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House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the regenerate residents

House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the regenerate residents


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House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the regenerate residents




RGR-POD-098: January 2021 Promo Mix – Mixed by Senna

Hello, and welcome to Episode 98 of the Regenerate Podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw, From Phoenix 6. It's out first for 2021, and everyone here at Regenerate is sending you the good vibes, and we really hope that this year will bring you all only good things, and that we can finally get back to some sort of normality. After the crazyness of 2020, we felt the best way to finish the year was a chillout mix, but now it's time get you all energised by starting the year with a bang. Up on the decks...


RGR-POD-097: Winter chillout mix – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Well hello, and welcome to episode 97 of the regenerate podcast, with me Phil Wilshaw, from Phoenix 6. What a year 2020 has been, i really hope you all out there are safe happy and well. I'm very glad to be able to take some time this xmas to relax and recover from a year that has been absolutely crazy busy, and in support of that, here's my end of year chilled out christmas mix. This is music to put our feet up to, a really calming blissed out set of sounds, and even featuring the first...


RGR-POD-096: The Deep Delights – Mixed by The Deep Lights

Well, hello, and welcome back to episode 96 of the regenerate podcast, My name is Phil Wilshaw from Regenerate and Phoenix 6, and also, this month, tech support, and let me tell you it is exceptionally good to be here again in front of the microphone, sending the good vibes your way, because the last month has been one of the most painful ever in terms of keeping the site running. At the moment we can't upload the mixes for some reason, they ether fail or get corrupted and no one seems to be...


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We are currently having a lot of technical issues. Please check out episode 095 on Episode 096 will also be up there soon.


RGR-POD-095: Luna the cat’s sick tech house & future house soundsystem – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Hello, and welcome to episode 95 of the regenerate podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. We're counting down the days now to episode 100. I've been planning it with the other Phoenix 6 legends, and we've pulled together a ""shortlist"" of 332 potential tracks to cram down the internet cables and into your ears. we're busy trying to trim down that list into only the finest quality beats, along with a look back at some of the best bits of regenerate. We'll be revealing more info about...


RGR-POD-094: Vicious Rabbit Balloons – Mixed by The VRB Project

Hello hello, and welcome to episode 94 of the regenerate podcast with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. Today i am super excited to bring to you the return of the creamy cream of phoenix 6, missing in action sicne episode 59, and making a very welcome's the VRB project! These guys were a cornerstone of regenerate for a long time, back when we really majored on progressive sounds, and honestly this mix is full of new stuff but sounds like it picks up right where they left off....


RGR-POD-093: August 2020 Tech House Promo – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Hello and welcome to episode 93 of the regenerate podcast. Today i'm in sunny oxfordshire, and it's back to my turn on the knobs and faders - I'm bringing you a selection of my favourite tech house from he last couple of months. To find out more, for tracklists, and more mixes, don't forget to head to Until next month, let's get to it. 1. Jazzam, Cesar Green - Sun Tribe (Piano Intro) 2. M.F.S: Observatory - Want Me (Space Jump Salute Remix) 3. Helen Brown - Bubble...


RGR-POD-092: The Deep Lights – Mixed by The Deep Lights

Welcome everyone from all of us at Regenerate to Episode 92 of this, the Regenerate Podcast. If you're a long time listener, you'll know that Regenerate started out as a night playing all kinds of dance music in loughborough, 17 years ago. Because of that foundation, our podcast always showcases an eclectic mix of different genres, from our many different residents and guests. This means you, the listener, get to try out lots of different sounds on rotation each month, but it also means that...


RGR-POD-091: Drums from brighter days – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Hello again, from me, Phil Wilshaw of Phoenix 6. I'm here today with episode 91 of the regenerate podcast, coming to you from sunny London. At the moment, i think we all need a little exra reason to smile, so this month i've tried to put together some unashamedly happy music - new and old. No matter what you are going through right now, we're sending you big love, and we really hope all you guys and your families out there are safe happy and well. To find out more about regenerate, head to...


RGR-POD-090: Untitled Promo Mix – Mixed by Gigantic Techno Cats from Saturn

5/1/2020 Well hello London, and hello world. It's episode 90 for the regenerate podcast, with me Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. We're finally starting to see episode 100 on the radar. It's only taken us 17 years. Not sure if it's impressive or tragic that I'm still here doing my thing! With such a long lineage under our belt you might think that we'd have given up on new talent, but you'd be wrong. Joining us this month, are the Gigantic Techno Cats from Saturn in their first...


RGR-POD-089: Breaks – Mixed by Burns

4/1/2020 Hello hello, it’s me Phil Wilshaw, back once for the renegade master, d4 damager with another episode of the regenerate podcast. Power to the people! What throwback intro for a throwback episode. i mentioned last month that we had pulled an old friend out of retirement to come and bash the buttons and disgrace the dials, and here he is, the man that left us all the way back in episode 11. gone but not forgotten, this is…burns. Back in the day burns played a classic...


RGR-POD-088: March 2020 Tech House Promo – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

3/5/2020 Hello one and all from me Phil Wilshaw and all of regenerate to you, all of our amazing listeners. Welcome back to our podcast where, each month we take out the techno knife and cut you a slice of the biggest tracks stuck on the stereo in our studio by the Thames. Here at Regenerate we love all kinds of house, techno, chillout, deep stuff, and today is no exception, with my tech house promo for march 2020. This is my fourth mix in a row for the podcast, and if you're...


RGR-POD-087: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 10) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

1/9/2020 Hello and welcome to this month’s regenerate podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw, head honcho at Regenerate at one of the six residents that makes up the highly talented, and highly good looking, Phoenix 6. Today is Episode 87 on our never ending tour of all things house and techno. Turning the dials and flicking the switches today is the most talented and best looking member of Phoenix 6 - me. You’ll remember that last month we said that we’d be flowing straight on from...


RGR-POD-086: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 9) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

1/8/2020 Hello and welcome to this month’s regenerate podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw, team captain of Regenerate and Phoenix 6. Today is Episode 86, and you can catch the other 85 over at - although i must admit that some of them are still missing after some technical problems we had last year. You can also see photos, download bonus mixes and videos. make sure you check it out. Today, I’m bringing you Part 9 of my pool bar sessions sets - chilled out bar...


RGR-POD-085: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 8) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

12/30/2019 Hello, and happy christmas, from me, Phil Wilshaw and all the team at Regenerate. Today is episode 85, our last one of 2019. We're a bit later than usual unfortunately as i was busy cooking the christmas dinner for our number one fan - my mum. Hi mum!!! She's been with us since the start, and knows very well that for access to the previous podcasts, tracklists, exclusive mixes, photos, videos and that sort of stuff that you'd expect, you need to head to...


RGR-POD-084: Stompers – Mixed by Liam Fitzpatrick

11/10/2019 Hello again and welcome to the Regenerate Podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. This is Episode 84, and i'm feeling good, because it's our tenth mix of the year - and the last time we managed that was all the way back in 2013! If you include the three bonus mixes we put online then it's actually the thirteenth, which we've never done before. Here's hoping it won't be unlucky 13 and we'll continue the streak next month! For access to the previous podcasts,...



10/1/2019 Hello again one and all! I'm back in London, and the days are shorter, nights are colder, summer is definitely completely over, so we at Phoenix 6 have gotten together to bring you episode 83 of the regenerate podcast to put a smile on your lips and a groove in your heart. Myself and the other boys have gotten together and created a beach, deep and progressive house mix to keep you warm through the oncoming winter. So close the curtains, dim the lights and dance aroud...


RGR-POD-082: SEPTEMBER 2019 TECH HOUSE PROMO – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

9/22/2019 Well a belated hello to you all! Apologies, for running a bit late this month, because ive been watching the waves in Bali, and i didn't manage to get this mix out before i went. My name is Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6, here to bring you episode 82 of the regenerate podcast, currently from Nusa Dua in indonesia. I'm enjoying the last gleaming of summer sun and fun, and i think you will really hear that in this month's tech house mix, put together by me. Theres a range...


RGR-POD-081: August 2019 Promo – Mixed by Liam Fitzpatrick

8/14/2019 Well hello summer, hello London, and indeed hello World! This is Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6, bringing you episode 81 of the regenerate podcast from our studio near the thames. If this is your first time joining us, Regenerate is our name, and all kinds of house music is our game, whether it's a techy, deep, progressive, funky or big room, you can find it somewhere in our archives. so if this month's isn't your thing - try another! FRankly though, i am really excited...


RGR-POD-080 – Feeling Future – Mixed by Feeling Future

7/6/2019 Well hello world! This is Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6 coming to you live from a very grey day in London on Saturday 6th of July 2019. The weather here might be rubbish, but don't worry we've got some of planet earth's finest beats to keep you warm, relaxed and happy and in the summer spirit. Today's mix is all about chilled out summer beats, maybe for a pint in a beer garden, lying on the grass with your mates, and generally not worrying about the world. This summer...