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In-depth DJ interviews hosted by Diggy the DJ and Bill Cool

In-depth DJ interviews hosted by Diggy the DJ and Bill Cool


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In-depth DJ interviews hosted by Diggy the DJ and Bill Cool




Ep 24 – Nu-Mark - The Fix

On the season finale of THE FIX, we catch up with legendary DJ Nu-Mark! Nu gives us the background on how he got into DJing, which was heavily house party oriented. We go behind the scenes in the making of one his legendary Jurassic 5 beats, "What's Golden". We dive deeper into his production, including hearing about his Rhythm Roulette episode. Nu-Mark shares his Red Bull 3Style experience in Taipei, and how he came back majorly inspired from the competitors sets. Of course, we had to chat...


Ep 23 – Sweet Touch Foundation - The Fix

Join us for an insightful chat on THE FIX with Sweet Touch Foundation, DJ Riccachet and Thera-P. The brothers tell us about how they started really getting into music at the age of 4 and how that passion became unwavering over the years. We hear about some of their early influences in the Toronto scene. We asked about their own unique styles and how they were able to push and influence each other as siblings. Being in the game for a hot minute, the bros tell us about the transition to Serato...


Ep 22 – Crunch - The Fix

On this week’s episode we are joined by one of our city’s premier night club DJs, Crunch. The Iranian-Canadian, who also holds a Science Degree (which we get into), is a staple in the Toronto scene. We chat about his early days working at Play De Record and his quick ascension in the DJ game touring with Justin Bieber and Steve Aoki. We dive into some nerdy gear talk and get some insight on tricks to organize your Serato library. Crunch mentions his 2019 aspirations of entering Red Bull...


Ep 21 – DJ Grouch - The Fix

On this episode of THE FIX, we sit down with turntablist legend DJ Grouch. We chat about his early days b-boying, and transitioning to another of the elements: DJing. Grouch tells us about his early foray into production by crafting beats using pause tapes. He explains the circumstances that lead to his first radio gig, and how it changed his life. While on radio, some random guy calls into the station and insists he enter a DJ battle. In his first battle, went up against D-scratch, and won...


Ep 020 – 2018 Recap - The Fix

First episode of 2019! On our latest edition of THE FIX, we reflect on our first year of the podcast. We are so thankful to all our listeners, guests and friends who've shown us so much support while we got this thing off the ground 🙏. We chat about some of the highlights for each of us, including some of the funny/mishap moments of the show. Diggy and Bill Cool do a music year in review and talk about some of the big club joints this year (read: Mo Bamba). No episode would be complete...


Ep 019 – Tom Fleming - The Fix

On episode 19 of THE FIX we welcome the ginger prince of the east DJ Tom Fleming. After a rare auto immune deficiency affected his vision he decided to trade in his hockey equipment for DJ gear, the rest is history! Drawing inspiration from legendary turntablist DJ AM, DJ Vice and DJ Spider, Tom spent countless hours in his parents basement honing his craft. The Club Killers affiliate has had great success in the Red Bull 3Style battle scene and is recognized for compiling dope mixes, edits...


Ep 018 – Nitrane - The Fix

On this weeks episode of THE FIX we welcome LA native and Dreamville representative DJ Nitrane. Currently holding down the position as official DJ for Bas and J.Cole, he is no stranger to tour life where he wears many hats including Music Director, Tour Manager and sometimes even Lighting Tech. We chat about his come up in the Hollywood scene where he established a reputation that landed him a residency as Jamie Foxx's personal DJ and a gig at The White House for Obama. Heavily influenced by...


Ep 017 – 4 Korners - The Fix

THE FIX welcomes 4 Korners, the Raptors official team DJ and regional director DJ City on our latest episode. We chat about the podcast's favourite NBA team, his experiences throughout the years with the organization. 4k shares some invaluable advice for anyone trying to make it out there, which starts with being a genuine person, developing relationships through networking. Of course, we hear about the come-up, some of the stories along the way and the differences in the clubs in North...


Ep 016 – Nick Bike - The Fix

For this week's episode of THE FIX we sat down with 'your favourite DJs favourite DJ', Nick Bike. The Vancouver resident has gained notoriety through releasing numerous remixes, edits and original productions that have garnered attention from industry legends such as Funk Master Flex and DJ Jazzy Jeff. We touch on his humble beginnings in Fort St John, BC and his late nights mixing french house in his early days as a DJ in Charlottetown, PEI. The Red Bull 3Style veteran has had a massive...


Ep 015 – Floetic - The Fix

For this weeks edition of THE FIX we travelled across the country to link up with a Van City mainstay Floetic. We touch on his early wide array of musical influences from his parents and his older sister. His diversity becomes evident when he mentions DJ inspirations ranging from DJ Premier and Maceo, to Diplo and Baauer. We move into his journey of organizing and promoting events in university to developing the 'Floetic' brand and becoming one of the country's busiest DJs. This episode is...


Ep 014 – Pat Drastik (of Thugli) - The Fix

We welcome Pat Drastik of @thuglimusic on the latest episode of THE FIX. Pat kicks off the interview by breaking down our nation's history 🇨🇦. We then jump right into it, Pat tells us about his early influences, how skateboarding videos influenced his music taste, being the only rap kid growing up, his early fashion swag, and being picked on. We chat about meeting his now partner in crime, Tom Wrecks, through skateboarding, and convincing him to buy turntables. He would then reverse...


Ep 013 – DJ Spider - The Fix

Welcome back! To kick off the second season of THE FIX, we welcome LA native DJ Spider. Spider sat with us during his recent to Toronto for TIFF, and shared some of his stories - including playing a Quincy Jones party where he got to meet the legend himself. We learn about his acting experience alongside Russell Peters, Tracey Morgan and El Helms - where him and Russell chopped it up on the decks between sets. As always, we chat about the come up and his early influences, first records (DJ...


Ep 012 – Skratch Bastid - The Fix

On the season finale of THE FIX, we welcome "DJ Stimulus", or as you might know him - Skratch Bastid. Pull up, kick back and enjoy this in-depth conversation with this legendary DJ. We hear about Bastid's early exposure to music from his diverse cultural upbringing, his first cassette tape (Shaq) and how Wu-tang changed the game for him. He talks about how he started to hone his skills through early Q-Bert/Invisible Scratch Piklz videos, his mom encouraging him to enter his first battle and...


Ep 011 – ESP - The Fix

We've got the homey ESP in THE FIX studio for episode 11. Tune in as we nerd out with one of the funniest dudes in the scene. We'll title this one "Roasting 101". We kick off our chat with ESPs ongoing efforts to get a San Pellegrino sponsorship and impersonating other DJs to make it happen. ESP tells us his backstory that has lead him to the "best job ever", including the time he transported his first set of turntables and mixer on the back of a motorcycle (gasp 😲). Our conversation...


Ep 010 – Mastermind - The Fix

On this episode we welcome a legend in the DJ and broadcasting world for over 25 years - Mastermind. Join us as we fan out about how much of an influence he is to us. As always, we dig deep into the story, talking about his intro to this thing we love called HIP-HOP! His long career in the radio world, getting his first college radio show at 15 years old, the influence and evolution of hip-hop radio. Mastermind tells us about his influences as a DJ ranging from Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Jam...


Ep 009 – Jayemkayem - The Fix

JAYEMKAYEM visits The Fix studio for a candid interview in episode 9. Jayem has been killing the game for the past few years, and we get to dive into her personal and professional story. We cover the oft-debated topic of requests (and how not to do it), the DJ's role in breaking records these days, the shortage of quality full album projects vs compilations of singles, getting her start spinning, first time playing out in just 2015, and her meteoric rise since. She is also the first guest...


Ep 008 – Trackstar the DJ (Run the Jewels) - The Fix

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Fix! This week we welcome the Professional RAP FAN and one-third of already legendary hip-hop group Run the Jewels, Trackstar the DJ. Trackstar has been in the game for a minute, with over 150 mixtapes already under his belt. He's been a busy dude touring around the world with Killer Mike and El-P as RTJ, hosting a weekly show on Shade 45, and managing his clothing line RAP FAN - yet he took the time to sit down with us before their show in Toronto. Tune in as as...


Ep 007 – Big Jacks - The Fix

We welcome Big Jacks to THE FIX studio in our latest episode. Big Jacks' resume is impressive list of ✅milestones. Tune is as we run the gamut of topics ranging from snacks, Toronto radio, digging tips, mixtapes (and actual cassettes), the record label (@ggbrrecords), his gig with clothing retailer Aritzia, connection to Conway & Westside Gunn, tips for up and coming DJs, and a bunch of other shit. You can order GGBR Records Music and Merch through their website, including pre-orders of...


Ep 006 – Buggin Out DJs - The Fix

⬆️ Haters Gonna Say it’s Photoshopped! ⬆️ This week on THE FIX we host Hamilton, Ontario’s very own Buggin Out DJs made up of Walter Deans and Cam B, who is fresh off a 3rd place finish at this years Red Bull 3style World Finals ( We chat with them about their come up, and how the two of them met and got started DJing together, some of perils of spinning in the Hamilton scene, their journey to world finals in Poland, nerves and the process of putting together a...


Ep 005 – The Gaff - The Fix

On this latest episode of THE FIX, we welcome one of the most enigmatic and interesting dudes in the game, The Gaff. Born in Washington, DC, grew up in Victoria, BC and currently residing in Toon Town (aka Saskatoon, SK), The Gaff is a world renowned party rocker, music knowledge gawd, crate digger extraordinaire, and so much more. A true DJs DJ, respected and acknowledged by the greatest of heads. We cover the gamut in this interview: touching on his days as a sponsored skateboarder, to his...