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EP#68. The Cold Stares.

On this episode Chris and Brian from the mighty rock duo The Cold Stares return!! They talk to The Rock Savages Podcast about their last album “Mountain” and the recording process for their three brand new EP’s entitled “WAYS” which will be released this October 2019! Their latest single “White Girl” is available now on all streaming formats and anywhere you can purchase digital music! Support Rock! Support The Cold Stares! Subscribe to The Rock Savages Podcast on Spotify, YouTube or Apple...


EP#67. Changing Direction With The Podcast

We catch up on todays episode, ramble a bit, and talk about an effort to change direction with our interviews. Subscribe to The Rock Savages Podcast on Apple Music, YouTube or anywhere else you listen to your favorite podcasts!


EP#66. A Ramble about Rock N Roll. Hilarity Ensues.

Podcast RSS Hey everyone! We are back with Episode #66 of The Rock Savages Podcast! Today Dave Tinlin from Hate Theory joins us and we talk about a bunch of Rock N Roll, the latest Hate Theory show that just took place in Cleveland, and much more! Subscribe and share anywhere you land on social media and help spread the word! #rocksavagepod #therocksavagespodcast

Our Interview with Drummer Joey Castillo (Rebroadcast)

While we are in the process of making new content, feel free to check out our rebroadcast of our interview with the bad ass drummer Joey Castillo from Zakk Sabbath, QOTSA, Danzig and many more! Just a fun fact, John Joseph crashes the interview for a moment while we were in the tour van talking! Check it out!

Kirk Windstein (Rebroadcast EP#49)

The interview we did with Kirk Windstein awhile back remains one of our most popular interviews. If you are a fan of Crowbar, Down, or Kingdom Of Sorrow then feel free to check out this awesome conversation we had with one of the nicest guys in metal!


EP#65. Back to Podcasting. Today We Ramble.

We recorded a lost podcast a couple months back while in the midst of song writing sessions for our new band project that is as of yet untitled. We ramble about many topics. Check it out!


EP#64. Book of Bad Podcasting.

On this episode we discuss the brand new album “Book Of Bad Decisions” by Clutch and much more after a short break from podcasting. This is an excellent rock record, and we recommend it highly, however biased we might be. Subscribe to The Rock Savages Podcast and tell some friends!


EP#63. Corporate Radio Doesn't Always Suck.

Today we talk about Beau's recent discovery of the band Dorothy on corporate radio, and how sometimes radio can still shine a light on good music, why its tragic that it doesnt do it more often, possible new music from Guns N Roses and more. Subscribe to The Rock Savages Podcast on iTunes, YouTube or Stitcher today!


EP#62. Bryan Scott & Phil Brewtall

Bryan Scott is a heavy metal drummer currently working in Erasing Never. He recently traveled to Dallas Texas to attend the funeral of legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul and gives his account of the send off to one of the most influential drummers of the nineties. He also gives us an update on new Erasing Never music, upcoming projects with Phil Brewtall (who also sits in on this podcast and more! Paul, Phil and Bryan are working on a side project which will see the light of day sometime...


EP#61. A Conversation about Vinnie Paul & Pantera

Today we talk about the recent passing of the legendary drummer Vinnie Paul from Pantera, and the impact that his music had on heavy metal throughout the entire decade of the 90's.


EP#60. Metal Fans vs. Country Fans

Alas. Beau recently went to his first Country concert. Don't fret however, he fully redeemed his Heavy Metal street cred by attending the last Slayer show the very next night. He shares his experience witnessing the glaring culure shock between the two very different experiences. Follow The Rock Savages Podcast at all social media by seaching your favorite platform using "rocksavagepod". Subscribe on iTunes, YouTube or anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts!


EP#59. Our Interview with Artist Audrey Henry

Audrey Henry is a graphic artist from Kent Ohio. She is planning an art exhibit on Saturday June 1st at The Standing Rock Cultural Arts Center in Kent which is titled "Decks For Days". You can see more of her work on Instagram & Facebook at the links below. Instagram: Facebook:

EP#58. Our Interview with The Cold Stares.

The Cold Stares are a Rock n Roll band from Evansville Indiana by way of Nashville Tennessee. We sat down with Chris and Brian at a recent show at The Buzzbin in Canton Ohio before their set and talked about their latest album "Head Bent" on Small Stone Records which is available now on iTunes and Spotify. We also talked to the guys about their future plans of starting their own record label, and new music which will be recorded soon. Follow the band on all of the social media platforms, and...


EP#57. The Musical Impact Of Layne Staley & Kurt Cobain.

On the anniversary of losing two rock legends, we talk about the musical legacy of Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain. We also discuss the new album by The Sword, Heinz 57 Sauce, Inkcarceration, being honest about Nickelback and much much more.


EP#56 Chris Broderick from Act Of Defiance & Megadeth

Chris Broderick is a Heavy Metal Guitar player who has worked with Jag Panzer, Nevermore, Megadeth, and most recently with Act Of Defiance. He formed the band with former Megadeth Drummer Shawn Drover. Act Of Defiance is currently on tour in support of their latest album " Old Scars/New Wounds. Paul recently sat down with Chris during a recent tour stop at The Outpost Concert Club in Kent Ohio to talk about their latest music, which is available now on iTunes.


EP#55. Mario Rubalcaba from Earthless

Mario Rubalcaba is the Drummer for the long running California band Earthless. They are currently on tour throughout the US. We recently descended upon The Grog Shop before the bands show in Cleveland and talked about their brand new album "Black Heaven" which is out now through Nuclear Blast Records, and is available on vinyl or anywhere your digital music can be purchased. Support rock, and go check out the music of Earthless!


EP#54. Curran Murphy From Custom Audio Mutation & Sunless Sky

Curran Murphy is a touring Ohio Guitarist, Studio Owner, and Custom Guitar Amp Builder. He is also the Owner of Custom Audio Mutation and can be seen on stages all around the world with his bands Sunless Sky & Shatter Messiah. Both bands are available on iTunes. His custom Guitar amps can be seen on his YouTube page.


EP#53. Lazy Droid Slaves, Cool New Rock Albums, & Other Ramblings.

Today we talk about the Super Bowl, The latest excellent album by Corrosion Of Conformity, Machine Heads latest, how bad movies have become, and robot slaves that will be coming in the near future. Will they turn on us? Tune in to find out. We get weird on this one. Subscribe to The Rock Savages Podcast on iTunes, YouTube or Stitcher. And also share this thing with your friends who are into Rock!

EP#52. Our Top 10 Albums Of All Time. Sort Of.

Today we give some thoughts on what could possibly be some of our most influential records. This kind of thing is almost impossible, and with limited slots, we left a ton of great rock and metal albums out. However, we name some all time classics that were very impactful in our lives, as well as countless other musicians in the Rock & Metal realm. Subscribe to The Rock Savages Podcast on iTunes, YouTube or just about anywhere else that you listen to your favorite podcasts. Burn Blue Sky &...

EP#51. Our First Podcast Of 2018! Happy New Year!

Today we catch up and talk about our holidays, Clutch, the new Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials, going into the studio with Burn Blue Sky to record new songs last week and much more!