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The Loudini Rock 'n Roll Circus brings you news, music business tips and great rock and roll by the best emerging artists.

The Loudini Rock 'n Roll Circus brings you news, music business tips and great rock and roll by the best emerging artists.
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The Loudini Rock 'n Roll Circus brings you news, music business tips and great rock and roll by the best emerging artists.




Celebrating Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind 35th Birthday!

On our special mother's day show, The Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus Plays homage to one of the game changing metal albums of all time. Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind turns 35 this month and Lily, Keith and Loudini discuss the making and influence of this peace of rock and metal history


YouTube sensations, Jacqueline & Andy form a band and break into the "real"

Born and raised in Camrose, Alberta, having moved to Toronto in 2002, Jacqueline comes from a concert/stage band background and is a multi-instrumentalist, playing a variety of woodwinds including oboe, flute and saxophone; drums/percussion, and various stringed things including guitar, ukelele, mandolin, cello, piano and ukelele. Jacqueline is the lead-singer and principle songwriter for ATB, as well as taking lead on the creative aspect of Youtube channel video recording and editing....


More Cowbell! Rock's Greatest Cowbell Moments Revisited!

We know that you have the fever and the only cure is MORE COWBELL! This week Loudini, Lily and Keith celebrate the greatest moments in cowbell history... It's sure to be a ringing good time... so you won't want to miss this episode! Featured Loudini Artists: Soen Jinger Hardcore Superstar


The Top 5 Hard Rock and Metal Songs To Play A Your Funeral

This week The Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus takes a walk on the dark side as Loudini, Keith and Lily pick the top 5 Hard Rock and Metal Songs to play at YOUR funeral... not that we are expecting you to be departing this world anytime relax. It's just a "fun" topic. Or is it??? Featured Loudini Artists: We Start Wars Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Sons of Texas


Molly Kruse... The Luckiest Woman in Music Today!

Molly Elizabeth Kruse was born on 8/8/88 in Berkeley, CA, the luckiest day of the century according to Chinese tradition.


Is Rock Dead?

In this episode... Keith, Lily and Loudini lay it on the line and attempt to eat the elephant in the room by tackling the question head on... Is Rock Dead? Featured Loudini Artists: Dark Entries Thundermother Reign of Z


Angela Soffe World Traveler and Mom of 3 turns Lemons into Lemonade with Ne

Angela Soffe is an Americana singer, songwriter, and musician. She is the lead singer and songwriter of the award-winning Angela Soffe Band based in the Pacific Northwest. Her latest album, 'Second Wind' is the result of a darkness-into-light narrative, and marks a brave return to music. Raised by American parents in Southeast Asia, the artist weaves a glowing musical tapestry inspired by the flavors of her past


Nita Strauss Anyone who say s that rock is dead just hasn't been paying at

Los Angeles born guitarist Nita Strauss has become a force to be reckoned with in the music world, dazzling audiences across the US, UK, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa, and sharing the stage with a diverse range of artists including rock legend Alice Cooper, R&B star Jermaine Jackson, early MTV darlings Femme Fatale, video game supergroup Critical Hit and popular tribute band The Iron Maidens. Her skill, exuberant stage presence and love for all things about her...


5 Perfect Rock Albums

There are a lot of great albums out there, but not many that could be considered "perfect". This week Keith, Lily and Lou talk about the 5 Perfect Hard Rock and Metal Albums Featured Loudini Artists: Dark Entries Snake Head Ritual Meka Nism


Photographer and Painter, Carolee Rainey has a Ricky Lee Jones Epiphany and

New York-based songstress Carolee Rainey has just released her incredible new single, â??Empowerâ?? off her forthcoming album, â??Feel Fearless!â?? Fusing elements of legends like Rickie Lee Jones and Stevie Nicks â??Empowerâ?? is an excellent first taste of whatâ??s to come for Rainey, who explains:


Megadeth v.s Metallica

It's the heavy metal throw down of the ages... Metallica vs. Megadeth. Who will take home the heavy metal crown and who will go home and hang up their spikes in shame. You DO NOT want to miss this week's Loudini Hard Rock & Metal Circus! Featured Loudini Artists: We Start Wars Valor and Vengeance Light The Torch


Big Dad Ritch of Texas Hippie Coalition, on Barbecue Sauce and Red Dirt Met

Big Dad Ritch came to prominence in 2004 when he co-founded the red dirt metal band Texas Hippie Coalition with John Exall. After being influenced by bands like Molly Hatchet, Pantera, and ZZ Top,[1] Big Dad Ritch and Texas Hippie Coalition became the founders of the red dirt metal genre


The Best and Worst Family Bands

They Say," "You Can't Pick Your Family!" But what if you're in a band? What are the best and worst "family bands" in rock? This week, Lily Keith and Loudini talk about their picks for best and worst family bands. Featured Loudini Artists: Thundermother Hardcore Superstar Sons of Texas


Guernica Mancini Front's Thundermother to World Domination

High energy, wild riffs and a sturdy groove straight from the 70â??s â?? two and a half years after the critically acclaimed album â??Road Feverâ??, Swedish rockâ??nâ??roll band Thundermother returns. And itâ??s a truly amazing return. Thundermotherâ??s third album is simply one of the greatest rock records youâ??ll get to hear this year.


The Top 5 Bands That Quit WAY Too Soon

We've loved them but just like a favorite one night stand, they left us too soon. This week Lily, Keith and Loudini discuss their favorite bands that quit before their time was due. Featured Loudini Artists: Red Reign Amaranthe TesseracT


If you want blood, you got it. Brian Johnson vs. Bon Scott... who was the b

In the right corner in the skin tight jeans and no shirt is the champion, Bon Scott, in the left corner in the pancake hat and denim vest we have the contender Brian Johnson. Which one will be the champion front man of the legendary hard rock band AC/DC? Tune in to this week's Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus Podcast to find out! Featured Loudini Artists: Black Star Riders Conquer Divide Turbowolf


Why we love stories with Guy (that's my real name) Story

STORYTOWN is a 4-piece, thinking manâ??s rock and roll band, showcasing the songs of guitarist Guy Story. Guy is originally from Mississippi and now lives in NYC. Heâ??s been playing guitar since his early teens and has continued playing over the years while pursuing a career in technology (Bell Laboratories,, Amazon).


Is there a PLACE for a record label in today's DYI Music Business? Ned Sedl

Founded by music industry and publishing veterans Mike Beck, Maureen Lloren and Ned Sedlak, Swoon City Music was built on the philosophy of â??artists firstâ?? and a commitment to developing successful careers for their artists in a smart, long-term and meaningful way.


Christa Deana? finds her Own Voice while Spreading "The Good News"

Christa Deana? (Duh-nay) is a Christian Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia who sings with conviction and power. Her songs speak to the journey of a woman after God's own heart. Each song is deeply rooted in a personal, yet extremely vulnerable relationship with God. It's the beauty and emotion in her voice and the candor in her lyrics that help inspire others to go all the way, every day, with God.


Rahn Anthoni, turns Tragedy into Triumph, and Spreads a Message of Love and

Award-winning Christian artist Rahn Anthoni took the international press and airwaves by storm with 2017â??s most inspirational track, â??Iâ??ll Trust You.â?? The song earned him a Radio Music Award and an Indie Music Channel Award, and numerous other accolades, including the Man-Up Award, for his charity work. Rahnâ??s history with inspirational music has helped him develop a positive relationship with God and the world of song.


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