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Episode 126: Judgment Night Soundtrack

Here it is, the start of Compilation Month! This week Roach Roach listens to influential Judgment Night Soundtrack. Along with that we do Who’s Tweeting and Who’s Instagramming(1:27), discuss some Limp Bizkit news, American Head Charge feedback, and listener love for Funky Ken. Then we dive into the Judgment Night soundtrack(13:00), learn of Matt’s deep relationship with this album, discuss the critical ideal of rap rock, speak on the creation of the album, and discuss whether if is a...


Episode 125: White Pony by Deftones

It’s an episode of Sensual Chino and Thirsty Bitches as Roach Koach celebrates 125 episodes with Deftones and their landmark album, White Pony. During Who’s Tweeting (1:26), Jenny, Lorin and Matt go over feedback from the live show and consider a listener question on who the Big 4 of Nu-Metal could be. Then it’s time to dive into White Pony (8:33), where they discuss Jenny’s old boyfriend, the critical acclaim for the album, “Back to School”, Honking on the Bobo, the Afghan Whigs, the...


Episode 124: Development by Nonpoint

Roach Koach is back after a short break and we have a lot of catching up to do. In a special Who’s Tweeting- Catching Up Edition (00:50), we talk about ICP vs Limp Bizkit, Jenny’s big life event, Draiman removing his piercings, and Revolver’s Top 5 Nu-Metal Songs of all time. Then we dive into Development by Nonpoint (17:50), where we discuss frogs, opening with strength, driving in a circle, Hologram Roy Orbison, Tool Town, mixing metaphors, and Canon Talk, where we determine if Nonpoint...


Roach Koach Flashback: Episode 20 The Sickness by Disturbed

No new episode this week, Roach Ryders. Sorry! Instead, we are reupping one of our favorite episodes, The Sickness by Disturbed. Listen as Lorin and Jenny become infected with The Sickness while Matt tries to get us vaccinated. Thank you so much for listening! Please take a moment to share Roach Koach on your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, let them know you’re a Roach Ryder for Life! Rate and review Roach Koach on iTunes! We’d appreciate it! Take a moment to like Roach Roach on...


Episode 123: Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed

This week on Roach Koach it is time for some nu-metal math as we break down just how Disturbed named their album, Ten Thousand Fists. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Step Kings feedback, Project 86, Charles Mansion, The Comedown, Jenny’s Record Time memories, Todd McFarlane, Disturbed T-shirt giveaway, The Guy has been working out, Manowar, Songmeanings dot com, the new Disturbed album, Dragonforce and power metal, “I’m a teen”, The Beatles, getting the full cheek, Abyss or Ibiza, Genius...


Episode 122: Subject to Change by Switched

1, 2, 3, 4, fuck! That’s right, it’s time for Roach Koach to check out Switched and their debut album, Subject to Change. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Pulse Ultra feedback, a wrestling explainer, Ginger Snaps, pronouncing Mushroomhead album titles, respectful disagreements, a recommendation from Thom Hazaert, anatomy album art, a demonic boy into a smooth boy, Songmeanings dot com, wordy choruses, getting a whiff of butt, Bieler Bros, getting Alice In Chained, the Deftones vibe, breathy...


Episode 121: Is This Room Getting Smaller by Onesidezero

This week on Roach Koach, it’s a recommendation straight from the band itself, as we listen to the debut album from Onesidezero, Is This Room Getting Smaller. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Deadlights Feedback, reassessing the music of our youth, the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, Butt Strut, Hollywood Undead, sliding into the Roach Koach DMs, Jim Wirt, Hoobastank, Jimmies Chicken Shack, artistry on wikipedia, Tool Town with Bottrill, being a Onesie, Songmeanings dot com, jaunty song, what...


Episode 120: Issues by Korn

It’s a new Roach Koach, recorded in Jenny’s hotel room, as the team recovered from a full day of Rock N Pod in Nashville and an unexpected wait for Hot Chicken. The album of the week, Issues by Korn. Topics discussed: Who’s Reminiscing, Lorin tattling his ass off, Brendan O’Brian, Steenboats, album art, Jonathan on drums, Songmeanings dot com, Teen Jenny vs Present Day Jenny, Matt’s favorite Korn song, seven string guitars, Queen of the Damned, Minnesota Mom and Funky Ken, Quiff Porn, “Wake...


Episode 119: Live at Rock N Pod Expo 2, Part 2

It’s our second and final episode of Roach Koach live from the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2. Lorin, Jenny, and Matt talk with comedian Courtney Cronin Dold about working with Jamey Jasta on the roast of Corey Taylor; the team meets Thom Hazaert, a man who has more nu-metal stories than you’ve had hot meals. Street teaming for Limp Bizkit, discovering Papa Roach, getting in fights with Fred Durst and Scooter of Cold, hearing White Pony for the first time high, so many topics are discussed, you...


Episode 118: Live at Rock N Pod Expo 2, Part 1

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast the team travels to Nashville, TN to take part in the second annual Rock N Pod Expo at the Nashville Palace. Jenny, Lorin and Matt sit down with Earl Skakel of the Inappropriate Earl podcast to discuss his nu-metal connections, comedian Craig Gass stops by to tell us a story about Korn that will scar us forever, and Toby Wright, a producer we know and love, graces us with his presence to talk producing for Korn, Sevendust, and many more. Josh Toomey of...


Episode 117: The Feeding by American Head Charge

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we pay another visit to the boys in American Head Charge and listen to their Comedown Era album, The Feeding. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, justice for the 3rd Linkin Park album, getting your money’s worth from an album, “Faint” = “Bodies”, Nu-metal romance, Clown bush, song meanings dot com, a Prince connection?; a butt dive, “I’m dirty”, a very negative review, Jenny’s poetry, Prowlar, pit activation, and of course Canon Talk, where Jenny, Lorin and...


Episode 116: Nu-Metal Songs by Non Nu-Metal Artists (Recorded live at the 2018 Detroit Improv Festival)

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we declare ourselves Nu-Metal Valhalla as we record live at the 2018 Detroit Improv Festival. For this special event we went to you our listeners, the Roach Ryders and Indigo Angels, and asked for submissions of Nu-Metal songs by non-Nu-Metal artists for consideration for the canon. From your many submissions we chose six for discussion. Listen as we consider these songs as well as discuss whether wrestling is fake, Youtube comments, hidden grenades,...


Episode 115: The Lonely Position of Neutral by Trust Company

On this week’s episode of Roach Koach it’s all about apparel, bonfires, and some night time Taco Bell as we listen to Trust Company and their debut album, The Lonely Position of Neutral. Topics discussed: Rock N Pod Expo,, Who’s Tweeting, Maximum the Hormone feedback, The Issues Hat, Roach Ryders coming in hot, Trust Company Jeans, Songmeanings dot com, “lol”, music for the bonfire, RoachRyder98, Chino vibes, Nu-metal easy listening, Rolling Stone review, an O.C. montage,...


Episode 114: Let's Get It On! by The Step Kings

This week royalty comes to Roach Koach as Jenny, Lorin and Matt listen to Let’s Get It On! by The Step Kings. Topics discussed: Our live show this Saturday August 6th, Nashville Rock N Pod, Who’s Tweeting, Nothingface feedback, Flump, fan art, #numetalvocab, #nocab, The Juggalo Hundo, history with The Step Kings, Machine on production, album art, “Does this sound like shit?”, Fern interview, They Live, Jerry Roadrunner, Jeep music, song analysis, “Daddy wants that growl”, lymph nodes, the...


Episode 113: Headspace by Pulse Ultra

This week is all about 9/11 and aggressive downloading as the Roach Koach Podcast listens to Pulse Ultra and their album, Headspace. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Roach Koach Live at the Detroit Improv Festival on August 11th, the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo on August 25th, Faith No More feedback, another theme month?; essential nu-metal albums, Who’s on Reddit?; the Juggalo Hundo, Neal Patrick Harris, Matt vs Pulse Ultra, librarian glasses, a Taproot connection, “change chains”,...


Episode 112: The Deadlights by The Deadlights

This week on The Roach Koach Podcast we raw dog it with The Deadlights and their self titled album, while we activate push pits and go it alone without Topics discussed: Roach Koach Live at the Detroit Improv Festival, Nashville Rock N Pod, Who’s Not Making an Album, Who’s Tweeting, Body Count feedback, the Idea Basket, Putney, medical procedures to nu-metal songs, Great Big Thrift, The Think of It, Sylvia Massy, liner notes, the chug, the soundtrack to a Creepy Crawl,...


Episode 111: Meteora by Linkin Park

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we decide that the time is right to return to Linkin Park and their sophomore release, Meteora. Topics discussed: the Roach Koach Live show, Rock N Pod Expo 2, The Putney Update, Who’s Tweeting, Helmet feedback, Butt Strut, the Juggalo Hundo, our history with Meteora, a party pit, the impact and weight of Chester’s lyrics, Linkin Park music videos, #mattsmistakes, the Chester/Shinoda interplay, “I could do with less Shinoda”, the “Faint” video, earning...


Episode 110: Bu-ikikaesu by Maximum the Hormone

The squeaky wheel gets the grease and this week the massive push by Roach Ryders and Indigo Angels to get Roach Koach to do a Maximum the Hormone episode yielded results as we listened to the band’s 2007 album, Bu-ikikaesu. Topics discussed: Roach Koach live show at the Detroit Improv Festival, Rock N Pod Expo 2, the Head for the Barricade podcast, Nu Metal Resurgence, Who’s Tweeting, Rage Against the Machine feedback, “Should have sent a poet”, Violent J autobiography, the Nu-Metal...


Episode 109: An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity by Nothingface

It’s officially summer, the temperature is rising and the pit is activated as the Roach Koach Podcast convenes with previous Nu-Metal Canon inductees Nothingface and their album, An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity. Topics discussed: Getting harassed into doing this album, Roach Koach Live!; Festival talk, Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2, Who’s Tweeting, Motograter Feedback, Motograter breaks up and gets got, Wikipedia genre tags, the pickle stork, #arrestedsong, the “F” word, Smooth Boys,...


Episode 108: The Real Thing by Faith No More

June draws to a close and so does Nu-Metal Forefathers Month at the Roach Koach Podcast, but we’re going out with a bang and listening to Faith No More and their breakout album, The Real Thing. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting and Spineshank reactions, the origin of “Butterfly”, more memes, pushing for Nothingface and Maximum the Hormone, history with Faith No More,, an obvious papa, “What is….it?”; “Did that guy eat shit?”; Ross’s Rules, Mike Patton equals The Sex,...