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The Mixing Board podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.

The Mixing Board podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.
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The Mixing Board podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.




TMB #74 - Michael Erickson (WMD)

Seattle based music producer Michael Erickson whom is known as WMD, for his chillstep, ambient vibe joins the show to speak about his life and his journey through music. Michael also opens up about his education, life experiences that have heightened his motivation for his music, as well as being a solo artist and today's social media industry and the effects it has on artists.


TMB #73 - Lola Blu

Artist and drummer Lola Blu joins the show to talk about how her art work has seen the canvases of many drummers drum sets, from Aaron Spears to Adrian Young and soon enough Brynner Agassi himself. Lola reflects back on her upbringing and growing up in Florida’s diverse art district, which led to her passion for art, all while becoming a drummer. Brynner and Lola also talk about a previous guest, whom was one of Lolas very first drum instructors…. Brendan Buckley! (listen closely as Lola...


TMB #72 - Brian Schmidt

We’re only about a month away from Game Sound Con 2019 and the great Brian Schmidt joins the show to speak with Brynner about this year’s conference. The two go over changes in the game audio industry, along with the differences in game audio to being a music producer for film and TV. Also, Brian also gets scooped on the air about how gaming will make its way into the 2020 Olympics!


TMB #71 - Sean Halley

Guitarist, composer and one half of the Fraudprophets Sean Halley joins the show to talk about his life, career and everything in between. Listen as Brynner and Sean pick up where they left off a few months back when the Fraudprophets were together, looking into the albums success, thoughts on the music industry and some insight to living in Los Angeles and dreaming of “making it” on the music scene.


TMB #70 - Jimmy Keegan

Drummer, actor Jimmy Keegan joins the show for one unforgettable chat with Brynner. Jimmy opens up about his thoughts about the music industry and how social media has helped shaped up and coming musicians. The two also talk about influences that have touched Jimmy in both his personal and artistic journey and his new project, Pattern Seeking Animals!


TMB #69 - Dave Smith

The father of MIDI and founder of the product company Sequential, Grammy award winner Dave Smith joins the show. Dave talks about his background in computer science and electronic engineering, that helped shape the path to the various stages in his career and life. Brynner and Dave speak about his work with Korg, synth innovations, being responsible for the first soft synth, in today’s market. You won’t want to miss this conversation with one of music’s most important figures.


TMB #68 - Brendan Buckley

Drummer Brendan Buckley joins the show for a candid conversation with Brynner around his musical upbringing, style and influence. You’ll also here about Brendan’s martial arts background, thoughts on social media and other aspects of his life which all lend to his creative being that has allowed him to be one of the most sought after drummers in the industry…


TMB #67 - Eva Gardner

The lovely Eva Gardner joins the show to talk about growing up in a rock & roll household, her path to sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in music and the release of her new EP “Chasing Ghosts”! Brynner and Eva speak about the different stages it took in creating this album while being on tour and how her education in ethnomusicology really allowed Eva to explore the different textures and sounds in music.


TMB #66 - Fraudprophets (Nate Morton & Sean Halley)

Nate Morton & Sean Halley are the Fraudprophets and they're speaking with Brynner about their debut release, POPTOSIS! In this candid and very unforgettable conversation, you’ll hear everything you ever imagined it takes to produce and complete an album, but at the same time…… The Fraudprophets take over the SHOW!!! You won’t want to miss this crazy, funny and at times out of control interview!


TMB #65 - Anika Nilles

Drumming sensation Anika Nilles joins the show to talk about her upbringing, education and sacrifices she has made to peruse the art of drumming and developing her own style. Anika also lets us in on life on the road, cooking, as a little known fact that she may not want anyone to know… until now… like Sliced Pineapples...


TMB #64 - Tony Maserati

Grammy award winning audio engineer Tony Maserati joins the show and discusses his early beginnings working with Whitney Houston, to getting his first big break working with Mary J Blige. Listen as Tony breaks down and articulates the meaning of being a mixing engineer, all while we take a journey into his upbringing and what has led him to be one of the very best to have ever done it.


TMB #63 - John Haddad (Cherry Hill Drums)

Drummer, sound engineer and master craftsman John Haddad, owner of Cherry Hill Custom Drums joins the show to talk about where and how the custom drum company got its start. Hear how John explains how he first discovered his love for creating through building and how drumming came into his life. John also talks about the music industry and how the scene has changed through his times of touring and recording.


TMB #62 - Bart Vanderzee (Drum History Podcast)

Audio engineer, drummer and host of the Drum History podcast Bart Vanderzee joins Brynner to talk about drumming and how his work led him from behind the kit to behind the mixing console at Gwynne Sound. From stories about working with artists, microphone techniques, the drum sound of today’s music and many topics drummers and engineers will greatly appreciate, Brynner and Bart two also dig deep into the Drum History podcast which helps drummers of all levels learn much more about the...


TMB #61 - Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)

Renowned Dream Theater keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Rudess joins the show to speak with Brynner about the bands newest album, Distance Over Time, as well as his new solo album, Wired For Madness! Jordan opens up about his childhood and upbringing which has led him from the school of Julliard to the largest stages in the world, being part of the most iconic prog metal band, Dream Theater.


TMB #60 - Rob Brown

Drummer, educator and clinician Rob "Beatdown" Brown joins the show to talk to Brynner about his career, using his passion to begin his YouTube channel and be one of the foremost online drum educators today.


TMB #59 - Rob Sheridan

Graphic designer, art director, photographer and now comic book author Rob Sheridan speaks with Brynner about his new comic book, High Level and his motivation behind writing the sci-fi adventure comic. Rob also discusses his time with Trent Renznor and Nine Inch Nails, that helped cultivate the visual attributes that the band utilized in ushering in the 2000's.


TMB #58 - Seamus Evely (DrumeoGAB)

And this is what happens when two podcasters meet! Brynner speaks with fellow drummer and host of the Drumgab podcast, Seamus Evely. In this candied interview, Seamus talks openly about his childhood, podcasting career and how DrumeoGab came together. He also speaks about his philosophy on life, that has attributed to his mindset that allows him to overcome certain obstacles and how that has transitioned into many new opportunities in his life.


TMB #57 - Dan Gonzalez (iZotope)

Zotope product manager Dan Gonzalez speaks with Brynner about the company’s history, products, engineering and what’s ahead. Dan also speaks about his part in the company and what’s led him through the doors of iZotope. Brynner also discusses his takeaway from NAMM 2019, sharing stories and moments from the show.


TMB #56 - Diamond Dallas Page

WWE Hall of Famer, actor, motivational speaker and the creator of DDPY (DDP Yoga), Diamond Dallas Page joins the show to talk about his childhood, motivation, how DDPY got its start, and his new book.


TMB #55 - Brynner Agassi

It’s the first episode of 2019 and I’m going solo! Take a close look at what I have in store for everyone in 2019, ideas, guests, goals and more! We’re also running back 2018 and all that happened leading into my NYE Show!!! From the hospital to bouts of food poisoning!