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E018 - The Death of Warped Tour

“Death of the Warped Tour” Twitter: @podpunkshow The Boys Talk: - Jackass & Tony Hawk Pro Skater - Warped Tour: Day in the Life - Medieval Times vs Emo Teens - Warped Tour: A Verbal History - Warped Hall of Fame / Shame - OUR NEW FAVORITE BAND!!! - Show’s Theory on Warped’s Future - Final Respects to Warped & Kevin


E017 Reel Big Fish

This is a special month for us at The Pod Punk Show because it’s… SKA’tober!! (Aaron’s idea but © John Brian, 2017). It’s time to welcome in the crisp Fall weather, hang up your girl pants and then cheer up emo kid (pick it up! pick it up!). This episode Aaron & John Brian use Reel Big Fish and their album, “Turn the Radio Off” as fodder to pay tribute hands down one of the best sub-genre’s in all of music... Ska. So close your eyes and allow the trombones, trumpets and rude boys to...


E016 - Brand New

Check out our website to see this episode's notes w/ added features! This week Aaron and John focus on Long Island's, Brand New, and their unexpected 5th full-length, "Science Fiction". They go over why this band is not just another staple of the 2000's pop punk/emo music scene. The well-received, Science Fiction (2017), securing a number one spot on the "Billboard's Top 200 Chart" and the overall feel and direction of, what could be, the band's final release. Also,...


E015 - Underoath

This week Aaron & John use Underøath and their mega-breakout hit album, "They're Only Chasing Safety" as fodder for their soapboxes. We cover the Christian Hardcore scene, the explosion of their album, & how successful this band was with their amazing chart-topping feat with the legendary billboard top 100 chart. They also answer the age-old question, "How many charismatic believers does it take to front a metal-core band?". And finally, our show's producer Bronx weighs in with his...


E014 - Simple Plan

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian relive their middle school angst and some cringeworthy memories as they talk about the French Canadian pop punks Simple Plan. Also, Aaron can't not defend Taylor Swift whenever she comes up. MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by Simple Plan God Must Hate Me, I'd Do Anything, Perfect, One Wish and Worst Day Ever from No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls (2002) Our Recommendations: Aaron’s Rec of the Week: Our Lord and Savior, Taylor Swift John’s Rec of the Week:...


E013 - NoFx

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian go back to the unquestionably cornerstone album Punk In Drublic by NoFx. We talk about how parody is a sign of mastery and the meaning of life. Also, John doesn't like guitar teachers and Aaron kicked a cab. MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by NoFx Linoleum, Lori Myers, The Cause, Dying Degree, Happy Guy, Leave It Alone and Scavenger Type from Punk In Drublic (1994) Please Play This Song on the Radio from White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean (1992) Additional...


E012 - Bayside

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian dig into the story and incredible brilliance that is Bayside's 2007 album The Walking Wounded. We touch on the tragic events that lead up this album as well as out deepest analysis of a song yet. John let's his overtly New Yorker side shine through and Aaron considers getting a tattoo. Additional Resources Picture of the George Washington Bayside talks about Walking Wounded, 10 years later I and I Acoustic MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by Bayside Carry...


E011 - A Short Episode on Short Music

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian talk about the compilation album "Short Music for Short People" that was released by Fat Wreck Chords in 1999. The premise of the album is simple, 101 songs, under thirty seconds each, all on one CD. We also talk about Ernest Hemingway, Hole, and which band Aaron can't stand. Additional Resources Wikipedia article for this album Follow the show! Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Our Site Aaron on Twitter - John on Twitter Email:


E010 - Set Your Goals

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian go over their deep and mutually agreed love affair with Set Your Goal's 2006 album Mutiny! A band and album that on paper should be absolutely abhorrent but in reality reminds of us what pop punk, hardcore and music can be. Also, John recounts the real life viral way the album spread and Professor Aaron gives a crash course on the traditional punk drum beat and it's origins. Additional Resources Wikipedia's article on the D-beat MUSIC...


E009 - Crowning of the King of Covers

The Pod Punk Show and it's host's proudly invite you to their kingdom to bear witness to the birth of a king. From the beginning of time, Punk has always had it's root in the land of 4 chords and melody. The Prince of Pop Punk challenged the throne. The Earl of Emo fought off the Screamo rebellion of 2006. But in 2017 we see the rise of a new king. Or, this week Aaron asked John to write the show synopsis... and this is what happened. Join the boys as they challenge each other to...


E008 - The Starting Line

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian dig into the Drive-Thru era to find the lines between emo and pop punk. We find out just how pivotal The Starting Line were to John and his early romantic life. We also lay out who would be the father, son and holy ghost of Floridian music groups, why Aaron doesn't understand break up songs and why John took off his pants (his jacket does remain intact). Links Referred To In This Episode John's Fender Strat MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by The Starting...


E007 - The Offspring

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian travel back to 1994 and discuss just how pivotal The Offspring's album Smash was to Punk Rock, Grunge and Pop Punk. We lay out how the success of this album touched every band from Blink 182 to Rancid, from Bad Religion to Fall Out Boy. From their uncanny rise and bitter divorce from Epitaph Records, their story is anything but dull. Links Referred To In This Episode Great Rolling Stone Article An interview with Mr. Brett Dexter/Offspring Letter to...


E006 - Say Anything

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian talk about Say Anything, rawness vs polish and the balance between humility and talent. We also touch on the record label scene in the early 2000s. And your American Ninja Warrior update. MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by Say Anything Slowly Through a Vector, Belt, Woe, Every Man Has a Molly, Admit It!, and Alive with the Glory of Love from ...Is A Real Boy (2002) Additional Songs Flowers are Pretty by The Vandals off of Look What I Almost Stepped In...


E005 - Billy Talent

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian talk about Canadian export and international delight Billy Talent. For a second time John becomes the haircut police, Aaron compare's Billy Talent to Led Zeppelin (repeatedly) and we chat about screaming in music. Links Referred To In This Episode John Bonham from Led Zeppelin Kick Drum Technique Ian D'Sa Hair Technique Billy Talent Concert with Amazing Build-Up Alexisonfire - 44 Caliber Loveletter MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by Billy Talent Prisoners...


E004 - Good Charlotte

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian discuss authenticity, credibility and an uncomfortable amount of talk about Benji Madden's haircuts. We also cover Aaron's reason for disliking Star Wars and John's love of simplicity in music. MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by Good Charlotte The Festival Song, Motivation Proclamation, and Little Things off of Good Charlotte (2000) Riot Girl, Story of My Old Man, The Anthem, Lifestyle of The Rich and Famous and Girls & Boys off of The Young and The Hopeless...


E003 - Thrice

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian argue about coffee, the difference between Thrash and Hardcore, and how imitation can ruin the original. Referenced Links Civet Cat (be warned) MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by Thrice "Deadbolt" from Illusion of Safety (2002) "All That's Left", "Stare at the Sun", "Artist in The Ambulance" and "Don't Ask and We Won't Tell" from Artist In The Ambulance (2003) Black Honey", "Blood on the Sand" and "Hurricane" from To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere...


E002 - The Bouncing Souls

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian tackle New Jersey legends The Bouncing Souls. Aaron thinks John is out of touch, John thinks Aaron has a secret double life and we have a cameo from our four legged third cohost. Referenced Links The Bouncing Souls Interview What John Thinks Aaron would be like as a Ninja Jessie Graff's on American Ninja Warrior Playlists Our Bouncing Souls Playlist on Spotify Show Almanac Playlist on Spotify MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by The Bouncing Souls "I Like...


E001 - Yellowcard

This week Aaron Haag and John Brian tackle Florida export and early success story Yellowcard. Aaron complains about Iowa and John lets us all down by not having seen Burn Notice. Referenced Links The Last time Yellowcard played Ocean Ave Yellowcard’s goodbye song music video Playlists Our Yellowcard Selections on Spotify Show Almanac Playlist on Spotify MUSIC CREDITS: Songs by Yellowcard Everywhere from Pop Goes Punk Vol. 1 (2002) Underdog from The Underdog EP (2002) Way...


E000 Side B - Liddell and the Adventure of Aaron Haag

As a bonus for some background, John interviews co-host Aaron. We learn about growing up in a small, rural town. The ups and downs of local band politics, staying true to his punk roots and finally finding his voice in stand up.


E000 Side A - My Getaway and the Journey of John Brian

As a bonus for some background, Aaron interviews co-host John Brian about his past band My Getaway. Their trials and tribulations, regional success, tours, flaws and everything it's taught him. Follow the show! Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Our Site Aaron on Twitter - John on Twitter Email: