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Live from Madison Square Garden, all your favorite bands and Gunz!

Live from Madison Square Garden, all your favorite bands and Gunz!


New York, NY


Live from Madison Square Garden, all your favorite bands and Gunz!








girlfriends, Goody Grace

Travis Mills and Nick Gross got together this year to create a brand new duo and Gunz is getting allllll the details. From working with John Feldmann, to how the project came together, to creating during quarantining, they let us know what to expect from girlfriends. Later, Goody Grace gets on the phone to catch up with Gunz. He has a lot of goals for his new project as he moves from singles to an album release and he gives us a timeline for the next few months. Plus, he chats about last...


The Unlikely Candidates

When The Gunz Show hit the air this week, he brought The Unlikely Candidates with him so you could find your new favorite band. Listen in as they chat about the heat in Texas and their live streams during quarantine. They also get into conversation about the band's new track "High Low" and how they've evolved their sound by making music they like.


The Night Game

Welcome back to a new episode of The Gunz Show, where you'll get to know The Night Game better than ever before. When Martin Johnson calls in to talk about his new music with The Night Game, the two get talking about everything from Boys Like Girls to his impromptu road trip across the country. Listen in as he tells us what inspired his new tracks, reminisces on "The Great Escape", and chats about Taylor Swift.


Valley, Chaz Cardigan

You want to start the week off right and The Gunz Show is the perfect way to do it. On a brand new episode, Gunz invites Valley and Chaz Cardigan to the show. When indie rock band Valley calls in, they dive into conversation about their new single "nevermind" - but don't worry, they have plenty of other music to chat about too. They talk about their plans (or lack there-of) going forward and the excitement that comes with it. Later, Chaz Cardigan joins the show. Gunz is introducing you to...


Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath

A new episode of The Gunz Show, you say? Don't mind if we do. Tune in this week to hear Gunz chat with Spencer Chamberlain. When the Underoath frontman joins the show, he's talking COVID-19 and their planned tour with Slipknot. He also chats about the Underoath way to do a livestream, other music he's working on, and more. Listen in now!


Ben Barlow from Neck Deep

If you're counting down the days until Friday so you can pick up a copy of Neck Deep's new album All Distortions Are Intentional, you're gonna love the latest episode of The Gunz Show. Tune in as Gunz chats with Ben Barlow about the direction of the new albums Together, they look back on the band's past catalog and discuss where this collection differs, where it's headed sonically, and share the conceptual qualities you'll find on the album.


Josh Dun of twenty one pilots

Just when this week almost had you down, The Gunz Show swoops in to save the day! This time around, the show has extra mood-brightening powers when twenty one pilot's Josh Dun joins the conversation. We've all been in quarantine for awhile - but what would it be like if you got married right before lockdown? Josh updates us on the big advancements in his life as he chats with Gunz. He also chats about twenty one pilot's recent track "Level Of Concern", discusses all the shows he's missing,...


Christian McAlhaney, We Were Sharks

Welcome back to another episode of The Gunz Show. This week, Gunz is curing your quarantine woes with his pal Christian McAlhaney and Ottawa band We Were Sharks. You might have heard of Christian McAlhaney... well, everywhere. As part of Acceptance, Anberlin, and Loose Talk the legendary guitarist has plenty to talk about. From a new Acceptance single to an Anberlin live stream, hear it all when he calls in to The Gunz Show. Later, Colin and Randy of We Were Sharks join Gunz to talk about...


Derek DiScanio of State Champs

The Gunz Show is back this week with an all new episode, so pull up a seat and your best pair of headphones. Listen in as Derek DiScanio of State Champs joins Gunz over Zoom to chat about the band's recent livestream. He also shares memories from the road, discusses defying genres, and more.


Carl & Kyle from Bravo’s ‘Summer House’

Another episode of The Gunz Show is ready to for your ears! This week, Gunz brought Carl and Kyle from Bravo's Summer House to the air. When the guys call in for a chat, they dig into their new company Loverboy. From the launch of their latest product, to making a better hard tea, to the taste tasting process get a look at what they're up to these days.


Kayce Smith from Barstool Sports, Thomas Nicholas

The Gunz Show is back to brighten up your week with interviews from some of your favorite names in sports, music AND movies. First up, Kayce Smith of Barstool Sports calls in to chat. From the fiasco of getting her Twitter handle to her love of college football and John Mayer, get to know the sports broadcaster. Later, Thomas Nicolas joins the show. You might know him from his band, or maybe from American Pie, but either way you'll have a blast catching up with the actor/musician. Listen in...


Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, Mitchy Collins of lovelytheband

This week, we're rocking with Alex Gaskarth and Mitchy Collins. The frontmen call into The Gunz Show to talk music, quarantine, and much more. First up, Alex Gaskarth is in the a building to talk about All Time Low's latest album, Wake Up Sunshine. Listen in as he and Gunz talk about the recording process, revisit old albums, and dig into Alex's new show Crash Test Live. Later, Mitchy Collins of lovelytheband calls in. From "Loneliness For Love" to "I Should Be Happy", he and Gunz are diving...


Andrew McMahon

Happy Thursday, fam! We're back with another episode of The Gunz Show. This time around, Gunz brought his buddy Andrew McMahon to the air to talk about his life in quarantine.


Rosecoloredworld, Ryan Seaman

The Gunz Show hit the airwaves again to save your from your quarantine woes. Tune in for a brand new segment of Sunday Scaries with Camm Knopp, and hear conversations with Rosecoloredworld and Ryan Seaman.


Mandy Lee of Misterwives

The Gunz Show is always a party, but it's especially fun when Mandy Lee of Misterwives joins the conversation.


Sleep On It, Co-host Camm Knopp

In a new installment of Sunday Scaries, Gunz and Camm Knopp chat with Sleep On It.


GUNZ EXTRA: Vibbs from Barstool Sports

We're sending you into the weekend with a bonus episode of The Gunz Show. (You can thank us later.) Gunz sat down to chat with Barstool Sports' Vibbs and the interview was too good to keep to ourselves.


Andy Serrao, President of Fearless Records + Jason Aalon Butler of FEVER 333

The Gunz Show is back with a brand new episode and that means your Thursday is gonna rock. Tune in to hear Gunz chat with Fearless Records' president Andy Serrao and FEVER 333's Jason Aalon Butler.


Camm Knopp of Never Loved, Nick Wheeler of All American Rejects

Looking for a celebration? We've got you covered with the latest episode of The Gunz Show. With Camm Knopp + Nick Wheeler on the phone, Gunz took over the airwaves for yet another killer interview.


Gunz Extra: John Nolan, Large from Barstool Sports

We've got a surprise sure to put a smile on your face. This week, Gunz is giving us a bonus episode with guests John Nolan and Barstool Sports' Large.