach. I flew to the Netherlands to work with Joey on our latest course, Build Your Artist Career, and while there we recorded this episode. It's a Q&A episode, featuring a series of questions about how to find the perfect mentor, where you should invest your money and time,...


#71: How to Add Human Groove and Feel to Your Music with Slynk

"You can get by without music theory, but you're going to sound like a tourist with a phrase book.”—Slynk In this episode, I chat with Evan Chandler, aka Slynk. He's a talented funk/glitch producer, as well as a well respected music educator. We chat about topics such as how he achieves his characteristic funk groove, fighting creative block, common beginner mistakes, and much more. Show Notes: Slynk: @slynk


69: Beating Depression and Launching a Career with ILIVEHERE.

In this episode, I sit with Tim Biesta, better know as ILIVEHERE. He's well known for his releases on San Holo's label bitbird. We talk about serious topics such as depression and dealing with self-doubt. Later, we dive into the techincal side of things, discussing some of the techniques he uses to achieve his characteristic sound. ILIVEHERE.: @iliveheremusic Show Notes:


#68: Get Unstuck In Your Projects With This 4 Step Framework - Interview with Bass Kleph

In this interview I sit down with established producer Bass Kleph. He's been in the industry for nearly 2 decades, from being a drummer in a major label signed band to releasing on the biggest dance music labels. We talk about the difficulties of running a label, what to look out for in label contracts, and the benefits of having a coach or mentor. We also dive into his 4 step framework for writing and finishing songs. Bass Kleph - @basskleph and @taisunmusic Show Notes:


#64: KJ Sawka On Building Connections, Struggling to Make a Living, and Working With Rob Swire

In this episode, I sit down with legendary drummer KJ Sawka. We talk about what how he got his start in the industry, his advice on how to breakthrough in today’s crowded scene, and what it is like to work with Rob Swire (Pendulum/Knife Party). We also talk about why he turned down a full ride from the Berklee School of Music, and how he crafted his own music curriculum. Find out more about KJ Sawka:


#63: Said The Sky on Workflow, Collaborating with Seven Lions, and His Live Setup

In this episode, I sit down with the extremely talented producer Said the Sky. We talk about a range of topics, including his workflow, why he left Berklee School of Music, the struggles of going full-time, and how to approach bigger artists. Find out more about Said The Sky: Show Notes:


#62: Ian Shepherd: The Loudness War - How to Fight It Properly

I sit down with mastering engineer and blogger Ian Shepherd to talk about the loudness problem in today's publishing industry, how to combat it, and whether mastering is worth learning as a bedroom producer. Find out more about Ian Shepherd: Read full show notes:


Ep 37: Stephen Kirkwood — Approaching Education Holistically

Have you ever felt as if you could be doing more with your music, or life in general? One look at Stephen Kirkwood’s accomplishments across different ventures may send you running, or, inspire you to be as productive as him. There’s much to be said about a person who is a successful entrepreneur while actively releasing his own music, engineering tracks for others, and doing A&R for record labels - and much of it is covered in this insightful interview. To seal the deal in this episode you...


Ep 35: Bjorn Akesson — Listening To Your Creative Instinct

In this 35th episode of The EDM Prodcast, Sam Matla chats with legendary trance artist Bjorn Akesson. A veteran of music production, Bjorn takes us through his journey from starting with simple software and hardware through until today, and offers valuable advice for novice and skilled producers alike. Having perfected his sound while freely experimenting with it, he shares extremely important insight on the creative process and manipulating energy in productions....


Ep 30: Making Music Full Time & Developing Ideas Into Songs With WRLD

David Lawson better known in the electronic music scene as WRLD is one of the most promising young talents, having released with renowned record labels such as Monstercat and reaching massive promotional platforms like Mr.SuicideSheep at just the age of eighteen. Now focusing on music full time, he is living what many producers consider to be the dream. In this episode of the EDMProdcast, I sit down with David for a conversation that is short, sweet, and very much to the point. We discuss...


Ep 29: Establishing Label Relationships & Staying Focused With Thomas Hayes

In this episode of the EDM Prodcast, I chat with the Australian phenom Thomas Hayes who has been one of the most impressive artists in the world of progressive house and trance. Having massive hits such as ‘Golden’ with Kyler England and ‘Neon’ featuring Joni Fatora, I dive into his thought process on starting new pieces, increasing workflow, and finding inspiration. Thomas offers a wealth of knowledge to new and established producers alike, not only in regards to the creative process but...


Ep 20: Froogle On Finding Vocalists And Mixing Down As You Go

ENTER REMIX COMPETITION: In this interview, I talk to Froogle. Froogle is an extremely skilled producer with a ton of great advice. Be sure to enter his remix competition at --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download a free PDF containing tips from podcast guests: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPONSOR MESSAGE: Feel like your...


Ep 18: Joachim Garraud on Producer Box and How He Got Into Music

Watch video interview here: Get your copy of Producer Box: In this episode, I talk to Joachim Garraud, a legend in his own right and one of the most influential people in the world of dance music. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download a free PDF containing tips from podcast guests:


Ep 14: Rico & Miella on Processing Vocals & Writing Melodies

In this episode, I talk to classically trained vocalist/producer duo Rico & Miella about how they process their vocals, write their melodies, push through the tedium involved in music production, and more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download a free PDF containing tips from podcast guests: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cool things mentioned in the show: - Joey Dale,...


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