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The Mixing Board podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.

The Mixing Board podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.
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The Mixing Board podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.




TMB #41 - Jake Brown

Writer Jake Brown joins the show to discuss his new book, “Beyond the Beat”. Jake explains his candid conversations that took place that make up his new book with legendary drummer such as Tommy Lee, Lars Ulrich, Jimmy Chamberlin, Chad Smith, Stephen Perkins, Steve Smith and many more! Jake also speaks about his own musical journey that ultimately led to his becoming a writer!


TMB #40 - Dr. Nancy Irwin

Brynner speaks with renowned psychologist, Dr.Nancy Irwin, in what is one of the most influential and thought provoking shows to date. Dr.Irwin goes behind the mindset of an artist from the thought process, hardships, emotional control and all the glitz and glamour that come along with it. Brynner discuss with Dr.Irwin many topics that have plagued the artists’ lifestyle from drug use to suicide and the effects of today’s social media. We even dig a little in the life of Dr.Irwin and find...


TMB #39 - Adam Tuminaro (Orlando Drummer)

Brynner speaks with Orlando Drummer himself, Adam Tuminaro in this unforgettable, energy charged episode of The Mixing Board. Adam speaks about his journey in the music industry and takes us on the exploration of the different attributes to look for in the industry. Speaking about everything from education, drumming, business and we even talk about health and nutrition (also Adams favorite Italian meal)…


TMB #38 - Roni Lee

Legendary guitarist Roni Lee joins the show for an unforgettable appearance. Roni speaks candidly about her life, growing up on her own at the age of fifteen and the hurdles she has had to overcome. The show wouldn’t be complete without some of the most insightful information regarding life experiences and advice to not only musicians, but everyone regarding life and the choices we make… Did we mention we’re talking about Mr.Clean?! You won’t want to miss this!


TMB #37 - Charlie Engen

We’re sitting down and speaking with non-other than Charlie Engen. Charlie reflects back on his childhood, growing up with his love for drumming and how that led him to go to school to pursue a Master degree in percussion performance. Charlie also discusses his joining the band Scale The Summit, and his progressive metal band, Ideology. We're talking, drums, social media, recording, NAMM and more!


TMB #36 - Dieter Bruning

Dieter Bruning joins the show once again and this time he is bringing us more stories, positive outlooks on life and goals. Listen to some of the latest news he is only sharing with The Mixing Board, as he details life changing events growing up. Also check out Brynner’s review of NAMM 2018… Did you know Brynner doesn’t like brown mustard? You want to miss this very special episode of the show!


TMB #35 - Bill Detamore (Pork Pie Drums)

Starting off the first episode of 2018 with one of the finest drum manufactures in the world, Pork Pie. Brynner sits with owner and founder of Pork Pie drums Bill Detamore and speaks candidly about the company’s history, what it takes to make Pork Pie drums sound so exceptional, and various memories throughout the 30 years of the company’s rich history of creating some of the finest sounding drums in the market.


TMB #34 - Brynner Agassi Year In Review

The last podcast of 2017 and Brynner is sharing some wonderful memories of this past year. Also, listen closely as you may have a shot at Brynners giveaway!!!


TMB #33 - Adam Marko

Drumming virtuoso Adam Marko joins the show to speak about his journey into becoming one of the sought after drummers in recent years. Adam documents his youth by speaking with Brynner as to how it was growing up in a musical family, as well as how Adam not only created the band Special Providence, but also manages it!


TMB #32 - Kenny Werner

Jazz pianist, composer and author Kenny Werner sits with Brynner to discuss his journey into the world of music from an early age. Discover how Kennys natural born talent inspired him to write his bestselling book, Effortless Mastery, and how he is now teaching his philosophy at Berklee School Of Music.


TMB #31 - Peter Erskine

Grammy award winning drumming legend Peter Erskine returns to the show and talks about his work on the film LaLa Land, his experiences with music producers and what makes a good one stand out, recording a new album at Sweetwater, and thoughts on the film Whiplash.


TMB #30 - Jose Gallo

It’s time to LIGHT UP THE WORLD! Artist Jose Gallo is joining Brynner on this very special podcast episode to highlight the journey Jose is on. From art school and a passion for golf, to becoming an artist that has incorporated his passion for art with creating guitars for some of the biggest musical names around such as Coldplay and Bibi Mcgill.


TMB #29 - Danny Shamoun

Multi instrumentalist Danny Shamoun joins the show fresh off a world tour. Listen as Danny shares his positive outlook on life, music and his early beginnings in Detroit. From touring with System of a Down and being part of the rock group, Scars on Broadway, Danny’s sharing some fun stories from the road and more.


TMB #28 - Cedric Crout

From Kendrick Lamar, Rhianna and Mary J Blige, Cedric Crout has been on the worlds biggest stages, teching for some of the very best. Hear how Cedric got his start in the industry, and how he followed his passion thanks to a wood shop class in high school! Cedric also shares some of his secrets he is only sharing with us on the show, as well as some stories from the road.


TMB #27 - Q&A with Brynner Agassi

Brynner sits down and answers some emails and messages he's been getting in. Nothing is off limits! From music, drumming, networking, bodybuilding and even MMA!


TMB #26 - Dieter Bruning

Photographer Dieter Bruning sits with Brynner to speak about his journey into the world of photography. Dieter highlights growing up in Seattle and living through the 90’s grunge scene, his thoughts on the shaping of social media as we see it today and overcoming any obstacles living with Spina-Bifida and how Lars Ulrich’s father, Torben, gave Dieter some lifelong wisdom he still uses today.


TMB #25 - Brian Schmidt

Renowned composer, sound engineer and founder of GameSoundCon Brian Schmidt, discusses his journey into the world of gaming music. A pioneer in the industry, Brian discusses his thoughts as to where the gaming industry is headed, how he started GameSoundCon and much more!


TMB #24 - Karl-Heinz Menzel, Gary Ingraffia, Joe West (Sonor Drums)

We’re talking Sonor drums with a special all-star roundtable that includes, managing director of Sonor Germany Karl-Heinz Menzel, Sonor U.S. product manager Gary Ingraffia, and welcoming back Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer and engineer Joe West. No topic is left behind, as this is a show is filled with information that reflects on Sonors legendary history, innovation, and craftsmanship.


TMB #23 - Mark Brunner & Soren Pederson (Shure)

Listen as Vice President of Corporate and Government Relations Mark Brunner and Product Specialist Soren Pederson of Shure join The Mixing Board and speak as to why Shure is indeed the most trusted audio brand worldwide. From history, to the legacy and the emerging changes in music, Mark and Soren provide experiences and different applications of some of their favorite microphones.


TMB #22 - Joe West

Guess who’s back, this time with a Grammy Award win for his work on the Joey + Rory, “Hymns That Are Important to Us” album, Joe West! Joe is bringing stories from his experience at the Grammy's this year, along with news about a new apprenticeship program and school he has developed. You won’t want to miss this episode with one of the industries very best and passionate producer, songwriter and engineer, Joe West.


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