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Minisode: Kate's Clarification on Tory Story

Just a short minisode to kick off 2019 - I wanted to draw attention to the "Clarification" statement that Kate made today on her official website after over two years of false statements and articles appearing in print and social media about her supposed political affiliations. She's had enough! Good for you, Kate.


Episode 18 - Christmas Special 2018 with Bush Telegraph!

Seán introduces our Christmas Special episode for 2018 hosted by Bush Telegraph - Paul Thomas and Darrell Babidge! Darrell and Paul talk in depth about the Christmas Kate Show from 1979, and other festive things related to Kate. This includes the Christmas Kate Bush Club Newsletters, the recent Pop Up Shop in London, another Christmas TV appearance in 1979, and the release of 'December Will Be Magic Again' in 1980.


Episode 17: London Pop-Up Collecting Special with Monty!

In this episode Seán heads to London to experience the extraordinary 5-day Kate Bush Remastered Pop-Up for himself. After meeting the HomeGround gang (and a certain actor friend of theirs!) he brings his swag with him to meet Monty Moncrieff MBE. Monty is a Kate Bush superfan and we get into the world of collecting Kate Bush; vinyl records, box sets, rarities and even fakes - we cover it all. It's very geeky, so be warned, but we had fun doing it. We also feature a fantastic version of one...


Episode 16: Kate Bush Remasters: First Reactions!

They've finally arrived! Kate Bush, who never seems to want to re-visit her back catalogue (her last greatest hits compilation was over 30 years ago), has nevertheless undertaken a monumental remastering project, releasing all 10 studio albums on both vinyl and CD, fully remastered plus some remastered rarities collections. Seán talks about this extraordinary avalanche of Kate Bush releases and Paul and Darrell follow up with their analysis. And then there's the charity pop up shop!


Episode 15: Bush Telegraph - Before The Dawn!

Seán introduces the latest Bush Telegraph special episode. Darrell and Paul talk about the imminent release of the Kate Bush remasters, and anticipate a special listening experience. They also talk about the ‘Before The Dawn’ performances in 2014, having waited 35 years to see Kate perform live again. They cover everything from hearing the very surprising news, to the frantic day the tickets went on sale, and then the ultimate experience of seeing Kate live!


Episode 14: Homeground Party Time! Four decades of Kate Bush fan events!

As this year's Winter themed 2018 Kate Bush Party in the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London approaches on November 23rd, Seán chats to Homeground founder Dave Cross about the amazing history of fan conventions and parties that himself, Peter, Krys, Lisa Bradley and Kate herself have organised since the 1980s! Lots of memories of how Kate and her family got involved in these increasingly ambitious events, some RARE audio from the unforgettable 1990 Convention (yes, famously she announced...


Episode 13: Del Palmer and the Kate Bush Song Book in Ireland

No, Seán can't believe it either: in this episode he catches up with Del Palmer (!) and singer Mandy Watson and pianist/arranger Michael Mayell of The Kate Bush Song Book as they perform in Ireland as a three-piece for the very first time. This relaxed chat finds us sitting around a kitchen table in Dublin discussing how Del became involved with the band, how he experienced re-visiting Kate Bush songs he hasn't performed on in decades, and his memories of trips to Ireland with Kate and...


Episode 12: Baby Bushka On Tour Special

Hailing from San Diego in the US, Baby Bushka are 8 women who have wowed the UK and Ireland with their powerfully energetic, impressively entertaining and musically accomplished take on the work of Kate Bush. Seán chats to them backstage in Belfast on the final date of their UK/Ireland tour. Seán yet again discusses the latest news about Kate's upcoming catalogue remasters and even sets a mini-pub quiz on the Never For Ever album (thanks, Simon!) - it's a packed episode...


Episode 11: Bush Telegraph - Reminiscences of the Bush Family

Darrell and Paul take another trip down memory lane and talk about encounters with the Bush family, including when Kate sung to Paul and Darrell played Moonlight Sonata at the Farm. They also discuss Kate's upcoming Remastered vinyl and CD project.


Episode 10: Eat The Music - Musings on a Feast of Remasters!

Seán discusses the big announcement from Kate today - Kate Bush Remastered. November 2018 will see all 10 of Kate's studio albums fully remastered in vinyl and on CD as well as a new 4 disc collection of 12" mixes, b-sides and covers. What's included in the box sets? What are the formats? What the hell is remastering anyway? Who is James Guthrie? And what is "Humming" and why should we be excited about hearing it? What started as a minisode stretched to nearly an hour of talk, enjoy!


Episode 9: Bush Telegraph - Running Up That Phone Bill!

Seán introduces the third outing of the Bush Telegraph specials and has a mini pub quiz on Lionheart. Paul and Darrell discuss the ‘fan gene’ and the extremes they went to as young teenagers, investigating future Kate releases and harassing EMI! They also discuss memorable encounters with Kate.


Episode 8: Bush Telegraph talks Lionheart

Seán introduces another Bush Telegraph special episode - Paul and Darrell, chatting across thousands of miles, discuss Kate's second album, Lionheart, the singles Hammer Horror and Wow, Kate's continuing fame and success at that time, and generally how much the album means to them, almost 40 year later. Seán tops and tails the episode with bits of news!


Episode 7: Introducing the Bush Telegraph

Seán introduces the first of a new series of fan chats. Paul and Darrell, friends for 40 years, reminisce and talk about Kate's music and influence. These "Bush Telegraph" podcast-within-a-podcast episodes hope to cover many topics regarding Kate, including the release of singles and albums, the Kate Bush Club newsletters, conventions, TV appearances, rarities, and visits to the Farm. In this episode we are introduced to Paul and Darrell as they reminisce about their introduction to Kate...


Episode 6: Wuthering Heights 40 Year Anniversary Special

In this episode Seán does a reboot of the Wuthering Heights episode from last year, specially for the 40th anniversary of the release of Kate's debut single. We are choosing not to feel old! Seán discusses the history of the track, how it was written and released, and how it went on to be a cultural phenomenon. Enjoy!


Episode 5: A very KT party in London

In this episode, Seán is joined by Thomas Dunning as they travel from Dublin to London to attend the HomeGround party in the RVT. We talk Kate at the airport, meet up with the Homeground gang, talk to DJ Paul Thomas and photographer Guido Harari and hear some terrific Kate Bush music played live. And we remembered to record much of it!


Minisode 2: The Sensual World

In another shorter minisode, Seán looks at the story of how Kate slowly (and at times painfully) pieced together what would become one of her most celebrated works - her stunning 1989 masterwork, The Sensual World!


Minisode 1: Coffee Homeground

In the first of our shorter "minisode" podcasts we (randomly) throw the spotlight on one particular song - this time it's Coffee Homeground! Seán discusses the tracks origins, it's distinctive Brechtian feel, the possible influence of a very creepy short story by Roald Dahl and he also looks at how the song was realised on the live stage by Kate back in 1979.


Episode 4: Des gemmes cachées du Kate Bush

In this episode Seán is joined on the phone by Tristan in France and they discuss a selection of Kate's less well-known but nevertheless interesting b-sides and rarer tracks. We also indulge in some very geeky collectors chat. Kate's French and Irish language recordings are chewed over, her earliest recorded work to be officially released gets due praise and we get to grips with everyone's favourite 1994 10-minute dance remix - Shoedance! Enjoy.


Episode 3: The Most Wuthering Heights Podcast Ever!

This episode is a celebration of Kate's debut single, the classic song Wuthering Heights! Seán chats to participants at the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever in Dublin (see for the video featuring hundreds of "Cathys"!) and he explores the story of the song and the Emily Brönte novel; how it immediately thrust Kate into international stardom. It's our tribute to the lasting legacy of this truly remarkable recording.


Episode 2: My Life as a Fan

Our second episode is an excuse to take a look at the chronology of Kate's career through the eyes of a fan who was there from the start - Paul Thomas. Paul chats on the phone to Seán about the early days of KB fandom, meeting Kate, the thrill of each new release and what the music means to him. PLUS an inside look at the making of the cult classic parody film, The Pink Mules!