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The Music Scout Ep.78 : Contenders for 'Album Of The Year 2018'

Welcome to this special episode folks where we look at some of the early contenders for album of the year 2018! As we reach the halfway point in the year, we need to revise and reflect on some of the albums that have caught my eye in the last 8 months or so. Some contenders are Isaac Gracie, KARMS, Lo Moon plus much more. I've compiled this list during my holidays off and it's been great to have such a diverse mix of genres in this list this year, it's so hard to know who will make it...


Episode 77: The Return

Welcome back to Season 3 of The Music Scout podcast after a lengthy (or what I deem a lengthy) absence from the podcast. It's time to get back to business with some of the best music in the world and for me to showcase it all to you. This week we have an acoustic double header of music, some beautiful instrumental music and lastly on the pod, a contender for album of the year 2018! All this plus where I have been, a little shake up in the proceedings on the podcast as well as your...


The Music Scout Interviews: Aaryn Deal

This week on The Music Scout podcast interview episode, we interview the lovely Aaryn Deal from Revival Recordings who are currently kindly sponsoring the podcast right now! She's the head of the A&R department at Revival Recordings and talks to us about the current campaign for the record label with 'Revival 52' as heard on the adverts. This campaign is all about releasing music from their roster of artists every week for 2018. We also chat about the world of A&R and what Aaryn expects...


The Music Scout Episode 76

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast where we play the best new and independent music that will have your ears loving life for the rest of the day! This week we have new music from the likes of IDLES, Pelicat, Jade Bird and much more! You won't see a more diverse range of music anywhere else other than The Music Scout podcast! Ta Rah x Website: Hannah Scott...


The Music Scout Interviews: Hengistbury

We are joined by folk/acoustic duo Hengistbury for a chat about their upcoming debut album that is set to release...soon! We sit down and talk about the journey they went through to get to this stage as well as talking about their influences to create such a unique sound. There is also a reason to stay tuned right till the end...specifically after the finale song, there's a nice little treat for you all at the end. It'll give you all a nice flavour of how things come about off air and...


The Music Scout Episode 75

This week on The Music Scout we'll be diving into the new single by Novo Amor in anticipation of the release of his debut album that is coming out in September after years of EPs and singles! I think I'm a little excited... Plus we have music from the likes of XamVolo, Childish Japes and Max Meser plus much more! It's a very diverse episode dipping and diving into many genres and styles! Ta Rah x Website: Hannah Scott...


The Music Scout Interviews: Lucas Beach

Welcome to the interview episode for the week! We have with us the former singer of the band fiN. Luke Joyce with us talking about his brand new solo album he released on the 7th July. In this chat we discuss about his fears of going solo and taking a break from music for almost 5 years before wanting to express himself in his music again. We discuss the songs he released prior to the album release and the style that he has brought to the table with this new sound which is quite...


The Music Scout Ep 74

This week on The Music Scout music episode we have some exciting music from KARMS with their new album release and a song of the new album too. We also have music from Indoor Pets, Ashfields, St.MARTiiNS plus much more on the podcast for you all to enjoy on new music Friday! Website: Hannah Scott...


The Music Scout Interviews: Lew Bear

I am joined for this weeks interview episode by Lew Bear. A singer/songwriter from the midlands in the UK who has a new album coming out on the 13th July. We chat about his songwriting techniques, what a bouzouki is and also some general laughs had in this lovely interview with a lovely artist making some great home-grown music! Check out the interview as well as the album upcoming on 13th July! Website: Brewers Grade...


The Music Scout Episode 73

This week on The Music Scout we delve into the music of Sparta, Luke Sital-Singh, In Your Prime and much more! It's great to be able to play so much diversity on the podcast and I believe this weeks double header of music is the most diverse I've had in some time! Thanks again to you all for such great support towards the new schedule and it's clearly showing you all enjoy it! Ta Rah x Website: Brewers Grade...


The Music Scout Interviews: Hannah Scott

Welcome to the interview folks, I'm joined by singer/songwriter Hannah Scott who is talking about her new album she has been working on for the past two years in the Italy. As well as this we talk about her influences and her passion towards her live performances. Listen into the dedication that this singer/songwriter puts into her music and how proud she is of her release. Website: Brewers Grade...


The Music Scout Episode 72

Episode 72 features some amazing music from the likes of Bessie Turner, The Temperance Movement, Hearts Hearts & much more on this episode. A massive thanks to the reception of the first interview episode too of the new schedule, if you would like to listen to the interview with the Brewers Grade Band, then click the link below! Ta Rah x Website: Brewers Grade...


The Music Scout Interviews: The Brewers Grade

Welcome to the first interview episode of the new schedule folks! If you're unfamiliar with the schedule change, there will be 2 episodes a week now instead of 1. Tuesdays will be the interview episode and Fridays will be the normal music episode. It's time for a change to take the podcast to the next level, so now it's time to put more content out too and interviews are something that is of great passion to the podcast. It's great to hear the back stories to songs and the connection all...


The Music Scout Episode 71

Welcome back to The Music Scout folks, in this episode we listen to music from the likes of Joshua Burnside and his new single, Spring King with their crazy and heavy latest single as well as Jon Tessier plus much more on the best new music podcast on the web! We also have some insane news for you about the podcast, we'll announce it at the beginning of the pod so keep your ears out for that! Ta Rah...


The Music Scout Episode 70

In this weeks episode we have the mighty IDLES exploding back onto the scene with their new single "Colossus"! It even sounds as massive as the track is! We also have music from the likes of those Londonders Skinny Lister, Genghar (not Gengar!) and also some powerful lyrics from Billy Raffoul plus much more on this episode! Ta Rah...


The Music Scout Podcast Episode 69

Welcome back to The Music Scout folks! In this weeks episode we have music from the likes of Bloodlines, Molly Tuttle, Sunflower Bean plus much much more! All from different genres alike all ready for your ears on New Music Friday! Thanks for all the support you have given me and I'm hoping in return I am presenting the best music out there on the scene today week after week! Ta Rah x Welcome back to part 2 folks! In this episode we will be looking at the latter end of the alphabet to...


The Music Scout Podcast - Ones To Watch At The Great Escape 2018 Pt.2

Welcome back to part 2 folks! In this episode we will be looking at the latter end of the alphabet to decide who are the artists I've chosen for you all to look out for at this years Great Escape festival happening in Brighton. I hope these 2 episodes cause you misery and confusion as to whom you'd like to see at the festival this year (i'm kidding, but it'll definitely throw some spanners in the works for you folks!) I'll see you all next week for a normal episode with 7 artists from...


The Music Scout Podcast - Ones To Watch At The Great Escape 2018 Pt.1

Yes folks it's that time of the year once again where I tell you all about my artists to watch out and recommend to you all at The Great Escape festival in Brighton! This year I have broken it down into 2 episodes going through the A-Z of my favourites to watch out for the festival. I hope you all enjoy and mostly agree with my suggestions! Let me know if this helped you at all choose who you want to see at this amazing new music festival! Ta Rah...


The Music Scout Episode 66

This episode of The Music Scout is in support of help for suicidal thoughts. Don't ever feel alone. Don't ever think that it's not okay to not be okay. Samaritans - 116 123 Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) - for men - 0800 58 58 58 Papyrus - for people under 35 - 0800 068 41 41 Childine - 0800 1111 The Silver Line - for elderly people - 0800 4 70 80 90 Website: Interview with Tristan...


The Music Scout Ep.65

Welcome back folks to The Music Scout podcast! We have music this week from the likes of the amazing Chantal Acda, Pale Seas and The XCERTS, plus much much more! Frank Turners new album dropped and a may have gone on a tangent about it so bare with me! Thanks for all the support! Ta Rah x Website: Interview with Tristan...