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House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the regenerate residents

House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the regenerate residents
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House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the regenerate residents




RGR-POD-077: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 6) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Hello, and welcome to episode 77 of the Regenerate podcast, coming to you from our bass boudoir in London My name is Phil Wilshaw, and as usual, I'll be bringing you the best of our night "Regenerate" via this monthly podcast. Regenerate is a fairly eclectic night, we play music to listen to round the pool with a hangover, right up to 3am drum and bass. This podcast gives a random sample of that music. For more info, tracklists, photos from our events and more mixes, head to...


RGR-POD-076 – March 2019 Tech House Promo – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Hello, and welcome to episode 76 of the Regenerate podcast! It's Mar 2019, and here in London it's finally starting to warm up. As usual, youre listening to me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6, here to bring you my March 2019 Tech House Promo. For the tracklist, to subscribe to the podcast, and to get hold of 3 bonus mixes that we found down the back of the sofa, head to So, we're starting ambient, and heading through driving baseline and tough percussion. Lets get to it! 1....


RGR-POD-075 – Thrillout – mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Hello, and welcome to episode 75 of the Regenerate podcast! This time it's a chillout mix with some tracks that are full of emotion. As usual, if you want to find out more, head to So let's get to it, starting with an old demo of mine, called midnight. 1. Phil Wilshaw - Midnight (Regenerate Podcast Remix) 2. Llewellyn - The Crystal Caves 3. Kevin Kendle - Ancestral Calling 4. Lowland - 1998 (Orchestral Version) 5. BBE - Universal Flash 6. Thomas Newman - Ghosts 7....


Missing Episodes

A quick note from us about all the episodes that have gone missing.


RGR-POD-068 – Regenerate Ibiza 2017 (Dom & Lexi’s Wedding) – Mixed Live by Phil Wilshaw

Hello, and welcome to episode 68 of the Regenerate podcast with me Phil WIlshaw from Phoenix 6. I'm really excited to bring you today's mix which I recorded live from a pool party in Ibiza. I actually had to stitch this mix back together because part way through my set i got pulled into the pool by Dominik Mori. This set was actually a special part of his Wedding, which we were all out in Ibiza for. It was an amazing week, and an incredible day. I'm hoping that some more mixes from that trip...


RGR-POD-063 – [RGR10 – 10.30AM] The Hotel Balcony – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Welcome to the last one in our series celebrating 10 years of regenerate. This is the 10:30AM hotel balcony chillout mix by Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. For mixes and music, head to, and don't forget to subscribe on itunes, google podcasts etc, but until then - sweet dreams!


RGR-POD-061 – [RGR10 – 7.30AM] House Party at The Mofo Mansion – Mixed Live by the Intergalactic DJs

This is a mix to clear out the cobwebs, encompassing what we like to call MoFo house - dirty basslines, hands in the air breakdowns, big pianos, it's got it all.


RGR-POD-037: Alternative Podcast Format Demo

Hello, and welcome to episode 37 of the regenerate podcast, with me Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. Today we're doing something a little bit different, with a new format demo from myself and Dominik Mori. Ultimately we decided it was too much work, but we thought you might still find it worth a listen. As always, head to to find out more, and you can ignore any other websites given in this demo. 1. Soul Forge & Vito De Santis - If Only (Yuan Remix) 2. Paul Thomas &...


RGR-POD-035-Regenerate Ibiza 2007 – Mixed Live by Phil Wilshaw

Hello, and welcome another episode of the regenerate podcast! I'm Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6, and today i'm bringing you number 35 in our eclectic mix of beats from our night Regenerate. Today we've got a very special mix, recorded live from Regenerate Ibiza 2007 at the Kanya Bar. it's a blend of beats to wiggle your toes to round the pool, as the sun starts to set. A slightly more contemplative set of chillout, with a couple of tracks for the dancefloor too. Most importantly though, this...


RGR-POD-008 – Moods 2 – Mixed by Luke Lain

Hello, and welcome to episode 8 of the Regenerate podcast, coming to you, as always, from the LCR studios in Loughborough. My name is Phil Wilshaw, bringing you your monthly does of all things ""Regenerate"", which is our night, every Wednesday at Loughborough SU during the university term times. We've got one of our biggest ever lineups for the month this month, so time to take a big deep breath and do my best: Myself, ARO, Luke Lain, Senna and More are playing the Freefest DJ Stage AT...


RGR-POD-005 – Moods – Mixed by Luke Lain

Moods mixed by Luke Lain - who plays most weeks at Regenerate (Wednesdays in Bocca Bar at Loughborough SU from 9pm)


RGR-POD-001 – F8MX2 Mixed by F8

On the decks today is F8, and if you like it like this, be sure to come check him out Wednesdays in Bocca Bar at Loughborough SU.