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The Music Scout: Album Of The Year 2018

The final episode of 2018 is here! The Music Scout: Album Of The Year 2018. After listening to countless number of albums and putting in thousands of minutes to get to where we are today, the album of the year! This album list is probably the most extensive, in-depth and also the one I am most proud to be releasing to the world. This list definitely defines this year as one of the best for music! It's always a weird time at the beginning of the year what will be released and what will be...


The Music Scout: Single Of The Year 2018

We've made it to the end of the year folks and that means it's time for the Single Of The Year. This list consists of 10 songs that have really surprised, mesmerised, shocked and amazed me all at the same time. This list consists of many different genres too which I'm proud to show you all of all the songs I have listened to over the course of the year. There is a link below to the playlist on Spotify called "The Music Scout's New Jams 2018", this consists of over 300 songs of which most...


The Music Scout Episode 84: Incredible female artists!

This week on The Music Scout podcast we have a bumper episode for you including some outstanding female artists to be featured today such as Pitou, The Japanese House and Bess Atwell! As well as this we have music from Dawes, Deer Tick, Jailbirds and Flying Horseman to wrap the episode up with some unique sounds, voyages in their musical journey and some surprises along the way! We'll be announcing when the Singles and Albums of 2018 will be dropping too so you don't want to miss that! Ta...


The Music Scout Interviews: Convey - Forging A New Rock Sound For A New Era

This week we talk to Luke and Corey from Convey, the latest signing to Revival Recordings. They have a new single out now, it's called "Inside Out" as well as a previous single "Terror" which are all to support the brand new album that is going to be dropping early 2019. I spoke about the Convey sound and how they're changing the game with the sound of rock. They want to redefine rock and really make their sound the sound of a new generation and a new era for rock music. We also talk about...


The Music Scout Episode 83: It's Getting Heavy!

Hello and welcome back to The Music Scout podcast folks! I've been away for a little while but now I'm back and feeling the fire with this podcast once again! It's been good to have some time off, but as we wind down into the Christmas months, it's time to get back onto schedule and release those episodes! We'll be running up to Album Of The Year 2018 soon which is very exciting! It's a list that's been on my mind all year and it's taken many hours to put it together properly! This...


The Music Scout Episode 82: So Many New Releases!

Welcome back to The Music Scout with episode 82! This week we've got lots of albums releasing this week and brand new music being spun on the podcast which is very exciting to be sharing all this new music with all of you! From the albums being released on October 19th by Novo Amor and Hengistbury, to the latest singles released in the last week from Pet Virus, it's all happening on the podcast to make sure you get the very best and very new music around! We've also got music from Jerry...


The Music Scout Interviews: KARMS, An Irish Band Struggling To Be Heard

This week on The Music Scout podcast we interview Colm from the band KARMS. We invited Colm to come back on the show as the first guest to return to the podcast about their debut album they released back in June. Colm told me that this interview wanted to be a reaction to this album release, what their thoughts were after the album release and what they can learn from this 1st album going into new music in the future. As well as this, there's some bonus interview sections that Colm has...


The Music Scout Episode 81: The Return...Again

Welcome back to The Music Scout folks! Thanks for sticking around and coming back to listen to some more amazing new music! I've been away for a month or so but it's gone so quickly. Never have I underestimated not having wifi... Alas here we are, 7 more artists for you guys including the likes of The Mezingers, Jack Drag, Neon Waltz and much more! Episodes will be coming back weekly once again and thanks again for sticking around and enjoying all the music I put out for all of...


The Music Scout Music Radar Episode 80: Double Header From One Artist

Welcome back to the music programme from The Music Scout podcast folks! This week we have music from the likes of Colorama, Manchester Orchestra as well as a double header of music from Daniel Docherty with his EP he's released after being away for 4 years since his last release. Website: Previous Interview with...


The Music Scout Interviews: Bruce Dickinson - The New Age Of Education Brought To Light In A New Music College

This week on The Music Scout podcast we talk to WaterBear college founder and director Bruce Dickinson about how his new education system will benefit the students and how there needs to be a change in how kids are being taught in schools too. As well as that we talk about how to get the best out of students and their career paths and how much lecturers/tutors can influence them and their lives. It's been really intriguing to hear what WaterBear is doing right now for the music education...


The Music Scout Interviews: AVOID - The Pressures Of A Debut Album

This week, we talk to Benny Scholl, the lead singer of heavy rock band AVOID. Their debut album is released to the world on August 31st and as well as excitement and euphoria over your work you're releasing, there's also that anxious tension and nerves of how well your album will be perceived. The pressure of an album is more dear now more than ever with singles leading the way, so to get that story and synergy in an album is more important today than 20 years ago. Putting pressure on young...


The Music Scout Interviews: June Divided - Exploring New Sounds For A New Era

We speak to June Divided for this weeks interview episode where we talk to Mel, the lead singer of the band and how the band have wanted to change their sound from one album to the next, to evolve into the next era for the band. After releasing 2 albums previously, the band were in need of a change and changing their sound for the better has made them become a lot more excited about the music they are releasing and also playing live. Their new album "Body Wars" is out August 24th under...


The Music Scout Episode 79: Episode 80 is Inbound!

Hello and welcome back to The Music Scout podcast and we have a fantastic selection of music for you this week with the likes of Thomas Dybdahl returning with some new singles that sound brilliant. Another artist making waves at the moment is Orchid Collective and we'll be playing the track "Otherside" as well as music from The Fernweh, Speak Brother plus much more! Thanks for tuning in as always and there will be an interview with June Divided coming up soon! Ta Rah...


The Music Scout Ep.78 : Contenders for 'Album Of The Year 2018'

Welcome to this special episode folks where we look at some of the early contenders for album of the year 2018! As we reach the halfway point in the year, we need to revise and reflect on some of the albums that have caught my eye in the last 8 months or so. Some contenders are Isaac Gracie, KARMS, Lo Moon plus much more. I've compiled this list during my holidays off and it's been great to have such a diverse mix of genres in this list this year, it's so hard to know who will make it into...


Episode 77: The Return

Welcome back to Season 3 of The Music Scout podcast after a lengthy (or what I deem a lengthy) absence from the podcast. It's time to get back to business with some of the best music in the world and for me to showcase it all to you. This week we have an acoustic double header of music, some beautiful instrumental music and lastly on the pod, a contender for album of the year 2018! All this plus where I have been, a little shake up in the proceedings on the podcast as well as your...


The Music Scout Interviews: Aaryn Deal

This week on The Music Scout podcast interview episode, we interview the lovely Aaryn Deal from Revival Recordings who are currently kindly sponsoring the podcast right now! She's the head of the A&R department at Revival Recordings and talks to us about the current campaign for the record label with 'Revival 52' as heard on the adverts. This campaign is all about releasing music from their roster of artists every week for 2018. We also chat about the world of A&R and what Aaryn expects to...


The Music Scout Episode 76

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast where we play the best new and independent music that will have your ears loving life for the rest of the day! This week we have new music from the likes of IDLES, Pelicat, Jade Bird and much more! You won't see a more diverse range of music anywhere else other than The Music Scout podcast! Ta Rah x Website: Hannah Scott...


The Music Scout Interviews: Hengistbury

We are joined by folk/acoustic duo Hengistbury for a chat about their upcoming debut album that is set to release...soon! We sit down and talk about the journey they went through to get to this stage as well as talking about their influences to create such a unique sound. There is also a reason to stay tuned right till the end...specifically after the finale song, there's a nice little treat for you all at the end. It'll give you all a nice flavour of how things come about off air and what...


The Music Scout Episode 75

This week on The Music Scout we'll be diving into the new single by Novo Amor in anticipation of the release of his debut album that is coming out in September after years of EPs and singles! I think I'm a little excited... Plus we have music from the likes of XamVolo, Childish Japes and Max Meser plus much more! It's a very diverse episode dipping and diving into many genres and styles! Ta Rah x Website: Hannah Scott...


The Music Scout Interviews: Lucas Beach

Welcome to the interview episode for the week! We have with us the former singer of the band fiN. Luke Joyce with us talking about his brand new solo album he released on the 7th July. In this chat we discuss about his fears of going solo and taking a break from music for almost 5 years before wanting to express himself in his music again. We discuss the songs he released prior to the album release and the style that he has brought to the table with this new sound which is quite different...