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Get Yourself Ledge-ucated!!!






The Ledge #439: New Releases (Pt. 1)

It’s another super-busy month of new music. In fact, once again the new release series has to be split into a two-part extravaganza. Part one features previews of new records by Ledge favorites such as Son Volt and Lydia Loveless. There’s the surprising returns of The Psychedelic Furs and The Go-Go’s. Great returns by young acts such as Public Eye, Paint, and Dehd. And finally there’s a full 30 minutes of great new rock and roll from Rum Bar Records! After listening, please go purchase those...


The Ledge #438: Power Pop

What is power pop? According to the dictionary, it’s “a style of pop music characterized by a strong melody line, heavy use of guitars, and simple rhythm”. Yeah, that works. I prefer to just call it “revved up pop music”. Tonight’s show features over 50 years of power pop, from The Who single “Pictures of Lily” that Pete Townshend described as “power pop” to some great new bands that are powering that sound into the future. Lou from Rum Bar Records even helped us out with some great gems...


The Ledge #437: 1980 American Punk

Earlier this year I featured a show that focused on British punk rock from 1980. Tonight, I do the same thing but featuring nothing but tunes from American punk bands from that same year. It’s kind of interesting how the focus of the punk scene (at least as far as releases went) moved from New York to the West Coast. It was quite a year for California bands, with many veteran acts still pumping out new music, but also a ton of brand new bands with their first single or album. X, The...


The Ledge #436: Double Albums

It was a few weeks ago when Sonic Youth’s “Teenage Riot” came up in a Spotify playlist, and it spurred my feeble mind into this week’s show format. This week is a countdown of my 15 favorite double albums of all time. As always, I do have too many rules. No live albums. No compilatoins. No single albums expanded to two pieces of vinyl by nefarious ways (bonus tracks, 45 speed, etc.). Real double albums. So the results is an interesting mix spanning over 50 years. From top sellers by the...


The Ledge #435: Scott’s Favorite Records, Vol. 5 – Americana

Americana, country-punk, No Depression, alt-country. Whatever you want to call this twangy-ish sort of music it’s been a part of my life since the early 80’s. Nope, not after the scene exploded with Uncle Tupelo. The country influence has always been a part of college rock, which is the first half of this week’s look at my favorite songs of all time. The second half does kick off with Uncle Tupelo and the wonderful spinoffs Wilco and Son Volt, along with quite a few fantastic...


The Ledge #434: New Releases

This is another of those new release episodes that featured some last minute additions. Thanks to another Bandcamp day where 100% of all proceeds go to the artists, a number of artists surprised fans with new music. There was a new Cloud Nothings album. A return by The Baseball Project. A great new sampler to help save the rewnowned Cat’s Cradle club in North Carolina. All of these great surprises just made what was already a fabulous collection of new music even that much better. This month...


The Ledge #433: Best Albums of 2020 (So Far)

The world may be ending but great music lives forever. Despite everything that has gone on this year there has still been a steady stream of fabulous albums released. Tonight’s show is a look at the 40 best albums released in the first half of 2020. Well, that was the intention but it was discovered that one record included tonight was actually first put out in 2008. So it’s the 39 best albums of the year, along with one of the best reissues. It’s a great mix of artists still in their teens...


The Ledge #432: Covers

Once a year or so, I like to put together a show of nothing but covers. Partly due to COVID-19 this year has already seen more of these sorts of tracks than ever before. Bands have put out full albums or EP’s of covers; labels have upped the ante in tribute records. As always, there’s also the well-placed rave-up of classic tunes on regular albums and singles. Tonight collects the cream of these sorts of releases, with all but two tracks coming from 2020 releases. (I couldn’t resist...


The Ledge #431: New Releases, Pt. 2

As I said last week, there have been so many great releases in the last few weeks that this month’s new release episode was forced to expand to two episodes. Quality-wise, there’s no difference between the two episodes. In fact, it could be argued that this episode is more varoius than last week’s as it flows in and out of punk, post-punk, power pop, jangle-pop, experimental pop, psych, and even a nod to folk thanks to some of the last recordings by legendary rockers The Pretty Things. After...


The Ledge #430: New Releases (Pt. 1)

I didn’t expect this month’s new release show to be a two part extravaganza. But as I was throwing songs into the play folder for this week’s show I suddenly realized I had way too many tracks for one show. So once again, next week I’ll be playing another two hours of brand new music. Of course, it really helped strengthen the folder with the surprise releases from a couple of old favorites. First we saw Bob Mould preview his upcoming 14th solo album with the release of the blistering...


The Ledge #429: More Minneapolis

After last week’s Minneapolis edition of my favorite songs of all time I was contacted by a ton of listeners with their own favorites of the great city. With that sort of response I coudn’t help but doing a sequel consisting of nothing but their favorites. And it was a great decisions, as Ledge listeners are the best listeners. The result is a show much more varied than the one I put together last week. It begins with the great 60’s classic, “Action Woman” by The Litter, and meanders through...


The Ledge #428: Scott’s Fave Songs Vol. 4 – Minneapolis

It’s safe to say that a Minneapolis-themed show would come out of the series of my favorite songs of all time. It was actually the easiest of the shows to put together. No, it’s not two hours of Replacements and Husker Du songs. Certainly both of those bands are well-represented but so many other bands from that great city had a huge impact on my life. Many of these are extremely popular (Soul Asylum, Jayhawks, Suburbs) but there are also a lesser-known ton of records that were just as...


The Ledge #427: Quarantunes

When this awful pandemic first hit the U.S. and we started hearing about “stay at home” orders and “social distancing” I commented on twitter how I hoped this down time would inspire artists to spend their forced down time writing and recording. Little did I know what an explosion we’d see in new music. Tonight’s show is a sampling of the various projects that have come out in the past few weeks, and outside of a couple of tracks all of these were recorded at home. There’s a great variety in...


The Ledge #426: New Releases

Another month, another collection of great new music. Unlike previous editions, though, this month’s show features a ton of one-off single releases of tracks recorded under quarantine. In fact, just minutes before The Ledge went to air on Realpunkradio, the Drive-By Truckers snuck ou a surprise new tune, “Quarantine Together”. It’s so cool to see musicians utilizing these troubled times as a catalyst to create new tunes. After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great...


The Ledge #425: Rock ‘n’ Roll Women

When I was putting together this month’s new release episodes I decided that it was time to also do another all-female episode of The Ledge. Both of those episodes had multiple sets of nothing but rocking women, as did previous months this year. The surprise release of X’s first album in over 35 years, along with today’s new albums by Lucinda Williams and Alice Bag, were the icing on that great cake. Plus tonight’s show features the world premiere of Hayley and the Crushers’ upcoming...


The Ledge #424: Scott’s Faves Vol. 3 – College Rock

In this weird time we’re currently living it’s natural to take a nostalgic look back at some old faves. That’s exactly what I set out to do with this week’s episode of The Ledge. A few weeks ago I started a series of shows dedicated to my favorite songs of all time, and I decided this was the perfect week to take a look at some of my highlights from my old college radio days in the 80’s. As you may expect, there’s a combination of the famous and not so famous. Bands that hit the top of the...


The Ledge #423: New Releases Pt 2

This week’s show may be a sequel to last week’s new release episode but it’s certainly not a drop in quality. Just like last week, there are plenty of new bands (Cherry Chrome, Rookie, Green/Blue), lots of surprising reunions (The Boomtown Rats, Screeching Weasel, Peter and the Test Tube Babies), nad plenty of good ol’ punk, garage, and power pop! After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase...


The Ledge #422: New Releases Pt. 1

While the daily lives of most of us have been reduced to lying on our couches in sweatpants, musicians have attempted to carry on their somewhat normal lives. Sure, the gigs have been cancelled but they’re still out there creating. And while everything on tonight’s show was obviously recorded long before the current epidemic, the fact that this past month has seen so much great new music released gives those of us sitting at home something to get us through the day. In fact, there was so...


The Ledge #421: Don’t Stand So Close To Me

I understood pretty early on this week that it was going to be impossible to come up with a new theme this week. The pandemic is the only thing any of us are thinking about these days, especially with the situation being more grim every day. Since last week’s “isolation” theme went pretty well, as far as I’m concerned at least, I decided to put together another week with a similar collection of songs. Last week’s was confined primarily to recent releases, however, outside of a few older...


The Ledge #420: Isolation

Earlier this week when the hysteria over the current world health situation was starting to gain some steam I was listening to my vinyl copy of Paul Westerberg’s Mono/Stereo. As “Let The Bad Times Roll” was playing a little light bulb went off in my head. What better way to help us get through these turbulent times than an entire episode loosely devoted to this crisis? Most songs were pretty obvious, especially once the public (or at least the smart ones) decided that not leaving the house...