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The Music Scout Interviews: Johnny Lloyd

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! This week we are back at 2000 Trees festival and we are interviewing Johnny Lloyd. A newly signed artist to Xtra Mile records that recently released his solo album "The Next Episode Starts In 15 Seconds". We chat to Johnny about his new album, his writing techniques and the difference between being a solo artist and being part of his band. Family life also has played a big part in this album too becoming a new dad too. We also chat about new...


The Music Scout 100th Episode Special with Frank Turner

Welcome to The Music Scout 100th Episode!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion we are joined by one of my favourite artists on this plant right now, Mr. Frank Turner! We spent 30mins with him chatting about all things music, history and relationships plus so much more. This really was the perfect way to celebrate the last 3 years of The Music Scout. 100 episodes and here we are, we've finally reached the milestone and what a way to celebrate! A huge thank you to Frank for taking his...


Ones To Watch at 2000 Trees Festival 2019

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast. This week we will be diving into some of the best music you can hear at 2000 Trees festival 2019 happening down in Cheltenham. We'll be investigating all the talent playing across the whole weekend and providing you with the top 11 artists you should go and see this weekend at the festival! We've got the likes of Blood Youth, The Bottom Line, BRUTUS, Johnny Lloyd, LIFE, plus many more in this hour long special episode. As well as this there is an...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview with LIFE

Welcome back for the final installment of The Great Escape interviews and to finish it off is with the band LIFE! We chat to Mez, lead singer of LIFE where we catch up about their new album coming out later this year that has a truck loads of fast, energetic and thoughtful post-punk songs to fill your ears. As well as this, we tap into how the world of post-punk is filled with artists who are brave enough and proud enough to speak about such important topics with songs to back them up for...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview - Dead Posey

Welcome back to The Music Scout interviews from The Great Escape, this is the penultimate episode before the final one coming out later this week. We speak to Danyell and the crew about their band ventures, what the band are wanting to create with their current sound and setup for the future, plus what it's really like to tour as Dead Posey with all of their adventures and problems on the road! It's made for one of the most entertaining and honest interviews I have ever done with a band...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview with Joshua Burnside

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast interviews from The Great Escape festival back in May 2019! Today we are interviewing indie singer/songwriter Joshua Burnside off the back of his gig he performed in Brighton for the festival. Being such a fan of his for a couple of years, it was a real privilege to chat to him. We delve into how different his live set sounds from his albums, his progression as a musician and about the excitement around the new sounds he's creating with his band...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview with Oh Land

Welcome back to part 4 of The Music Scout podcast! Today we are interviewing Nanni, aka Oh Land! She has a new album out called 'Family Tree' which dropped in May and we catch up with her on the glorious Brighton beach about how her life events have inspired her latest album in the 5 year gap since her previous studio album. She explains how her son has inspired many songs, as well as this her breakup with her ex-husband and how this life changing experience has helped her develop a new...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview with Archie Faulks

Welcome back to part 3 of The Great Escape Interviews! Today we're chatting to singer/songwriter Archie Faulks who has a knack for writing some fantastic acoustic ballads and lyrics of which is a small portion of his creative mind! Releasing his debut album later this year, we chat to him about his creative process and his EP 'Wonderful' that dropped earlier this year. We touch base on his gig repertoire of playing in churches, gigging around Europe with his old school friend Issac...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview with Freddie Long

Welcome back to part 2 of The Music Scout The Great Escape Interview week! Today we have up and coming artist Freddie Long chatting to the podcast about his current music he's released as a solo artist as well as his busy schedule coming up for the rest of this year and also his influences of which you'll never expect to create his unique music. We also talk about the collaboration with Ben Hunter with their track "Hope" they released earlier on this year in collaboration with CALM...


The Music Scout: The Great Escape Interview - Ruth Patterson "Awareness and Aid For Disabled Artists"

Welcome to the first interview from The Great Escape festival in May. This interview was with Ruth Patterson, the lead singer of Holy Moly & The Crackers, but as well as being a front woman to her band, she is also a speaker about disabled artists in the industry. We sit down with Ruth and talk about the charity Attitude is Everything that she has been working with recently. They published a report recently (see link below) about the harrowing experiences that disabled artists have in the...


The Music Scout Special: The Great Escape Festival Part 3

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast where we are currently showcasing The Great Escape festival for the third part in this special series where we look at the best artists that are going to be playing this years festival down in Brighton! We have today music from all around the world! From New Zealand (The Beths & Leisure), to Russia (Chkbns), to Canada (Ava Wild) and even some homegrown talent with China Bears. All this, plus much more to come up in this weeks episode. We also...


The Music Scout Special: The Great Escape Festival Part 2

We're back for a second dose of The Music Scout special of The Great Escape festival! We're focusing on another seven artists for you all to go and check out at this years festival! We've got you covered for a various array of genres as well as the times, stages and day they will be playing at too so you can make sure that you don't miss any amazing artists over the course of the weekend! This week we are showcasing the likes of BRUTUS, Shuanji, Joshua Burnside, Can't Swim, Bess Atwell...


The Music Scout Special: The Great Escape Part 1

Welcome to the first part of this podcast special series to take us to the big 100th episode of The Music Scout! This 5 part series will be looking at the artists that The Music Scout has recommended for all the people attending this years festival in Brighton as well as allowing listeners who aren't going to find some fantastic music! As well as the exposure of the artists, we'll be letting you know where those artists will be playing, what time and what day! So you can plan your...


The Music Scout Interviews: Kev Minney

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! We have today an interview with folk singer/songwriter Kev Minney who was on the podcast as a guest back in early 2018, one of my first interviews for the podcast and he was releasing his debut album "Stories Of The Sky" back then. Now, a lot has changed and he has a new single out (which you'll hear at the end of the pod) and also a new album out in the autumn. It's all about modern stories consisting of algorithms, debt and a really captivating...


The Music Scout Ep 93

Welcome back to The Music Scout. We have got in this episode a contender for album of the year at the end of the show. It's definitely getting the current rock album of the year, this is going to BadFlower and this album "OKAY,I'M SICK". As well as this big contender, we also have music from The Night Cafe, Steaming Satelittes, Rob Moir, Night Flight as well as some insane dub influenced music from Manu Katche. All this as well as the police and army both trying to hinder the podcast...


The Music Scout Ep.92

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! This episode we have music from the smoothest guitar player in the business Cory Wong to kick us off ft vocals from Rob Wulfshon. We also have music from Novastar, The Bony King Of Nowhere, plus beautiful track from A Blaze Of Feather. The double header of music sees Moon Moon Moon and The Majic Lantern battle it out for the best music of this episode! We'll be finishing off with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with their latest single Echo. It's a jam...


The Music Scout Episode 91

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! We'll be featuring some diverse genres kicking off with a new single from Gender Roles creating a real banging introduction to the podcast! Next we have the likes of Pianos Become The Teeth, Kojaque and AlascA. As well as the double header of music, of which you'll be hearing Sarpa Salpa with the single "Smith" and Sofie Winterson battle it out with "Remember". You choose who wins! All this as well as a discussion about Woodstock line up too and my...


The Music Scout Episode 90

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! This week we'll be showcasing a lot of artists that have been previously played on this podcast in the past 2 years that we've been running! We'll be opening with The Japanese House, taking a single off their new album that came out last week. As well as that, new music from the likes of JAWS, Gengahr, Faux Pas, The Districts and C Duncan! Website: Email: Previous Interview with Tom...


The Music Scout Episode 89

Welcome back to The Music Scout! This episode we've got some brand new music from Brutus that came out this week. It's really hot off the block stuff, with this track being their most diverse to date! Well worth listening in for as well as the hype for their 2nd album 'Nest' out in March 2019! We also have music from the likes of Jerry Williams who came 2nd in the Single Of The Year 2018, as well as music from ttypes, The Magic Gang, Orchards, Acrasia and 1000...


The Music Scout Episode 88

Welcome back to The Music Scout! We have some exceptional music lined up for this week with Brian Campeau introducing the episode with some rather heavy bass to begin with (watch your ears!), although it turns into something pretty amazing! We've got a double header of music from Ralegh Long and Search Party Animal. Who will win in the battle of the songs, you can vote for your favourite on The Music Scout Twitter page found down below or at Themusicscout_. As well as that we have music...