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A show for fans of the music artist Kate Bush put together by the people behind and HomeGround Magazine! Chat, interviews, reviews and more on all things Kate and her amazing work.




A show for fans of the music artist Kate Bush put together by the people behind and HomeGround Magazine! Chat, interviews, reviews and more on all things Kate and her amazing work.






Episode 65 - Bush Telegraph - Anthony van Laast Interview

Paul and Darrell interview the iconic dancer and choreographer, Anthony van Laast. Anthony was the choreographer for the Tour of Life in 1979, after having featured opposite Kate in the 'Hammer Horror' video and European TV appearances. His incredible work with Kate on tour, and subsequent work on the BBC 'Kate Show' are discussed in this interview, including his work on the making of 'The Wedding List' film. Anthony has been the leading choreographer on many movies and stage works, including 'Mamma Mia' and the Royal Variety performances. What was it like to work with Kate, as well as other icons, including Meryl Streep, Cher and Barry Humphries, to name a few. Tune in and find out on the latest Bush Telegraph podcast...


Episode 64 - Bush Telegraph - The Red Shoes 30th Anniversary Special!

Paul in the UK, and Darrell in the USA, continue their album anniversary podcast chats and reminiscences. Paul and Darrell have been life-long fans of Kate, and from school friends to the present day, they have much to chat about. Here they discuss Kate's seventh album 'The Red Shoes', celebrating the 30th anniversary of this iconic album. We get to hear about their first responses to the album in 1993, and how they feel about it today. We also get to hear about Paul's experience of going to the film premiere of 'The Line, The Cross, And The Curve', Kate's visual companion to the album. Journal reviews are discussed and radio clips are played, bringing us right back to where it all started with this most personal of Kate's albums. That and whole lot more. Enjoy!


Episode 63 - Bush Telegraph - Andrew Powell Interview!

Darrell, co-host of Bush Telegraph had the rare opportunity of chatting with Andrew Powell, producer and arranger of Kate’s first two iconic albums, The Kick Inside and Lionheart. Listen in as they discuss the very first time Powell met Cathy Bush as a 16 year old, and the songs they eventually chose and recorded together. We also get to hear how Kate’s vocal and piano playing with a live orchestra for 'The Man With The Child In His Eyes' was recorded all in one take - still at this incredibly young age. Many new things are revealed and discussed. What David Bowie song did Kate cover when Powell worked with her in Japan? What songs did not get included on the published albums? And what was it like for Andrew Powell to hear 'Wuthering Heights' for the first time played by Kate in his flat? These questions and a whole lot more are revealed in this podcast with iconic producer, arranger, composer, conductor and musician, Andrew Powell.


Episode 62 – Brian Bath Interview - Part One!

A very special episode! Few people have more of an insight into Kate Bush's very earliest career and rise to fame than her bandmate and friend, the wonderful guitarist and songwriter, Brian Bath. In this episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast, Seán talks to Brian about his growing up in London in school bands with his friend Del Palmer, befriending and making music with a young Paddy Bush in 1970, visits to the Bush family home, forming bands with Vic King and Charlie Morgan and ultimately forming The KT Bush Band in 1977 with Del, Vic and Kate to briefly take the London pub and club scene by storm before Kate recorded her debut album! Historic stuff. And this is only Part One of our conversation! p.s. Listen out for some never-before-heard audio treats too.


Episode 61 - Fish People Reissues Discussion with Dave Cross!

In this new episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast Seán chats to Dave Cross from HomeGround about the upcoming Fish People reissue of Kate’s catalogue as she switches distribution to The State51 Conspiracy and how she has taken that opportunity to also release gorgeous independent record store colour vinyl editions of her albums, extraordinary new vinyl and wall art presentations of Hounds of Love, and more! We also discuss the new short film pieces Kate has written and directed, who she has been working with, why all this is happening now, and what nuggets we can glean from Kate’s lovingly reimagined new website. We round off with a brief chat about Kate’s induction last week into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – a busy episode! Thanks as ever to Dave for his knowledge on all things record industry (and on all things Kate Bush!)


Episode 60 - Bush Telegraph - Gered Mankowitz Interview

Bush Telegraph EXCLUSIVE! Darrell interviews Gered Mankowitz, the prolific Rock and Roll photographer who worked with Kate Bush, as well as other music legends - The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Marianne Faithfull, to name only a few. This is a deep dive into how Gered started his career (thanks in part to actor/comedian Peter Sellers!) and how he eventually worked with Kate on the iconic photos from The Kick Inside and Lionheart era. Every photo session is talked about in detail. The stunning album cover of Lionheart was his creation, and we get to hear interesting details that have never been revealed before. Paul and Darrell also reminisce about the heady days of 1978 and 1979 when these photos were first published and seen.


Episode 59 - Kate inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame News Round Up

Today it was announced that Kate has finally been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so we catch up on this news and other recent exciting developments in the world of Kate Bush music - including her Fish People rebrand and new partnership with The state51 Conspiracy plus Seán discusses the new paperback edition of How To Be Invisible, Kate's recent award nominations and we remember the late guitarist, the brilliant Ian Bairnson.


Episode 58 - is 25 years old!

In January this year the website turned 25 years old! Seán celebrates this hard-to-believe milestone by asking some fan friends to cherry-pick their choice of news stories, both obscure and momentous, from the site archives which date back to 1998! An enjoyable, eclectic chat with guests Dave Cross, Paul Thomas and Darrell Babidge.


Episode 57 – Bush Telegraph – The Dreaming Part 3 - Nick Launay Interview

This is the third and final installment, celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Dreaming - arguably, Kate Bush's most forward-thinking album. Paul and Darrell introduce this episode, and then Darrell chats with Nick Launay, Kate's prolific engineer at Townhouse Studios. His collaboration with Kate created a synergy of ideas that ended up on this iconic album. Exclusive stories are heard on this podcast, where we get an expanded view of how these almost operatic tracks were produced, including more details of the title track. As an added bonus, we also get to hear how 'Lord Of The Reedy River' (b-side to the first single 'Sat In Your Lap') was recorded next to a dank pool under the studio floorboards. And if that doesn't whet your appetite, which we're sure it will, find out who Kate nearly recorded a duet with. Thanks again to Nick Launay, also known for his work with other great artists such as Nick Cave, Public Image Ltd., Lou Reed, Talking Heads and Arcade Fire.


Episode 56 – Bush Telegraph – The Dreaming Part 2

Bush Telegraph duo (Darrell in the States and Paul in the UK) continue to discuss Kate's fourth album The Dreaming, in their second installment celebrating the 40th anniversary of this iconic album. As school friends, they bought the album on the day of its release, and the next day met Kate at the album signing in London. We hear more snippets of their experiences in 1982, but the major part of this podcast is Darrell's interview with Teri Reed, senior engineer at Advision Studios. Teri talks about his collaboration with Kate, as Advision was one of the studios she used for The Dreaming. We find out, not surprisingly, what a generous and warm colleague she was, as well as the extraordinary levels she went to, to get the right sound for a track. For example, why was Teri coaxed into a car park to find a specific sound she needed? All will be revealed. That, and a whole lot more. The final and third episode to follow will be an interview with Nick Launay, another collaborator with Kate. Enjoy!


Episode 55 - John Carder Bush In Conversation - Part Two!

In the second part of Seán's conversation with Kate's brother John Carder Bush, John talks about his involvement in Kate's career, the 1979 tour, his famous video set and album/single cover photos, poetry and photo books he has published, his collaborations with Vivienne Chandler, the re-grouping of the Salatticum Poets in the 21st century and his return to the Jig of Life narration for Before the Dawn!


Episode 54 - Bush Telegraph - The Dreaming - Part One!

40 Years Of ‘The Dreaming’ - Reminiscences. Darrell and Paul (The Bush Telegraph Podcast) have a three-part series all about ‘The Dreaming’, as we celebrate its 40th anniversary. In the first episode they discuss the excitement of its release when they were young teenagers, including the first time they met Kate at the Virgin Megastore album signing. Each track is discussed, as well as quotes from Kate about the album and reviews from the press.


Episode 53 - John Carder Bush In Conversation - Part One!

In this very special episode, Seán chats with Kate’s eldest brother, the poet, writer and photographer, John Carder Bush at his home in South East London. A dream come true! In this first part, we talk about John’s early life, how he developed his writing, his days playing in folk bands in London (with a young Kate taking notes), forming the Salatticum Poets with his great friends Tony Buzan and Jeremy Cartland, the story behind “Nicholas Wade” and so much more!


Episode 52 - The Summer of Kate!

In this detailed new episode of The Kate Bush Fan Podcast Seán packs an hour looking back over all the amazing landmark events of Summer 2022 when Kate’s song Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) was featured on Stranger Things and became her biggest ever global smash hit – all the summer chart news, the reaction from Kate, the media and the fans! A souvenir of an extraordinary few months.


Episode 51 - Bush Telegraph - The First Time Kate Was Running Up That Hill!

Friends for over 50 years, Darrell (in the US), and Paul (in the UK), known as the Bush Telegraph Podcast, try and wrap their heads around the resurgence of Kate’s 1985 ‘Running Up That Hill’, and the global phenomenon it has become because of the new season of ‘Stranger Things’. Fans from the beginning, they often take us down memory lane. This time they open up the ‘time capsule’ of the release of ‘Running Up That Hill’ the first time it was unleashed to the world when they were teenagers themselves. What is their reaction to it getting to No. 1 in many countries throughout the world today? We also get to hear how Darrell met Kate a week before it came out, and the extraordinary experience of being gifted the single before it was in the record shops! Also, how did Paul and Darrell meet her a week later? Let’s sit back and enjoy as we go back in time to 1985…


Episode 50 - Global Fan Celebration Special!

A HUGE episode to celebrate Kate's unprecedented global chart success with Running Up That Hill! Seán chats to fans all around the world about what this momentous time for Kate Bush fans means to them in this extraordinary moment.


Episode 49 - Running Up Those Charts!

As Kate Bush continues to storm the charts across the world with Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), Seán chats to performer Danimay Palmer who has gained a following recreating Kate’s looks and performances on social media – a chance to check in with someone who represents the younger generation of fans Kate is gathering worldwide! A great chat between two very excited Kate Bush fans.


Episode 48 - Stranger Things Running Up That Hill Minisode Special

Seán recorded a quick episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast to discuss the huge success of Running Up That Hill being featured on the phenomenally popular Stranger Things and to welcome the new fans discovering Kate's music!


Episode 47 – Bush Telegraph – Preston Heyman Interview Part 3

This is the final instalment of Bush Telegraph's interview with Preston Heyman. Here we get a further glimpse into the workings of the Tour Of Life and the special camaraderie that existed on tour, as well as the fun antics that happened offstage. Preston also remembers musical highlights and special moments with Kate during the show. Darrell and Paul mention their first meeting with Preston and the band at the 1980 Convention as young 13/14 year olds (being the youngest ones there), and fun memories of that meeting are remembered. Find out what other antics Preston and guitarist Alan Murphy got up to at the recording of the 'Kate Show' a few months after the tour. These memories and a whole lot more are revealed in this packed episode.


Episode 46 - 2011- The Year Of The Director's Two Cuts!

Being the 10th anniversary of both ‘Director’s Cut’ and ’50 Words For Snow’, Bush Telegraph chat from either side of the Atlantic, and reminisce about their individual experiences of listening to the albums for the first time and their reviews of both albums. Kate surprised her fanbase by releasing two albums in one year, and although fans have divided opinions about these albums, they are solid works that fit perfectly in her prolific recording catalogue.