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The Music Scout is the podcast for the best new music around broken up into 30 minute bite-size episodes for you to enjoy. From alternative to blues to folk and indie, the genre style knows no boundaries on this podcast.

The Music Scout is the podcast for the best new music around broken up into 30 minute bite-size episodes for you to enjoy. From alternative to blues to folk and indie, the genre style knows no boundaries on this podcast.


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The Music Scout is the podcast for the best new music around broken up into 30 minute bite-size episodes for you to enjoy. From alternative to blues to folk and indie, the genre style knows no boundaries on this podcast.




The Music Scout: Episode 115

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! We have 7 new artists for you this week coming from ReverbNation who we've teamed up with on a campaign to showcase their artists on their platform. The first half is a a real country twist to the episode, each in their own individual ways, but a real treat none the less. Especially if you're not quite into country, this is certainly a brilliant introduction to some of the best! Moving onto the double header of music and we have The Writing South...


The Music Scout Ep.114

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast all, it's great to be releasing episodes to you all again and I'm looking forward to seeing all of our enjoying 7 brand new artists we have in store this week. It's a little different around here from earlier this year, we are now partnered with ReverbNation! A very exciting campaign is going on right now where I will be exclusively picking artists from their roster and from the early stages, the bar is set very high! Thanks to Lou at ReverbNation...


The Music Scout: Episode 113

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast for your weekly dose of new discoveries from music across the world and across the genre spectrum! We've got a rather funky opener for you in Field Music with another batch of songs they've released including the track "Money Is A Memory". We've also got music from Mosa Wild, Coin, The Felice Brothers, Boy Azooga, EUT and Fuzzy Sun to close the show. It's a fantastic bunch of songs and you don't want to miss...


The Music Scout: Episode 112

Welcome back to The Music Scout! If you're looking for new and upcoming artists before anyone else, here's your chance to fangirl out to some bands nice and early! We've got music from the likes of Hailaker opening the show for us. As well as that we have music from Another Sky, Marsicans, Ripe and Low...


The Music Scout: Episode 111

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! We've been on a little break, but we're back with 7 new artists for you that are branching into many genres this week. We're exploding onto the scene with Louis Berry and his eclectic track "Molly Malone", as well as this we have music to follow him from the likes of Joshua Burnside who has featured on this show before and even spoken on this podcast too! Waxahatchee is closing the episode for us from her beautiful new record "Saint Cloud". As well...


The Music Scout Episode 110

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! This week we're back to bring you seven more artists that I'd like to share with you all. They include artists of many genres, some will make you jump around and mosh, other will make you sit quietly and really take in all the sounds of the music. So, this week we have the likes of Josef, SOAK, The Second After, Seven Spines plus much...


The Music Scout: Episode 109

Welcome back to a themed episode of the podcast this week! We've decided to put together an all female line up for this weeks episode full of different genres for your ears! We've got music from the likes of Peaness (yes you heard that right in your head!), The Staves, SASAMI, Lauran Hibberd and Native Dancer to name but a few! It's an absolutely fantastic line up and the music is second to none with the spell bending sounds we've got coming up for you. Do...


The Music Scout: Episode 108

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! In these strange times, music can be a real key ingredient to getting people in their right frame of mind. So I'm giving something back to you all you listeners out there. To tell you that I hope these podcast episodes help you in your time shut out from the world. I'll be trying to make these as regular as possible and we'll all get through this and back to normal soon! For now, we have some new music coming your way from the likes of The Brook and...


The Music Scout: Episode 107

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! This week we have music from the likes of The Mann & I, The Peach Fuzz, Karine Polwart and a new project from Josh Ritter called the Side 4 Collective. Make sure you check out the links below if you'd like to contact the show to get your music played on the podcast! ebsite: Email: Twitter: Spotify:


The Music Scout: Episode 106

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! We have a lot of exciting music for you all this week with music from the likes of Temples, Archie Faulks, Jordan Rakei, Beans On Toast and many more! As well as that,we have our first submission to the podcast from a listener who chose the artist Joseph and the track "Without You"! It's a brilliant track that was first discovered by me through Jools Holland's Hootnanny on NYE. A belter of a track! If you'd like to suggest any music for me to play...


The Music Scout Episode 105

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast, episode 105! Thanks for joining me in another edition where we blow your musical brains wide open with some of the best new music around that you probably haven't heard of! We've got music from the likes of Sarpa Salpa, Another Sky, Murder By Death, Sure Sure & much more. We're also introducing a new segment to the podcast once a month where you, the fans, get to send in your new music suggestion and the best ones get picked for the next...


The Music Scout: Episode 104

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! A new decade, a new era ad a new podcast too. We have re-branded the logo of the podcast, a new website refresh and as well as that a new introduction to the podcast too. We've got 7 artists once again, ready to delight your ears for a 40min episode of spectacular music of all corners of the genre world! Let us know what you think of all the new changes, anything that needs to be changed again, or any that you're enjoying, do let us know! Enjoy...


The Music Scout Album Of The Year 2019

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast for the final time in 2019 where we rack up and revisit the very best albums of this year! We start with three honourable mentions and then getting straight into the top 10 with some in-depth insight into each album that has made it onto this years list. We've hit some incredible landmarks for the podcast this year and hopefully this is only the beginning. From being invited to festivals for press, to interviewing my idol Frank Turner for the 100th...


The Music Scout Interviews: Sean McGowan

I interviewed Sean McGowan back in July at 2000 Trees festival that ended up being one of the most humble and lovely interview I have done for quite some time. Sean is proud of his music and he is passionate about music in general and has a lot to say! On top of the Sean also has this laddish side to him, but deep down, he's a nice lad. He's also not as strong as his younger brother, but he'll tell you the story in the interview! His new EP has been released to the world now too from...


The Music Scout Interviews: Johnny Lloyd

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! This week we are back at 2000 Trees festival and we are interviewing Johnny Lloyd. A newly signed artist to Xtra Mile records that recently released his solo album "The Next Episode Starts In 15 Seconds". We chat to Johnny about his new album, his writing techniques and the difference between being a solo artist and being part of his band. Family life also has played a big part in this album too becoming a new dad too. We also chat about new music...


The Music Scout 100th Episode Special with Frank Turner

Welcome to The Music Scout 100th Episode!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion we are joined by one of my favourite artists on this plant right now, Mr. Frank Turner! We spent 30mins with him chatting about all things music, history and relationships plus so much more. This really was the perfect way to celebrate the last 3 years of The Music Scout. 100 episodes and here we are, we've finally reached the milestone and what a way to celebrate! A huge thank you to Frank for taking his...


Ones To Watch at 2000 Trees Festival 2019

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast. This week we will be diving into some of the best music you can hear at 2000 Trees festival 2019 happening down in Cheltenham. We'll be investigating all the talent playing across the whole weekend and providing you with the top 11 artists you should go and see this weekend at the festival! We've got the likes of Blood Youth, The Bottom Line, BRUTUS, Johnny Lloyd, LIFE, plus many more in this hour long special episode. As well as this there is an...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview with LIFE

Welcome back for the final installment of The Great Escape interviews and to finish it off is with the band LIFE! We chat to Mez, lead singer of LIFE where we catch up about their new album coming out later this year that has a truck loads of fast, energetic and thoughtful post-punk songs to fill your ears. As well as this, we tap into how the world of post-punk is filled with artists who are brave enough and proud enough to speak about such important topics with songs to back them up for...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview - Dead Posey

Welcome back to The Music Scout interviews from The Great Escape, this is the penultimate episode before the final one coming out later this week. We speak to Danyell and the crew about their band ventures, what the band are wanting to create with their current sound and setup for the future, plus what it's really like to tour as Dead Posey with all of their adventures and problems on the road! It's made for one of the most entertaining and honest interviews I have ever done with a band...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview with Joshua Burnside

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast interviews from The Great Escape festival back in May 2019! Today we are interviewing indie singer/songwriter Joshua Burnside off the back of his gig he performed in Brighton for the festival. Being such a fan of his for a couple of years, it was a real privilege to chat to him. We delve into how different his live set sounds from his albums, his progression as a musician and about the excitement around the new sounds he's creating with his band and...