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The Fearless Creative Ep 7 – Songwriting And Collaboration

Today on The Fearless Creative we sit down to chat about songwriting and collaboration. Although we’ve been at this musical journey together for 3 years we still struggle to achieve those truly creative collaborative moments. We’re getting better but it’s been quite a journey indeed! Have a listen and leave a comment. Are you a […]


The Fearless Creative Ep 6 – Creative Solutions In The Woods

This past weekend we experienced crown land camping for the first time. It was AMAZING. The sheer beauty and vastness of the Canadian wilderness is truly inspiring. So, today on The Fearless Creative we dive into that experience and discuss such topics as creative problem solving, using suffering to grow as a person and much […]


The Fearless Creative Ep 5 – What Does Success Mean To You?

Today on The Fearless Creative Podcast we have a mildly inebriated discussion on what it means to be successful. It’s important to have a clear vision of what success means to you as you pursue your creative goals. What’s your vision of success? Leave a comment. 🙂


The Fearless Creative Ep 4 – Managing Your Fan Communication Channels

Tonight we had a spontaneous chat about some different approaches to managing the MANY social channels that we use to communicate with our fans. We have slightly different approaches and we’d love to know how you handle your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc, Etc, Etc. How do you prioritize your time with all these “places” […]


The Fearless Creative Ep 3 – “Selling Out” With Taylor Murray

We’ve FINALLY published an episode of our new podcast! Thanks to Taylor Murray for being an awesome first guest on the Fearless Creative. The conversation centred around the concept of “selling out” but took many interesting turns along the way. To learn more about Taylor and her company visit FUNctional Accessories.


The Fearless Creative Ep 2 – We’re Not Actually Fearless!

Hey guys/gals! Welcome back! We thought it might be a good thing to let you know that just because our show is called The Fearless Creative DOES NOT mean that we are fearless! We try our best to be fearless and vulnerable with our music because we believe that it’s the best way to create […]


The Fearless Creative Ep 1 – Who Are Dezz & Carol Anyway?

Welcome back to the Fearless Creative! We thought it would be appropriate to spend a few minutes introducing ourselves. “Hello! We’re Dezz & Carol. Nice to meet you!” As you know, this podcast is completely unscripted and uncensored and most of the time we are mildly inebriated while recording! Our goal is to be vulnerable […]


The Fearless Creative Ep 0 – What Is This Podcasting Thing?

So, We’ve decided to start a podcast! It’s called The Fearless Creative and it’s a channel for us to drink booze and talk about the things that make us tick. From time to time we will bring friends on to chat with us about what it takes to make it as a creative person in […]