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This award-winning podcast looks at classic rock - and the people who made/make it - with enough knowledge, irreverence, and low-level insanity to make it worthwhile. It's all about Rock Talk.

This award-winning podcast looks at classic rock - and the people who made/make it - with enough knowledge, irreverence, and low-level insanity to make it worthwhile. It's all about Rock Talk.




This award-winning podcast looks at classic rock - and the people who made/make it - with enough knowledge, irreverence, and low-level insanity to make it worthwhile. It's all about Rock Talk.






Why Is Pet Sounds Among The Best Albums Ever

The best Beach Boys album, one of the best of the 1960s. The group here reached a whole new level in terms of both composition and production, layering tracks upon tracks of vocals and instruments to create a richly symphonic sound. Dr. Clarke takes you on his magical mystery journey, on why he agrees with the critics on this album. Listen in.


Classic Rock One Man Bands, So They Say

When we went back into the vault, we never knew that Kennedy was not perfect, or seemed that Clarke was the brains on a certain bet of who produced the White Album, the verdict is still out and as per Kennedy it was Jeff Lynne to help out George Martin at the time. The facts don't lie, but critics feel Kennedy was right and Dr. Clarke Was Wrong...... Listen in friends of the show.


Classic Rock's 30 Burning Questions, with more fuel to the Fire!!!

Was there ever a time you had a question that needed an answer. Well you are in luck, as the guys dig deep into their VAULT. The 30 burning questions of Classic Rock have come back with full force and more questions to fuel to the fire. Listen in on this fabulous day.


72 Times Classic Rockers Changed Their Names!!!

Like DMX said in the Hip/Hop Rap World, What's My Name... The Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show go down a list of those famous artists we all love & know, we reveal what their actual birth certificate really says. Mom and Dad are proud for sure. Also keep a close listen to Dr Clarke get mad when the Beatles George Harrison appears on this list. Nothing like a classic from the Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show VAULT!!!


Pink Floyd - Are They Really From The Dark Side Of The Moon?

Wish You Were, under this Division Bell, on the Dark Side of the Moon. We are all animals with the same Atom Heart Mother. We all like to Meddle with the Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, who are behind The Wall. I have had a Momentary Lapse of Reason, due to The Delicate Sound of Thunder. I am always at my best when I am at the Endless River with my good friend Ummagumma. Join the guys with their special guest Carlo, as they discuss the prog legends Pink Floyd.


The Doors: People Really Are Strange.

In this episode, Dr. Clarke parlays two visits (count 'em, 2) to Jim Morrison's Paris grave site, inspiring a unique, special interpretation of a seminal classic rock band that's like no other - before or since.


David Bowie: Yes, There's Life On Mars w/special guest Cosmo

The three amigos are joined by an outstanding star DJ and Bowie freak to deliver an episode that has as much panache, color and style as Bowie's hairstyles throughout the years. Listen in and go through a few ch-ch-changes.


Foo Fighters: How to Take Medicine at Midnight

You start in the garage with heavy rock, garnish with grunge, then bake it up with punk and some beauty ballads. They play stadiums and when they leave, they take the garage with them. Listen in while Ferris Kennedy explains aural nirvana.


R.E.M.: Not Everybody Hurts

Darlings of college rock but too moody to stay on campus while hanging with the post-punk and alternative rock crowds. Discover what all the noise was about.


Bon Scott Vs. Brian Johnson: AC/DC's Biggest Question?

Bon vs. Brian: AC/DC's Big Question. Is one singer better than the other? You didn't believe you'd ever get an answer to this classic rock conundrum. Ferris Kennedy puts his reputation on the line and delivers!


India's Influence On Classic Rock

India's Influence on Classic Rock: It wasn't just the Beatles who brought Indian music to Western ears. Steven Wheeler traces the expanding and exciting influence of Eastern music on classic rock across the latter half of the twentieth century.


All About the Summer of Love 1967

All About the Summer of Love 1967 - In this exclusive show, Dr. Ian Clarke burns patchouli oil, wears love beads, and puts this magical summer under a psychedelic microscope to discover why it was - and remains - so influential to pop culture and classic rock.


Classic Rock Stars Erased by Their Own Bands

Classic Rock Stars Erased by Their Own Bands - When Eric Clapton sang "I don't want to fade away" (from Bell-Bottom Blues) he was likely referring to a well-known penchant major rock bands have for axing members.Sometimes the axed member deserves it - but often, the execution is unexpected and merciless. We call it as we see it folks.


Van Halen - From A to V - AKA Van Roth

Van Halen: From A to V. Ferris Kennedy gives you all there is to give on this classic rock band - from A to V. If you ever wondered what all the noise was about, get ready for an Ear-ruption!


CCR - Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Wonderful, Tragic Tale of Creedence Clearwater Revival: CCR is among the gods of classic rock. But their success ignited firestorms of lawsuits, recriminations, betrayals and bitterness. Hunker down with a cold beverage as Dr. Clarke gives you need-to-know info on what went down.


Led Zeppelin - All You Need To Know

Acknowledged as the most successful and influential band of the heavy rock era, with a catalog that continues to inspire. What The Beatles were to the '60s, Led Zeppelin were to the '70s: a band so successful and innovative they wound up creating the prism through which their entire epoch was seen. Zeppelin ushered in the era of album rock. The Boys Of Classic Rock Podcast dive in to the legends of Classic Rock.


Who's On Third? A Look at the #3 Band in Classic Rock!!!

Who's on Third? A look at the # 3 Classic Rock Band. You know who holds the # 1 and # 2 positions of best classic rock band. But who is # 3? Find out. Also, the Recording Industry has funny money and math. Dr. Clarke operates under Ian's knock, Medicated Wheeler gets intimate with Bob Dylan in his Vinyl Review, & Kennedy goes crazy with Yes or No?


Great Trios of Classic Rock - Looking at Threesomes

"Not many classic rock bands have just three members. Trios have a different attitude and sound. In this episode, our own trio "Kennedy, Clarke & Wheeler" list some of the best threesomes "ever"


What Is Classic Rock? The Real Facts of The Guess Who's - Who???

Can you define classic rock? We didn't think so. We're here to help. Through our careful selection of examples and rapier-like insights, you can listen to brilliance in action...or not. And checkout Wheeler's Vinyl Review as he raps about the new Jefferson Airplane LP.


How Did 101 Classic Rock Bands Get Their Names??? Part 2!!!

Part 2: Amidst great odds, we continue with part two of how 101 classic rock bands got their often disturbing names. Hey. this kind of knowledge will make you special. Plus, Steven Wheeler reviews new vinyl from Chicago